Sunsets Are Like Snowflakes

During my school holidays Mr Jones and I took some time to head out on the yacht for a few days of relaxing and reminiscing about our time aboard last year. We took and posted on Twitter several #travellingboob photos. Mr Jones commented that sunset boob shot is very much like another and people would be starting to get bored of them. My twitter followers disagreed. One told me that each shot was like a snowflake, different and special in it’s own way.

What do you think?

Boob Day

Assume the Position

Mr Jones and myself are taking the opportunity of Easter school holidays to spend a few days out on the yacht enjoying beautiful Moreton Bay. For the first few days it is just the two of us but for the last couple of days we will be joined by a gentleman who has sailed with us before. In anticipation I sent him this image with the message; “I am in position and waiting.”

Sinful Sunday

The Word for Today – Sand

I have a table that was built for me by my father from brigalow that was milled on his property. The building of the table was a long term project. Selection of wood, ageing of said timber, shaping and assembly. Brigalow is an extremely dense and hard wood that makes very heavy furniture. We transported the table disassembled as a top and legs for six hours on the back of the ute and assembled it in our outdoor eating space where it has remained for six or seven years. I did not varnish or paint it because I wanted to celebrate the timber and display the grain of the wood. It was necessary to put oil on it from time to time to keep it from cracking and buckling.

What I kind of knew but kind of ignored is that before periodic oiling it is a good idea to give the furniture a good scrub and sand it back a little to remove grime, old oil and such stuff. Consequently I now have a much more intense scrubbing and sanding job on my hands. How do you think it is looking?

Let There be Boobs

I never considered myself an erotic photographer. I avoided the temptation to post in Sinful Sunday for the longest time. Mostly because I didn’t think I was capable of creating images that were worthy and I don’t consider myself a photographer. Then #travellingboob happened. I am unashamed to say I am proud of my boobs. They are completely natural and as Mrs Fix It observed about my nipples recently “you can dial a phone with those puppies!” So I am kind of keen to be part of Boobday. I am not promising artsy shots. But there will be boobs. And below is my first entry.

Boob Day


I see this image frequently during warm up at pole. For quite some time I have wanted to capture it. But one of the problems with mirror shots is getting the angle right and eliminating the reflection of the phone / camera in the shot. Additionally, as you can imagine, a pole dance studio is full of people who also get captured in the shot. This is not ideal so careful timing, angles and cropping are required. I took the opportunity recently to enlist The Unicorn to help me. Our instructor was intrigued by our antics. Not surprisingly we couldn’t keep what we were doing to ourselves and also, probably not surprisingly there was a series of other students doing the same thing! Booty shorts are all about ass and this position makes all asses look good!

Sinful Sunday

It’s All About the Angle

I have posted many selfies. But I haven’t really used a selfie stick much. A while ago I bought my first selfie stick but I struggle with getting angles and perspective right. On Saturday night I came home from a vanilla party. I had consumed some alcohol and decided to muck around with the selfie stick. Mr Jones was not a huge fan of this shot but there was something about it that I really liked.

Sinful Sunday

Morning Sunshine

La Nina has wreaked havoc with our summer weather. Instead of the heat and sunshine that have marked recent years we have had humidity, wind, storms and rain. It has been good for those growing crops and practicing agriculture but it has led to many abandoned yachting plans. This weekend was the first in a long time that promised good weather. And it delivered.

Sinful Sunday