Hello Thirty Dirty Questions

A while ago I stumbled across Bridgit Delaney’s Erotic Journal Challenge for November 2020. The concept of answering thirty questions about sex, which is not dirty, appealed to me. If I had been aware of the challenge at the time I would have liked to participate. I hope she doesn’t mind that I am using the questions now. If you want to read her answers to the questions the links are still live on her page.

I am not going to promise an answer every day. Maybe one or two per week. The next six weeks promise to be intense for me as I prepare for our departure on our voyage of a lifetime. In the back of my mind is also the Ryan and Carmen series that I started. I am at a bit of a roadblock with them and I do ponder what is going to happen next frequently but have issues focusing on getting words on a page.

In the meantime you can read the answer to the first question;

How do you define “awesome” sex? (i.e what makes sex better than good)

There are some people who think that any sex is good sex. I disagree. Over the course of my life, I have had the full range from sex that leaves you with a smile on your face that lasts for days to sex that leaves you feeling like someone used you as a cum bucket while stealing a piece of your soul.

The last, fortunately, has not happened for a long time but those kinds of experiences leave scars. Like most people, for me sex is usually middle of the road to good. Orgasms are amazing for releasing stress and general wellbeing. If they happen with the help of another person that makes them all the better. But sex that is next level requires more than an orgasm or two.

For sex to be truly awesome there first needs to be a connection. Some spark between two (or more) people. I cannot define or predict that spark, but I absolutely know when it happens. There is an inkling when you meet the person face to face and then there is this moment when you touch. Usually, it is fingertips on a thigh or a gentle stroke on an arm. Something small and subtle that tells you that there is. Going. To. Be. Fireworks.

The next phase is often jumbled and never plays out the same way but there is kissing, there is groping and hands inside clothing. My nipples are amazing barometers of how good things will be. If I am into him, he can squeeze them and take them into his mouth, even use his teeth gently and I will almost climax. If I am not, then nothing will happen. It will feel irritating.

There is always sucking of cock for me. It is something I live for. To hold him in my mouth and look up to see the pleasure on his face. There is nothing in the world that matches the feeling of truly admiring a beautiful cock. In the words of Cardi B

I don’t wanna spit, I wanna gulp,

I wanna gag, I wanna choke

I want you to touch the lil’dangly thing

That swing in the back of my throat

My second favourite thing is fucking. He needs to fill me, wrap his body around me. There needs to be moments when I am so lost in the feeling of him, I cannot control myself. The room needs to be full of the sound of me enjoying myself.

But the thing that truly defines awesome sex is when he puts his face between my legs. I cannot define the technique that works. I can say that there are some men who are gifted and many who are not. I am greedy, I am selfish at times. I WANT to be pleasured. I want to be eaten. I want a tongue all over me. Some of the sexiest memories are of a man’s face between my thighs, eating me greedily until I cannot wait to get his cock inside me.

In truly memorable sessions there is not the standard progression from fondling to oral to fucking. There is meandering between all three, backwards and forwards until both of us are spent and unable to move. If it has been completely awesome, I will go back again and again. I am like Augustus Gloop with sex. A complete glutton. There will never be enough.

Which is hard to find. And worth holding on to when it happens.

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Friday Flashback – Under the Table

On the last day of their holiday, Lucy and John started the day as they had almost every day of their visit to this sunny holiday town, in a small café that made perfect omlettes. Their plan was to spend the last day re-visiting their favourite places. As they arrived they were greeted by the young waiter that had been there almost every morning. Without fuss he showed them to their table and poured a glass of juice for each of them.

Lucy admired his body as he pulled out her chair. She brushed against him as she took the chair, he held for her. For a moment their eyes met before she dropped her gaze lower. She settled into her chair stretching back so that he had a full view of her breasts, barely restrained by thin fabric of her sundress. Across the table her husband smirked. 

The waiter shuffled awkwardly fussing over cutlery and placement of glasses. As he bent over the table Lucy’s attention was focussed on his arse.  It was the thing she liked most about him. Mainly because the long black apron that he wore covered his other best part. 

“Do you want to order now, or did you need a moment?” The waiter’s voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked up at him noting the faint colour on his cheeks.  

“Just the usual thanks,” Lucy smiled up at him. Across the table her husband agreed. The waiter made a note in his pad and turned and walked away.

Lucy stretched back on her chair, enjoying the sunshine. All around them the café buzzed with people starting their day. 

“I know what you are up to,” her husband interrupted her thoughts.

Lucy took a sip of her drink and looked at her husband over the rim of her glass with wide innocent eyes,

“I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.” She pressed her hand against her breast. “I am just here enjoying this fantastic sunshine. 

