About – Updated April 2023

When I am here, and in a few other places, I go by the name of Gemma Jones. In the real world I sometimes use this name and sometimes another. Some special people in my life know that I have two names. I am many things, a mother, a wife, a woman, a teacher (of high school maths), a non-monogamist, a blogger.

My husband, Jake or Mr Jones, and I embarked on an extraordinary journey at the end of 2009 to open the door to our marriage. At first it was meant to be a tiny crack but, like Pandora’s box, once open, it was impossible to close. I started writing stories about our encounters which grew into my fantasies and then sometimes other people’s fantasies.

In 2014 I became a high school teacher. Keeping my alternative lifestyle separate from my professional life is sometimes challenging. Sometimes I find it hard to turn off my “Teacher brain” and in the most inopportune moments my sexy brain can comes to the fore.

In 2021 Mr Jones and I embarked on another extraordinary journey and found ourselves on a boat travelling the Queensland Coast. In many ways the journey changed the way we approach life but the idyll came to an end. A change in employers for me sees me now contemplating my ‘preferred future’. I don’t anticipate the classroom will be part of my life for more than another 5 – 10 years. I am not as careful about concealing my Gemma-ness as I used to be.

These pages are changing. As they say “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And so I intend to keep posting but sometimes find myself wondering when I am going to get time to do that. These days I sometimes write about my teacher life and about how my body and mind are changing. So it isn’t all boobs and fucking here. As always I don’t write to please others. Here is where share my thoughts with other voyeurs of the world.

If you want to ask a question or give some feedback feel free to drop me a line via Twitter @mrsjonesmt50 or email me at babeslady@gmail.com.

17 thoughts on “About – Updated April 2023

  1. I just reread your blog, I love it! Especially your fuckit list posting. It made me chuckle and it made me aware that my (what I thought was an encouraging post) comment on your sinful sunday picture “rope” was entirely unnecessary. You are a strong, imaginative woman and will do and get what you want. I’m proud of you.

    20 years ago when I started my blog it was about encouraging women to take charge of their own sex and not expect a male to understand or deliver. That was then and now is a new day HOORAY! I find that to be a win/win. Today young women are pushing ME forward. And it’s stretching my comfort levels but delivering strong pleasure. I made a couple posts while you were away that demonstrate that (see Nov.10 and Dec 3).

    As an older male, I know that if I don’t do something I’m sexually interested in TODAY, my chances to do it in the future diminish. So good job. I don’t know you but I think your biggest sex organ is your brain … and I love you for that and for sharing with us.


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      • You’ve sparked a new fantasy for me,
        “Being fucked in front of some consenting onlookers while watching them jerk off.”

        I’d love to be that consenting onlooker …

        so, thanks for that. It’ll fill my head and hand for some time.

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  2. Here are the links to the posts I mentioned. Given your fucket list, I guessed that you might like to see them *. But honestly, go there if you feel so moved and not because I suggested them. (*Best viewed with a glass of wine)


    I’m turning 70 this fall and that’s way past my “best used by date” so I made them while I could. In my opinion, you have a long time to decide what you want to do and to make it happen. Enjoy yourself in the meantime.


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