TMI Tuesday – Money Money Money

1. Has money ever ruined a relationship for you?

Money is not something that I place great importance on. I am not hugely concerned about accumulating large amounts of money. Nor am I concerned particularly with spending large amounts of money. In fact I am appalled at the amount of money some people will spend on things like clothing, shoes and the like.

Consequently money has never been a feature of the discussions between myself and partners. Mr Jones is interested in business, economics and the general mechanics of making money. He has been successful in living a life that involves a minimal amount of debt and we are reaping the rewards of that now. We don’t fight about money. But really we don’t fight about anything.

2. Have you ever successfully negotiated a pay raise?

In short no. As I said in No 1 money is not a motivator for me. I have never chosen a job based on the amount of money it would pay. If I did I certainly would not have changed careers to become a teacher.

3. What piece of MONEY advice would you tell your younger self?

Don’t get in to debt if you can avoid it. If you can’t pay cash for a small item like a new car or new furniture, then don’t buy it.

4. Have you ever paid for sex or been paid for sex?


I was offered money once by a Twitter follower to visit his house and have sex with him. He was drunk and the amount he offered was insulting. He is one of the few people I have ever blocked on social media.

5. Are you hiding a financial secret?

Not really. I don’t have a secret account or a stash of clothing that I daren’t tell Mr Jones how much it really cost. There are a number of people, mostly the ones I work with, who wonder how much the yacht cost. I am always vague about it and answer something like “enough”. Yes I could have bought a house with the same money. But hey, right now it IS my house.

Bonus: Have you made someone smile today? If not, please take up the challenge and make someone smile.

Everyone loves boobs right?

Snapped by Mr Jones at a small island we stopped at for a stroll

Friday Flashback – Personal Development

From the vault of Erotic Adventures comes this little gem. It is happy to see the light of day again. I hope that you all enjoy it.

Josh hated training courses. The idea of sitting on uncomfortable chairs in small rooms with freezing air conditioning listening to boring presenters who didn’t have the first clue about what it was like to work in a real job in the real world just made him irritated. Even though his boss knew how he felt about training courses he still found himself sitting on an uncomfortable chair in a freezing room waiting for the presenter to turn up. His boss had given him some kind of line about everyone needing to complete a personal development activity for their annual review. In an attempt to warm himself up he got up and helped himself to the coffee sitting in the corner and then checked his watch, 8.30 am. He was surprised that he was the only person who seemed to turn up. “That would be right,” he thought, “I get stuck here in a stupid course and there isn’t even another person to talk to.” He wandered over to the desk and selected a chair just before a woman with flaming red hair walked through the door carrying a thick leather briefcase.

“Hello,” she greeted him before she made her way to the whiteboard at the front of the room. 

“Hello,” Josh replied, with his eyes glued to her ass as she bent over to look inside her briefcase. The fabric of her skirt stretched enticingly over her full round butt. “It doesn’t look like there are many turning up this morning,” he continued, unsure of what else to say.

The presenter turned to face Josh. He had to remind himself to keep his mouth closed as she walked towards him. The neckline of her blouse stretched open to display full round breasts that looked like they were about to fall forwards. Stopping in front of him she leaned forward on the desk until Josh could almost see her nipples. “That is OK,” she smiled at him. “I prefer small intimate groups.” As if it was the most natural thing in the world she slipped her butt onto the desk in front of him. “So,” she continued, completely business like. “Today is all about your personal development and pushing your boundaries,” her voice dropped slightly as she leaned forward and touched the side of his face, letting her finger trail down the side of his neck, “Tell me about some of your boundaries Josh.” 

Suddenly it seemed as if Josh’s pants were not big enough for his cock, “Uh I don’t know,” he stammered fidgeting in his chair, trying to find a position that put less pressure on his throbbing cock. In front of him the presenters fingers nimbly popped open a couple of buttons on her blouse to reveal a very low cut bra and even more of her impressive cleavage. “What kinds of boundaries were you meaning?” 

“Well this course is about personal development,” the woman replied as she continued to unbutton her blouse. Even though Josh had been freezing earlier he suddenly felt hot. “So I was thinking personal type boundaries,” The woman slipped off the desk and stood in front of him, “like taking your clothes off in front of a stranger.” To emphasise her point she shrugged out of her blouse and let it slide to the floor, “Have you ever done that Josh?”

Josh fidgeted, not sure where to look.  “No,” He replied quietly unable to take his eyes off her breasts.

“Would you like to?” The woman reached behind her waist and Josh heard the sound of a zipper before her skirt started sliding down over her hips. 

“Maybe,” he replied glancing towards the door.

