Crossing Swords

In my last post I mentioned a scene where Mr Jones and another man enjoyed each other’s cocks. It wasn’t a new thing for us at all but writing about it made me consider a couple of things that I feel are worthy of a bit of discussion. Before I continue I just want to assure readers that the diary of my New Year’s weekend will continue. There is definitely more to tell but I wanted to tease this idea out a little first.

I have been a reader of KDaddy’s blog for a little while now. His insight into his bisexuality is interesting and at times revealing. Being a male interested in both genders is a complicated path to walk. When Mr Jones and I started out on our swinging journey it was very taboo for a man to express interest in interacting with another man. Over the years this attitude has softened a little and more men are comfortable enough to express interest in penises. It is documented in these pages that Mr Jones is one of the men who likes to interact with a penis.

It is often forgotten or not understood that there is a smorgasbord of activities. Not all of the activities will be to everyone’s taste. Nothing can be assumed. It is always better to ask first and have some clarity about expectations before diving in. The selection that Mr Jones takes is fondling and sucking or being sucked. He loves cum, in his mouth, on me, and in vaginas. He likes looking a cum shots in porn and watching cum drip from a newly fucked vagina. On the odd occasion mine.

There is always this hesitation when other men come up against the topic of bisexuality. By enquiring about the smorgasbord they are effectively outing themselves. As I mentioned earlier there is a very real fear of being shunned or lost opportunities if an experimental male is outed to another who is determined to be straight. Many swinging men foster very masculine facades. Sometimes this is to shore up ties with the other men. Sometimes this is to impress the women in the room. I have been surprised on more than one occasion when the masculine male in the room has shown interest in a cock. Budgy Smuggler man is from this generation. So his actions were understandable. He found himself in a situation where he could explore without judgement but he still held back. Afterward he still felt a very strong need to indicate his preference was vagina. Even though we had clearly shown we don’t care.

I will never understand why men feel the pressure to assert their straightness. It seems as if they assume that a bisexual man will be interested in them even if the feeling is not reciprocated. Is it an ego thing? Do they think that they are the most attractive man in the room and of course every human will want to fuck them? I just don’t get it. Some swinging men always feel the need point out their straightness. Some even go so far as to keep distance between their dick and other dicks when in a group situation. At the event we attended there was definitely some of the typical “you keep your dick over there mate” comments. But there was also more men who were determinedly nude than women. A man seeking to look at naked females had to be very observant. Myself, a woman seeking to look at naked men was spoiled for choice.

Will we every reach a point in our community where people will just accept that everyone is different and all you have to do is ask? Will we reach a point of enlightenment where it is completely fine to say and hear no because everyone understands that there are other opportunities out there? I really don’t know but I certainly hope so.

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

Friday Morning

There are these distinct emotional phases of planning a trip. The first one is excitement and anticipation when it booked. Things are a long way off, the calendar is clear, the fantasy is bigger than the reality. Then there is the beginning of the work. The reality starts to get bigger than the fantasy but still it is manageable. Then about a day or so out life seems to crowd in and things get hard. Sometimes so much life happens that I wonder if I had made the right choice and if perhaps I should just cancel the whole thing. 

Despite life, despite doctors appointments, despite offspring being collected from cruises we got everything packed and on the road. The weekend stretched in front of us. Full of promise. We got ready to say goodbye to 2023.

Friday Evening

Camping is a lifestyle. It seems a simple thing and in many ways it is but setting up a campsite is hard work. It felt good to be wearing less clothes and enjoying a wine in the company of others who enjoyed all of the lifestyles that are about feeling comfortable, nudism, less fuss, camping and more fun, swinging. Already there was sexual innuendoes and attention. Already I could see that things were going to happen. 

After mingling by the fire, greeting some old friends and making some new ones I found myself on a massage table. It has been a little while since I have felt so desirable. Like I am enough, just the way I am. A chick in a pair of knickers who likes to flash her tits and wave her hair around. Budgy Smuggler Man was attentive and very enthusiastic. The massage was sensual and intense. He was very keen to get down to business. After a little while Mr Jones appeared and then I had two men focussing on me. I was able to suck cock, and be fondled to my heart’s content. 

