Joined at the Hip

Photo by Felipe Bustillo on Unsplash

They were best friends. “Joined at the hip” her mother would say.  Since they had started having sleepovers in kindy they had slept in the same bed. No one had ever questioned two little girls cuddling down to go to sleep dressed in the matching pyjamas they had always insisted on. They went everywhere together. When the long summer holidays came around they spent almost every minute of every day together enjoying the freedoms of living in a small town they were able to ride their bikes wherever they pleased. One favourite place was a water hole in a creek on Piper’s father’s farm. Almost no-one else went there which made it like their secret spot. One day as they were lounging on the rocks beside the water Hallie made the statement,

“Lets swim naked!”

Piper giggled

“What if someone sees?”

“There is no-one here. If you don’t say anything no-one will know,” Hallie was always the adventurous one.”


The girls shimmied out of their clothing, leaving their skimpy summer dresses scattered on the warm rocks. Piper stole a glance at her friend standing with her arms up enjoying the warm sun on her skin. High firm breasts stood to attention above her smooth honey coloured stomach. Something deep in Piper’s belly burned as her eyes dropped lower and she noticed her friend’s completely smooth mound. 

“Hallie!” She exclaimed, “Why did you shave your kitty?” 

The moment of sun worship passed and Hallie dropped her arms to her sides as she shrugged. 

“Brett asked me to,” The answer was so carefully casual. 


“He reckons it makes it feel better when he fucks me.” 

“Does it?” Piper pressed her legs together. The thought of her friend fucking was making her own kitty tingle in that way it did sometimes when she thought about Hallie naked. Usually just before she touched herself, in the dark, before she went to sleep at night. 

“I dunno,” Hallie seemed bored with the conversation. 

With her heart thundering in her ears Piper stepped a little closer to her friend. 

“Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be with a girl?” Piper couldn’t believe she asked this question. She could feel Hallie’s breath on her face. All she could focus on was her friend’s perfect lips. She ached to kiss them. 

For the longest time Hallie didn’t answer. She looked into her friend’s eyes but Piper couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Piper thought her heart was going to burst out of her chest. And then it happened. The thing she had imagined all of those times, in the dark, before she went to sleep. Hallie’s naked body was against hers, their lips were mashed together. Hallie’s hard nipples pressed against her own chest. Piper could hardly breathe. 

Hallie pulled her down onto their towels and clothes. For long moments they lay there beside each other staring up at the sky their arms close enough that they could feel each other’s head but not touching. Piper twitched her finger closer and Hallie’s. Hallie moved her hand so that it was resting on Piper’s thigh. Piper’s mind whirled. Now what? She asked herself. 

Hallie propped herself up and looked down into her friend’s face. She trailed her fingers along Piper’s jawline and down her neck.

“Your skin is so soft,” her voice was hoarse. “I never thought kissing a girl would feel like that,” 

Tentatively Piper reached out and touched Hallie’s nipple. Here eyes widened in awe as the dusky pink bud hardened under her touch. 

“I have always wanted to kiss you,” she felt incredibly shy. More than she ever had with anyone, let alone this person who she spent almost her whole life with. 

Hallie’s fingers trailed down Pipers belly to rest in the wiry hair covering her kitty. “If we do this, things will never be the same.” Her eyes were burning into Piper’s

Without any conscious thought Piper opened her legs further and arched her hips, inviting Hallie’s finger to trail deeper. The clamour of her body drowned out any responsible thoughts from her mind. “Perhaps it will be better,” she gasped as she gripped her friend’s hand and pushed it down into her warm wet slit. 

Piper groaned and writhed as Hallie’s fingers stroked her folds. It felt so much better than she had ever fantasised. So much better than when Nathan Holmes had drunkenly groped her against the shed at her mother’s birthday. She pulled herself up and pushed Hallie down so that she could press her own fingers between Hallie’s legs. It felt amazing, so warm and inviting. For what seemed like forever she watched her friend’s face as she stroked and explored. Little animal noises fell from Hallie’s lips. Piper had never seen her so vulnerable. Usually she was the brash, tough one. But in this moment the roles were reversed. 

Piper moved downwards to lie between Hallie’s legs. With her fingers she pulled back Hallie’s vulva exposing the glistening pink bud underneath.

“What are you doing?” Hallie tried to pull her knees together.

“I don’t know but I promise I won’t hurt you,” Piper was mesmerised by the sight and scent of her friend from this angle. The tip of her tongue touched Hallie’s swollen clitoris. The connection sent a jolt through both their bodies. With little flicks of her tongue Piper tasted all of Hallie, working her way down one side of her pink pussy before dipping her tongue into the deep well in the centre. Hallie’s hands alternated between pushing Piper’s face against her crotch to pushing her forehead away when things got too intense. To Piper reality faded into the background as her friend’s pleasure ebbed and flowed. The final wave came crashing down as Piper was sucking on Hallies swollen clit while pressing her fingers inside her soaking cunt. A small jet of salty juice filled her mouth as guttural groans announced Hallie’s pleasure to the watching bush. 

