Dead White Man’s Clothes

The Unicorn and I have a philosophy relating to our crafting / textile / sewing obsession. We call it “out of the closet”. Essentially it is about looking in the cupboard for what is already there. Often when starting a project or working on an idea it is tempting to head for the nearest fabric / craft superstore and purchase everything you need (want really) to make the creation in your head. The reality is that most crafters have a mountain of supplies already squirrelled away that they often don’t ever access. So we make ourselves look in the closet and pull out the fabric we have sitting there to make that dress or use the beads we already own to make new jewelry.

When I saw this prompt for Wicked Wednesday I wanted to write about the minimalism I have been living on the yacht for the last few months. I even prepared a whole post then I saw this news story on a Facebook group I am part of.

The whole story made me feel sick. I have spent the last five months living on the ocean. There have been times when I have collected armfuls of plastic waste that has washed up on beaches. It makes me so sad to see this and know it is a result of our excessive consumption and obsession with convenience.

I read somewhere once that the best way to diet is to cook all of your food from scratch. If you had to go through the ridiculously long process of making the perfect fries you would rarely eat them. Believe me, making fries at home is HARD. Making pizza at home is delicious and worth the effort but it is time consuming. The same applies to textiles. That chunky knit that is so chic? If you had to take the twenty or so hours to create it from a ball of yarn yourself you would wear it more than a few times. That is not taking into consideration the time it would take to spin the yarn from the fleece. There are people who do that.

I have a few garments I have made myself that I wear to work. I always get complimented on them. Because they are different from what you buy in the fashion stores, because they fit me well and because people know I made them. Were they easy and did they come together in the same time it would take to impulse buy something from the sale rack? No way. Do I have more respect for them because they are from my hand? One hundred percent. Will I wear them until they are no longer wearable? Most likely.

The Unicorn modelling a dress I made for her. I have another one made from the same fabric in a different style.

I made a statement to Mr Jones recently that I believe that if we stopped manufacturing textiles tomorrow there would be enough clothing already in existence to keep the world population covered for decades. If every crafter emptied their stash and used what they had they would have enough projects to keep them going until they die.







A couple of years ago a group of friends and I went on a ‘fashion diet’. The diet was essentially a ban from shopping at mainstream and on-line shops. The only acceptable ways to obtain clothing were as follows;

  1. Op shops or second hand shopping
  2. Independent, market stall shops
  3. Swaps with friends
  4. Make it yourself

Underwear and socks were not included in the rules. I think at one stage we bent them slightly to get shoes exempted. I won’t say I succeeded with flying colours but it did make me think every time I looked at clothing “Do I need this? Is there something I already have that I could wear instead?” So even though I didn’t follow the rules all the time it worked. After writing this post I am resolving to implement these rules more into my every day life. It won’t be easy but I think it is necessary.

Wicked Wednesday

9 thoughts on “Dead White Man’s Clothes

  1. That article really is shocking. It will be a good thing to stop every time we buy one, and ASK ourselves if we REALLY need it. I think more times than not the answer will be no. I used to make some of my own clothes, I might just have to start doing it again.
    ~ Marie xox


  2. This is definitely food for thought. I’m afraid I have to confess I buy my clothes at Primark and similar stores, but I can’t say I overspend there. I have too few clothes actually.
    My husband is really great at mending clothes, so he will patch his jeans when they wear down and when they become really bad, he’ll turn them into shorts. So there’s that :p


    • I think that it would be impossible for the western world to “turn off the tap” suddenly and immediately. I am a very big believer in every person making a difference in a small way every day.

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  3. You must be having a wonderful trip… We cook from scratch about 9 out of 10 times – and I love it – but time consuming yes… I agree about the charity shop thing. I buy most of my clothes from one – my local is excellent – each item of clothing is £1 – I bought a designer tweed jacket the other day – recently we lost a lot of personal belongings due to mold and have vowed to live minimally from now on
    May x

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    • I hope you are successful. It can be very liberating but every now and then I look into my wardrobe and think “do I have to wear that AGAIN? Why can’t it just wear out so I can get a new one?”


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  5. We embraced minimalism in 2017. Haven’t gone crazy, but have purged a ton of stuff. Now, when we buy something, it must have purpose or something else must go. Life is much easier with less stuff. Unfortunately, many people, particularly those of us in the west, suffer from stuffitis…

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  6. Absolutely with you on this. In lockdown I listened to a podcast on slow fashion (same conncept as your fashion diet) and I’ve been trying hard to have this attitude with clothes since then. I had a fabulous haul in my fave charity shop (Dog’s Trust) only last week. And I’ve been using Facebook selling sites & charity shops to get rid of my own excess stuff.

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    • I guess the doco is a warning to be aware that your donations to charity can end up places that you may not expect.

      It is so hard to buy less when there is so much out there.


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