We found ourselves a corner of the play area. Around us other people where in situations, massaging in small groups, succumbing to their desires. We forgot the rest of the people and focussed on each other. I was licked by both men. I sucked their cocks. They fucked my pussy. But the image that stands out in my mind is being positioned beside Mr Jones with Budgy Smuggler man’s cock between our mouths. For a moment there Mr Jones placed his lips on one side and I on the other. No one flinched. I waited for a few moments to see what would happen before I pushed his cock into Mr Jones’ mouth. Then it was happening. Not just two men enjoying a sexy chick but two men enjoying a sexy chick with a side of cock sucking. 

I wondered briefly what the onlookers would think. But no one said anything. For everyone it was business as usual. It was New Year’s Eve eve. There was another two and a half days before reality hit.

Rules for Swinging

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

A friend said to me recently.

“Swinging is all about rules.”

For a split second I thought about how many rules Mr Jones and I have. I only needed a split second because we have only one rule…

Be honest.

Not in an aggressive or angry way. Not in a passive aggressive way. In a calm rational and honest way. Tell your truth, quietly and with tact. And in the telling be prepared to listen honestly. Hear what the other person is saying and give them the attention you think you deserve. In the telling and the listening things will come out that are hard to say and hard to hear. But they must be said and they must be respected.

This kind of honestly is not about second guessing or trying to read hidden meanings or agendas. It is about seeking clarity when you don’t understand. It is about dealing with the feelings at hand. It is not about ultimatums or about setting boundaries. It is about stating preferences and giving consideration to each other’s feelings. Humans by nature will want to cross boundaries or flip the bird at ultimatums. If not the first time they face them the second or third or hundredth.

Swinging is about trust. It is about knowing that your primary partner has your best interest at the forefront of their mind. It is about knowing that your partner won’t hide things from you or lie to you, even by omission. It is about knowing that they will be there for you when you fall and being fully committed to catching them when they fall.

The only way to build trust is to be honest. A habitual lier cannot be trusted. If a person can make up a set of justifications for a lie then there is not a person in the world that they won’t lie to, sometime. They can’t be trusted. Somewhere, sometime they will lie and then will try and make it sound as if they had your best interests at heart when really they are just trying to make themselves feel better about their bad behaviour. In an environment where knowing there is at least one person who you can always rely on trust is king and honesty is the currency that gives the king his wealth and power.

The same person who made the statement about rules asked me what I would do if I found out that Mr Jones had been lying to me. It took me a while to process this because honestly I can’t imagine a situation where that would happen. Honesty is such a cornerstone of our relationship. Sometimes things happen that we hadn’t planned or expected. That is life but there is always disclosure later. Not the kind of disclosure that happens when you notice that something isn’t right and ask for an explanation but the kind that starts out like’

“While I was out with X today Y happened.” Open, honest, complete disclosure. I can’t remember a time when Mr Jones didn’t tell me about anything that had happened during his day. Not just swinging stuff but stuff that happened at work, stuff that happened with the kids or while he was doing something around the house. There are no dark secret purchases lurking, no secret lunches or boys nights. The same applies in reverse. We only have one bank account, one credit card. If I spend $1000 on a pair of shoes he knows. If he doesn’t like what I did he will tell me. If there are consequences for making a frivolous purchase They come at me.

The freedom that comes with engaging in non-monogamy is something that is hard to quantify. The philosophical idea of “Freedom From” competing with “Freedom To” comes to mind. On the surface non-monogamy appears to have a lot of “Freedom From”. All of the restraints of a vanilla marriage are removed. The partners can interact with who ever they want however they want. There are definitely people in the lifestyle who do this. This kind of approach SOUNDS good when all you have known is a bunch of rules but the consequences of “doing” some people can be less than great. When you begin to be discerning and make choices instead of just having a free-for-all the experiences become deeper and more satisfying. I think the thing I feel I have enjoyed the most is not the fantastic swinging from the rafters sex, although that is good, but rather the connection with people who see the world the same way as we do. It is those connections I cherish.

I cannot imagine being in a vanilla marriage. Any less than I can imagine a marriage where honesty is not a matter of course. I enjoy the freedom to.

When Worlds Collide

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

One of the things I have always voiced as a fear is running into a play friend when I am at work. When I have played out possible scenarios of this happening I have always imagined the man being either a potential employer or recognising him at a parent teacher interview scenario. As is always the way nothing ever plays out the way you imagine it.

As I was minding my own business one Friday night I received the following message

“Hi remember me?”

