Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 12

Time for another episode of Thirty Dirty Questions. If you are loving this then you can catch up on my other responses here. You can also check out some other participants over at Rebel’s Notes and Marriage Sex and More

Is there anything about sex that embarrasses you, causes shame or fear of makes you nervous?

I am a squirter. I have quite openly discussed this a few times in this blog. It is an ability that I had to work on to make happen. At the time when I started squirting it was a bit of a novelty. A lot of partners, including Mr. Jones enjoyed the sensation and obvious pleasure it gave me. Over time I became more ‘adept’ and have been known to produce liters of liquid during some sessions.

I am self-conscious about the mess it creates. Although most men like the IDEA I think the reality can be confronting. Also the reactions about getting my juice in their face while they are licking me are often mixed. For a while I didn’t advertise my ‘abilities’ with new partners because I felt that they would sometimes become fixated about it and that was the only thing they wanted. After a while I realised that while I was achieving what I wanted in that regard I was sometimes missing out on oral sex.

Once a man realised that licking me was probably going to get that result he would have one of two reactions. He would love it and try to drink me up. This reaction works well for me. I felt desired and got to enjoy an activity that gives me great pleasure. The second reaction was not so good. He would politely withdraw and oral sex on me would be stopped for the rest of our time together. I would get a hand job and a fucking. Not the desired outcome.

So I changed tack. I tell people now, if you don’t like me squirting in your face then I am not sure this is going to work. It hasn’t been successful. Men lie. If there is a chance they are going to get sex they will tell a woman whatever they think she wants to hear. They will say yes to an activity and then give it a cursory glance before moving on to the thing THEY want.

As a side note I am working on toning down the squirting thing. The amount of laundry it generates is ridiculous. Just as I trained myself to respond in this way I can train myself to respond in other ways. My recent experiences with The Second Mate has led me to start exploring toys and I am finding I respond a little differently to vibration. I like it. It is giving me more power over my orgasms and it is making me more confident in asking for / taking what I want.

9 thoughts on “Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 12

  1. I’m a squirter too, but it doesn’t happen every time. Reading about liters of fluid, I remembered the one time when we were in a hotel and I squirted so much, it dripped off the cabinet I was lying on. I don’t squirt with oral sex, except when it’s in combination with G-spot stimulation… a G-spot vibrator/dildo gets me there every time.
    ~ Marie xox


  2. I often read these posts about squirting and I feel like I am missing out on something. I have plenty of orgasms, but I definitely don’t squirt. Is this something that you learn to do, does it just happen naturally? And what is the fluid that you are squirting? I would love to be educated on this 🙂 XOXO


  3. Never had the experience, wife is not a squirter. Well, one time she did. Hasn’t happened again. While I get the inconvenience aspect, I think it’s amazing and there is no reason to shy away from it getting on you as your partner. I would love it. After 30+ years, there isn’t much bodily fluids or excretions we haven’t exchanged at this point… I say let the waters flow freely

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