A Small Reminder

Something that struck me when I looked at this image was my wedding ring. Often I notice it in images taken when I am playing. I remember once a lover telling me that it was the sexiest thing I was wearing because it meant I belonged to another man and that man was allowing me to be with him. Ever since then I have always noticed my ring in images. It makes me think about the unconventional nature of my marriage and how fortunate I am that I found myself here.

In this image I am performing oral sex on Mr Jones because he indicated he would like me to give him a “road head job” while he was driving the yacht. Not one to deny him a fantasy I complied when the opportunity arose. He enjoyed it but not so much that he forgot to capture the moment!

Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “A Small Reminder

  1. We get comments on our posts on various platforms about my wife’s ring in the images. I get the appeal for sure! Road head was on my bucket list as well. It was amazing. It’s funny, one of those things I thought would never happen at one time in my life. Never say never is more becoming a more common theme the older I get. Happening a lot these days. Road head driving a boat is now added to the list. Just need to get a boat… Love the image and thank Mr. Jones for capturing it.

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  2. I love that you mentioned the ring. I actually have a bit of kink for them. Sleeping with a man who is wearing a wedding ring but I am not his wife…. that is so HOT to me. One of my partners is married and wears a ring and just like how it works for the person who commented to you, I feel the same as the person getting to fuck another woman’s husband. (consensual of course)


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