I looked at my phone. There was a number with no contact assigned. So I had absolutely no idea. My response,

“?? A name perhaps”

H proceeded to be very coy and not forthcoming with information but dropped hints while I tried to get my head around the situation. I worked out that I had never actually met this guy that we had chatted for a while planned to meet and for some reason never followed through. He had recognised me at a school function that day, gone home and thought it would be fun to mess with my head a little.

It really threw me. His complete refusal to fully identify himself although he knew where I worked, who my work colleagues and my boss were and my name but he refused to give any clues to his identity. I told him that I hadn’t saved his number, or more likely deleted it when things fell through. Eventually he gave me the name of the profile he used on the dating apps we met through and then proceeded to tell me his account had been deactivated. A quick search confirmed there was no profile with this name. He didn’t seem to understand why this situation was grossly unfair. He told me he didn’t want to reveal too much to protect his kid. Even when I pointed out he knew a lot about me.

The whole time I was having the conversation I was struggling to keep up with emotions and thoughts that were popping in to my head. I was aware that this could go very badly for me and saying the wrong thing could have major repercussions but I was also dealing with being quite irritated at his smugness. On top of this confusion about what exactly he wanted out of this conversation. He didn’t want to meet as far as I could work out. He had a partner of sorts and he didn’t tell her about this. He didn’t make any threats about outing me to my boss he just seemed to get pleasure out of messing with my head.

In the end I just stopped responding to him or giving him any openings in the conversation. I wished him well and made sure he understood that while I wouldn’t be teaching his kid next year I would likely see him around from time to time. What I didn’t tell him, mainly because I didn’t really think about it much, was that there are ways I could work out who he was. The class his kid belongs to was one that I taught this year. It isn’t that big and of course teachers have access to the contact details of parents. How else could we contact them when we need to? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to open their class list and poke around a little.

Before I even went down that road I sat quietly and ran through the parents I had conversed with that day. I realised who it was. While I don’t have a clear mental picture of the parent I have a clear understanding of the kid. And so here I am. Now what? Nothing really. At the end of the day he would have to out himself to make a complaint or a fuss. I have done nothing wrong or unprofessional. I think I wasn’t even working at this school when we were talking. I know I wasn’t teaching his kid. And even if I was our meeting was in a separate place, on a separate pathway. I am nothing if not professional and proper with my Young People.

And so, now that my irritation at his childish behaviour has dissipated I am taking it on the chin. Or doing my best. Lessons have been learned and appreciation for the bullet I dodged in not actually meeting this person is growing.

TMI Tuesday – Cheating and Lovers

Photo by Talles Alves on Unsplash

1. You unexpectedly had sex with your friend’s partner. You feel guilty. Your friend’s partner keeps texting you begging you not to say anything about the two of you having sex. Would you tell your friend or keep mum?

I am not sure how you unexpectedly have sex. Every scenario I come up with involves some kind of pre-exisiting desire. Even if it is suppressed. So “unexpectedly”? You tell yourself what you need to. Before I sat down to write this I read Kdaddy’s thoughts on the situation. Some of his experiences made me consider that unmistakable attraction you sometimes have for a person, even when you know they are out of bounds. I have had that happen to me but I am fortunate that I had Mr Jones to save me from myself.

So I honestly can’t imagine being in the situation described. I do get into situations with men who are cheating on their partner. The “don’t tell” part of this scenario is very real here. I am also very clear on my position on this. I won’t tell but I will also not fuck you. People have this idea that their partner won’t find out when they cheat. Really? What does that say about the relationship they are trying to preserve if the partner doesn’t have some inkling that things are not as they should be. They will find out. Some day. Even if it is after you realise things aren’t right and you leave. When they do find out they will understandably be pissed and want to lash out. Not just at their cheating partner but also at their “friend” who aided and abetted. I am not up for being in the firing line for your dalliance. And so if you are cheating it won’t be with me. I don’t lie to my husband I am sure as shit not going to lie to your wife / husband either.

Given that my answer to question 1 was so long I have decided to skip question 2.

3. Do you think couples should argue regularly for a happy relationship or marriage?

The long term partner I had before Mr Jones and I was quite a bit older than I. I was also quite a bit younger and less grown up. Close to the end of our relationship I remember being very frustrated because he never fought back when I attacked. His response, “I just don’t argue, I don’t believe in it”.

I left him soon after that.

