The Beginning of Something

Mr Jones has always been interested in boats. He follows sailing blogs, we have owned several boats throughout our time. We started with an old Young 26 (sailing people will know what I mean) which is a yacht that fits on a trailer. There were many things about that boat I didn’t like. It was old, it didn’t have plumbing and it leaned when we were sailing. Having said that we did have some great times aboard her.

She was however, as I said, old. Dry rot was an ongoing feature of her existence. And so we patched her up as best we could and then she became somebody else’s problem.

She was followed a couple of years later by a brand new McGregor. Also a yacht on a trailer. A little bigger, some rudimentary plumbing but still leaning when sailing. Again we had some good times but Mr Jones spent a lot more time on her than me. Both of our children have an appreciation for the freedom of being on the water and it is a great experience for them to spend time sailing like that.

While we were still owners of the Young Mr Jones had a friend who owned a Seawind catamaran. From my first experience of the Seawind I was convinced catamarans were the way to go. Mr Jones took several more years of convincing. His arguments related to speed and cost. Both a bit hard to refute. I informed him that I was not sailing anywhere out of Moreton Bay on a monohull.

By chance Mr Jones came across a company that manages large sailing vessels for syndicates. Here was a chance to own a part of a relatively luxurious boat without some of the risks and hassles of being a sole owner. And, the best part, there were shares in a catamaran available. We leaped from our McGregor into a Lagoon 39. Indoor plumbing, comfortable beds, a full kitchen, self furling sails. Dreams come true stuff.

The Lagoon was the backdrop for many adventures and some amazing family holidays. I found myself being drawn in to sailing. I got a boat license and I did basic sailing training. I won’t say I am a competent sailor but I understand how it works and in a pinch I could dock, anchor and get us places. My ‘blue water’ experience is limited but I have seen some strong winds and chop.

Being part of a syndicate has its pros and cons but eventually we felt the value for money was not there and we sadly said goodbye to the Lagoon. My children joked that “Dad definitely get another boat” but as time went by it seemed this was not to be. There were pie in the sky conversations about sailing to certain places but it seemed it was not to be.

The weird thing was that I missed it. I missed the weekends of being in the sun on the water. Of exploring little beaches where the general public didn’t go (and some that every person on a boat ever seemed to be at!!). Earlier in the year we spent a few days with some friends on their forty foot catamaran. It was a boat similar to the Lagoon. I resolved that the pie in the sky dreams needed to happen.

And so I nudged at the reluctant Mr Jones. I began to strongly encourage him to pursue this dream. Something that 2010 Gemma would never have done. The twists and turns are not important but what is important is that we are now the sole owners of a forty foot Lipari catamaran. Excited is one word to describe how we are feeling. Shit scared is another. Buyers remorse keeps getting chucked around but I am avoiding that label.

What are we going to do with our new beauty?

Watch this space….

11 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something

  1. Congratulations to you both! Unrelated and yet similar, the chance keeps cropping up for my husband and I to get into caravanning. Growing up, I was an avid caravanner, travelling all over the UK with our little 1992 Sprite Alpine 4 berth caravan. That got sold due to commitments keeping us tied to the house and nothing happened for years. I went on a few camping trips, but after I took Mr Wolfie on one where it rained for 5 days and our tent leaked, he’s refused to go ever since.

    After my Nan and Dad’s passing, my Mum bought another small caravan, but it stayed parked on a farm in Wales. Currently, she owns a 5 berth Abbey Warwick, twin-axle, 18ft long, 5 berth with an end bathroom, fixed queen bed and LED mood lighting, the kind of thing we used to only dream of. Mr Wolfie and I have dreams and plans with our home, the blog and renewing our vows over the next few years, then we’ll be looking at a more modern little van of our own. I remember setting foot in a Sterling Eccles Moonstone with my Dad and falling in love, so if I manage that then I’ll be happy.


    • I hope you convince him to take the step. There is something about the freedom of breaking away from what everyone thinks is important to wander about and explore that is liberating beyond explanation.


  2. That sounds great! I have a cousin with a large sail boat that he lives on. It is old with the teak interior, but he has completely restored it. Looks like a brand new boat. Center cockpit, kinda cool. I’ve done a few excursions with him, but my oldest and youngest spent a summer in the Bahamas with him sailing to different islands. They sailed over from Florida. Earlier in his life my cousin was on a professional sailing race team. An adventure they will never forget. Very cool adventures ahead!

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