Carmen and Ryan Part 6 – Keeping Secrets

After a short hiatus Carmen and Ryan are back. You can catch up on the story here.

“Doctor Morrison is in a mood today,” Jenny flopped into the chair in front of Carmen’s desk.

It took Carmen a few moments to register Jenny’s presence.

“Sorry, what?” she asked.

Jenny gave an exasperated sigh, “What is with you lately? You have been off with the pixies for days.”

Carmen smiled, “Nothing,” she hoped she didn’t look as tired as she felt.

“Carmen Beresford I have known you for ten years. You can’t fool me with that coy smile!” Jenny scolded her friend, “Now spill.”

Carmen avoided Jenny’s eye and shuffled some papers beside her computer. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” She stood and carried the stack of forms she had been working on out of her office towards the compactus containing patient’s files. Jenny followed her, determined for an answer.

“You know exactly what I am talking about,” she continued. “There is something going on with you and I will find out. You know it,”

Carmen slid sections of compactus across the runners until she found the files she was looking for. She kept her face turned away from Jenny so that her friend could not see the heat rising in her cheeks.

“Jenny, can I get you to print out a referral for me?” the conversation was interrupted by the appearance of Dr Singh in the doorway.

“Sure thing!” Jenny’s voice was all professionalism. As she turned to leave, she bent towards Carmen and whispered, “This isn’t over, I WILL, find out what you are hiding.”

Carmen finished her filing. On the outside she appeared calm but her mind was in turmoil. Two nights of unrestrained sex had left her tender in places that had been untouched for months. Sitting in certain positions brought pleasant memories of Ryan’s body all over hers but in the back of her mind was the constant nagging thoughts about what everyone would think.

She made her way to the lunchroom to make herself a tea. She was so tired today. Thankfully there had been no talk from Ryan about a repeat visit. She didn’t think she would be able to function after a third night but tomorrow was Friday. The weekend yawned ahead of her. Where was this ‘thing’ with Ryan going? Would he want to see her again? If so when? Would this be something that was pushed into timeslots she had when Josh was not home? What if he asked her to go to his place? The questions seemed endless.

Carmen took her tea back to her desk where her phone was ringing. Work took over and for the rest of her afternoon the questions were relegated to sit quietly at the back of her mind. It was her evening to cover the reception desk until the last of the appointments left at seven-thirty. All of the receptionists hated the late shift. It was the one slot Carmen always had trouble with. Taking on one of the slots herself left very little room for argument though. It was hard to complain about being given a job that your boss also did regularly.

At eight pm Carmen walked into her kitchen. Josh and Chloe were curled up on the couch watching a movie.

“Hey Mum,” Josh greeted her.

“Hey Mrs B.” Chloe looked over the back of the couch, “We left you a plate of dinner in the fridge.”

Carmen’s heart warmed. “Thank you so much!” Josh would never have thought of that. Every time she visited Chloe gave Carmen another reason to like her more. If Josh didn’t keep this one Carmen would be heartbroken. Chloe disentangled herself from Josh,

“Go have a shower while I heat it up for you,”

Carmen was taken aback, “It’s OK, you don’t have to do that,” she protested.

“No really, it is fine,” Chloe’s voice was firm, “It will only take a minute.”

Carmen allowed herself to be shooed out of the kitchen towards her bedroom where she stripped off her work clothes. She checked her phone. Still no word from Ryan. When she had woken that morning he was gone, as she would expect. Construction workers start early. But she hadn’t heard from him all day. Should she message him? She worried about the etiquette. This kind of situation was so unfamiliar to her. In the past she had only dated men around her own age. There was always some kind of lead up and some kind of agreement about where they were at. One of her ‘rules’ was to never have sex on a first date. Never in her life had she fallen into bed with someone within hours of meeting them.

The hot water of the shower soothed her tired body. For a fleeting moment she wished that Ryan was there to wash her body. She thought about his strong hands soaping her and smoothing away the worries of the day. Her cunt throbbed a little as she fantasised about soaping his cock and stroking him in the shower but she was too tired to act on it. Stepping out of the shower she dried herself and put on her robe. The soft folds of fabric cuddled her skin. She made her way to the kitchen where her dinner was waiting.

“I could get used to this,” she smiled at Chloe who had returned to her spot on the couch.

Carmen ate her dinner quietly. As she ate, she started watching the show that Josh and Chloe were engrossed in, but it didn’t really appeal to her. Instead, her mind kept returning to Ryan. Thoughts of what they had done in the kitchen the night before filled her mind. She remembered sitting on this very bench with his face buried between her legs. She glanced over at Josh on the couch. What would he think if he knew? What would Chloe think?

She finished her dinner and put her plate in the dishwasher. “I am going to bed,” she announced to the couple on the couch.

“Goodnight,” Josh didn’t turn around.

“Sleep well,” Chloe gave a cheery smile.

Back in her room Carmen discarded her robe and slid into her bed. As she arranged the sheets a faint smell of Ryan and sex wafted over her face. She smiled. The secret was starting to sit better with her. It really was better not to tell Josh until she knew what was happening herself. Sleep started to creep over her. She contemplated sending a message to Ryan, but she really couldn’t think of what to say to him. Every message she composed sounded so Mum like. She placed her phone beside the bed and lay back on her pillow. She was asleep within minutes.

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7 thoughts on “Carmen and Ryan Part 6 – Keeping Secrets”

    1. Thank you for the feedback
      I am trying with this series to make the story more of a story rather than just a bunch of tab A in slot B type of encounters. So It is good to know that I am succeeding


  1. Very nice character building, and even though no actual sex in this, the hints kept this reader interested. I intend to go back and read earlier episodes now

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