If what you believe or your own feelings aren’t worth fighting for then you aren’t much of a person.

I am also going to skip question 4. There is too much depth in this post already.

Bonus: If you were asked, “Why do you keep meeting the wrong people on dating apps?” what would you respond?

Bit of a confusing question. Why do I keep meeting the wrong people?

Because I don’t make a conscious choice to pursue what I exactly want and just deal with whatever comes along.It doesn’t mean I necessarily take what comes along but it does mean that I am fishing in a reduced pool so to speak.

Why do others keep meeting the wrong people?

Dating apps, especially if you are a woman, require a lot of filtering. So they require you to make decisions on very superficial things like age, height etc. I always wonder if making those kinds of decisions will rob me of the chance to make an amazing connection. In a nutshell meeting people in person and getting a feel for the whole person is much better.

Happy Anniversary

At this time on this day twenty – four years ago, I was on my way to my wedding reception with Mr Jones, my Matron of Honour and his Best Man. Our wedding was relatively simple. Especially compared with the productions that I have witnessed amongst, co-workers, friends and children of friends. I think the total cost of our event was less than $5000. That included everything, dress, suits, cars, reception, bar tab, hairdresser, the whole box and dice.

The simplicity and low budget of the event has been a hallmark of our life together. A wedding is just a bunch of frivolities. A way of demonstrating social standing to a group of people who don’t really matter. Of all of the people who actually attended my wedding a very small number are in my life today. I could count the number of them who I would invite to a replay on my fingers. Many girls fantasise about their wedding their whole life but don’t think to plan their marriage. I have to admit that I didn’t think about how my marriage would look a whole lot but I have learned that a wedding is a tiny fragment of the rich tapestry of a marriage.

And how has my marriage played out? There have been times when I wondered if it was the right thing. Times when the only way to describe it has been hard work. But without all that hard work, I would not be here now. Financially stable, even successful, two children who have grown into functioning adults and, most importantly, the confidence to life my own best life. This is one of my biggest achievements. Being able to be adult enough to call people in my life out for their failings and make strong, objective choices about what I will tolerate and what I won’t. I haven’t gotten it right all of the time. But these days I am getting it right most of the time and that is an achievement.

And so, as we eat sushi for our anniversary lunch lets look forwards to another year of living our best lives.

Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 27

What is your favourite sexual position and why?

There was once a TMI Tuesday question that asked “if you could only have sex in one position for the rest of your life what would it be?” Or something like that. Being a practical person I responded with missionary because it is an easy go to. I guess I was cheating because there are variants on missionary that make it more exciting but it is still two people facing each other one with his penis inside the other. 

Often this is a go to for me. Legs on his shoulders, his hands on my body, maybe even my boobs, and dick penetrating just the right amount. I used to love deep penetration positions like doggie and similar but these days for some reason if a man has any kind of length and he goes in really deep I feel as if he is moving my uterus around my belly and not in a fun kind of way. As we get older our bodies change and adjustments are necessary.

When I am playing I like to have sex in multiple positions. I have a relatively short attention span I guess and so If I stay in the one position for too long I get bored and then my interest / arousal wanes. Don’t get me wrong. I love fucking. It is one of my favourite things to do but there needs to be variety. This I guess is why I am struggling with the idea of having to choose ONE position. 

I guess, as I said in the opening paragraph missionary is a catch all that can describe a number of variations. I like to watch a man fucking me. If I can almost see his cock going inside me all the better. I also find it easier to position myself to ensure maximum stimulation when I am in a missionary variant. Plus there is this thing that happens when his cock slides out and he taps me on the clit……

Yep. As cliche as it sounds nothing beats being able to look someone in the eye as they cum inside your pussy. 

Every Damn Day in June

Friday Flashback – Four in the Bed

Four naked bodies twist together on the bed while lips explore other lips. Hands roam freely over breasts and buttocks, caressing and stroking. I watch you as you suck my husband’s cock. The look of pleasure on his face is one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. My hand travels down to caress your lover’s member. He stiffens in my grasp and his breath sighs in my ear. I squirm as his fingers pinch my nipples before he bends down and sucks one nipple and then the other gently between his lips. 

Your lover’s hand travels downwards over my belly to the top of my slit. His fingers stroke me gently before he places his tongue on my pussy. Liquid fire flares through me, and my body responds the way it always does. Liquid trickles down my thighs and coats your lover’s face. He buries his head further into me as if he craves the taste of my juice. The feeling is intense. Sometimes so intense it is painful. I ride it like a wave, hoping it will never end. 