She followed his gaze, “It is OK,” her voice was comforting, “I made sure it was locked so that we wouldn’t be disturbed,” the skirt joined the blouse on the floor. She looked so tempting standing there in front of him in her underwear.

On an impulse Josh stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt. “What the hell!” he grinned as he shrugged out of his shirt and followed suit with his jeans. He stood before her with his cock straining against his boxers unsure of what was going to happen next but determined to be open to whatever came his way.

Taking a step forward the woman reached out and stroked his cock through his boxers. Josh held his breath, wondering when he was going to wake up. It had been so long since a woman had touched him there that he was sure that this had to be a dream. The woman slipped her hand under the waistband of Josh’s boxers and curled her fingers around his shaft. “So you haven’t answered my question,” she moved her hand slowly up and down and Josh began to wonder if he would be able to contain himself, “Do you have any boundaries?” She moved until she was close enough that Josh could feel her breath on his neck. He shuffled his feet as her hand slid down over his testicles cupping them gently before continuing further back towards his ass crack.

Josh felt his butt cheeks tighten as her fingernails scratched the skin behind his testicles. His cock throbbed in response, taking him completely by surprise. Her fingers slid further back, towards the forbidden zone. The place that he had always maintained was outwards only, except in the deepest darkest corners of his fantasies, ever since he had seen that image. Her finger stroked around his asshole tantalising him. His body betrayed his mind, opening itself up to her caresses even as his mind screamed out to tell her to stop.

For the first time he noticed her eyes, the glittering lust he saw there. “I will stop any time you tell me to Josh,” she whispered. “But until you say stop I am going to keep on exploring,”

“I don’t want you to stop,” Josh was stunned to hear his own voice say those words. 

She pulled away from him slightly and reached out for the waist of his boxers. “Maybe we should get rid of some barriers then.” She slipped the garment down over his hips freeing his cock. “Mmmm,” she bent down and tasted him briefly,” Josh moaned sharply, alarmed that he would shoot jizz into her mouth and spoil the moment but she released him. “I do like sausage but I am after more exotic fare today.” 

Quietly she moved to stand beside him, running her hands down his naked back to cup his butt before she slipped her finger lower to caress his butt hole. Josh took a deep breath as she smeared some lube and slipped her finger inside him. Sensation exploded through him as she moved her finger gently in and out. His cock was like a rock in front of him and he couldn’t stop himself from gripping his own shaft.

“That’s it,” the woman’s voice whispered in his ear. “Relax and enjoy the moment.” 

Josh nodded, frowning in concentration as sensations he never imagined possible sizzled through his body. The woman pushed her body against him, rubbing her crotch against his thigh as she finger fucked his ass. Josh’s head was spinning with pleasure.

“Would you like more?” her voice interrupted him. 

“Yes please.” He heard himself say.

She removed her finger and there was a pause before he felt the cool pressure of something else opening him more. He pushed back against the implement eagerly, still surprising himself with how much he wanted this. There was a moment of slight discomfort and then the pleasure ripped through him. His hand gripped his cock hard as she fucked his ass spreading him further than he thought would be pleasurable.  His whole body tingled and he felt something building. It was like an orgasm but at the same time not. Before he could stop it he exploded, groaning as cum covered his fist. His whole body spasmed in pleasure before he collapsed forward on the desk still twitching with aftershocks. Feeling completely dazed he turned his head towards the woman, She sat on one of the chairs with both of her feet up on the desk. Still recovering Josh watched as she fucked herself with a thick pink dildo. Her fingers moved quickly on her clit as the pink plastic moved in and out of her slippery wet cunt. 

Her movements became more frantic as Josh watched until her mouth formed a perfect O and her body arched out of the chair. As she relaxed and slumped into her chair a huge smile spread across her face. “Well done,” she congratulated him as she came back to life. “I think we can definitely say you have pushed a boundary or two today.”

What’s in a Name

I started writing erotica sometime around 2010. Our family had just returned from a three month caravan trip through the wilds of South and Western Australia and the Northern Territory. During that time I used a blog as a way of sharing my adventures with family and friends. My romance with the written word began….

Upon our return I started writing erotica based on the adventures I was having as part of my swinging journey. I didn’t have the confidence to go blazing ahead with a blog at first. I tested the waters by posting one of my stories on the dating website we use. Given that the audience was a bunch of people looking for other people to have sex with it was well received. I looked further afield and discovered Literotica.

