I have always been fascinated by rope. I like the look of it. I like the way it feels when I tie. But I have not had a lot of experience with being tied. I go through stages of practicing my own ties but I have not had a person who really wants to tie ME. I got to experience a good harness at an event and I liked it. I would like to experience more.

Sinful Sunday

Almost but Not Quite

The weekend dawned full of promise. The forecast was good. Perfect boating weather. We rose early to get a good start on things. Picked up our friends and made our way to the harbour. I wore my new dress purchased by Mr Jones. He does have good taste.

The sun was shining and we enjoyed a leisurely sail to beautiful Moreton Island. As we dropped anchor we were treated to an excellent close up view of two sea turtles courting. It is always amazing how these creatures that seem so ungainly can move so nimbly and even gracefully in the water. Our friends were surprised at how quickly they could move when they chose to.

As we were travelling I chatted with a friend and organised a play date. I was excited. it was the first time I had planned a solo session for a while. It felt like time. As we prepared to launch kayaks to spend time paddling over the shallow sand flats in the hope of encountering sting rays and more turtles I picked up a stray broom and placed it in the front locker. The locker lid is heavy and has a relatively narrow lip. I didn’t place my toe properly, the gas strut was corroded and now the nail on my right big toe is split in half.

Yes it hurt. No I did not get to go kayaking. Or walking on the beach. Lots of sitting with my foot elevated. I took the opportunity to colour. Which apparently is great for your mental health.

When we returned to dry land I visited the local medical centre for a proper dressing a tetanus vaccination and an X-ray order. More visits to medical professionals. Not entirely happy about this. Not to worry I began preparing for my date.

Then texts took a worrying turn. My friend was being “pussy blocked” by a relative. Time ticked by, We had dinner and I could feel my mental health slipping. I called it at 8pm. I wasn’t ready to head out for a 40 minute drive and then return after midnight. As frustrating and disappointing as it was I finished the night with one of the most faithful of my friends and some last minute marking.

There is something about the love of a cat. They don’t make promises. They just love you when they are ready to fully commit. And then it is soft, purring, and transfixing.

Maybe next weekend will be better.

X’s and Ohs

Like many things in my life I find impact play a bit hit and miss. I like the power of giving impact to willing recipients. I like a well placed spank during sex or while I am being stimulated in some way. But I am not super turned on by pain. There is some part of my brain at the moment that WANTS to engage with being submissive but I don’t know exactly where it will take me.

During our NYE shenanigans we met a couple who we hit it off with really well. turns out he likes a good spank but his general rule is quid pro quo. So if you give you have to receive. When I woke up the next morning I found this mark on my butt from my studded riding crop. Mmmmm this friendship is going to take some turns.

Sinful Sunday

Severed Plant Genitals

In the past The Unicorn has expressed scorn at the idea of giving flowers as a romantic gesture. As she sees it cutting another organism’s genitals off is just a bit weird. Of course when her friend gave her some flowers spontaneously recently she didn’t throw them back but did the socially acceptable thing and put them in a vase.

As roses do in 30 plus degree Brisbane heat they wilted in a very small number of days. To my mind they took on a very phallic appearance. Does anyone else see it?

Sinful Sunday

Hanging Around

I regularly tell people I have a million people living in my house. While that is an exaggeration it drive home the point. Sexual antics in my house are not really a thing. In response Mr Jones built a play room in a back room of an industrial building we own. It has been a neat solution to the situation and from time to time has been given a good workout. As a birthday present Mr Jones got me a new addition. And it was installed this weekend.

The verdict: A good height and very comfortable.

Sinful Sunday