He lifts his face away from me. My juice runs down his chin as he looks at both of us sprawled beside each other on the bed. My body feels as if it will melt into the bed. You lover looks over at you before he pulls you towards him. He presses your knees apart beside you and your feet rest on his shoulders. He strokes your slick wet opening with his cock and you spasm in pleasure. You are so open for him and so aching for him to fill you.  

Slowly he feeds himself into you. You sigh in pleasure as his cock fills you. He spreads your legs so that I can watch him fucking you slowly. His cock draws all the way out and then presses deeply into you as you moan in pleasure. Your pussy looks like a flower as it grips his cock. You giggle a little but it isn’t laughter it is your happy, pleasure sound. Your lover pushes harder and you moan even more. 

He turns you over so that you are kneeling on the bed. My husband and I press our bodies against yours, stroking your soft skin and sucking your nipples. As you spasm in pleasure your juice squirts out wetting your lover’s thighs and the bed. I touch your pussy seeking the node of your pleasure and pressing my fingers inside you beside your lover’s cock. It is intense. I curl my finger around seeking out your g-spot so that I can tease and tantalise you. I feel your body spasm with pleasure pushing your lover’s cock and my finger out of you but we both press against you keeping ourselves inside you.

After a while we change partners. My husband puts his arms around you from behind. His cock is rubbing against you pressing against the entrance to your pussy. I lean down and lick you, your pussy is soaked with your juice and tastes so sweet. I press my tongue into you, exploring your folds and crevices. My husband holds you as you squirm in pleasure. 

When it is over the four of us lie together in a pile, happy and satisfied. For the moment.

Every Damn Day in June

Consent Revisited

Photo by Philipp Wüthrich on Unsplash

Uncle and I are considering starting a project documenting our experiences and advice.  So I have started ploughing through the substantial body of work I had written for Erotic Adventures and Corrupting Mrs Jones. I came across an article I wrote in 2013. Almost ten years ago! I am so old. In it I I wax lyrical about the art of saying “NO”. At the time I felt that the “No means no” fundamental of the swinging world was very firmly in place. I considered that most women who had an issue with enforcing their NO were not being clear with their intent. 

Fast forward to now. I still think a lot of women have issues with saying no. There are a multitude of reasons for this and I could wax lyrical about social conditioning and the like but a quick Google search and you can find much better researched and written articles about this. What this story is about is men who don’t listen. Two sides of the same coin in many ways. 

In my early slut career (I coined this term for last weeks TMI Tuesday don’t you love it). I don’t think I said no very often. We were playing predominantly in the couple space. I interacted with the people I was interested in and if there was a NO it was from the more discerning Mr Jones. Interestingly a woman saying NO on behalf of her husband does not have a lot of repercussions. It did not seem to create a lot of arguments. It is accepted. There were some occasions when it did cause problems. Mostly when the man of the rejected couple decided he HAD to have me and went about trying to pressure his wife into pleasing Mr Jones to achieve this end. But that was their issue. I went about my business secure in my bubble of “no means no”.

These days I interact with single men. In some circles I could be viewed as an individual seeking fun because I do go on solo dates. I have never sought out a couple. For the most part my interest in women is limited and so couples don’t seek me. Married men do. I am happy to play with them one on one if their wife / girlfriend is on board. Over the weekend we invited a couple to come sailing with us. We met at a party. I was intrigued by his mind. Perhaps a little flattered by his statement that he doesn’t interact with women much because he doesn’t find many women worth his while. 

On closer inspection his mind turned out to be very much like other men’s mind. Focussed on his own personal gratification. His discernment wasn’t as refined as he led me to believe. In short he was a man looking for as many holes to poke his dick in as possible. He likes rough play. The kind that explores the boundary between pain and pleasure. He likes boobs. What he likes to do with them is squeeze them quite firmly and pinch nipples. I am not averse to this practice. Sometimes it elicits quite a strong response but for the most part I am a “go easy there” kind of girl. My body is an instrument that needs to be played skilfully to get the most out of it. Bashing on me like a drum will have some effect but it is limited. Plus it will piss me off after a while and get you on the “no thanks” list. 

