Getting Back to My Roots

Today is a great day. I posted recently about a significant purchase that has happened in our lives. In the post I may have mentioned that I have missed being out in Moreton Bay. On a subliminal level I have known that this feeling is significant but my consciousness hadn’t quite picked up on it. Or perhaps it was being stubborn and didn’t want to admit it openly.

About a year ago I went to a couple of therapy sessions and the Psychologist suggested that I should spend some time getting back to nature. His suggestion was related to the idea that I was burnt out and I needed to be forced to stop and smell the roses. Ironically at that time we had just opted out of the yacht syndicate and my visits to the wilds of Moreton Bay had ceased. I told myself that I would do some bushwalking and that would fill the gap. We did spent some time hiking but it was never something that was completely in our routine.

Today we took our new yacht out for the first time. We will be sleeping on her in an anchorage just off North Stradbroke Island. It has been a spot we have visited several times in the past and follows a visit to a bay that we have spent many nights at over the years, right from the times of owning the McGregor. For the first time in probably over two years my feet walked the sand of a tiny island which, in the not too distant past housed a leper colony. The site of the colony is closed to the public but everyone with a boat visits the bay to fish and swim in the quiet, protected waters.

At the end of the bay is a small patch of mangroves. I love these trees. They have adapted in unique ways to deal with an extremely hostile environment. Their adaptations have led to some interesting and truly beautiful root formations.

I am writing this feeling whole for the first time in a while.

It is a good feeling.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Back to My Roots”

  1. I’m so happy for you. I should imagine it’s not unlike when I hit the rural coasts of Cornwall. Of course, I could vacation anywhere I wanted to, but Cornwall calls to me, rustic and desolate, it is a far cry from urban Bristol. We haven’t been able to go this year because of lockdown restrictions and my anxiety has definitely paid a price because of that.


  2. I’ve been thinking about digging my kayak out after a year of gathering dust and now you have inspired me more. I’ve paddled out to most of the small islands and what I love most is to slip through the mangroves at high tide. It’s like another world👀


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