Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 27

What is your favourite sexual position and why?

There was once a TMI Tuesday question that asked “if you could only have sex in one position for the rest of your life what would it be?” Or something like that. Being a practical person I responded with missionary because it is an easy go to. I guess I was cheating because there are variants on missionary that make it more exciting but it is still two people facing each other one with his penis inside the other. 

Often this is a go to for me. Legs on his shoulders, his hands on my body, maybe even my boobs, and dick penetrating just the right amount. I used to love deep penetration positions like doggie and similar but these days for some reason if a man has any kind of length and he goes in really deep I feel as if he is moving my uterus around my belly and not in a fun kind of way. As we get older our bodies change and adjustments are necessary.

When I am playing I like to have sex in multiple positions. I have a relatively short attention span I guess and so If I stay in the one position for too long I get bored and then my interest / arousal wanes. Don’t get me wrong. I love fucking. It is one of my favourite things to do but there needs to be variety. This I guess is why I am struggling with the idea of having to choose ONE position. 

I guess, as I said in the opening paragraph missionary is a catch all that can describe a number of variations. I like to watch a man fucking me. If I can almost see his cock going inside me all the better. I also find it easier to position myself to ensure maximum stimulation when I am in a missionary variant. Plus there is this thing that happens when his cock slides out and he taps me on the clit……

Yep. As cliche as it sounds nothing beats being able to look someone in the eye as they cum inside your pussy. 

Every Damn Day in June

3 thoughts on “Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 27

  1. Missionary is the foundation of positions, I think. Good choice.
    I can also appreciate needing to make adjustments as we age. And commend your honesty regarding your attention span. I seem to suffer from the same affliction!

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  2. One of the things I learned once I started having sex was some girls liked any position other than missionary and, as such, I had to learn them; I read the Kama Sutra – three times – and have used quite a few of them. I’d learn that a girl/woman would have a favorite position and deviating from it, well, not gonna do that; I’d learn that some were adventurous and creative and would say, “Let’s try it like this!” and that would be interesting and sometimes painful from strained muscles and, once, a bloody nose for me. In this, my favorite position is whatever position she wants to be in.

    Lots of fun. Now, as a guy who’s been screwed, missionary is horribly uncomfortable for me and always has been; doggy or being flat on my belly is more comfortable and, maybe oddly, two positions that a lot of guys have as their favorite as well – and I think there’s something else about that.

    You get to be my age and everything wants to sound like rice krispies and making adjustments are a must!


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