Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 16

Over the course of this year I have been working through this list of questions that originally came from the blog of Brigit Delaney. Along the way I have been joined in my journey by Marie at Rebel’s Notes and Mike at Marriage, Sex and More. You can find links to my other answers on the Thirty Dirty Questions Page.

How do you feel about being naked?

I sleep naked. I have ever since I lived in a house where I had my own bedroom and privacy was assured. I remember once at boarding school one of the older girls scandalising everyone because she slept naked. She argued that it was warmer than wearing pyjamas. I am not sure if that is the case but teenagers will come up with the weirdest reasons to justify their choices. 

Fast forward to today and how I feel about being naked changes with the number and identity of the people around me. 

In general I don’t feel entirely comfortable walking around the house (or the boat for that matter) completely naked. Even if there is no one around, except for Mr Jones of course, I am still not entirely comfortable being completely naked for extended periods. I feel better if I have at least a pair of knickers on. While we were sailing I frequently sunbathed naked and this helped me to feel more confident being naked. When you live in a tropical climate skin cancer is an issue so sunbathing has to be balanced with minimising sun damage. So I limited the amount of time I spent fully exposed. 

When I am at home I will walk around in minimal clothing a lot of the time and am not entirely concerned about being nude in front of my children. Their boyfriends / girlfriends are a different matter though, so if there are extra guests in the house I am careful to cover up. As I get older I care less of what other people think about me and this is helping a great deal. 

4 thoughts on “Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 16

  1. While it was not always this way, we both now love being naked around the house. We are trying to find a nude beach or resort, oddly Florida is thin on nude beaches… And none around us. It would be an overnight trip at least. That beach you are on looks amazing. Great picture!


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