TMI Tuesday – Randomness

1.What is the dumbest thing you are reading and writing right now?

Social media of course!!!. In particular a post from a friend, who I thought was intelligent, about a fashion show for ducks featuring images like this.

Image may contain: flower and outdoor

I am sorry but this seems to be something that needs to be said repeatedly.

CLOTHES ARE FOR PEOPLE!!!. If your dog looks happy to be wearing the new outfit you bought him it is because dogs are pathologically geared to make their owners happy. If you are happy because of something they did their world is complete. Did anyone ever see a cat that was happy about being dressed up? No. That is because cats are smarter!

Cats Dressed Up As Other Animals | Cat dressed up, Pet costumes, Cat  costumes

2.If you were to start your own country who would sing the national anthem?

Ultimately I would like Freddy Mercury to write my national anthem because Queen wrote such amazing anthems. But I guess I would have to settle for Adam Lambert.

Cassette Of Queen + Adam Lambert's Live Around The World For Release

3. If your were to be eaten by an animal of your choice (and you will die), what animal will eat you? Why?

There is a video kicking around the internet featuring Steve Irwin on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” telling a story of a close call with a reticulated python which is about 20ft long. The story kicks in around 3:40 but watching someone so quintessentially Australian and completely natural with a prim proper American talk show host is freaking hilarious!

So me? Well it seems I spend a bit of time poking around with snakes. Mainly because they want to eat my pets. Not that any of those would be able to eat me but maybe one day I will stumble across one of these big things.

Honestly I think it wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Pythons do give you a big hug and make sure you are dead before they eat you so it wouldn’t be that bad. Plus, snakes are cool.

4. What word makes you smile?

Sixty – Nine. Childish I know but I work with teenagers. What can I say?

Sixty-nine: The history of a number - The Trail

5. What word makes you cringe

I stopped in the middle of writing this post because this one stumped me. Many ideas make me cringe but the mere mention of the word making me cringe? I have to say ‘moist’. Again, I work with teenagers. A few years ago this word was like any other. Then I had a special student in my year 8 Science class and I had to teach this particular class about human reproduction…..

Bonus: Will you board the love train?

So I had to Google this because I didn’t realise it was an actual song! The song is not exactly my type of thing which is probably why I have never heard it. Weirdly when I read the question a Seekers song called Morningtown ride popped into my head. Same era (maybe a little bit earlier judging by the pants the O’Jays wore!!) but completely different sentiments. Still can’t go past Judith Durham’s vocals though.

So which train will I be on? Really hard to say. Getting loved up with people all around the world isn’t my cup of tea, although I do appreciate the need for us to be kinder to each other. Hopping in to bed to spend the night dreaming away is very tempting some days but not as much as it was when I was the mother of toddlers!

I think I will just need to make my own train, fill it with sexy people and spend the journey getting to know each other.

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TMI Tuesday – Time to be Happy

  1. What is your best excuse to get out of an invitation?

I really hate it when people cancel on you because they get a better offer. So I always try to honor any commitment I make even if something better does come along. If I get invited to something I don’t want to go to I tend to be non-committal until crunch time happens. Not the most up front way of dealing with it but it has been working for me so far.

2. When was the last time you ended a relationship of any kind? What was the nature of the relationship?

I posted recently about my relationship with Johnny coming to an end. I am not sure if this counts as an answer to this question as I didn’t end the relationship myself.

Currently I am in a weird situation with a couple who Mr Jones and I had been friends with for quite a few years. Of late things have not been as easy between us and we have grown apart. This wouldn’t be much of an issue except it turns out that we have a lot of friends in common. I really don’t like confrontation and I guess I am not entirely happy with how things have turned out between us but the next time we run into each other at a social event things could be interesting.

3. Tell us about a phone call or email that you needed to make but were apprehensive to do? Did you ever make the call or send the email?

I often feel that way before I call my mother. Mostly it doesn’t turn out that badly but sometimes it doesn’t go well. She has Post Doctoral qualifications in being negative, putting you on a guilt trip for no reason and generally alienating people so you can imagine how conversations with her can go some days.

4. Tell us one or two things you do daily as self care.

Most days my morning routine involves tea and a scroll through my WordPress Reader followed by tinkering on a blog post. I have started this routine recently, I used to try and get up and do some form of exercise, on the days I couldn’t get motivated I would make myself feel guilty. This new routine is much better for my mental health, I just have to figure out my exercise routine but it will happen.

