TMI Tuesday – The First Time

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash

1. First app you check in the morning?

One that is showing notifications. Usually messenger or something like that. I have a couple of friends who I usually text good morning to every day. We don’t have a protracted conversation but that regular contact is the stuff a friendship of ten years is built on.
2. First kiss location?

I think it was in the middle of a dance floor at a high school dance. I went to boarding school. We didn’t get out much.
3. First major purchase over $1000?

Probably my first car. It was a blue Nissan Pulsar Q and looked like this.


At the time I didn’t really think about it but it was almost new. I drove it until #1 Son was a toddler and I was pregnant with The Unicorn. At that point we conceded that I needed a bigger car!
4. First song choice in karaoke song book?

NONE! I really don’t like karaoke and avoid it whenever I can.
5. First internet screen name?

Back in the day I used the moniker ‘Babeslady” I upgraded pretty quickly to Gemma when I moved from Literotica to my own blog.
6. First break up reason?

I honestly can’t remember. Probably because I had met another boy I was more interested in!
7. First concert and how old were you?

I was about 18 and some friends and I went to see Midnight Oil at the Brisbane Entertainment centre. I still love their music!

8. First crush?

I was never really one for celebrities. During my high school days I had a major crush on a boy in my grade. He was nothing really special and I never acted on it. My friends thought it was hilarious. I don’t think I ever even really spoke to him much.

Bonus: What was the title of your very first blog post?

Ranting into the void. I considered including a link but honestly. When I read what I wrote I feel like I was reading something my teenage self said. Cringeworthy!

2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – The First Time

  1. 1. First app you check in the morning?

    ABC News app. Before I get consumed by texts, bare butts and email.

    2.First kiss location

    Shed in the backyard. First and last as we moved the next day to a different continent.

    3. First major purchase over $1000?
    Could not ad the pic so included a link to my first new car at 18. My parents were not impressed with my decision and the company that provided finance.

    4. None. I do not do karaoke. If I did it would be a blues inspired tune.

    5. Can’t remember. It was on yahoo who had some interesting forums in the old days.

    6. First Breakup Reason. She Dumped me for someone with a bigger wallet.

    7. First Concert – Status Quo. I was 15

    8. First Crush. First true crush was a lady at my first job. I was 18 and she was and yes she was a/my young Mrs Robinson.


  2. Cringeworthy. Yep. Sums up my earliest blog post too. Some would say many subsequent posts of mine as well. Also why a link will not be forth coming from me either. As for birthing a Unicorn, the logistics sound even more precarious than any blog post ever. 🦄

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