It was there that I honed my skills of writing by using some of their help articles and later with the assistance of a volunteer editor. While writing there I used the pen name Babeslady, which is a play on the name Mr Jones uses for me and my actual name. It was in those early days I wrote a story about an adventure I had with Mr Jones that involved another woman he saw for a little while. She and I co-wrote the story. For this story I had to give myself a name. For no other reason than I liked it, I chose Gemma. Because I liked it, it became the name I used when I did start a blog a short while later. The second name Jones just seemed to fit. I didn’t know there is a British Actress of that name until I had already set up my first blog and Twitter account. It was too late then.

Gemma Jones Picture

So that was how I became Gemma Jones. I use the name for most things on the net associated with my lifestyle. When I talk to potential lovers online I introduce myself as Gemma. Some of them learn my real name, some of them work it out for themselves, some of them are none the wiser. It honestly doesn’t matter. In my mind Gemma is almost a separate person from the everyday woman who gets up, goes to school, teaches a bunch of teenagers and then comes home to make dinner and watch TV. Gemma is an adventurer who posts pictures of her body online and writes stories that excite and arouse.

In my current blog when I refer to my adventurous life I speak about Gemma, when I speak about my mundane life I refer to myself as Mrs Jones. It helps to keep my mind straight although I am sure there is more crossover than I realise. May Moor, in her post on this topic, states that she “has become so comfortable in May’s shoes (wellies actually) that I see us as one” As I read that statement I found myself nodding. Even though there is a delineation between Gemma and Mrs Jones we are really just two sides of the same coin.

I wish the world was such that we didn’t need to hide parts of us from conservative, small minded people. But it is not. And so until I retire and no longer need to appear to conduct myself in a socially acceptable way Gemma will be that delicious part of me that comes out for special people.

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TMI Tuesday – Would You Rather?

1 Would you rather go on holidays to the beach with no bathers or in the mountains with no jacket?

I did mostly write the questions this week but I never really consider the answers when I do that. There are some obvious loopholes here. Nude beach is fun, as long as everyone else with you is nude which isn’t the case in most places. Mountains can be comfortable without a jacket as long as the weather is agreeable and there is good shelter with a fire at night. But if I had to choose which one I would risk I am going with beach and no bathers. At a pinch I could go swimming in my undies right? They would cover more than swimmers most of the time.

2 Would you rather not be able to eat chocolate for a year or have to eat your least favourite vegetable every day for a month?

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

I am in a phase of trying to eat more whole plants and less processed foods. It is a process and some days go better than others. I really don’t like Kale. Although I am OK with its cousins, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Could I eat it every day? Maybe. I think it would be better than a year without chocolate.

3 Would you rather only be able to have sex for five minute increments on any given day or only be able to have sex for five hour increments for the rest of your life?

Five hours is a long time to have sex. Although I have done it. Most of my play sessions last between 2 and 3 hours but they are becoming fewer and further between these days. If it was only for a year I would choose five minutes at a time. But my partner better be around every day!

4 Would you rather not be allowed to touch your partner’s genitals except with your own or have the reverse applied to them?

I love touching a man’s cock with my fingers, my mouth, my breasts and my feet if the situation calls for it. I don’t think I could do with out that.

5 Would you rather go on a hike barefooted or spend the day at a water park fully clothed?

A couple of years ago we spent a few days on a yacht in the Whitsunday Islands. During our trip we hiked up a relatively large mountain. Mr Jones and I were wearing beach shoes which really are not proper shoes and definitely not suitable for hiking. The Unicorn was with us and she hiked barefoot, much to the amazement of anyone we met along the track! Given that experience I am going to go with clothes at a water park. Who says I have to get them wet!

Bonus: Would you rather receive an alert every time your parents have sex or have your kids alerted every time YOU have sex?

I have a feeling that our kids know when we have sex most of the time. Given that we are very bad at closing the bedroom door and they insist on living here! It embarrasses them more than us probably. The Unicorn is very aware of Mr Jones’ and my lifestyle and so knows where we go and why I own so much sexy gear. So they can know when we have sex. We are modelling a healthy relationship.

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TMI Tuesday – Randomness

1.What is the dumbest thing you are reading and writing right now?

Social media of course!!!. In particular a post from a friend, who I thought was intelligent, about a fashion show for ducks featuring images like this.

Image may contain: flower and outdoor

I am sorry but this seems to be something that needs to be said repeatedly.

CLOTHES ARE FOR PEOPLE!!!. If your dog looks happy to be wearing the new outfit you bought him it is because dogs are pathologically geared to make their owners happy. If you are happy because of something they did their world is complete. Did anyone ever see a cat that was happy about being dressed up? No. That is because cats are smarter!