The waiter appeared with their breakfast placing the plates carefully on the table before turning away to go and fetch their coffees. Lucy inhaled the smell of perfectly cooked omelette before she delicately cut into the fluffy eggs. Coffee appeared on the table in front of her and she looked up at the waiter, letting her fork rest on her lip for a moment. He shuffled awkwardly and looked downwards. Lucy reached down with her spare hand and lifted the hem of her dress to give him a glimpse of smooth tanned thigh. 

Awkwardly the waiter shuffled, “Was there anything else?” his face was flushed and his hands clasped over his apron. 

“Not right now, thanks,” Lucy moved her shoulder slightly and the strap of her dress slipped downwards. 

“Ok then,” the waiter’s eyes were fixed on the neckline of Lucy’s dress, “I will be back later to make sure everything is OK then.” There was a pause before he turned and walked away. Casually Lucy let her fork fall on the ground. 

“Honey would you get that for me?” she looked across at her husband with wide innocent eyes. 

“Sure.” With a smirk her husband bent down from his chair to retrieve the fork.

“While you are down there,” Lucy quipped. Her gaze travelled across the café to where the waiter was attending to another young couple. She leaned back on her chair as she felt the first tentative touch of her husband’s lips on her pussy. As his tongue made its way into her slit, she was happy that she had taken time to shave that morning.  She lay back a little further allowing her legs to spread further apart. Across the room she locked eyes with the waiter. Casually she lifted the tablecloth so that the waiter could see what was happening under the table.  He finished taking the new couple’s order and made his way to the kitchen. Under the table her husband slid his tongue deeper. She gripped the arms of the chair as he lapped at the hot wetness that was pouring out of her.

“How is everything?” The voice of the waiter interrupted her thoughts.

“Everything is just perfect,” Lucy gasped. She slipped the strap of her dress down, allowing him to see her nipple hard with excitement. Under the table her husband slid a finger into her hot wet cunt tilting it expertly as he pressed his tongue against her hard node. The familiar warm pressure began to build in her belly. Lucy slid her finger into the neck of her dress and pinched her nipple. She looked into the eyes of the waiter as she came muting the sound of her pleasure to a whimper. 

Her body sagged against the chair as her husband re-appeared on the other side of the table with a fork in his hand. 

“Found it.” He announced cheerily wiping the wetness from Lucy’s cunt from his chin with a napkin. 

Without speaking the waiter wrote on his pad and passed the page to Lucy.

“I am glad you enjoyed your breakfast.” He smiled to her as he turned and walked away. 

Lucy looked down at the paper before handing it to her husband with a smile of triumph.

“Perhaps we will find something new to enjoy today after all.”  

TMI Tuesday – Just Wondering

1.What food did you eat so much of that you now hate it?

For many years I enjoyed Papaya or Paw Paw as we call it in Australia. I liked the yellow variety but was very happy when I could get the red ones. The rest of my family hated even the smell of them. Recently, every time I eat one, I feel unwell for the rest of the day. It is irritating because I really liked it and I felt it was a healthy eating choice but the thought of eating it now makes me feel queasy.


2.What two films would you like to combine into one?

I was in a bit of a shit stirring mood yesterday and it seems to have spilled into this morning. I think they should end the confusion and just combine Star Trek and Star Wars. I mean the only people who know the difference are the purists right? The rest of us get them confused all the time.

New Star Trek Star Wars Meme Memes | Imgflip Memes, Crossover Memes, Reddit  Memes

3.What songs do you feel compelled to sing along with when you hear them even if you do not know the words?

So many!! American Pie, Boys of Summer are my ones from yesterday. I can’t think of other titles right now.

4.What is the weirdest place you have ever slept?

I was on a sailing trip with Mr Jones a few years ago and he was snoring terribly! I have enough trouble sleeping and dealing with a snorer was too much! In the middle of the night, I decided to sleep in the other cabin, the one where we had dumped a whole lot of outdoor covers and cushions that had gotten wet by rain that had happened that day. I spent the rest of the night sleeping blissfully in a burrow I made in the cushions!

5.Who is the weirdest person you have ever slept with, and why do you say this?

A while back I met a man who was by anyone’s definition weird. We were platonic friends for several months until an insanely jealous girlfriend ended it. I don’t think I EVER saw him with shoes on and he was definitely left of centre. He never really talked about it but mental health issues were very much a part of his life making him the kind of person that made others around him a little nervous.

The original intent of our meeting was for sex and we did explore that avenue, but it didn’t really go the way I would have liked, and I couldn’t really see him as a sexual partner after that. So, we remained friends. I kind of miss him. He definitely made life interesting.