5. What are you looking forward to in the holiday season of the coming New Year?

Spending as much time as possible aboard this baby.

So that I can see more things like this

Bonus: In what situations do you wish you could throw down a smoke bomb and disappear?

Any time there is conflict. I really can’t handle it. If there is any kind of tension between people I am around or between myself and another person I just want to disappear.

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TMI Tuesday – Should We?

This weeks TMI will involve a few terms that can be mis-interpreted or possibly unfamiliar. This article will give some background to these terms.

  1. Agree or Disagree – If people want to have more than one spouse they should be allowed to do that.

In theory yes. There are many positives about a situation where there are multiple spouses. However in cultures where multiple spouses are allowed (usually a man with multiple spouses) the practice can be less than desirable. Often the result of the man rich enough to support multiple spouses exercising his rights can restrict the rights of other people in his community.

2. Do you believe in ethical non-monogamy?

Yes, obviously. That lifestyle choice is what spawned this whole blog.

3. Is polyamory something you want?

Sometimes I think yes. Other times I think no. Similar to my answer to question 1. the theory sounds good and there are examples of polyamory kicking around that show it is possible and sometimes an awesome way to live. The realities of polyamory can sometimes be quite different. If you think about the amount of effort that goes in to keeping one relationship running smoothly then think about how much effort will go into maintaining two or three intertwined relationships simultaneously. The effort does not increase evenly as each person is added, it expands exponentially.

Yes I am a Mathematics teacher. Graphs make a bunch of sense to me!

4. Do you wish that your ethical non-monogamy was a societal / cultural norm?

Yes. It would make my life much, much simpler. I do feel that there is a gradual shift towards acceptance of this kind of lifestyle but, like the acceptance of same sex marriage, the progress in infinitesimally slow. The internet has allowed people to read about and become educated about a lot of sub – cultures which is helping with this acceptance.

5. If you are in or have been in an open sexual relationship, what are the best bits?

The freedom. In my relationship I am free to pursue things that are not always available to a 48 year old married mother of two. I am free to explore sexual antics and have adventures without fear of damage to my relationship with my husband. A note of caution however. Open relationships do not mean open slather. This is where the ethical part comes in.

Bonus: Describe what your ideal intimate and / or sexual relationship would look like today.

I SUCK at outlining exactly what I want. I can’t think what would be different from what I currently have in my ideal situation.

Bonus Bonus: Now that I am on holidays I really should play with my selfie stick and perhaps work out the timer thingy. But here are some shots I took last Saturday when I had my fancy undies on.

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TMI Tuesday – Sex and Bonobo Apes??

1. Are women natural seducers or are men?

In all honesty seduction is not the main territory of either gender. There are some people who are naturally seductive. There are some who are naturally able to invite seduction and there are some who are more comfortable pursuing others.

2. Which of the following statements most closely matches your sexual attitude?

a. Sex is best when you focus on your own pleasure.
b. Sex is best when I can totally meld with my partner and feel as one.
c. Sex is best when the purpose is that of conceiving a child.
d. Sex is just a behavior; don’t put too much importance on the act, just do it the way you like and need.

I am going with a. but with some slight modifications. My natural instinct is to please. I often find myself trying to make others happy at my own expense. As I grow older I am making an effort to change this and focus on my own pleasure. This cannot be a completely selfish enterprise. Like many I get pleasure from seeing other’s pleasure. So while I am thinking about myself I still need to think about the other people in the room as well.

3. Do you need to feel emotionally connected to enjoy sex with another person?

In line with my answer to 2. There has to be some kind of connection. It doesn’t have to be a romantic connection but there has to be some kind of mental connection. There is a moment when you meet someone that usually happens around the first tentative touch. If there isn’t some kind of electricity when that happens then it is unlikely that the sex will be good.

If that first hesitant moment when our fingers touch feels sexy then it is on like Donkey Kong baby!

4. Are you allowed to be sexual? Explain.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is of course there are times when I have to behave myself. The irony of this is that my efforts to keep Gemma a secret from the Pearl Clutching Crew (thank you Free Matt) I can often come across as a bit of a prude. Well at least that is how I see it. Maybe I am not as clever as I think.