The two girls lay back on the rock looking upward at the sky, lost in their own thoughts. Piper could feel her own pussy throbbing aching for release. She remembered the vibrator she had bought online, sitting at home in her underwear drawer, hidden from her family. Before she even realised she was imagining how it would be if Hallie used it on her. The thought shocked her a little. Never had she let her lesbian fantasies about her lifelong friend go that far. Heat burned in her cheeks as she wondered how things would be now. Would Hallie be weird with her? Was Hallie having the same feelings the whole time? 

“Piper Malone I hate you right now,” Hallie’s voice broke the silence and made Piper’s heart drop out of her chest.

“Why?” She managed to force the word out of her dry mouth.

“Because Brett never made me feel like that and now I want to watch every lesbian porn movie we can find so we can do all the lesbian stuff together.”

For a moment Piper felt more questions bubbling up. But she decided to push them down and seize the moment. 

“I have this vibrator at home.” 

My New Best Friend

A year ago I had a problem with my back. Actually, I have had the problem for quite a long time. It just got really bad a year ago. A physiotherapist diagnosed it as a problem with my core strength. Ironic really considering that at the time of the diagnosis I was becoming quite familiar with my core and I felt it was stronger than it had ever been. But it seems I still didn’t habitually use it in every day life. The pain was a result of back and hip muscles compensating for lazy core muscles.

So a few appointments involving some torture of the very tense muscles in the affected area and some exercises. Combine that with a better understanding of my body and all was well in the world of my back. I knew what the warning signs were and how to correct impending pain. But of course I got slack and over confident with my abilities. A year later and I am having ‘episodes’ of the same pain. If I have sex in the ‘on top’ position for too long. Especially if I am the one doing the movement. Hard core twerking in its most primal form is hard work and when you are in the throes of passion you forget to engage your core. Similarly the position of my sewing machine makes me twist in a certain way and I forget to ‘engage my core’

When I am poling I don’t forget to engage. I am getting much better at that at least. However I came home last night in extreme pain and stiffness. A long session of sewing, some on top sex and life in general and I could feel the pull of the muscles. It was far from fun or functional. I had the conversations about finding a Remedial Massage Therapist and looking after myself along with beating myself up for not being 25 anymore. I know what I need to do but I just STRUGGLE to self-care.

The Unicorn has recently purchased a foam roller. Which I have used from time to time when finding a massage therapist that doesn’t have a month long waiting list seems impossible. Last night it was an instrument of extreme torture for me. Some Physic Cream, a hot shower, not in that order and off to bed. I woke up this morning feeling like a new woman. I can feel the residual tension so I know this is a temporary fix. I still need to find a massage therapist and habitually use those muscles but at least I am not in pain while I am doing it. I also need to engage the roller again in the next couple of days. Oh and build some stretching into my day. Wish me luck. Encouragement is welcome.



I have always been fascinated by rope. I like the look of it. I like the way it feels when I tie. But I have not had a lot of experience with being tied. I go through stages of practicing my own ties but I have not had a person who really wants to tie ME. I got to experience a good harness at an event and I liked it. I would like to experience more.

Sinful Sunday

The Teenage Parents

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

A few things have happened in the last couple of weeks that have really underlined the topsy turvy nature of my world. As many of you know our now 20 year old daughter, The Unicorn, still lives with us. She is not your typical Young Person. I never had a sleepless night worrying about her being safe and to date haven’t had her come home in an outrageously drunken state. She is the responsible one.

I cannot say the same for Mr Jones and myself. Recently it seems as if we are the teenagers heading out to drunken parties and getting home at stupid o’clock. The Unicorn is doing her best to take it in her stride but the statement, “What the fuck mum!!” seems to come up a lot these days.

I am not sure if I should just take it in my stride or if it is a sign that I maybe need to be a little bit more responsible.

Trust the Process

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

Earlier this year my life was running at an astounding pace. I found myself in the midst of a number of lifestyle events and smaller gatherings with lifestyle friends. All of this “peopling” eventually took its toll. My mental health began to decline and I found myself in the midst of other people having fun and feeling like I was faking it. Even worse I succumbed to that hallmark of untreated depression and began uncontrollably shouting awful, hurtful things at people I love.

It took some very firm words with myself and a lot of unpleasant reminders of a conversation with a friend who refused to get professional help even though she was doing the same things I had just been doing. Albeit on a much grander scale. I knew what I had to do but still I resisted. In the end I took the step of seeking professional help. As I write this post I am in possession of a mental health plan from my GP and have a pending appointment with a psychologist. Despite being on medication for depression for almost ten years I have never actually had a regular therapist. Lesson there; Most GPs cannot manage a mental health condition well. Second lesson; the only person who has a hope of getting your treatment sorted is yourself.

All of this has resulted in a bit of a “drought”. I wrote a short post about it here. It is strange how you can be living your life attending veritable sex-fests and still feel as if your marriage is dry. As a result of January I resisted making plans with people so that I could generate some breathing space but the drought was playing on my mind. I was a little reluctant to suggest a visit to the club. Partly because I worried that it was contradicting my need to be free of people. and partly because I didn’t want Mr Jones to feel left out but the itch for random, unencumbered sex was hard to ignore.

