Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 30

It has been more than a year since I posted the answer to the first dirty question after stumbling across the questions on the blog of Brigit Delaney. But I have finally made it to the end! I have posted responses to all of the questions bar two. If you want to browse through my journey please head on over to my Thirty Dirty Questions page.

Today also marks the last day of Molly’s Every Damned Day in June project. I started participating because I needed something to keep me honest and work on this page at least every other day. While I have not posted EVERY day I have met the minimum requirement and posted at least three times a week. It has been helpful to get that muscle working. So without further ado welcome to the last episode of Thirty Dirty Questions.

Are you dominant or submissive or a bit of both?

I think I have commented quite a few times I like the IDEA of being submissive but it doesn’t come naturally to me in most situations. My most recent foray into being submissive was my transaction with Captain Kirk. I won’t go into the details but he was dominant in a very restrained way. Missy commented on my post that she believed this was a true Dominant. Someone who is in tune with their submissive and adjusts their approach accordingly. 

I enjoyed being placed by Captain K. I enjoyed being told to suck his cock and I enjoyed him holding the back of my head and fucking my face a little. The thing that makes me weak at the knees is hearing him whisper to me that I am a good girl. From the first time I heard that phrase whispered to me quite a few years ago now it has never failed to make me weak at the knees and even more desperate to please. 

Does this make me a submissive? In some ways I think so. But there have been times when I have encountered men who identify as dominant and not enjoyed the experience. In my post “Consent” I talked about a man who identifies as dominant and loves to construct furniture for restrain and teasing. Something I find intriguing and would love to experiment with. 

Not with him. No is not a word he hears or pays attention to. 

With Captain K…. Perhaps. But I am not sure it is his jam.

Something I did realise about myself during the weekend of No Consent. I do like to dominate women. I like to go down on them and watch them squirm with pleasure. I like to fuck them with a strap on and I like to explore every part of their body. I am not so worried about having the favour reciprocated. It is just who I am. 

Several years ago I had a play friend who referred to himself as Pet. While he was typically a man’s man I believe he took the opportunity with me to explore his fantasies that involved wearing my underwear and having me put things in his arse. He also liked me to flog his cock and arse. He was a dirty dirty man and I should have taken more advantage of him. 

So to answer the question. Am I dominant or submissive I guess I am both with the right people. Mr Jones thinks that the man who would dominate me would probably not be a very nice person. If he means the man who would break my spirit and force me to submit then he is right. If he means the man who I choose to submit to because I trust that he will respect me and push me out of my comfort zone in a safe consensual way then he is wrong. 

Similarly I am not interested in dominating every young, inexperienced pretty boy who has a weak mind. If I don’t respect you then I won’t do that with you. As I get older I am more interested in dealing with people I respect who have a similar mindset than I am in just rolling with what life throws at me. People in general annoy me. Certain people are worthy of my time and effort. The rest can go fuck themselves.

Every Damn Day in June

The Shortest Day

This is another flash fiction type story in response to one of the “Bingo” prompts posted in the final instalment of Wicked Wednesday. Although I have not been as regular a participant as I would have liked in recent times I have enjoyed being part of this meme for the time it has been running. Click on the icon below and see who else is playing bingo

“Today is the shortest day of the year. That means it is only going to get warmer from now on!”

The principal’s voice carried across the courtyard to the shivering, fidgeting students.

“Which means I should see fewer of these random hoodies instead of your school jerseys.”

The assembled students grumbled as they stamped their feet in the cold westerly breeze

“Ok guys, you can head to class.” 

Young people straggled off to the building entrance. Relieved to be out of the biting wind but reluctant to be in class. Jennifer wrapped her jacket around her and made her way back to her office. Hugo, the principal fell into step beside her. 

“I don’t think they bought it.” She commented to her colleague.

“Probably not but they still have to lose the hoodies.” Hugo squared his shoulders. Jennifer stole a sideways glance at him. Even though he was slightly shorter than her he was solid and muscly, like a rugby league player. He radiated strength and confidence. Two things that spoke straight to Jen’s core. No. Lower than that. Her cunt. 

“Good luck with that then.” Jennifer turned into her office. Her work day yawned in front of her. Calls to parents, paperwork to sign, emails to respond to and then maybe a class or two. Within minutes she was immersed in her work. 