5. Agree or Disagree. Sex without love is meaningless.

I have posted before about the way that women are programmed to be non-monogamous because they need the protection of a beta but want the genes of an Alpha for their offspring. In my opinion this is a biological thing which we cannot avoid. Because of this, the aftermath of sex is a concoction of hormones that are designed to trick us into thinking we are in love.

Of course it is more complicated than that. Humans are like Bonobo apes. We use sex as a social tool as well as a reproductive strategy. Sex between humans creates a bond that gives status (marriage). Bonobos also use sexual interaction to cement status and social structure.

Just to make it more complex I believe that there are many types of love that can be reflected with sex. Not just the monogamous marriage type. But I think I will leave that for another post.

Bonus: Conventional wisdom (but not research) says that women value monogamy more.

Christianity has pushed the idea of monogamy for millennia as a way of controlling the power of women. In Bonobo society females dominate males. The Christian Church has removed this tendency from humans. Additionally men have used property and wealth to control women making monogamy and sexual purity a matter of survival for women throughout history.

So in terms of sexuality monogamy is not important but historically a non-monogamous woman was definitely going to have a much harder time just getting by.

Bonus Bonus: For getting through all that intellectual stuff your reward is Christmas boobies

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TMI Tuesday – The Sex Symbol Edition

I started writing this on Tuesday but this week has been weird. Writing has not happened. But as they say, better late than never.

“You have to be born a sex symbol. You don’t become one. If you’re born with it, you will have it even when you’re 100 years old” – Sophia Loren

  1. Are Movie star sex symbols a thing of the past?

I think the really iconic movie star sex symbols like Marilyn Munroe are a thing of the past. Special effects have taken over the movie industry in some genres. Although there are some actors who seem timeless and surprise you by popping up here and there.

2. Who was your favourite sex symbol while you were growing up?

I had an unusual childhood. Television and movies were very restricted in my household and so they weren’t a huge part of my teenage experience. Tom Cruise pops into my head when I think of who was popular back then. Particularly in Top Gun. However I also remember watching the movie with a friend when I was around 20 and deciding that Val Kilmer was much sexier

3. Of present day stars, who do you consider to be a legitimate sex symbol? Why?

I have a bit of a thing for bad guys and also movies that feature gratuitous violence. So Vin Diesel has been my go to sexy looking guy for a while. Particularly in the Riddoch series.

I am not a huge fan of his work in the later Fast and Furious movies. But that is because the movies are garbage!!

4. Do you have what it takes to be a sex symbol? Tell us at least 3 things that make you a sex symbol (or not).

My ass, my boobs, my attitude.

5. The following can be celebrities or people in your life.

Name someone who was sexy younger and is still sexy today? (a la Helen Mirren)

Up until his recent untimely death I would say that Sean Connery fit that bill very nicely. He wasn’t completely smooth but there was just something about him.

Name someone who was a bit goofy when younger but has gotten sexy with age (a la Jeff Goldblum)

Nicole Kidman is definitely in that. For most people in the world she did not grace screens until Dead Calm or maybe Days of Thunder but for Australians she appeared much earlier in a little known movie called Bush Christmas. A very cringeworthy film. From those early days she has grown into a stylish and accomplished woman. We won’t talk about that unfortunate marriage to Tom whatshisname.

Name someone who was sexy when younger but has lost that sex appeal?

Brad Pitt. When he was younger, yummo but now? Meh.

Bonus: Name a sex symbol living or dead whose bedroom skills you would not mind testing out.

Henry Cavill. The Unicorn refers to him as “The Pretty Man” sometimes her taste in males is questionable but I think she got this one right. Especially in The Witcher.

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TMI Tuesday – Body Talk

Before I start this edition of TMI I just want to say that even though I wrote the questions I didn’t realise that it would turn into a so many opportunities to post photos. Not that I think most of you will mind.

1. Which part of your body do you think is the most sexy? Post a pic if you dare.

Ok so I like my boobs. Most people who see them in real life tend to agree. I have an awesome friend who did a photo shoot of me recently and I have shared a few of the shots here but I will do so again happily. Apologies if you have seen some of these before. I really need to have another session with my friend.

2. Which part of your partner’s body do you find the most sexy. Tell us about the time you first saw it.

I am a sucker for a great ass. It is one of the things about Mr Jones that I have always liked even as his body changed over the 23 years we have been together. This is quite an old photo but it honestly looks the same today as it did then.

