Today’s Word – Lazy

Term is finally over. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I also love my holidays. The last few days of term involved a lot of manoeuvring from different staff members trying to establish their position in the hierarchy. Annoying stuff. Typically teachers are focussed on the young people in their care. Our focus should be on how they are tracking and providing the best we can for them. Not worrying about which executive said what or who is climbing the ladder. Maybe I am mistaken.

Whatever the case I am on board our yacht for two weeks of isolation and relaxing. Somehow my body has read the memo. I have no energy. I foresee a lot of sleeping and giving of zero fucks in the next few days.

Bing on the sunshine and pants free days.
Every Damn Day in June

3 thoughts on “Today’s Word – Lazy

  1. If the weather up there remains just as it was up there last week, I would certainly be enjoying some pants free days on a yacht.

    Enjoy some much deserved relaxation and recovery.


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