Nude Swimming

This week Brigit chose the theme of Independence in line with US Independence day. In Australia we don’t exactly celebrate a day like this because, well, technically we haven’t severed ties with the mother country yet. Anyway this piece is only loosely associated with theme but I know you will forgive me.

The sun warmed her face as they pulled into the bay. Everything looked perfect; clear water, white sand, the soft sound of waves washing gently on shore. She was impatient as they anchored. The water beckoned. As soon as the chain was down and things settled she stripped away her clothing. Sunscreen and other mundane things flew out of her mind. Nothing mattered except the feel of the cool, clear water on her skin.

It was everything she expected. A feeling of complete freedom as the sea caressed her naked body. With long lazy strokes she struck out for the huge granite boulders that lined one side of the bay. Before she reached them she saw him standing on top of one of the rocks. His body outlined against the sunshine. She watched as he launched, arching in a perfect dive to cleave the water.

Unexpectedly he surfaced next to her. Water beaded on his face and shoulders and his deep brown eyes pierced into hers. Neither of them spoke, but she could feel the tension. With small movements she moved closer to him until she was almost touching him.

Then she felt his hand. Sliding between her thighs, pressing into her slit. The whole time his eyes bored into hers. Her fingers clenched his shoulder as his penetrated her. Teasing out her desire. She felt his cock against her leg. Hot in the coolness of the water. Her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands gripped her hips as he guided his cock into her.

Image by efes from Pixabay

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The Clit Sucking Vibrator

Once upon a time a sex toy retailer contacted a sex blogger about doing a product review. The sex blogger was very excited to be asked because she liked the opportunity to try out some toys that she hadn’t used before but she was worried because she was travelling and didn’t have a fixed address which made it difficult to deliver a physical product. The sex toy reviewer reassured the sex blogger that it didn’t matter and encouraged the sex blogger to choose a product.

So the sex blogger went to and chose a clitoral sucking vibrator from the website. The blogger was excited to try this type of Female Masturbator because it seemed more than the standard vibrator. Having a clit sucker that she could control seemed very appealing. Sohimi seemed like a great company and their prices were very competitive. The thing that bothered the sex blogger was that it seemed to be a US company which meant that delivery to Australia could take a while. The sex blogger had ordered some T-shirts from a US company earlier in the year and it had taken over six weeks for them to arrive. The Sex Blogger needn’t have worried really with forwarding and travelling the item still arrived much faster than the T-shirts!

The packaging was very discrete and the box was sturdy enough to keep the new sucking vibrator very safe. First impressions were good. The material that the vibrator was made of felt smooth and luxurious. The blogger was very intrigued by the sucking mechanism which on the first setting seemed soft but eight different settings of increasing intensity meant the right setting for each individual could be found.

In addition to sucking; the masturbator can also be used as a vibrator. The controls for the vibration intensity and patterns are separate from the sucking controls meaning any vibrating pattern can be used in conjunction with any sucking intensity. In total there are nine different vibrating patterns which can be used in conjunction with any sucking intensity.

The controls for vibrating are separate from the control for sucking. Both are easy to find and light up meaning they can be found in the dark. It is easy to change the settings while the toy is in use because the buttons are also raised making them easy to find and distinguish. The sucking head can be used both on the clitoris and on the G-spot. The angle of the head is flexible allowing it to be adjusted to different angles which adds to its versatility.

Later that night the sex blogger used her new toy. It was a very different sensation but the sucking alone on her clitoris was enough to push her to the edge. The sex blogger is very sensitive and the gentle sucking was very pleasant. With added vibrations it was just right for her.

The next night the sex blogger had a friend to visit. He was excited to play with her and the new toy. He enjoyed playing with the different settings and trying different combinations in different positions. The blogger found applying the sucker to her G spot with a little pressure on her pubis from the outside created an amazing sensation which resulted in some squirting. Squirting is not a new thing for the sex blogger but the toy was definitely effective in helping her achieve this.

One negative that The Sex Blogger’s friend noticed was the the flexible head didn’t stand up to pressure well and bent easily to a different shape when it was pressed against the Sex Blogger’s Vagina. He felt it was great to be able to adjust the angle but in some ways a more rigid toy would be better. However this could reduce the versatility of the toy.

The vibrator is light and easy to store and the magnetic USB charger is very convenient. Additionally the vibrator only takes an hour to fully charge. The charge lasts for over an hour of use.

The toy is fully waterproof and mostly easy to clean however the Sex Blogger is careful to use a cotton swab or cue tip to clean out the sucking mechanism as this could be a place where fluids and moisture could build up.

Overall the Sex blogger is very happy with her new toy and is looking forward to more sessions with it. She is definitely interested in investigating some of the other products from

This review was solicited by Sohimi and the product for review was provided free of charge.

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Morning Glory

I am a morning sex person. There is something about the freshness of morning that makes sex natural free and unencumbered before the events of the day create baggage.

I woke up and spooned Mr Jones for a while as my hand wrapped around his cock. While he wasn’t entirely hard he soon was. Then he was awake. We fucked for a while and then I decided to get out of bed. Not before he asked me to lie on his chest.

Not a bad view to wake up to.

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