The Final Countdown

My presence on these pages has dipped slightly over the last couple of weeks. Mr Jones and I are in the final stages of preparing ourselves and our vessel for our six month adventure. It seems that there is an endless parade of details that are demanding attention. Some days I feel like I need more time but the reality is that these details are the things that keep most from doing things like this. There comes a point when you have to just bite the bullet and LEAVE. The unattended details will look after themselves at that point.

LEAVING day has been set in concrete. We are steadily getting things organised. I feel like I am on top of it. I also know that there will be a day when I realise I left something behind that I think I really need. The reality is that we will improvise or go without. It is surprising what you can manage without. An acquaintance told me of a couple that she knew who had done a similar trip. Upon their return they found it a little difficult to adjust to a life full of material things. I know from a caravanning experience many years ago that this is definitely a thing.

As the last few days tick by we are making the rounds of friends and acquaintances ensuring we get to spend time with people who are important. It is an interesting thing. Most people are grateful of the effort but also focussed on their own lives and plans. More than once I have fought off a bout of FOMO as I hear of celebrations and gatherings planned that I will not be able to attend. I know that there will be others and we are having our own adventures but the disconnect is a little jarring. I sometimes wonder how hard it will be to slot back in to life when we return. Will everyone forget us? I hope not.

Things are set now. Changing the path we have chosen for ourselves can only happen if there is a major upheaval. Besides why would we want to change? We are truly some of the luckiest people in the world.

6 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Well I for one won’t forget you and will be hanging out for every detail of the adventure you’re on untill you return. Heading North I assume?
    My wife has a cousin that does this trip, in simular boat ,every few years. It always sounds fantastic and supriseingly they often meet other ships doing the same. Bon voyage🤗

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  2. I really, really, really admire you for making this trip, and hope we get to hear from you at times, while on the trip. I so want to hear your adventures, and… I’m going to miss you!
    ~ Marie xox
    PS: would love to read along on the other blog with your experiences.

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