About – Updated October 2020

When I am here, and in a few other places, I go by the name of Gemma Jones. In the real world I sometimes use this name and sometimes another. Some special people in my life know that I have two names. I am many things, a mother, a wife, a woman, a teacher (of high school maths), a non-monogamist, a blogger.

My husband, Jake or Mr Jones, and I embarked on an extraordinary journey at the end of 2009 to open the door to our marriage. At first it was meant to be a tiny crack but, like Pandora’s box, once open, it was impossible to close. I started writing stories about our encounters which grew into my fantasies and then sometimes other people’s fantasies.

In 2014 I became a high school teacher. Keeping my alternative lifestyle separate from my professional life is sometimes challenging. Sometimes I find it hard to turn off my “Teacher brain” and in the most inopportune moments my sexy brain can comes to the fore.

On this page you can expect to find all of me, mostly the sex brain but sometimes the teacher brain, sometimes the mother brain sometimes the woman. I don’t aspire to write a novel or make a living from this. I don’t write to please others. Here is a space where I empty myself into the void that is the internet.

If you want to ask a question or give some feedback feel free to drop me a line via Twitter @mrsjonesmt50 or email me at babeslady@gmail.com.

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