TMI Tuesday – Dream Jobs

1 What was your first job?

My first proper job was as a lab assistant in a meat research laboratory. The people working there were firmly entrenched in 1960 – 1970 thinking about a lot of things. For a young scientist just starting out it was surreal. I am glad I was on a contract and I didn’t stay there too long.

2 In your next life what will be your job.

As a young mother who was stupidly trying to be the woman who did it all I watched my husband (yes Mr Jones) sleep all night while I was up dealing with infants and toddlers who needed feeding, nappies changed, temperatures monitored, beds cleaned yada yada. Then when they had to stay home from daycare and school because they were sick I was always the one taking the day off work.

Through those experiences I told myself over and over again that in my next life I was going to be the Dad and have the choice to get up in the morning, worry only about getting myself to work and come home at night to dinner and TV.

3 What is your favorite item in your workspace and why?

On my desk at school I have a small collection of knick knacks that come from various places; An image of St Francis from a previous school, a plushie of a HIV virus and and Ebola virus and a Cat-Dog Pop vinyl that were Christmas gifts from The Unicorn

On my desk at home I have a reminder that was given to me by a friend at a previous school that helps me to stay grounded.

4 What can you not stop thinking about

At the moment most of my energy is focussed on our upcoming sailing voyage. Every conversation ends up there. Every action is divided into “Things to do before we go” and “Stuff to deal with when we get back” Things are starting to get very real now.

5 What are you holding on to that you cannot let go – a person, a show, an item, a career, a book – anything.

I am currently obsessed with “The Last Kingdom”. Mr Jones and I are binge watching it for the second time.

The Last Kingdom: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Alexander  Dreymon (Uhtred)

Bonus: Do you have a Twitter Problem

I don’t know what constitutes a Twitter problem. Do I spend all day on it? No. Do I post constantly? No. Do I sometimes get sucked into conversations that will end in an argument with stupid people? Yes. I guess that could be counted as a problem.

This post is part of this week’s TMI Tuesday. Click on the image below to see who else is sharing.

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8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – Dream Jobs”

  1. I have always loved that Wilde quote. I was in a play he wrote once, one of my favorites to do, the language is exquisite. The Cat-Dog is pretty cool. I suspect is Q1 was happening today, MrJ would be up in the middle of the night too. Here’s a show for you and he to binge… Call My Agent. It’s a French series, so fun.

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  2. Oscar Wilde quotes rule. I have always been fond of…

    “I can resist everything except temptation.” -Oscar Wilde

    As for Twitter O.W. nailed it when he said…

    “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde

    For me that sums up Twitter

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