Carmen and Ryan Part 1 – Who is That?

“Hey Mum!”

“Hello there,” Carmen stood in the doorway surveying the trail of destruction surrounding her swimming pool.

“Hey Mrs B,” Her son, Josh’s, girlfriend Chloe disentangled herself from Ryan’s lap and walked towards Carmen. Behind her Ryan jumped into the pool sending water flooding around the pool before he began wrestling with his friends.

Chloe rolled her eyes, “They will never grow up,”

For a moment Carmen was distracted by a young man she had never seen before. Like her son and his other friends his body was toned by working as a construction labourer and tanned by too many hours in the sun. A tattoo sprawled across his chest and shoulder.

“Who is that?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s Ryan.” Chloe replied casually. “Apparently he started on the job last week,” Chloe finished towelling herself and wrapped a sarong around her waist. “Would you like some help getting dinner?”

Carmen smiled, she really liked Chloe. Josh had brought some questionable young women home, but she really hoped that this one was going to stick around. 

“Sure,” The two women made their way into the kitchen to prepare a mountain of food for the four young men still carousing in the swimming pool.

“I hope they leave some water in the pool,” Carmen joked as she sliced onions beside Chloe who was making potato salad. Another thing in Chloe’s favour, she knew her way around a kitchen. Every time she spent time with Chloe, Carmen’s determination to keep her around grew.

Chloe smiled, “I know right! It is so amazing how you just welcome them all. Josh loves telling his friends how cool his mum is.”

A warm feeling welled up inside Carmen. Ever since he was five it had just been her and Josh. They were inseparable. Now that he was an adult it was hard to imagine life without him.

Together the two women finished preparing food, a mountain of potato salad and coleslaw with steaks to cook on the barbeque. “I will get Ryan to fire up the barbie,” Chloe made her way out to the pool where the boys had settled and were hanging around the edge drinking beer.

“Josh, your mum needs someone to cook the steaks.” The strong, commanding voice seemed to come out of a different woman. Not the tiny doll like creature standing beside the pool dressed in a bikini and a sarong. “The rest of you need to clean this place up!”

In an instant four strapping young men were all action, cleaning the barbeque, picking up clothing, straightening furniture and sweeping away pools of water that had found their way onto the tiles around the pool. Carmen was impressed. This girl was definitely a keeper.

“Can I help you with anything,” A deep voice startled Carmen. She turned to find herself face to face with the tattoo she had been admiring earlier. Heat flushed into her cheeks and her voice disappeared as she looked up into a pair of piercing blue eyes.

“Um, sure.” She struggled to keep her composure. “All that stuff needs to go outside,”

“No problem,” he turned and began moving dishes of food from the kitchen to the outdoor table. His hands seemed to dwarf the platters as he scooped them up. Carmen was mesmerised by his body and the way he moved. She wondered what it would feel like to be wrapped in those arms, how those hands would feel gripping her breasts.

“Did Ryan get everything,” Chloe’s voice brought Carmen back to reality.

Carmen jumped slightly and felt a slight flush creeping into her cheeks. Did Chloe notice her looking at Ryan? She felt as if she had been caught with her hand in the lolly jar.

“Yes, yes, I think so,” Carmen turned back to the kitchen to hide her pink cheeks. Standing at the bench she busied herself fixing a drink. “I will be out shortly.”

“OK then,” The sound of the screen door closing reassured Carmen that Chloe had left to join the young people.

Through the kitchen window Carmen took a moment to glance at the young people joking and laughing outside. Their vigour and larger than life actions made her feel young. She really liked having them around. Ryan looked up and their eyes met. Carmen felt a throb in her groin before she looked away. He was the same age as her son! What was she thinking? Hurriedly took her place at the table beside Josh. She found herself across that table from the mysterious Ryan.

As platters of food were passed around and plates piled high Carmen found herself glancing across at Ryan. More than once their eyes met. He seemed to have this strange glint in his eye, as if he were daring her to do something. More than once she squirmed, feeling like a stupid schoolgirl with a crush. As she reached for the potatoes their fingers touched. It felt as if electricity jolted between them. She thought she noticed a tiny smile around the corners of his mouth. It did nothing to calm her.

“Can Ryan crash on the couch tonight?” Josh’s question penetrated Carmen’s fantasy.

For a moment Carmen had to force herself to focus and decipher Josh’s question.

“Sure,” she replied, avoiding meeting Ryan’s eyes.

“If it is a problem I can always see if I can crash at another mate’s place,” Ryan looked intently at Carmen, “I don’t want to get in the way.”

His brow furrowed above impossible blue eyes. Carmen squirmed in her seat.

“Mate it is absolutely no problem,” Josh slapped Ryan on the shoulder. “Mum is the coolest.”

Carmen smiled lovingly at her son nothing warmed her heart more than seeing him happy. That he was proud of her lifted that warmth to a whole new level.

“Of course, it is fine,” she smiled at Ryan. “All of Josh’s friends are welcome here.”

The meal finished and plates were cleared away. Carmen began the task of stacking the dishwasher while Josh ferried dishes into the kitchen. Josh’s remaining friends finished their beers and left thanking Carmen for the meal as they left. Ryan, Chloe and Josh sat by the pool chatting and laughing. The methodical task of stacking dishes and the quiet contented air of the house soothed Carmen’s nerves. As she bent down to place the last plate into the dishwasher, she felt a pair of hands on her hips pulling her butt towards a male body. She froze, her heart in her mouth, terrified that her fantasy was really happening.

Image by Rudolf Langer from Pixabay

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