It seemed as if her day had passed in the blink of an eye when Jen put down the phone from the last call. She leaned back in her chair and rubbed her neck before opening her diary to make notes about the call she had just made. Another student to keep an eye on. 

The sound of her office door closing interrupted her. Startled she looked up to see Hugo standing in front of her. From her position it was easy for her to drop her eyes to the suggestive bulge in his perfectly ironed pants. Despite the chill in the air Jen suddenly felt very warm. 

“Hello,” Jen hoped desperately that the flush creeping up her neck wasn’t too obvious. “What can I do for you?”

There was a small pause. Hugo seemed to be sizing her up. 

“You work too hard,” His voice was characteristically calm. Jen felt as if her heart was going to beat out of her chest. Hugo moved around her desk and Jen stood up, unsure of what was on his mind. 

“All work and no play makes for a burnt out counsellor.” They were standing face to face, almost touching. Jen could smell the faint scent of his aftershave. She wondered if he could hear her heart beating. Things seemed to be moving in slow motion as his hand reached out to take hers. His eyes bored into hers as he turned her towards her desk and bent her over it. 

Without a whimper she complied resting her warm face against the firmness of the desk. She felt his strong, fingers lifting her skirt and pulling aside the crotch of her panties. 

“You are so wet you dirty girl,” 

Jen heard the sound of a zipper. Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She had imagined this very thing so many times. She felt the hard rod of his cock probing at her entrance as he pushed her legs apart before sliding his cock into her slick opening. He gave a grunt of pleasure. 

“You are such a good girl,” his hands held her hips firmly. “Do you want a good hard fucking?”

Jen gave a whimper of pleasure thankful for the desk holding her or her knees would have buckled.

Hugo withdrew his cock holding it at her entrance. She bucked her hips, trying to impale herself on his erection but he held her firmly,

“Do you want a good fucking?” He was insistent.

“Yes,” Jen managed to squeak.

He dipped his cock partway into her and withdrew again 

“I didn’t hear you,” his hands held her firmly, preventing her from backing against him like the dirty slut she wanted to be.

“Yes, YES!” Jen’s voice rang out, bouncing off the walls of her office. 

“Like this?” He pumped in to her, his belly making slapping sounds as it hit her arse. 

“YES, YES!” Jen almost screamed. 

“You are such a dirty slut,” His voice was hoarse with desire. He pumped her hard. She knew he was close, she didn’t care. All she wanted now was for him to fill her. She felt the first hot jet of his cum as his fingers clenched even tighter around her hips. His groan of pleasure filled her office.

A soft knock on the door startled Jen into wakefulness. Slightly confused from sleep she sat up and straightened her dress. 

“Come in.” 

The Office Manager opened the door, “How late are you staying today? I am just about to lock everything up.”

“How late is it?” Jen asked, alarmed that she had fallen asleep at her desk. 

“Only 4.30.” It seems so late because the sun is so low but today IS the shortest day. Rebecca, the Office Manager replied. 

Jen shuffled some papers around on her desk. Fragments of her dream were coming back into her mind and she felt a deep need to get out of here, somewhere she could organise her thoughts and do something about the deep ache in her cunt. 

“Just give me a few minutes and I will be out of here.”

As she made her way down the hallway she passed The Principal’s Office. 

“You work too hard,” he said as he looked up at her. 

“You always say that,” Jen replied desperately trying to keep her voice light.

“All work and no play makes for a dull counsellor,” Hugo’s voice followed her out to the carpark.

Wicked Wednesday


Every Damn Day in June

TMI Tuesday

1. Tell us 10 things that scare you.

  1. Heights
  2. Being the only person in an isolated place
  3. Sailing somewhere that I cannot see the mainland
  4. The thought of being out on the ocean in a small boat or a jetski
  5. Being too close to a bull
  6. Laybacks – see illustration

2. When it comes to sex, which of the following do you and your partner disagree about more:
Where to have sex, when to have sex or how often to have sex?

There was a time when how often to have sex was a cause of friction. Mr Jones would frequently express his opinion that we didn’t have sex frequently enough saying it had been ages. I would point out that we had sex only a few days ago. His reply would be “oh yes, I forgot about that.” Was the problem we didn’t have enough sex or that it was not memorable, or that his memory was very convenient. Probably a combination.