Bonus: What do you think you do better than 90% of people.

This one should not be a surprise to regular readers. Sucking cock. I don’t care what any male says about women all saying that. I am good. I know it. I can name several men, not including Mr Jones, who will attest.

Blurred Lines

In a previous MMMonday post I wrote about my dalliance with the idea of hooking up with a much younger man. I have been chatting with such a man who has a very active imagination. Of course one of his fantasies is fucking his teacher. After a conversation with him this scenario popped into my head.

I meet him after school, still wearing my school clothes. I even leave my name badge on. For authenticity. It adds to the anticipation. He is sitting in the corner of the coffee shop with his notebook out in front of him. A smile plays over my lips. The only thing that would make this better would be meeting in a library.

“Hello Jai,” kids with ‘J’ names are always the ones who give teachers the most grief.

“Hello Miss,” he looks up from his book. I bend down to see what he is working on. My blouse falls open. Did I forget to button it properly?

“What are you working on?” I ask as if I truly was working, completely oblivious to him looking down my blouse.

“Just this stupid Trigonometry,” he replies. A phrase I have heard a thousand times from frustrated students. Including a several awkward boys whose names started with J.

“Trigonometry is not stupid,” my voice is transplanted directly from my classroom. “It is really quite simple. See you put the formula into a triangle like this. Then you fill in the bits that you know, and the triangle tells you if you need to multiply or divide.” I had taught this a million times but even now, even when it wasn’t really the point, I was still oblivious to his gaze.

Then I feel his hand on my thigh. Under the table he lifts my skirt and his fingers trail up my leg.

“What do teachers wear for underwear?” His voice was quiet.

I sit very still. The boundary we just crossed is raw for me. All my professional life I have avoided thinking about situations like this. I have ignored the possibility that a student may be having this exact fantasy as I try to align the numbers on the page for them. For a moment I wonder if this scenario may be too much. But here in this coffee shop with a consenting adult it is different enough. These things don’t matter. I push away the thoughts, close them in a box. They belong to a different me. I shrug,

“What do you think?”

His fingers creep up my leg to graze the edge of my knickers. My groin tingles. I feel a trickle of wetness between my legs. His lips curve up in a smile. His fingers slide under the elastic to stroke my slit.

My legs fall open as his fingers stroke me. I struggle to maintain my composure.

“So, I would like you to have a go at this problem,” I re-direct him to the trigonometry on his notebook.

He grinned at me, “But Miss, CEEBS.” He is even using the same words as my students now. The division between fantasy and reality blurs even more. His fingers penetrate me, I gasp. His face is very close to mine. “Is there anything else you can teach me?”

My breathing is heavy. I struggle to focus, aware of the people moving around us, wondering what they can see, what they are thinking.

“Not right here,” my voice is low.

He continues to slide his fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt. I feel as if I will be sitting in a pool of my own desire. “Where then?”

“My house is just around the corner. There is no one home.” Trigonometry is forgotten. Right now I am very interested in anatomy.

He smiles, like a teenager that he was just a few short years ago. “Let’s go then!”

Image by dognamedseven from Pixabay

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You Can’t Show That!

I was once teaching a year 9 (about 14 – 15-year-old) Religion Class. It may surprise you to know I am actually fully qualified to teach this subject which, at our school, is an academically oriented subject. So, I was teaching this class, we were doing a unit about the Reformation which involved a look at how art was largely controlled by the Church until the Renaissance which in some ways triggered the Reformation. I showed this painting as an example of Church influenced art to which a girl called out “You can’t show that it is pornography!” Her reason for thinking it was pornographic; Adam’s penis is visible.

It triggered an interesting discussion, punctuated by the ridiculous behaviour of a bunch of 14 – 15-year-olds who can’t really cope with an open and frank discussion about sex in any setting, let alone a classroom.  I was intrigued by the attitude of my student that nudity = porn. The discussion focussed on the idea that nudity is not always sexual in nature. This painting is an example of this. Man is in fact created naked, clothing is a human contrivance with multiple purposes ranging from, comfort to control.

I can understand why these teenagers think nudity is purely sexual. Many of them grow up being told to cover up so that their nudity is not displayed. The reason for not displaying nudity is purely sexual and related to the ridiculous idea of keeping girls virginal. As teenagers girls display their bodies in suggestive ways to entice boys. This display is often a rebellion against their parents urging them to cover up as younger children.

It was difficult for me to make my point in this class. I was not prepared for this discussion and I was painfully aware of my situation. I teach in a Catholic school; I was in a religion classroom. The topics on my syllabus didn’t even remotely link to explanations about the difference between displaying the human form as art and using nudity for sexual arousal and gratification. And here I was trying to explain this idea using language that was unemotional and formal. In addition, as I was navigating this incredibly awkward situation in a way that would not result in me getting grilled by my principal, I found myself asking the question. Where does art end and porn start?