Fast forward to sitting on a couch in the club sipping drinks and chatting to a younger couple. It was just conversation to start with. There was something about him but he wasn’t my normal type. He was intriguing just the same. Things progressed. Turns out despite the extroverted behaviour he is shy and also the epitome of a sex servant. His wife happily watches him act out this persona. His desire to give pleasure is insatiable. He wants to touch and explore and draw the pleasure out of a woman. I can see how this is something one woman cannot provide constantly over a long period of time.

For me it was challenging to be waited on in this way. He jumped to attention to make everything comfortable for me. His attention was focussed entirely on my comfort and pleasure. It was a rare treat. Exactly what I needed at that moment. I needed to be reminded to LET people pleasure me. I needed to be reminded that I DIDN’T have to be the one who was waiting on everyone hand and foot. I was not responsible for making sure everyone had a good time even if it was at my own expense. I still felt guilt at just letting someone pleasure me. I still need to slay that demon that constantly tells me that my needs and wants are less important than everyone else’s. But this evening gave me a boost in that fight. It reminded me that I am still a Goddess to be worshipped. My energy is still unpredictable but I am feeling positive. I just need to have patience and trust in the process.


I Am Not In This For the Money

Way back at the start of my Gemma Jones journey there was no such thing as Instagram, Snapchat or Tick Tok. Only Fans was far into the future. In fact when I wrote the very first story featuring Gemma I was still chatting with friends on MSN. Remember that? Back then men still sent weird pictures of their dicks without permission but not on a daily. At least I don’t think so. I assumed it was par for the course in the lifestyle I found myself in. Another thing that happened was them asking for nudes of me.

Now here is the grey area. I am online dating for sex and I was posting the same sorts of pictures for some reason. Because it made me feel good, because I thought it was fun, because I am an exhibitionist. Whatever. The point is I was, and still am, posting for my own reasons. On my own terms. When it suits me. I don’t post as a service to men who happen by. I don’t ask for money or any type of payment. I don’t even have an Amazon wish list. In the ten or so years I have been positing pictures of my boobs on the internet I have never received even an offer of payment or a gift as a thank you. Nor have I asked for one.

Does this stop men asking for particular content or their own personal photo as if I am actually a paid service provider? You would think most people would understand the idea that if they are getting something for free they don’t really have the right or are in a position to make requests. Especially if requests are not invited. But no. It seems having a penis gives some people the idea that they can demand whatever they want whenever they want. FOR FREE.

In the old days I would tell them to go find a porn channel. I never understood what they thought I could offer that wasn’t better there. Except that I didn’t charge. These days the requests have slowed somewhat. Mostly I think because men are afraid they are going to get told to pay up for an Only Fans membership. Perhaps they are slowly becoming more educated about etiquette. But this morning one slipped through.

His first slip up was a comment about my response to a compliment he paid me. Apparently “Thank You” is a bit glib. I don’t know what he wanted me to actually say. Last time I checked thank you was a gracious way to accept a compliment without sounding like you wanted more. This guy wasn’t satisfied with one “demand” he went for the double dip. Apparently he liked the bath pic I posted and requested another.

I am proud to say I resisted the temptation to tell him to

Instead I worded a response that indicated that if he had specific requirements then perhaps he should consider paying someone who is offering that service. Pretty controlled for 6am. I thought that would be the end of it. He would go on his merry way. But he apologised, profusely. It seems that he didn’t intend to offend.

I am not convinced.

What is the Best Experience You Have Had?

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Meeting people through dating apps seems to be the most surreal thing to me. Trying to decide who is worthy of your conversation from a brief hello a couple of random photos and a poorly completed bio. It is impossible to meet all of them in person so there has to be some kind of selection process.

My own bio says I am looking for someone with an imagination. I kind of know why I wrote that. I was tired of being the one calling all the plays and coming up with the ideas. I just want someone who takes control and tells me where to be at. Mostly so I can brat and tell them I don’t want to but sometimes because I just don’t want the responsibility.

But we digress. I was contacted by someone whose pics were meh but something in his bio made me go let’s give this a shot. He proclaims to be an explorer recently emerged from a long term relationship that had some kinky times but no swinging or group sex. Something I can, and have worked with. I don’t mind helping someone on this pathway. Then he asked this clanger

“What is the best experience you have ever had?”

My brain spun. Mostly because I didn’t want to let him know just how experienced I was. But also because that is like asking someone who has travelled all over the world what their favourite tourist destination is. After ten plus years of travel and “tourist destinations” I can’t even remember all of them. Not because they were unforgettable. But because they kind of blur into the past. There are specific people who stand out. Mostly the people who are in more recent history. But not specific experiences.

So how did I answer his question? Well I was very generic and said something like;

“I have had a lot of different experiences. They all have their pros and cons.”

And then I did this thing that I do that means I don’t have to expose myself. I asked him about himself.

The conversation is continuing. He hasn’t proven himself to be a complete dickhead so that is a good sign.