3. Are you a fan of lingerie on yourself? Or on someone else?

Mr Jones is not really in to lingerie. Consequently my collection is relatively small. As I aged and my body changed I felt less confident to wear lacy things. Over my time as a swinger but more recently at my previous pole studio I have had experiences and seen myself in many different angles. I have become more comfortable with myself and will wear a bunch of things I never would have before. My lingerie collection these days includes a few bra and panty sets but other things like body stockings and sexy bodysuits.

4. “Fifty Shades of Grey”–  Work of genius or complete twaddle?

I was interested to read Cyndi from Moondance Pages’ take on this. I have never been a fan of Fifty Shades the book, mainly because I just can’t stomach the “Knight in shining armour rescues the damsel” storyline. Having said that I did really like the first movie. Mainly because the look and feel of it was so sexy.

It obviously isn’t complete twaddle or no-one would have wanted to read it. I definitely wouldn’t put it in the complete genius category either. Complete genius is something that is completely unlike anything else. To be regarded as a genius in my eyes is to conceive something that is unlike anything written before.

5. Would you rather listen to a sexy voice telling you what is happening or watch a sex scene on mute?

Watching is probably more my go to. If I watch porn, very occasionally, it is on mute. I often find sexy talk distracting when I have sex. Although there are some stand out sexy talk moments in my history. One of them is a long term friend who is firmly out of reach right now thanks to Covid and his insistence that Sydney is a much better place to live!!! One of the first times I sucked his cock he put his hand on the back of my head and whispered to me what a good girl I was.


Remembering that still gives me a twinge.

Bonus: Tell us about a time you experimented with a fantasy and it did not go according to plan.

This one time … (at band camp) …

Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

So once Mr Jones tried to organise a surprise for my birthday. He contacted several men we knew and arranged for them to visit me. I was completely unaware of the plan. On the night he tied me and blindfolded me and then I was “visited” over several intervals. There were pauses in between and there was no speaking. At the time it was fun but a little confusing. I knew each “visitor” was him but I didn’t know what he was trying to do.

It turned out that our “friends” had all pulled out and he was left manning the fort alone. He had organised baby sitters and we had the house completely to ourselves. This was not something that happened often so he didn’t want to completely waste the opportunity.

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TMI Tuesday – Overratted or Underrated

This week Hedone’s header image was a series of men, some I recognised and others I am not sure about.

She forgot to include someone who is probably a little underrated these days, Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester and his Chevy Impala

Enough ogling. On to the questions.

Tell us what you think, are the following overrated or underrated? Why?

1. Birkin bags

I had to use the link to see what this was. I am all for a bag that has space for stuff. It was something I appreciated as a mother. These days I am able to go out without having to take the kitchen sink and frequently visit the shops with a purse and my phone. With Apple pay I can even cut this down to a phone some days.

As far as designer handbags go. I don’t see the point of the designer price tag. If the bag is well constructed and practical then yes I will pay a bit more for it. But $1000 for a handbag… yeh nah.

2. iPhone

So my answer to question 1 would probably have given this one away. We are an Apple family. We all have iPhones, we have shared calendars and I use the “reminders” app to allocate household tasks to my children. I can even set reminders for them. Works a treat!

3. Writing a book and self-publishing

I have actually written a novella and a collection of short stories, both of which I self published. It was a long time ago and I didn’t sell very many. It seemed very hard to find editors and cover artists. It also seems that a LOT of people are trying to go down that road. In this day and age of information sharing and free stuff on the internet it doesn’t seem like something that is ever going to be a viable career for most people.

Of course there will always be the JK Rowlings of the world but they are one in a million. I know it isn’t helping the people trying to get recognition but these days I am happy just putting stuff I scribble on here and getting some positive comments. If an agent ‘discovers’ me then yay but I am not holding my breath.

4. Scruffy, short beards

I am not really a fan of the beard. I appreciate the effort that goes into growing a viking style beard like this one

But I just don’t like getting down and dirty with a beard. The Columbian was a short beard wearer and while it suited him and he was definitely sexy there was this time when he went down on me, got a beard full of my juice and then fucked me without wiping his face. I never got over being dripped all over.

5. Hoodies

This is something I think works better with short hair, which I don’t have. HOWEVER, Mr Jones has a slight fetish about hoodies. So I wear them for him. I feel sexy wearing them because he sees me that way. Sometimes they are snuggly if you get the right fabric but I live in the sub-tropics. Snuggly clothes are not required much.

6. HIIT workouts

I don’t do gyms.

