TMI Tuesday – Online Dating Edition

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

1. What is your go to question to ask in online dating?

What are you looking for? Boring I know but straight to the point and helps me to sort out the tyre kickers and people who will likely never go anywhere.

2. How old is the pic you use for your online dating profile?

About six months. I try to keep up to date photos in my profile. Just to manage expectations although honestly some men don’t care as long as you have a vagina.

3. What is your biggest dating pet peeve?

In the meeting in the app phase;

Initial messages that are like “hi” or “Hey”. Really! If that is all you have to say then just keep walking

When meeting:

Changing the time at the last minute because “something came up” or not showing up. You will only get ONE chance to rectify that shit.

4. What are your goals with online dating?

I am looking for a regular play friend. Someone that can hold a conversation and is looking for a physical only relationship.

5. Have you ever slid into a stranger’s DMs? Did they respond?

Not really. I don’t like it when people do it to me so I avoid the behaviour myself.

Bonus: Do you think a couple’s finances should be together or separate?

Everyone has to manage their own relationship in a way that suits them. For us our finances are so intertwined that it will take a lawyer to sort them out if one of us dies!!

4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – Online Dating Edition

  1. It’s funny that you should mention the “hi” or the “hey” types. If a gentleman messages me (not on dating apps, but I do use others to socialise) with a “hi” then I just know and expect that conversation to be really dull. “Hey” is a little better, but still invites me to do all of the effort. The ones that really scare me are the ones who add kisses in a first message, or use too many emojis. Nobody that I’ve met yet who uses dozens of emojis has been confident and kind. Just a heads up you may want to watch out for.

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  2. You’re very welcome. It is unfortunately something that I have seen and experienced at least thrice, typically by men who want to appear cool and “nice” and then turn out to be anything but as soon as you refuse them.

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