Cats Dressed Up As Other Animals | Cat dressed up, Pet costumes, Cat  costumes

2.If you were to start your own country who would sing the national anthem?

Ultimately I would like Freddy Mercury to write my national anthem because Queen wrote such amazing anthems. But I guess I would have to settle for Adam Lambert.

Cassette Of Queen + Adam Lambert's Live Around The World For Release

3. If your were to be eaten by an animal of your choice (and you will die), what animal will eat you? Why?

There is a video kicking around the internet featuring Steve Irwin on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” telling a story of a close call with a reticulated python which is about 20ft long. The story kicks in around 3:40 but watching someone so quintessentially Australian and completely natural with a prim proper American talk show host is freaking hilarious!

So me? Well it seems I spend a bit of time poking around with snakes. Mainly because they want to eat my pets. Not that any of those would be able to eat me but maybe one day I will stumble across one of these big things.

Honestly I think it wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Pythons do give you a big hug and make sure you are dead before they eat you so it wouldn’t be that bad. Plus, snakes are cool.

4. What word makes you smile?

Sixty – Nine. Childish I know but I work with teenagers. What can I say?

Sixty-nine: The history of a number - The Trail

5. What word makes you cringe

I stopped in the middle of writing this post because this one stumped me. Many ideas make me cringe but the mere mention of the word making me cringe? I have to say ‘moist’. Again, I work with teenagers. A few years ago this word was like any other. Then I had a special student in my year 8 Science class and I had to teach this particular class about human reproduction…..

Bonus: Will you board the love train?

So I had to Google this because I didn’t realise it was an actual song! The song is not exactly my type of thing which is probably why I have never heard it. Weirdly when I read the question a Seekers song called Morningtown ride popped into my head. Same era (maybe a little bit earlier judging by the pants the O’Jays wore!!) but completely different sentiments. Still can’t go past Judith Durham’s vocals though.

So which train will I be on? Really hard to say. Getting loved up with people all around the world isn’t my cup of tea, although I do appreciate the need for us to be kinder to each other. Hopping in to bed to spend the night dreaming away is very tempting some days but not as much as it was when I was the mother of toddlers!

I think I will just need to make my own train, fill it with sexy people and spend the journey getting to know each other.

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My Life As A Male Escort

I have become an avid reader of Howie’s diary posts in Elliott’s blog. Like many people I am fascinated by the world of sex workers. In the mainstream world the way their work runs is largely unknown and I love the perspective Howie gives. In my travels into the world of alternative sex I came across a very rare thing. A man who had worked as an escort. It was exciting to get a glimpse into a profession that many people don’t realise exists. I thought that some of what he had to say would be great to share with you guys.

I met Roman through a dating website. While he is still quite virile and active in the adult dating scene he no longer works as an escort. Which, in my opinion, is a great loss for some women. Gain for me though. He agreed to share some of his ideas and experiences with me for my blog for which I am very grateful. The answers to my questions are as follows. I have tried to keep the words as close as possible to what he said but there may be some paraphrasing.

How long did you work as an escort?

Three years

How old were you while you were working?

46 – 49

Did you work for yourself?

I was a sole contractor. The laws in Queensland (Australia) do not allow sex workers to have drivers, security guards or operate in partnership with another sex worker. Laws regarding advertising are stringent and also include not allowing a sex worker to legally employ a web designer to create their website. There are different laws regarding brothels which employ women. There are also regulations about the number of hours a sex worker can operate etc. During the time I was working I believe that I was contacted several times by people who were testing me to make sure I was legitimate and following the required regulations.

How did you find clients?

Clients came to me. I was able to advertise on certain websites and also with Google words. It was very important for me to be quite clear with my advertising that I was only interested in female clientele.

What were the mechanics of the work; prices, meeting places etc?

The prospective client would email me through the website I used or text me. I had a separate phone that was used only for my work. I had some screening in place to make sure the client was genuine, and as mentioned above, female looking for a male. The prospective client would need to send through photos and go through a verification process ( I was never able to find out how this worked). We would chat for about a week or so before the client would decide if the arrangement was suitable. Often it would take time for them to clear their nerves and get used to the idea that they were paying for sex.

The pricing structure was as follows;

$800 – Sex. Meet at the client’s house or hotel that they had booked and paid for for three hours

$1500 – Date Experience. The client would pay the money in cash up front. Roman would organise everything for the evening; restaurant, hotel, transport. During the lead up to the date Roman would discover the type of food they liked, the type of music they liked and how they liked to dress. He would pick her up and take her to a restaurant the he had organised, buy her drinks, order food that they would share together and be very attentive. Because the age difference between them was not usually noticeable the women were able to feel like they were on a real date. Following the meal they would spend time in their hotel.

