Dinner Date

This is another story shared with me by Mr Aus. As always delicious

Having spent the day teasing each other with dirty texts we found ourselves very horny. Unfortunately, there is no time to take care of things before we head out to dinner.

Sitting opposite each other at the restaurant we chat about our days. Under the table I feel your foot rubbing against my leg, slowly making its way higher and higher until it is resting in my lap. Your toes start to stroke my crotch and my cock responds. I glare at you trying to tell you to stop but you just smile as your toes continue to stroke and tease me. As I try to concentrate your toes caress the tip of my cock; the thrill of being so naughty pushes me closer to the edge. I am afraid that I will cum in my pants if you don’t stop. Suddenly the waiter appears to take our order and your foot quickly drops to the floor. I feel the heat in my face as I take a sip of water and try to regain my composure.

As he leaves, I adjust my pants to try and relieve the pressure of my cock being trapped in my boxers. You watch me for a moment, giggling at the effect you can see that you are having on me. A devilish grin spreads across your face and you begin to wiggle and jiggle in your seat. I wonder what an earth is going on before your hand reappears on the top of the table with some kind of black material scrunched up in it. You slide your hand across the table to offer me the object you are holding. It is only when you open your hand that I realise you are giving me your panties. As I take soft, silky material from you I squeeze it tightly in my hand hoping no one saw it. The dampness against my palm tells me how turned on you are but I see the waiter coming with our food, so I have to quickly tuck them into my pocket.

The food in front of us is delicious but neither of us are hungry for food. We sit there in silence staring deeply into each other’s lust filled eyes both thinking naughty, dirty thoughts. You clench your thighs together to feel wetness seeping down the inside of your thighs. Your clit throbs with desire. My hard, throbbing shaft threatens to bust the zipper on my pants. Unable to take it anymore I stand up and give you a cheeky wink as I leave. You gasp; knowing exactly what I am just about to do.

In the men’s room I lock the door behind me. My heart is almost beating out of my chest. I reach into my pocket grabbing those panties bring them up to my nose. The sweet smell of your arousal floods my senses making me giddy.

My hands are shaking as I unbuckle my pants and push them and my underwear down in one go. My hard, throbbing cock springs free. It is twitching and desperate for some attention. My hand curls around my shaft and begins slowly stroking. The first drip of precum oozes form my tip and I spread it over my glans. Gripping my shaft rubbing caressing every touch brings me closer to the point of no return. I wrapped those panties around my hot flesh, the smooth coolness of the material combined with their dampness brings me closer. I press my lips together to stifle the moan of pleasure.

I hold your panties over the end of my cock. My other hand is working furiously rubbing and caressing my shaft. I am desperate for that release that my body is craving. The familiar feeling builds deep inside me. My hips buck, my cock twitches as my body succumbs to the sheer pleasure. Small, muted groans fill the tiny room as my sweet nectar explodes into your panties. I rub the end of my shaft mixing our juices. The last jerk dribbles over my knuckles that are still gripping my throbbing but slowly softening shaft. I lean against the wall of the cubicle, breathing heavily, my body still tingling.

As I walk back the table my face is flushed and my legs are a little weak. I place the soggy black panties into your waiting hand. I expect that you will put them into your bag but instead you open them out to examine the hot sticky mess inside them. You flash me a devilish grin before you stand up and wiggle those panties back up over your hips. My breath gets caught in my throat as watch you sit down. You exhale with your eyes closed as you sit down on your chair and feel my warm sticky load touching your soft wet lips sending shivers through your body.

Let’s skip dessert & go home for some instead

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