Dictionary.com defines porn as “sexually explicit videos, photographs, writings or the like, produced to elicit sexual arousal.”

I have read enough to know that many things can elicit sexual arousal in one person while seeming to be completely unsexual to another. In our modern age something like “The Creation of Adam” seems very tame when compared to some of the advertising we see, or the attire that the characters of the latest superhero movie parade around in. But at the time it was painted? Who knows? Perhaps there are some weirdo priests who sit in the Sistine Chapel after hours and gaze upwards with a massive erection.

I have stated before that porn is not really something I peruse. I like reality. Watching people in the flesh have sex is arousing to me. Much more than contrived encounters depicted in standard porno movies. Watching a woman with ridiculous fake nails pretend to enjoy sex with a well-endowed man doesn’t cut it for me. Real people with real flaws pushing past their boundaries and living in the moment are incredibly stimulating. Men that I find attractive masturbating is also stimulating for me. I love the sound of a man cumming. I had a video I took of a friend while I was sucking his cock that I listened to on repeat for months. The sound of his orgasm never failed to cause a throb in my groin. I had, in the spur of the moment, created my own personal porno that was tailored entirely to me and my likings.

I have a friend who likes to see little videos of me when I am playing. He particularly likes to watch my boobs jiggle but any kind of action is welcomed. This man is a FIFO meaning he spends a lot of time in his tiny room alone with his hand. My images have accompanied many a session I am sure. I guess in a way I am his personal porn star. Which is flattering. He is the only man I share this kind of thing with. He is my own personal porn fan. We have only ever met in real life once and never had sex. But you never know what the future holds. For us the line between porn and reality is very blurred.

Where does art end and porn start? I don’t think there is a definitive point. Where does nudity become porn and not art? I don’t think there is a definitive point for that spectrum either. My take home from that situation was that conversations about sex need to become more normal. We need to be more open about sex with teenagers and children. Nudity needs to be debunked. Being nude because it feels good to walk around as we were created is not dirty or illicit. It is natural and normal and it does not always have to be about sex.

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Fantasy vs Reality Pt 2 – The Reality

For this week’s Wicked Wednesday I posted a man’s swing fantasy. In the original post the challenge was to post the fantasy and the reality. This is the second part of the post – the reality.

They could hear the faint bass of the music through the glass door as they stepped up to the entrance to the club. As he placed his hand on the door handle, he glanced over at Nicole. Finally, they were here. Tonight was the night that the fantasy that filled his mind every time he touched himself would become a reality.

“Ready?” he asked, pushing down the butterflies in his stomach.

She squeezed his hand and smiled, just as nervous as he was.

“Let’s do it.”

They stepped through the door together. Daniel wasn’t sure what he expected but when he was completely honest, he was a little disappointed. The inside of the club was very similar to other nightclubs except there were far fewer people. Patrons stood chatting at the bar and the small tables scattered around. In one corner a dance floor with two poles was mostly empty. Like himself and Nicole most of the patrons wore normal street clothes, just a little bit shorter and some of them with more revealing necklines.

He didn’t know what he really expected but he was certainly disappointed at the lack sexiness of the whole scene. There were no pornographic images on the wall. No naked or semi naked people anywhere to be seen or even people making out. It all seemed so boring.

The managers of the club showed them around, explained the rules about not touching without an invitation, not entering a closed room and where to put the towels after they used them. At the end of the tour Daniel and Nicole were introduced to a few of the regular people and they found themselves chatting to an older couple. The conversation was about regular things mostly. Occasionally the couple would ask a question about how long they had been together and what they were wanting out of tonight but they didn’t know how to answer. It was all so awkward. Daniel’s fantasy seemed further away than ever. It seemed straightforward at home in their bedroom but now they were really here and really doing it suddenly it seemed a little more complex. He looked over at an adjoining table, two couples were flirting and chatting with each other. How does that happen? he wondered.

Time passed, the other couple seemed attractive enough but he wasn’t sure of the protocol. They seemed a little hesitant. Maybe they weren’t interested. Then seemingly out of the blue the woman asked,

“Do you guys want to get a room?”

He looked over at Nicole. She nodded,

“Why not?” She replied with a smile.

Relief washed through Daniel, followed by a sudden rush of nerves. It was really going to happen now. Really.

Once inside the room things happened quickly. The couple undressed, quickly and efficiently. Daniel felt like a klutz shrugging out of his clothes. The four of them lay on the bed together and looked at each other. The other couple seemed to be waiting for some kind of cue.