Unless there is a pole in them. I have blogged before about my pole dancing. I did have a break earlier this year but I have joined a new gym / studio and have started again from the bottom. I am re-learning and in some cases learning for the first time about building muscle groups that I had neglected. Pole dancing has become physically empowering for me again and it makes me happy.

So HIIT? No. Weird gym challenges with meal plans and the works? No. Getting bruised and pinched by a nine foot piece of brass? Bring it baby!!!!!

7. Boxer briefs

I am not sure what this question is referring to.

This kind of boxer


This kind

Definitely preferable to tighty whities!!!

Bonus: Avocado toast. Overrated or underrated?

I am not sure about the rest of the world but in Australia there is a meme style joke about Millenials not being able to afford to buy a house because they spend to much on Smashed Avo. Personally I don’t mind a bit of avo on toast but the flavour is a little bland, I prefer it to be spiced up with some Vegemite.

I have recently introduced Elliot from Life of Elliott to Vegemite. He has been sharing his journey with me but when I suggested to try it with avo he declined which is of course his choice but I do believe it is a perfect union. So plain avo on toast – a bit meh, add some Vegemite and you have a winner baby.

Of course if you want to go all the way you could add a poached egg, some crumbled feta and black pepper.

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TMI Tuesday – Take a Picture it Lasts Longer

Another week. Another Tuesday. You know what that means…

1. Do you post sexy pics of yourself on your blog? Why?

EERRRM yes. Why? Because I can. Because it makes me feel good. And because there are a bunch of people out there who like to look. So without any further ado

Another reason I post the occasional pic is because I want to put some images of real women onto the internet. We aren’t all perfectly shaped.

2. Have you ever had sex when you suspected security cameras might be present but the passion was too hot to stop or care about being caught on video?

Mr Jones was a security technician in a previous career. Sometimes he still does that kind of work. The first few times I had sex in the secret sex hang out I considered that he may have installed a camera for his viewing pleasure. He assures me that he hasn’t done that but to be honest it would be kind of hot if he did.

3. Have you ever had sex knowing full well you were being filmed or pics were being taken?

Mr Jones DID set up a camera to record our wedding night. That was back in the days of VCRs. Somehow during a move the video disappeared, or got taped over. It was a great tragedy.

Since then we have taken pictures during sex especially play sessions. As I have described in a previous TMI there was a recording on a USB card of myself and Mr Fix it that also met an unfortunate end.

4. When it comes to sex, to which do you most relate–being an exhibitionist or a voyeur?

My go to has been exhibitionism. I love being watched. A long term fantasy is to be surrounded by people who are watching me have sex. During the session various onlookers are invited by Mr Jones to participate but those who are not invited are masturbating.

Having said that I am not against watching. I recently watched a woman on her knees surrounded by three men who she was pleasuring in turn. She was so wild and free and so hot.

5. Have you ever sneakily or overtly filmed or taken pics of others having sex? What did you do with the evidence?

For me consent is everything. I can’t in good conscience record something so intimate without permission. So the answer to this question is No.

Bonus: Hot or not–having sex in front of people?

My response to number 4 kind of answers this question. But there is the question of consent. In the past I have had sex in swing clubs and at parties in full view of all participants. I love it. The people watching love it. Everyone is happy.

Mr Jones and I have also been known to have sex in other public places like rest areas on the side of highways. In these situations there isn’t anyone in the immediate area watching or being exposed to our shenanigans but there is always the risk. Which is what makes it so hot. Sometimes there are people in the distance who can see what is happening if they choose to look. Also adds to the level of excitement.

However my responsible adult has developed since those days, some of them not that long ago. Teaching teenagers about consent and reading some posts by May at Sex Matters has made me think about this in a different light. Those onlookers didn’t consent before our R rated act was thrust upon them. While they don’t necessarily mind, no one actually asked them. Which is our bad really.

Vanilla is as Vanilla Does

During last week’s TMI Tuesday there was some discussion about the amount of sexual content in the blog. Many of the people I interact with from there feel the same way as I do. We like the way it is and we are happy with the way our blogs are. We don’t feel the need to turn the sex down or, conversely, pressure to be sexual all the time.

It did get me to thinking about the way the minds of some people work. Urban Dictionary defines Vanilla as: Unexciting, normal, conventional and boring. In my vernacular I interpret this as people who are not sexually open. Vanillas are a strange bunch. A lot of them like to TALK about sex and get some kind of thrill out of thinking about radical sexual ideas but most of them wouldn’t act out their fantasies in public or follow up on attractions to people not deemed as their partners.

