TMI Tuesday – A Few of my Favourite Things

1 What is your favourite dessert and why

My automatic response to this question is always chocolate cake. Although in recent years I have developed an affinity for cheesecake. So chocolate cheesecake? All of the good things, rich chocolatey goodness, creamy cheese with a little tang. What is not to like?

2 What is your favourite nickname to be called?

Mr Jones calls me Babe but I don’t like being called that by anyone else.

At work I have a variety of nicknames depending on who is calling me. One of my colleagues who is about the same age as me calls me “Sissy”. It harks back to a student who graduated last year. When he was in year 7 he mixed myself and my “Sissy” up all the time (we don’t look at all alike!). He said we looked like sisters and the nickname was born.

3 What is your favourite nickname for your favourite person?

I also refer to Mr Jones as Babe. Not very imaginative but there it is

4 Who makes you laugh the most?

One of my colleagues who refers to me as her lover, is highly unusual. She is one of the quirkiest people I have ever met. Always guaranteed to generate a smile when she walks into the room.

5 What is something from your childhood that would seem strange to millennials.

Many things from my childhood would seem strange to millennials. I grew up in a small country town. One of the last to have a ‘party line’ phone system with a manned exchange in Australia. The phone that sat on the desk in the study area looked like this;

It was connected to the exchange by an actual wire that ran for 42 kilometers! About six or so households shared the same access wire and only one of us could use it at once. Children were not allowed to use the phone at all. A far cry from the smartphones of today.

Bonus: What is your idea of heaven

Somewhere that is unspoiled by humans and their consumerism. A place where people respect the environment and live relatively simply. I hope I see some of these places in my upcoming voyage.

Bonus Bonus:

There is always room for boobs

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