“So what kinds of things are you guys interested in?” The woman asked.

Nicole shrugged, “We don’t have any expectations,” she replied. “Whatever comes along I guess,”

The women started kissing. Daniel watched, feeling his cock stiffening. This was one of the things he knew she wanted. It was one of the things he wanted as well. The sight of their two soft bodies pressing together was incredibly sexy, so much more arousing in real life than watching two women in a porno.

Just as he was getting into what was happening between the women the other woman broke away from Nicole,

“I don’t like the guys to feel left out,” she smiles up at him as she snuggled against him. It felt odd, the first woman he had been naked with except for Nicole for seven years. The feel of the unfamiliar skin excited him. He bent down and kissed her, slowly at first before her mouth opened and he probed her with his tongue. Over her shoulder he could see Nicole kissing the other man. Daniel was torn between exploring the woman curled up against him and watching his wife with another man. His new partner broke out of the kiss and wiggled her way down the bed. As he kneeled above her, watching his wife being pleasured by another man she began licking the tip of his cock.

Her tongue swirled around his foreskin before she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Daniel looked down at her head as she sucked and then over at Nicole who was lying back on the second bed with the other man’s face buried between her thighs. The whole scene was surreal and intensely exciting, but he worried about a million things.

His head filled with doubts, would he be big enough, would he do this right is he big enough? The other man’s penis seemed enormous to him. Suddenly he felt completely inadequate. He worried about Nicole enjoying the other man more than her own husband. He looked down at the other woman, what if she didn’t like him because she was used to someone else?

Her mouth on his cock is warm and wet but despite enjoying it he can feel that he wasn’t going to stay hard.

He moved on top of her and she rubbed his cock over her thigh. Mistaking it for an invitation he tilted his hips to slip inside her. With a small frown she pushed him away and asked him to don a condom. Then he sees the other husband donning a condom without any prompting. How could he have made that mistake? Of course they should use condoms. The other man passed him a condom; Daniel could feel his cock softening even more. He wondered if he would even get hard enough to put it on. All he wanted to do was put his clothes on and leave. Disappointment welled up. He had wanted this for so long and now his fantasy is not working out how he planned it at all.

The other woman took the condom from him and moved to place her mouth over him. Nothing about the way she moved showed that what was happening to him was weird. He felt a little better. In her mouth he feels himself getting hard again and relief floods through him. She manages to slide the condom over his cock, and he finds himself guiding his cock into the first woman he has fucked, other than his wife for years. He takes some time to enjoy the moment. Underneath him the woman twisted and turned enjoying his cock. His cock is still not as hard as he would like, and her movements push him out of her.

They tried again but the same thing happened. Daniel could see that she was getting frustrated. When he glanced over at Nicole she looked as sexy as hell, but her cries of pleasure frustrated him. He wanted to be that excited. He wanted the moment to take him over, but it wasn’t working for him. He knew he should feel happy for her but watching the other man with his huge cock bigger than his ever was fucking his wife made him feel sad and pathetic.

The other man groaned as he emptied himself inside Nicole who celebrated his pleasure with him by pressing her body against him as he came. Daniel moved over to Nicole and turned her over to fuck her doggy style, the sight of her full round butt turned upwards, inviting him in never failed to turn him on. As he slid inside her he asked her to suck the other man. It was intense watching his wife in a spitroast but still he was frustrated, still he couldn’t cum.

Then someone knocked on the door,

“Closing time,” a voice drifted through.

Now everyone was waiting for him to finish but he knew he couldn’t. The other couple move away from the bed and dress quietly.

“We will see you outside,” The smile and quietly leave.

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TMI Tuesday – Life Questions

1 Who do you prefer to discuss politics with?

a) your partner, b) your best friend, c) co-workers, d) strangers, e) parents

Mr Jones has views about certain political issues which he likes to air to anyone who will listen. The kids and I have heard his ideas enough to know that arguing or trying to change the subject is impossible. On the whole though I am not particularly concerned about politics enough to talk about it with anyone at great length.

2. Which is more offensive to you: book burning or flag burning? Why?

I had a conversation about flags once that made me think about our disregard for them. During the conversation he explained how wearing the flag in clothing such as swimwear (which happens a lot in Australia) is not patriotic but disrespectful to the flag and the country because you are in effect sitting on your country’s national symbol! His words and his passion made me think twice about flags so I am going with flag. Unless you are talking about truly rare and deserving books.

3 Complete the sentence. Most of all I want to meet someone who deserves my ______:

a)trust, b)loyalty, c) admiration, d) love

I think I have people that fit each of those in different ways in all parts of my life. Mostly at the moment I am looking for someone who deserves the right to worship my pussy.