Sometimes they get brave enough to dip their toe into waters that take them past their sexual boundaries. Perhaps they will participate in a meme like TMI Tuesday or perhaps they will get very brave and visit a swing club or a fetish party. Sometimes they find that being in this environment is not how they thought it would be and they start having fun, despite themselves. Sometimes they come over to the dark side and they will never be vanilla again.

Sometimes though they find themselves reverting to their vanilla ways. Most of the time they act like adults and they retreat back to their regular haunts with their regular friends and they never speak of their adventures. Sometimes though they want to keep the little bit of kink in their lives so they try and convince the people in the kink world to turn it down a little bit for them. They make suggestions like, “lets just chat” or “Why does everything have to be about sex” or “maybe we should have a space where nudity is restricted” little by little they try to change the space they are in until it resembles their regular haunts with the sexy stuff just behind the door.

What they don’t get is that the thing that makes these spaces so sexy is the freedom. That being vanilla is all about rules and conventions. It is about worrying what other people think of you. It is about acting a certain way because someone said it is the way to act. When you put vanilla aside the only rules are respect and honesty. Everything else is on the table.

Putting vanilla aside gives a person the freedom to be who they are at all times. If they are sexy today they are sexy, if they feel like sharing cake recipes then they seek out friends to do that with. What Non-Vanilla people don’t do is ask other Non-Vanillas, or Vanillas for that matter, to conform to what they are looking for. It is about consent and respect. When you visit my blog the same rules apply. You will get sexy most of the time because that is the most interesting thing TO ME. Some days I will share things about teaching and some days just general rants. I probably won’t share my recipes here. Or my holiday snaps. If I feel the need to do that I will make a new space. Where unsuspecting people don’t get ambushed (or surprised by my bush!) because I am a respectful adult.

I don’t own TMI Tuesday and so my opinion on what the questions should be about has little impact. All I can say is if it does go off on a more Vanilla direction it is likely I will lose interest. I will be sad because I have enjoyed being part of the juggernaut for so long but I am honestly not interested in being part of something that is designed and run by a bunch of Karens.

TMI Tuesday – Brain Explosion

1. When and how did you discover your passion for ____ ?

Sewing. Probably not what you expected but I am a multifaceted person. Like everyone else. I have sewn most of my life off and on. My son in particular has some garments from his childhood that he wore to death and I am currently in the process of replacing a quilt I made him when he was one. After 19 years of use it is finally starting to fall apart. Recently my daughter has begun to share my passion and we (I really) upgraded the sewing machine. I have begun to make clothes for myself and am dipping my toe in the water of learning to make bras and corsetry… It could be a whole new career.

2. How has _____ changed your sex life?

Wearing stripper heels. Mr Jones was not really worried about shoes until we entered the swing scene. The wife in one of the first couples we had a serious and ongoing encounters with owned a pair of black six inch heels with red lacing that looked a bit like this

Mr Jones was a goner, for more reasons than one. A few years later I started pole dancing and I had an excuse to buy and wear shoes like this. I got a bit of a collection. Wearing these shoes is something that I love. It makes me feel sexy and confident. Not to mention tall.

3. What is something unique you do to _____ your _____ ?

Something unique that I put in my mouth is Vegemite from a spoon or the tip of a butter knife. Just to be clear that is a quarter of a teaspoon of black, salty, yeasty extract right there. So good. While we are on the topic of Vegemite it happens to be amazing on a range of unexpected things like salad sandwiches, toast with avocado, crackers with tomato. The list goes on.

4. What is the craziest _____ you’ve eaten while _____ ?

I really struggled with this question and also question 3. Until I read MarriageSexandMore‘s post. Not to copy his idea but my response is confectionary I have eaten while giving a blow job. The answer is a Tic Tac. This is not necessarily completely unheard of and I have done it more than once. I read about the effect of sucking a mint before giving a head job somewhere and I tried it recently. The effect is quite stimulating apparently.

Bonus: Is there such a thing as ‘too much information’? When?

There are many things that would fall into that category. Perhaps oddly, or not. I don’t particularly enjoy work colleagues discussing their sex lives in great detail. Not a mental picture I want . Well maybe for some of them but most of them NO.

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