TMI Tuesday Flashback – Ifs, And, Butts

This week TMI Tuesday delved into the past. It seems I was playing TMI back in 2013 when this post went live so lets see how, or if, my answers have changed.

2021 Answers

1 If you had a magic beauty wand what would you give yourself?

  • shinier hair, hands down
  • glowing, soft skin, pass the moiturizer dude
  • brighter eyes with no crows feet – I want to look less tired
  • nada, I love what I’ve got.

I am very slack when it comes to beauty. I use department store moisturiser, face cleaner and shampoo. I rarely wear makeup and I hate the time investment of getting a colour in my hair. Although I did for many years. If I had a magic wand and the time and cost were not an issue I would go with all three. Who doesn’t want to look 25 when they are 48?

2. If you were spring cleaning your life, what five things would you throw out?

This is probably a dangerous question for me right now. I came home last night after 13 hours at work and after I had been asleep for an hour or so was rudely awoken by a fox attempting to steal a chicken that The Unicorn had forgotten to pen properly. After chasing said fox, dealing with other less securely penned poultry and the stolen chicken who was literally screaming blue murder, (who knew a chicken could make that noise?) sleep eluded me for another two hours. I’m going to go with 1: a bunch of stuff in my house that is cluttering up my cupboards, 2: 75% of the fabric in my mother’s cupboard, 3: 85% of the wool in my mother’s cupboard, 4: my tendency to berate myself when I make a mistake and 5: A bunch of the teaching junk that is living on my desk at school.

3. If money were no object what kind of house would you buy?

I am torn between two types. The first one an open style tree house in the forest which is off the ground with trees knocking on the windows.

REAL ESTATE: 62 Orchard Tce

My other alternative is ultra modern mansion overlooking the ocean.

Image result for ocean mansion australia

4. Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlor AND had a happy ending?

The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is; Do they even have those for women?

A more complex answer is that Johnny gave a fantastic massage, which involved his cock being rubbed over my neck and shoulders and always ended in a great deal of happiness.

Bonus: Using the handy chart, what is your butt type, spanked or not?

Definitely Hot Tamale. When it comes to spanking I am not a frequent recipient so I don’t really have a “style”.

2013 Answers

. If you had a magic beauty want what would you give yourself?
     a) Shinier hair, hands down
     b) Glowing soft skin – pass the moisturiser dude
     c) Brighter eyes, with no crows feet – I want to look less tired.
     d) Nada, I love what I’ve got.
For me plastic surgery, beauty products or ‘beauty magic wands’ are not things I ever considered using on myself. If there is a part of me that I don’t like I usually subscribe to the more conventional methods of improvement ie improved diet and increased exercise. However or late I have caught myself wishing that I had less wrinkles and excess skin around my eyelids so I guess my answer to this one would be c). 

2) If you were spring cleaning your life what five things would you get rid of?
For me the challenge with this question is that if I can conceive five things to get rid of then why do you still have them in your life? Of course the difference between having the idea and putting it into practise is vast. So here goes
  a) Guilt. My guilt reflex is so overdeveloped that I think the word ‘sorry’ comes out of my mouth far more than any other word in any language in the world. Sometimes I even wonder what the hell I am apologising for.
b) My stomach flab. This wasn’t included in question 1. I have employed more conventional methods for getting rid of this and they work OK, until people give me Easter chocolate, or I walk past a bakery.

c) My fear of being upside down. I joked with someone today. “My two biggest fears are being upside down and heights. Then I chose a sport that involves being upside down at height.”  Nothing like facing your fears head on I guess. 
d) All the sex toys that I don’t use or that didn’t live up to the promises. I am not that big on sex toys so my collection is small but even from that there are only one or two items that I use regularly. The rest are just curiosities. 
e) I can’t think of a fifth thing right now. So I guess for this post you will have to make do with four.

3) If money were no object, what kind of house would you buy?
I am not really a live by the ocean or water kind of person. My dream home would be in a rural setting. Ultimately I would love somewhere just a bit opulent that allows us to throw great parties that turn into orgies and give me noteriety with the locals. Something like this would probably do. This house has pretty much everything Jake and I could want, stunning views, 9 acres surrounding it to give privacy, lots of glass and lots of bedrooms. Follow the link to check out some other images. 

4) Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlour AND had a “happy ending”?
I am not sure that there are any massage parlours around that offer happy endings for women. If there was I am not sure I would visit one. A good friend of mine (ahem Allysin) has a fantasy of having a happy ending massage like this but I am not sure it is on my fucket list. My ideas about this kind of thing have been coloured slightly by having friends who work in the beauty industry offerning bona fide massage and other beauty services. These women, who are often quite young have to deal with men who expect ‘extras’ with their wax / massage etc on an almost daily basis even though it is made quite clear at the time of booking that these services are not on the menu. 
On a more sexy note though one of the hottest happy ending stories I have ever read came from the pages of The Omniwhore. It made me wish I was a fly on the wall. 

Bonus: Using the handy chart, what is your butt type, spanked or not?

Surprisingly it is hard to look at your own butt. So I asked Jake for the answer to this one. 
He says the unspanked version is Cottage Cheese and the spanked match is Meandering. He also stated that was the most attractive type. He is such a sweetie. 

I hope you had fun with these answers. Please click on the icon below and see who else is playing this week.

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