4. Which kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you?

a) physical / sexual, b) mental / emotional, c) neither is important, d) both are equally important.

For Mr Jones and myself fidelity is linked closely with honesty. There must be complete disclosure about all things at all times. There is no judgement about WHAT is disclosed. Judgement comes when the disclosure is not made. I can’t really fit this with any of the options but b) is the closest because of the disclosure.

5. Would you avoid all contact with an ex if your current significant other asked you to?

a) yes of course!, b) No. This would be an unacceptable demand. c) Only if their justification seems reasonable.

I have been married to Mr Jones for 21 years. Any exes have faded into the past. Generally any lovers that I have also have faded as lovers once the sexy times end. There are one or two exceptions but these people are no longer lovers just friends so I am not sure where they sit. However he has the power to veto any person I see sexually and I would comply because my marriage is the most important partnership in my life. So if he asked I would say yes.

Bonus: If you were to die, the person going through your belongings would be shocked to find.

Probably the contents of my laptop. Maybe. It is unlikely that either of my children would be brave enough to poke through that. Mr Jones has read most of it and seen most of the images. Any of my other relatives (parents etc) would definitely find the things I write about confronting.

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Fantasy vs Reality; Part 1

Many couples fantasise about swinging for a long time before they take the first step. Often the road is rocky and the first encounter is like losing your virginity. In your mind everything seems perfect and amazing. The reality is often very different. I found this story on Erotic Adventures. It shows the start contrast between fantasy and reality.

Part 1 – The Fantasy:

Image result for swinging

The fantasy was so familiar that it had become like a habit. It slipped into Daniel’s mind without him even realising it. His hand slid downwards to grip his shaft as he lay back on the pillows of the hotel bed.

Nicole’s breasts looked even more alluring than usual as the red-haired woman pushed down her bra straps and cupped her hands under their round fullness. Eagerly the woman bent down and licked the tip of one of Nicole’s nipples. Her pink tongue circled the hardening bud before the woman took the entire nipple into her mouth. The woman’s husband stood behind Nicole and put his arms around her waist. Slowly his hands slid down over her belly before he reached between her legs.

“Oh yes that’s it,” Nicole encouraged the man as his fingers slid into her hot wetness. The woman bent down and pressed her face between Nicole’s legs making her writhe and scream in pleasure. Daniel moved to stand behind the other woman placing his hands on her butt, parting her cheeks so that he could see her glistening wet opening. As she moved back and forth lapping at Nicole’s pussy her legs parted slightly opening her further, inviting him in. Daniel could no longer resist, he bent down and slid his tongue along her pussy lips, exploring her folds and tasting her sweet saltiness. Wetness streamed out of her as he licked and stroked her moving down towards her hard node. She bucked against his face in pleasure. He could hear her moans muffled against his own wife’s pussy. It was the most erotic thing that he had ever done.

He never wanted to stop licking her, but his cock was throbbing almost painfully. Reluctantly Daniel lifted himself onto his knees placing himself behind her hips. For a moment she stopped lapping at Nicole and turned to look at him. He stroked her with the tip of his cock, teasing her relishing the pleasure as she bucked her hips against him demanding with her body that he impale her on his cock.

In front of him the woman’s husband pulled Nicole down onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. Daniel watched as the man they had just met lifted his wife’s hips up to allow him to press his cock against her wet opening. She groaned in pleasure as his cock sank into her. Her breasts bounced in time with his thrusts.

He felt a hand wrapped around his cock drawing his attention back to the other woman. looking down he saw her lying on the bed, moving her hand up and down on his shaft as she looked up at him, watching for his reaction. He positioned himself above her and pressed his cock between her legs, sliding it into her, watching her face until he was buried deep inside her. The sound of Nicole’s cries as the other man pounded her egged him on. Soon the room was filled with the sound of two women’s pleasure.

Daniel’s hand was a blur as he worked his cock faster and faster. He felt the familiar pressure building up against his strokes. He threw his head back as the first pulse went through him. Jizz shot out of his cock and covered his belly in a thick white stream. He groaned in pleasure as the second jet covered his hand. Relaxing in the afterglow Daniel thought about his fantasy. In a hotel, far away from home and without his wife the fantasy was even sharper. He resolved to talk about it with Nicole at home. Like they had many times. Perhaps they would take a step closer this time.  

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Friday Flashback – The Last Shot

A bottle of vodka sat on the table between Lexie and Maud, beside it two empty shot glasses stood waiting. Lexie slopped vodka into the glasses. She handed one to Maud and raised the other to her lips looking over the rim of the tiny glass at her friend.

