Sunday Afternoon Idleness

I love handcraft. My most recent exploit has been crocheted mermaid tails for Mr Jones and myself. I have always admired images posted for Sinful Sunday and other blogs of elaborate Shibari but I have never had the confidence to just do it!!

On a recent Sunday afternoon when we were hiding out in an inlet waiting for wind that still hasn’t stopped I got out some rope that we brought along and downloaded some tips for beginners. I also have an app that I downloaded for sailing knots. I have practiced a few and my knotting is getting a little better but I wouldn’t say I am competent.

However I was pleased with the outcome of this experiment. Now I just need to keep practicing.

This post is part of this week’s Sinful Sunday. To see who else is sinning click on the lips below

Sinful Sunday

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Idleness”

  1. Rope fun is fun! We haven’t used ours in ages, I should put it to use sometime soon. Though I’m more inclined to tie the legs such that they’re spread wide open, rather than tied together (my rope work may not be pretty, but it’s functional!)

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