These days it is more of a “when” thing. I get up and leave the house for work before he is even awake. Consequently I am ready for sleep well before him. That can make timing for sex a bit tricky.

3. Worse thing to do as a couple:
a. dieting
b. picking a movie
c. building something from Ikea

I was gratified to hear from Mr Jones after spending a few days with a relatively inexperienced sailing crew that did not include me to interpret his poor instructions for him that he had a new found appreciation for my ability to know what to do without him having to give proper instructions. For us none of the things on the list are difficult. I ignore his bad food choices and make my own bad choices. For the most part I let him pick the movies because I will likely fall asleep before they are finished and if you can live on a yacht with and sail 2000 nautical miles in six months without killing your partner, Ikea has to be a cinch.

4. What is the most organic thing in your home right now?

Organic food – we have some cage free eggs in the fridge.

5. Tell us the best thing you bought to enhance your life for under 30 usd.

My $5AUD slippers. Gotta love Kmart!!!!

Every Damn Day in June

Travelling Boob Flashback

We are spending the next two weeks aboard our yacht soaking up the sunshine and recharging batteries. Even though we have spent a few days here and there since our return last year it isn’t the same as travelling. Even this time which is away from our home port is not quite the same. I find myself reminiscing about our adventure.

Bright yellow sands of aptly named Yellow Patch sand dune just a little East of Rockhampton. Image copyright Gemma Jones
Sinful Sunday
Every Damn Day in June

Today’s Word – Lazy

Term is finally over. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I also love my holidays. The last few days of term involved a lot of manoeuvring from different staff members trying to establish their position in the hierarchy. Annoying stuff. Typically teachers are focussed on the young people in their care. Our focus should be on how they are tracking and providing the best we can for them. Not worrying about which executive said what or who is climbing the ladder. Maybe I am mistaken.

Whatever the case I am on board our yacht for two weeks of isolation and relaxing. Somehow my body has read the memo. I have no energy. I foresee a lot of sleeping and giving of zero fucks in the next few days.

Bing on the sunshine and pants free days.
Every Damn Day in June

Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 29

Have you ever (or would you ever) tried role play? What roles are you drawn to?

Role play is not something that comes to mind when I think of things I would like to try. The idea of dressing in a specific way that is dictated by someone else and pretending to be a specific character has never applied to me. As much as I enjoy the atmosphere of theatre I have never had the desire to be on a stage.

And then I started pole dance. 

On my first visit to a swingers club I watched a woman dance for her husband and lover on a pole. I remember thinking I would never be confident enough to do that. Somewhere the scales tipped. After the first time I climbed that stage and put my hand on that brass I was hooked. The power of looking a man or woman in the eye as I present my arse to them. Or as I give them a flash of my pussy is addictive. 

I have amazing boobs. There is no denying it. In appropriate environments I love getting them out for the world to see. From strippers and great boobs my ultimate role play fantasy was born. To work as a stripper / topless waitress for a room of selected people. Lap dances are available, touching is allowed. 

I just need someone who is willing to fork out for the ultimate accessory for the event, the shoes.

Every Damn Day in June

My Shussy is What?????

I fell into the world of burlesque kind of by accident. A few years ago I started attending a pole dance studio that also taught burlesque. Well actually it was the other way around. A burlesque teacher who dabbled in pole-fit. It was here that I learned about the glitter filled world of burlesque and places where dancers who didn’t look like mainstream dancers went to shine.

I made friends with women who were destined to be these kinds of dancers. Carving their way into the world to shine their own light in their own way. It was through them that I attended some shows and was fascinated by this world of feathers, silk fans, and nipple tassels. Modern burlesque is a reflection of American Burlesque of the late 1800’s. But there are many twists and turns. Every performer has their own personal style and signature way of performing. In 2020 I was excited to attend one of the first incarnations of “Shreklesque”. Put simply this was a Shrek themed show featuring some burlesque performers that I knew and others that I had seen and heard of. Not all were burlesque performers. Some were drag queens and some were “boylesque” performers; Males that danced in burlesque style and costumes but did not present as female.

