Flashback – Naked Massage

Image by Nico H. from Pixabay

It was one of those nights when it was too hot to do anything except sit around and drink beers and talk crap. The girls had stripped down to their bikini tops and denim shorts. The guys were lounging around in their boardies. We were sitting on the back deck at my mate Gavin’s house. The conversation degenerated more and more until we were sharing the stories of losing our virginity. One by one we went around the group sharing our stories. I hung back. As a teenager I had been awkward and shy my story wasn’t like anyone else’s, so I was reluctant to share. Finally, it came to my turn. Five pairs of eyes looked at me expectantly. The ones that seemed to bore into me the most were those belonging to Gavin’s housemate, Lisa-Marie. I looked over at her lounging against the couch. Little beads of sweat trickled down into her cleavage. Right then I wished I were one of those beads, swimming between those gorgeous firm globes. 

The silence in the room stretched paper thin. Finally, I took a pull of my beer and began.

It was in the Christmas holidays when I was seventeen. Mum and Dad were overseas and so I had the house to myself. I had this job for the school holidays and so all I was doing was working and sitting at home at night watching pornos. I was trying to save up to buy a car so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time watching pornos. This one night I was flicking through this vid that I had seen before. I was horny but I just didn’t feel like a wank. I guess I was tired of my own hand. I had never had a girlfriend who would let me fuck her or who offered to suck my cock or even wank me off. 

I was flicking through this local rag and I saw this ad for naked massage. I thought that would be different. It would be kind of horny having a woman touch me when I was naked. Even if she was only massaging my back.  The ad said her place was really close to my work, so I rang up to find out what the story was. The lady who answered the phone didn’t give out too many details and I didn’t want to look like a stupid kid, so I didn’t ask too many questions. She told me it would be $100 for 30 mins. I kind of just said “Uh-huh” like a stupid teenager and made a time for the next day after work finished. 

The next afternoon I turned up at her place and knocked on the door. I was so nervous that I nearly ran away after I knocked but she opened the door too quick. My mouth must have fell open at the sight of her. She was about 30 but I didn’t care. All she was wearing was this corset, a pair of stockings and a garter belt. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman dressed in that small amount of clothing in the flesh. I felt myself getting turned on just by looking at her.

She told me to come in and I followed her down this little hallway. My eyes were fixed on her ass the whole time. She was wearing this G-string thing and her bare butt cheeks were right there in front of me. I had to clench my hands into fists to stop myself from reaching out to touch her butt. We came to this room and she stood by the doorway. Inside the lights had been dimmed and there was a massage table right in the middle of the room. She told me to take my clothes off and get ready for her. I couldn’t talk at all and just nodded like this idiot. I stumbled into the room and she closed the door softly behind me. Beside the table was this little stand that had a small basket with condoms in it. Next to them was some lube and a box of tissues. I remember thinking that they must be for special people who the lady knew really well. I thought all I was going to get was a massage. I thought that was pretty nice of the lady to do for me.

I took off my clothes and I lay down on the table. After a few moments I heard the door open softly. The lady came into the room and stood beside me. After a few moments I felt her hands on my back. She must have squeezed some oil onto her hands because they slid easily over my skin. I felt myself relax under her touch as she stroked down my back and legs. For the first little while she skipped over my bum but then after I relaxed a bit she pressed her hands against my cheeks as she stroked downwards towards my legs. I felt my dick getting hard against the table and I was worried that this wouldn’t be OK for her. I didn’t know what to do when she asked me to roll over. My dick was full and throbbing and I kind of tried to hide myself with a towel. 

She smiled at me and began massaging my front. I noticed that her boobs had pushed up out of the corset a little and I looked at them jiggling over me as the lady massaged my chest and stomach. She smiled at me and then her hands worked downwards towards my cock. Without making any comment she moved the towel and then slowly her hands worked down until she was holding my balls in her hand. She stroked me slowly and gently and I felt my dick getting even harder against my stomach. I remember being afraid to even breathe. It felt amazing and I never wanted her to stop but I was so scared that she would suddenly realise that she had made a mistake and it would all stop. 

Then she leant over to the little stand beside the table and picked up a condom. With one hand still on my balls she ripped open the packet and slipped out the condom. She placed it between her lips and then leaned down over my rock-hard cock. Her lips slid down over my cock and I almost couldn’t contain myself as I felt a woman’s lips on my cock for the first time. She moved her head up and down on me a few times, but I could feel myself getting so worked up. I was petrified that I was going to blow in her mouth and the whole thing would be over. 

There was a small sigh beside me, and I looked over at Lisa-Marie. She was looking at me with this weird glittery look in her eyes. Her hand was resting on her crotch and I could see her touching herself through the denim. I felt my cock stirring a little at the sight of her. I wished I could put my mouth where her hand was and tease her hot cunt with my lips. There was a cough across the room and my friend Graham spoke up,

“Don’t leave us hanging dude,”

Lisa-Marie looked at me intently and gave me a tiny nod. I took another pull of my beer and continued.

The lady realised that I was getting too worked up and she looked up at me,

“Is this your first time?” she asked softly. 

I nodded and then I found my voice, “Yes,” I croaked

She stood up and then she lifted her leg over me so that she was kneeling on the table above me. I couldn’t move as I watched her naked pussy descending down onto my aching, virgin cock. She slid down onto me slowly and it felt amazing. Just like it said in that movie it felt like warm apple pie. She moved up and down on me very slowly and I tried so hard to stop myself cumming but after about six or so movements I felt myself cumming.

It was the best cum I had ever felt. No wank had ever, ever felt like this. I clamped my lips together because I didn’t know if it was OK to make any noise. It felt as if my head was going to explode. After I finished cumming she slipped quietly off me. I lay on the table still trying to process what had just happened to me. I was almost unaware of what she was doing to me as she slipped the condom off of my limp cock and wiped me clean with a tissue. She smiled at me for a moment before she said,

“I will just let you get dressed when you are ready. I will be down the end of the hall when you are finished.”

She left the room and closed the door behind her. I lay on the table for what seemed like forever with my head spinning. My brain couldn’t process what had just happened. I came for a massage and then left my virginity behind. 

I looked around the room. My friends all stared at me and I suddenly felt as if I had made a mistake telling my story. Then Lisa-Marie stood up from the couch. She walked over to me and stood in front of my chair. My eyes were looking straight at her beautiful belly. Above my head her breasts teased me. She reached down and took my hand.

“That was the frigging hottest thing I have ever heard,” her eyes were hungry as she stared down into my face. She put my hand against her crotch, and I fancied that I could feel the heat through the thin denim. “You need to do something about that now.” She commanded. She led me by the hand out of the room and down the hallway to her bedroom.

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday was Teenage Years. I was reminded of a story I wrote a long time ago but I couldn’t find it. Instead I found this one which is just as hot. As usual please click on the image below to see who else is being wicked this week.

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