Bisexual Men – A Strange Bunch of Nuggets

The word bisexual in the swing scene is an interesting social experiment. In 2009 – 10 ish when Mr Jones and I started on this journey bisexual women seemed to be the thing everyone looked for and bisexual men were pariahs who everyone avoided. There was some level of expectation that all women in the swing scene would interact sexually with other women. There was also some level of expectation that men would not “cross swords” or even fantasise about it.

Weird when you think about it. Also completely misogynistic. Men are attracted to female bodies (for the most part) and so expect that women would feel the same way. A lot of men are repulsed by their own bodies and so (for the most part) don’t want to look at other men. Or is it because they are afraid they will see something they like? I don’t know. It is all too coufusing.

Fast forward to now. People are becoming more open minded and the idea of MM interaction is more accepted. Men have discovered that some women (like me) actually find watching men pleasuring each other sexually very arousing. On the whole men and a lot of women haven’t quite evolved to appreciating the cock for the amazing beautiful thing it is but I am hopeful. Whatever the case bisexuality among men seems to be something that is more accepted.

There are levels though. Some men are OK with touching and being sucked; a mouth is a mouth right? Some men want to experience a cock in their mouth. Some men, (like Mr Jones) are feeling happier to bring out dark fantasies of wanting to see their wives covered with another man’s cum. Some men want to go all the way with being penetrated.

What is rare is a man who has an open and vocal appreciation of cock. I mean a man who will go down on his knees and worship a cock in the way I described here. I had never seen one until recently. It was the same evening as I had the creepy encounter. Once my new friend and I were despatched to a private room Mr Jones got naked as well. He of course was aroused and his cock is definitely one of the most attractive in any room. My new friend was impressed.

I watched as he kneeled in front of My Jones and took a cock in his mouth like no man I had ever seen before. He was truly in love with what he was doing. He sucked greedily and happily. He would have taken a mouthful of cum with relish. Mr Jones told me later he was the only person who can suck cock better than me. I think I need to up my game.

If you met the guy on the street or even in a swing club he would not seem any different from another guy. He didn’t seem to be interested in checking out other guys when they had their clothes on. Maybe it is just the cock he is interested in. Whatever the case he is comfortable with himself and his body and he knows what he wants. And honestly, that is sexy as hell.

5 thoughts on “Bisexual Men – A Strange Bunch of Nuggets

  1. I’m pleased that so much has changed and that we can enjoy ourselves appreciating the pleasure we can bring each other without being limited. Personally, the idea of being dominated by someone’s husband or partner as she watches very exciting.


  2. Oh there’s so many things in this story I’d like to talk to you about gemmi. You may know my history but something I haven’t written much about is my recent love of cocks. I’ve noticed many married guys my age (60) on sites have an intrest in sucking cock. I guess I’m bi but I don’t feel it. My intrest was fueled by watching so much porn where girls worshipped any cock… after a few years I wanted to suck cock almost as much as fuck the girl. Given a choice I’d pick the girl but like many married men , I have no other choice. I’m on several sites that guys can show thenselves on and meet up to suck, but real gay men complain because a lot of the times men don’t turn up because once the curious newbies erection goes down so does the desire.
    I slightly disagree that men find their own bodies repulseing…I love my body and when horny I feel like I’m the sexiest man alive! I pretend to be put off by male nudity because that’s the accepted thing but I’m not so maybe I am bi.
    I once made the likeness of how guys like to watch their wife or girlfriend to like owning a car. A guy wants to show off his car…buys bling for it , makes it look sexy and polished so other guys wish they had it. He wants men to look and open its bonnet and will even let men drive it if they appreciate it , ….but just don’t crash it or steal it!😉


  3. Love it. Going back many months ago now, my husband put a little performance on in a camera chatroom and he felt really guilty about it as he ended up performing mostly in front of men. I asked him how he’d feel if I said that I was okay with it and he said that he’d feel confused, then again affirmed that he could understand why I was angry. The thing is, I wasn’t angry at all by what he did, I was angry that he’d closed off so many of my suggestions but then done that without my consent or my involvement. The idea in and of itself I found insanely hot and has long since become a favourite fantasy of mine.

    I did used to know a man who loved cock and I agree, they are like gold dust. He was Dominant to me, and he let it be known very clearly that his love for cock did not change who he was on our dynamic. He was, perhaps, one of the best Dominants that I have ever met, simply because he was so sure in what he liked and who he was as a person. That kind of confidence always commands respect in my eyes.

    It’s funny that you should mention “crossing swords” too, that’s the exact reason my husband gives for never involving another man. I quite agree that it seems to stems from a place of insecurity, which is sad, but what can you do? I’m a bit naughty, but I’ve always stuck to my guns that if we can’t involve another man, we won’t involve another woman.i’ve had girlfriends before but I’m not going to use another woman to make memories for him when he steadfastly refuses to do the same for me. My ex-girlfriends were all short relationships not nights single nights of passion and I refuse to treat a woman that way just to check off his fantasy. Either we explore together, or we don’t. I’m quite a stubborn little monkey, me.


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