At the time Brisbane was just emerging from the first panicked Covid – 19 lockdown. We were nervous about gathering in large groups but we were excited to purchase our tickets and head to a small theatre that was used predominantly for community theatre events to support this little group of performers trying to keep their art alive. Fast forward two years and I was just as excited to see the show again after two years of development and in a bigger, more professional venue.

I was not disappointed. I was treated to dance, drag queens, weird parodies of Shrek characters and a mound of green pubic hair among other things. All of the performers pushed gender norms in some way. Men dressed as women. Women performing as male characters from the movie although not disguising their femininity. A gingerbread man that was more sexual than any baked good should be. The “normal” standard for body shape was either parodied in the form of fake six packs or completely ignored in the form of larger than life performers.

None of this made the performances less. In fact it made for a richer, more diverse show. Everyone on that stage was just living their best life. Audience members did not judge anyone be it performers or each other. You want to wear a lime green outfit and bright purple hair? Go you! The show’s creator Trigger Happy has danced for most of his life. An injury prevented him from making it into the mainstream world of broadway but it doesn’t stop him from kicking high and dropping into the splits in a way no man feels comfortable watching.

There are those people in the world that would not be able to see past his size to appreciate his athleticism. People who think athletic = skinny. There are people who think that larger, less pert breasts have no place in public viewing. They are wrong. Humans come in all shapes and sizes. And some of us are born to entertain no matter what shape or size we are.

Every Damn Day in June

TMI Tuesday – Life

1. What keeps your life exciting?

Having a million things happening and a lot of interests. I just watched an episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny is envious of how many things Leonard gets excited about. It made me realise that like many things in life there are those who do stuff and those who watch. I am a do-er. If I don’t have something to do I feel a bit lost.

2. What is something you do to embrace your insecurities?

I think I have mentioned my Pole Fitness habit. If anything is going to make you feel insecure prancing around in tiny pants trying to do mind bending things on a vertical piece of brass will do it.

3. Where do you find joy on the internet?

The internet is for porn and misinformation. I would rather be making content than consuming it and I would hate to think I make the kind of content that people consume these days. I do like posting images of my boobs though.

4. There is going to be an exhibition in your honor. What 5 things from your life must go on display? Why those particular pieces?

My boobs, because they are something a like to show off and they are hot

My arse, because it too is hot

My lasagne, because it is legendary

My sewing machine because I spend many hours at it and great things come out of it.

Finally my Coca Cola cake. Because how does one explain the way Coca Cola can make a fudge deliciously moist chocolate cake.

5. I do not want to do _____ . Please do not make me _____ .

I do not want to: Be in the middle of a conflict between two people I am “friends” with

Please don’t make me; be in a social situation where they are both present and I feel like both of them are asking me to choose.

There are days when conversations with my cat are more intelligent than some of the rubbish that comes out of people’s mouths.

Every Damn Day in June

Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 28

Have you ever had an “inappropriate” crush? What was it about that person that drew you in, and what made it “not OK”?

I am sure it is documented somewhere that Mr Jones credits the start of our journey into non-monogamy with an infidelity on my part. Somewhere back in the mists of my past was a man that I worked with who I got entangled with. It was a trashily tragic story. He wasn’t that attractive, I was insecure and awkward. I am sure he engineered the whole situation and got off on the idea that I was pining over him. After months of weird and not so discreet workplace conversations we got very drunk and ended up in a hotel room. It was not hot sex. I was wracked by guilt and fear and he couldn’t get it up. Honestly it would go down as one of the worst sexual experiences of my life. 

What attracted me to him in the first place? He was charming and could talk the talk. He was an engineer and so he had this ability to do stuff with his hands. Two things that will always catch my attention. Like I said, he wasn’t physically attractive but back in those days I wasn’t as in tune with my body and desires and I would have fallen for anyone who seemed interested in me. I wasn’t in a great place.

Obviously Mr Jones and I survived and here we are today. 

These days I have interest in all sorts of “inappropriate” people. Work colleagues, friends of friends, boys on the street whoever I see that I find attractive. Of course I don’t act on most of them but I don’t mind looking and wondering. Sometimes they see me looking and that makes me smile even more. 

I have been working on this series for over a year now. But I am almost at the end. If you want to review my previous answers links to each post can be viewed on the Thirty Dirty Questions Page.

Every Damn Day in June