“What is the one sexual fantasy that you have always had but have always been too afraid to ask someone to fulfil?” Her brown eyes challenged Maud’s blue ones. Maud held her friend’s gas for as long as she could.

“To have sex with a girl.” Her voice was almost inaudible in the tiny kitchen.

In unison two women threw back the shot. Maud wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as Lexie studied her. She noticed every tiny detail about her friend, the way the top button of her blouse had come undone, the way her lips pouted. As Maud poured the next shot her tongue touched the back of her teeth. Her brow furrowed in concentration. Maud passed the small glass to Lexie and sat holding her glass as she contemplated her next question.

“Cock or cunt?” The last word was said with a twist of her lips. She knew that Lexie didn’t really like people using the word but she wanted to shock her friend. That was the point of the game wasn’t it? Lexie’s brow puckered as she considered the question.

“I have to choose?” she asked for clarification. Maud responded with an emphatic nod. She was enjoying this game. The drunker they got the more personal and sexual the questions became but also the less she cared about her responses.

“If I have to choose then it is cunt,” Lexie’s lip curled as she made her response.

“Any particular cunt?” Maud could not resist the follow up question.

“That is a separate question and is against the rules.” Lexie responded almost instantly, “You will have to wait your turn. In fact, I think you deserve to miss your turn for breaking the rules which means I get two questions now.” Lexie poured the vodka, filling Maud’s glass almost to the brim before handing it over. Maud pouted at the reprimand at the same time as noticing colour creeping over Lexie’s cleavage.

Lexie sat back against her chair thinking for long moments. Maud noticed the way her lips puckered slightly as she thought and how red the lipstick her friend was wearing was.

“What is your favourite style of vibrator?” Lexie’s eyes twinkled as she leaned back and threw back her shot. Maud flushed,

“How many different types are there?” Her voice was concerned. Lexie chuckled,

“More than I know about I am sure.” She replied. She poured another shot for both of them .”Has anyone ever fucked you with your own vibrator?” Maud squirmed on her chair as Lexie threw back her drink and sat looking over at her. She noticed how Lexie’s lips were parted slightly and her chest was heaving as if she had just run a race. Glancing downwards Maud noticed Lexie’s nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tank top.

“No,” Maud threw back her shot and reached for the bottle. “One more turn each,” she observed as she placed the bottle back in the centre of the table. “Is there anyone who you are friends with that you would fuck?” The question came out quickly.

Lexie looked down at the table and contemplated her answer for a long time before she answered.


Lexie reached for the bottle and poured the last of the vodka into the two glasses. “Last question,” she commented. “Better make it count,” She looked across the table at Maud as she considered her last question. She noticed how some of Maud’s hair had escaped from her ponytail and was framing her pretty face. As always she noticed those full lips. Usually they were pink but tonight they were red, like ripe strawberries. Juicy and plump.

“Can I kiss those lips,” Lexie licked the taste of apple flavoured vodka off her own lips as she watched her friend across the table.

Maud drank down her last shot before she answered, “Yes,” her eyes glittered with excitement and desire. Lexie stood up and took the few steps around the table to where Maud was sitting. She took her time, looking at Maud’s face and into her eyes before she bent down and kissed those full pouting lips softly. The silence in the room like an elastic band stretched tight as Lexie pulled away from Maud, studying her. In response Maud reached up and pulled her friend back down towards her. They kissed again, harder. Their lips mashed together. Bravely Maud slid her tongue into Lexie’s mouth tasting, vodka and the unique musky taste of her friend. Lexie’s hand slid down Maud’s neckline and into her shirt tentatively cupping her breast through the fabric of her bra. The two women pulled apart slowly looking at each other, entranced.

“We should have played this game a long time ago,” Lexie murmured. She straightened up and took Maud’s hand. Without speaking Maud stood up and followed her friend down the hallway to the bedroom. Once inside Lexie reached behind her and shut the door.

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

TMI Tuesday Flashback – Ifs, And, Butts

This week TMI Tuesday delved into the past. It seems I was playing TMI back in 2013 when this post went live so lets see how, or if, my answers have changed.

2021 Answers

1 If you had a magic beauty wand what would you give yourself?

  • shinier hair, hands down
  • glowing, soft skin, pass the moiturizer dude
  • brighter eyes with no crows feet – I want to look less tired
  • nada, I love what I’ve got.

I am very slack when it comes to beauty. I use department store moisturiser, face cleaner and shampoo. I rarely wear makeup and I hate the time investment of getting a colour in my hair. Although I did for many years. If I had a magic wand and the time and cost were not an issue I would go with all three. Who doesn’t want to look 25 when they are 48?