So I spent the weekend dancing this line. Controlling the amount of rough handling I could tolerate while he pressured me to take as much as his partner seemed to enjoy. In addition he has erection problems. Not uncommon amongst older me. Sad for them. Hard to deal with but you know what. When I want to fuck I want to fuck. If I have tolerated and accommodated your rough handling and tried to be the person to please you I am not entirely pleased when you can’t perform. On top of that I am unhappy if you make me feel like I am being unfair to express my displeasure. That my friend, is gaslighting. 

So with that awkwardness sitting in the background as I helped him straighten his bed in the cabin he shared with his partner, he proposes that I visit him and his partner solo while Mr Jones is away delivering a yacht….

My response…

“Well we don’t do that. See couples when the other one is not present.” 

He seemed OK with that. I exited as speedily as possible and related the events to Mr Jones. He was understanding and agreed with my position as the safest option. That, I thought, was that. But no. The next morning I received a text.

“Come hop in bed with us” the invitation was for me. Not Mr Jones. The cabin is big enough for three but definitely not suitable for four. 

Less than twelve hours ago I told him that we don’t do that. And now he is ignoring my no? 

I didn’t bother to respond. He queried me later. It annoyed me to have to point out that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my husband alone to go play. Rude much? 

I was irritated about the whole situation. When I met these people I was excited. Happy to have found a couple that we both seemed to get along with. Happy to maybe have another couple friend in the lifestyle. They are hard to come by. But on reflection it just isn’t working for me. He is domineering, opinionated and the most irritating thing, he just doesn’t listen to other people’s ideas or opinions. I really like her but he is not able to let her have a relationship without him being around wanking. Not my thing. 

As we unpacked at home I reflected about a lot of things. One of them being that men often simply don’t listen when a woman as a solo person says no. They don’t hear what she means which is 

“I am not interested, this isn’t working for me, I don’t want to.”

What they hear is;

“I need you to convince me that what you are proposing is attractive.” And worse, “Tell me the reasons why my feelings about my body are not correct.”

These men pressure a woman to explain her refusal and then rebut her reasons. They badger her and make her feel bad for saying no. And then they wonder why dating apps are flooded with men  without a counterbalance of a similar number of women. It isn’t as simple as women learning to say no more clearly. Men need to learn to hear it. 

Wicked Wednesday
Every Damn Day in June

TMI Tuesday – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

1. What made the best sex partner you’ve ever had so good?

At this point in my slut career (I just invented that term but I kind of like it) I am not able to identify the BEST sex partner I have ever had. A few spring to mind, The Traveller, Johnny, Pet, Mr Jones. There have been other events that have been stand outs but at 5.30am on Wednesday morning I can’t think of them.

2. What made the worst sex partner you’ve ever had so bad?

Again, at this point in my life, some things like this are a bit of a blur. One that sticks out at this moment is a man I met a couple of times. The first time we got hot and heavy in the back seat of my car. It was fast paced and sexy as fuck. Then we met, I thought, for a more leisurely exploration of each other.

It was very short lived and he didn’t apologise for being a fast finisher or even offer to make up for his shortcomings. Just kind of said “I told my wife I would be home soon” and left.

He didn’t get asked back.

3. Who was the most physically attractive person you ever had sex with?

Again, blurry stuff. One that did happen to pop in my head was not penetrative sex but sexual you can read about it here. Of late I have been reminiscing about Johnny. He was one sexy mother fucker.

4. How was it?

Well if you clicked the link you would know the Random Blow Job was like my own personal power trip. A very I told you so moment.

Sex with Johnny? Well it was fucking amazing. You can read about one encounter here, There were others. Too many to list.

5. Who was the least physically attractive person you ever had sex with?

I can’t really answer this one. There just isn’t a stand out. When I looked up my answers to these questions the first time they were posted I found this answer;

Before I met Jake I had a fuck buddy relationship with a guy who was quite over weight and very unattractive.

6. Why did you do it?

Continuing with the above thread this was my previous answer.

I am not really sure why I did it. I had just come out of a long term relationship. I think I was just cutting loose and experimenting a bit. This guy was brave enough to ask so I thought why not?

7. How was it?

My previous answer to this one was that at the time I thought it was pretty good but compared to these days it was very vanilla.

Bonus: Describe a bad sexual experience that you believe was your fault.

There is never an experience that is entirely the fault of one person. In my life most bad experiences have happened to me because I have not given clear direction or avoided saying no.