Unwind – Part 2; The Transaction

Photo by Parrish Freeman on Unsplash

I posted the lead up to this for MMMonday last week.

We took the stairs to the mezzanine room that I sometimes used to fuck in when I meet with men. A purpose built room in the back of an industrial building. Nothing fancy but there is a big sturdy bed with a few toys. Out of the way and private. I have enjoyed some wild times in this room. But for the last few months it had been quiet. Not for any one reason just the way of it. Climbing the stairs felt strange. I always felt weird bringing a new person to this space. It was not like most places and I worried about what they would think. It made me feel awkward and jittery. 

But there was something else. I was at the end of several weeks of visiting relatives, attending events and dealing with people. It isn’t that I don’t like people and it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy every individual event or spending time with the people I cared about but it took it’s toll. I am at heart an introvert. I need time at home quietly away from people to recharge my batteries and I hadn’t had that. I was wound up tightly like a spring about to give way. I could feel the tension in me and it added to the awkwardness.

Once inside the room we shed our clothes. There was still this transactional feeling. The heat of attraction was still struggling to ignite. We stretched out together and he cupped my breast. His fingers pinched gently, exploring my response getting to know me. His fingers slid inside my wet opening, teasing, bringing out a response. The whole time he was careful, respectful but I could feel something in him. There was strength. He pressed his face between my legs, tasting me. My back arched as his tongue traced around my folds, seeking out my pleasure. Liquid covered his mouth. He gripped my thighs, pulling me closer. I smiled in pleasure. The sight of a man between my legs greedily devouring was something I missed. 

He consumed me until I couldn’t stand it any more. The sheets beneath me were wet. I pushed him down and positioned myself so that I could take his cock into my mouth. There was a sigh of pleasure as my lips slid down his shaft. I tilted my head so that I could look him in the eye. He smiled as his hand cupped the back of my head. 

“I love that sight,” he told me. “Watching you take my cock into your mouth.” 

I slid my lips down further. His cock was smooth over my tongue. Clean, a slight salt of pre-cum, not to small that it didn’t fill my mouth and not so large that it choked me. Just right. He pulled back a little and leaned forward, not letting him escape. 

“I want to edge for a while.” His breathing was hard. I was a little surprised at how close he was to cumming. But I complied. I alternated with swirling my tongue around him and sucking him deeply. His arousal resonated through my body. I spasmed in my own pleasure feeling his enjoyment on a deep visceral level. It wasn’t long before we could wait no longer. He stepped away to find a condom. I rolled over onto my belly and watched him between my arms. He stood over me, with his cock jutting out in front of him. 

“Take a photo,” I asked. He kneeled on the bed and placed his cock in my mouth again. I looked up at him following his direction as he snapped pictures. I could feel how close he was to cumming. The phone was abandoned. The condom was rolled down over his cock and he knelt behind my arse. His hands gipped my hips as his cock slid into me.

This position is sometimes problematic but tonight it wasn’t. He fit nicely. I was like Goldilocks, not to small, not too big, just right. This man could fuck. Like a machine. He was attentive to my responses and responded accordingly. Earlier in the night he had indicated he liked the feeling of being dominant. As he gripped my hips I felt it coming out in him. He held me against him. Keeping me in the position he wanted. Showing me he could control my movement without making me feel trapped. I was a goner. He took himself to the point of orgasm and then withdrew from me. The bed beneath us was soaked but I didn’t care. I was in that place of happy fucking. 

He flipped me over and pulled me to the edge of the bed. I was completely at his mercy. His fuck toy. All pressure to make decisions disappeared. As he lifted my legs and slid his cock inside me I felt the pressure disappearing. He leaned down and held my hands above my head, firmly. Holding me in place, at his mercy. There would be times in my life when I would struggle against him asserting his authority but tonight it was what I needed. He fucked me to climax. After holding back as long as he could he came long and hard. 

I was very pleased that his earlier promises of not being a “One and done” was genuine. All of the goods offered in the transaction were delivered. The feeling of being able to relax and not have to deal with people, make decisions and be places. All I had to think about at that moment was being fucked. Relaxing and living in the moment. 

We parted with promises to meet again. The transactional feeling returned. For this man what had just happened was a regular hook up. True to his negotiation there was no emotional attachment. No drama, no pressure of high expectations. I was high on being fucked, on the feeling of being unwound. I trundled home to reflect. To listen to Powderfinger and relish the felling of release. 

Every Damn Day in June

7 thoughts on “Unwind – Part 2; The Transaction

  1. That’s a great ending (and maybe the beginning of another tale?)!
    I really resonated with your description of how he took his time learning your body, but you could feel the strength underneath. I personally think that is the sign of a true Dominant. They harness that strength, only releasing it when the time is right (and obviously, it was right this time!)


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