2. If you were spring cleaning your life, what five things would you throw out?

This is probably a dangerous question for me right now. I came home last night after 13 hours at work and after I had been asleep for an hour or so was rudely awoken by a fox attempting to steal a chicken that The Unicorn had forgotten to pen properly. After chasing said fox, dealing with other less securely penned poultry and the stolen chicken who was literally screaming blue murder, (who knew a chicken could make that noise?) sleep eluded me for another two hours. I’m going to go with 1: a bunch of stuff in my house that is cluttering up my cupboards, 2: 75% of the fabric in my mother’s cupboard, 3: 85% of the wool in my mother’s cupboard, 4: my tendency to berate myself when I make a mistake and 5: A bunch of the teaching junk that is living on my desk at school.

3. If money were no object what kind of house would you buy?

I am torn between two types. The first one an open style tree house in the forest which is off the ground with trees knocking on the windows.

REAL ESTATE: 62 Orchard Tce

My other alternative is ultra modern mansion overlooking the ocean.

Image result for ocean mansion australia

4. Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlor AND had a happy ending?

The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is; Do they even have those for women?

A more complex answer is that Johnny gave a fantastic massage, which involved his cock being rubbed over my neck and shoulders and always ended in a great deal of happiness.

Bonus: Using the handy chart, what is your butt type, spanked or not?

Definitely Hot Tamale. When it comes to spanking I am not a frequent recipient so I don’t really have a “style”.

2013 Answers

. If you had a magic beauty want what would you give yourself?
     a) Shinier hair, hands down
     b) Glowing soft skin – pass the moisturiser dude
     c) Brighter eyes, with no crows feet – I want to look less tired.
     d) Nada, I love what I’ve got.
For me plastic surgery, beauty products or ‘beauty magic wands’ are not things I ever considered using on myself. If there is a part of me that I don’t like I usually subscribe to the more conventional methods of improvement ie improved diet and increased exercise. However or late I have caught myself wishing that I had less wrinkles and excess skin around my eyelids so I guess my answer to this one would be c). 

2) If you were spring cleaning your life what five things would you get rid of?
For me the challenge with this question is that if I can conceive five things to get rid of then why do you still have them in your life? Of course the difference between having the idea and putting it into practise is vast. So here goes
  a) Guilt. My guilt reflex is so overdeveloped that I think the word ‘sorry’ comes out of my mouth far more than any other word in any language in the world. Sometimes I even wonder what the hell I am apologising for.
b) My stomach flab. This wasn’t included in question 1. I have employed more conventional methods for getting rid of this and they work OK, until people give me Easter chocolate, or I walk past a bakery.

c) My fear of being upside down. I joked with someone today. “My two biggest fears are being upside down and heights. Then I chose a sport that involves being upside down at height.”  Nothing like facing your fears head on I guess. 
d) All the sex toys that I don’t use or that didn’t live up to the promises. I am not that big on sex toys so my collection is small but even from that there are only one or two items that I use regularly. The rest are just curiosities. 
e) I can’t think of a fifth thing right now. So I guess for this post you will have to make do with four.

3) If money were no object, what kind of house would you buy?
I am not really a live by the ocean or water kind of person. My dream home would be in a rural setting. Ultimately I would love somewhere just a bit opulent that allows us to throw great parties that turn into orgies and give me noteriety with the locals. Something like this would probably do. This house has pretty much everything Jake and I could want, stunning views, 9 acres surrounding it to give privacy, lots of glass and lots of bedrooms. Follow the link to check out some other images. 

4) Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlour AND had a “happy ending”?
I am not sure that there are any massage parlours around that offer happy endings for women. If there was I am not sure I would visit one. A good friend of mine (ahem Allysin) has a fantasy of having a happy ending massage like this but I am not sure it is on my fucket list. My ideas about this kind of thing have been coloured slightly by having friends who work in the beauty industry offerning bona fide massage and other beauty services. These women, who are often quite young have to deal with men who expect ‘extras’ with their wax / massage etc on an almost daily basis even though it is made quite clear at the time of booking that these services are not on the menu. 
On a more sexy note though one of the hottest happy ending stories I have ever read came from the pages of The Omniwhore. It made me wish I was a fly on the wall. 

Bonus: Using the handy chart, what is your butt type, spanked or not?

Surprisingly it is hard to look at your own butt. So I asked Jake for the answer to this one. 
He says the unspanked version is Cottage Cheese and the spanked match is Meandering. He also stated that was the most attractive type. He is such a sweetie. 

I hope you had fun with these answers. Please click on the icon below and see who else is playing this week.