TMI Tuesday – Overratted or Underrated

This week Hedone’s header image was a series of men, some I recognised and others I am not sure about.

She forgot to include someone who is probably a little underrated these days, Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester and his Chevy Impala

Enough ogling. On to the questions.

Tell us what you think, are the following overrated or underrated? Why?

1. Birkin bags

I had to use the link to see what this was. I am all for a bag that has space for stuff. It was something I appreciated as a mother. These days I am able to go out without having to take the kitchen sink and frequently visit the shops with a purse and my phone. With Apple pay I can even cut this down to a phone some days.

As far as designer handbags go. I don’t see the point of the designer price tag. If the bag is well constructed and practical then yes I will pay a bit more for it. But $1000 for a handbag… yeh nah.

2. iPhone

So my answer to question 1 would probably have given this one away. We are an Apple family. We all have iPhones, we have shared calendars and I use the “reminders” app to allocate household tasks to my children. I can even set reminders for them. Works a treat!

3. Writing a book and self-publishing

I have actually written a novella and a collection of short stories, both of which I self published. It was a long time ago and I didn’t sell very many. It seemed very hard to find editors and cover artists. It also seems that a LOT of people are trying to go down that road. In this day and age of information sharing and free stuff on the internet it doesn’t seem like something that is ever going to be a viable career for most people.

Of course there will always be the JK Rowlings of the world but they are one in a million. I know it isn’t helping the people trying to get recognition but these days I am happy just putting stuff I scribble on here and getting some positive comments. If an agent ‘discovers’ me then yay but I am not holding my breath.

4. Scruffy, short beards

I am not really a fan of the beard. I appreciate the effort that goes into growing a viking style beard like this one

But I just don’t like getting down and dirty with a beard. The Columbian was a short beard wearer and while it suited him and he was definitely sexy there was this time when he went down on me, got a beard full of my juice and then fucked me without wiping his face. I never got over being dripped all over.

5. Hoodies

This is something I think works better with short hair, which I don’t have. HOWEVER, Mr Jones has a slight fetish about hoodies. So I wear them for him. I feel sexy wearing them because he sees me that way. Sometimes they are snuggly if you get the right fabric but I live in the sub-tropics. Snuggly clothes are not required much.

6. HIIT workouts

I don’t do gyms.

Unless there is a pole in them. I have blogged before about my pole dancing. I did have a break earlier this year but I have joined a new gym / studio and have started again from the bottom. I am re-learning and in some cases learning for the first time about building muscle groups that I had neglected. Pole dancing has become physically empowering for me again and it makes me happy.

So HIIT? No. Weird gym challenges with meal plans and the works? No. Getting bruised and pinched by a nine foot piece of brass? Bring it baby!!!!!

7. Boxer briefs

I am not sure what this question is referring to.

This kind of boxer


This kind

Definitely preferable to tighty whities!!!

Bonus: Avocado toast. Overrated or underrated?

I am not sure about the rest of the world but in Australia there is a meme style joke about Millenials not being able to afford to buy a house because they spend to much on Smashed Avo. Personally I don’t mind a bit of avo on toast but the flavour is a little bland, I prefer it to be spiced up with some Vegemite.

I have recently introduced Elliot from Life of Elliott to Vegemite. He has been sharing his journey with me but when I suggested to try it with avo he declined which is of course his choice but I do believe it is a perfect union. So plain avo on toast – a bit meh, add some Vegemite and you have a winner baby.

Of course if you want to go all the way you could add a poached egg, some crumbled feta and black pepper.

This post is part of this week’s TMI Tuesday. To see who else is sharing click here or on the image below and head on over!

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