It’s Not Raining

This week is prompt week for Sinful Sunday. I don’t really consider myself a fantastic photographer but one of the things Mr Jones and I enjoy when we are on the yacht is creating images for memes like this one. In my #boobday post this week I was lamenting the lack of good weather we have experienced for this trip. But today is a day with No rain!! so my take on the theme is N is for No rain!!.

For the record it is winter in Australia. We do live in the subtropics but when sailing and standing on the windward side of the yacht it is a bit chilly. So the shoot was short and to the point! I hope you enjoy the result

Mr Jones does love being on his boat and loves it when he gets a good sail in even more. So this display and the events that followed just served to make it and even better day for him.

To see who else is sinning this Sunday click on the lips below

Sinful Sunday

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Raining

    • It is a lot of fun and the photo opportunities are endless.
      I find that we take a couple of days to get comfortable though so day trips aren’t quite the same. Plus in my experience most women aren’t keen on a boat that doesn’t have a high level of comfort. While a lot of men will go out in a bathtub as long as there is beer and fishing!!

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