$3000 – Overnight boyfriend. This was similar to the Date Experience but involved his company for the entire night including breakfast the next morning.

The key to the success of the date was in getting the woman to relax. Keeping the conversation focussed on them and things they were interested in meant that the sex later would be memorable for them.

That is the reason for so much planning. I would keep notes based on the initial conversation and also after the first date. If the client returned then I would be able to refresh my memory so that I could keep that feeling of being focussed on her.

Did you have regular clients? If so what was the average time they stayed with you?

About 25% of my business was repeat customers. On average women would revisit after about four months. It would take them that long to get over the shame of using an escort. The pattern they would usually follow would be dinner date, dinner date, sex followed by overnight.

What types of women did you see?

Mostly professional women, teachers, nurses, real estate agents. They fell into two categories. One was single professionals who were tired of the dating scene. They wanted to have an arrangement where they didn’t have to think and put up with other people’s schedules. They could organise things to suit themselves.

The second category were women from broken relationships who had been treated badly. They often had no self esteem and no confidence in themselves. Sometimes I felt like I was a therapist who was building their confidence back up.

Did you have favourite clients?

Two stand out in my memory. The first was a woman who had a particular fantasy about a man who resembled me. Her friends arranged for me to visit her for her birthday. I was at her house for about twenty five minutes before she said she had enough and asked me to leave. I never saw her again and I believe that the whole thing was about revenge.

The second was a woman who was very attractive and successful. She liked to role play that they were a couple who were genuinely in love. She was able to relax enough with me that she could climax for the first time. During later dates I was able to make her squirt and she even experimented with anal.

Side note: Roman is NOT a small man in the cock department. This woman is braver than I ever was.

She also wanted to try water sports. I was very reluctant to do this and was worried that I would not be able to perform. It turns out that she also relaxed me enough that I could pee on her for a very long time.

Did you have any bad experiences?

I was very careful about meeting people. I would chat for long enough to know that it was going to work. During the vetting process the clients would have to explain why they were hiring and what their personal situation was. It helped me to be sure that things would work out.

What were some of the things you enjoyed about this job?

I enjoyed being able to make women feel attractive and as if they deserved to be treated well. I never thought any of my clients were unattractive. Certainly they were not movie stars. They had curves and squishy bits but many of them were mothers and had lived lives that involved building a family and a career. They had earned their bodies. Their husbands who had earned their fat guts by drinking beer and sitting on their arse did not have the right to tell these women they are fat.

It makes me happy to be a gentleman, to open doors and to do ‘old school’ things. Some of my clients did not like that but most of them did.

How did your work change the way you see men?

I was saddened by men who were not able to respect the women in their lives. I believe very strongly that women should be revered. Mothers have the highest status in my view. It makes me sad and angry that men use criticism and negative talk to keep a woman “in her place”

Did your feelings about your work change over time?

The stories about men mistreating women started to get to me. Ultimately that was the reason I stopped. As I said before I often felt like a therapist and it was draining.

The other thing that started to get to me was the way women would put me on a pedestal. I didn’t feel like I deserved that. I was doing my job, that they paid me for, and being a decent human being. I don’t feel that I am special.

I am very grateful to Roman for sharing his experiences. I hope that you guys enjoy it as well.

Friday Flashback – Footy Practice

Another gem from the vault of Erotic Adventures material I have been working through.

People think I am crazy going with Johnno to footy practice every week. My friends never miss an opportunity to give me a hard time about being such a dutiful girlfriend.

“Nothing would make me want to sit there in the cold while Nev runs around with his mates like a yobbo idiot,” my friend Liz once said.

The truth is that I don’t actually mind the cold and Johnno’s team seems to be blessed with some amazing talent. I’m not talking about how they play either. There is something about AFL players; tall, athletic, well muscled and somehow graceful when they play.

St Kilda Saints: 2019 fixtures, preview, list changes, every ...

So I wear my warmest jacket and spend a couple of lust filled hours sitting on the bleachers watching the big men fly. My mind is filled with thoughts about how their bodies would feel against mine. Johnno loves that I go with him. His mates think that he has the perfect girlfriend.

The real reward for sitting through two hours of practice comes at the end of the night when the team hits the showers. Jake always takes me to shower with him,

“You need to warm back up again babe,” he says.

We take the shower down the end a little away from the other ones and stand naked together under the steaming water. As the strong jets from the shower sting my skin I look around at the fit naked men, dressing, showering or standing around talking.

There is something about watching water cascading down the back of a guy standing in the shower. His shoulder muscles bunch as he washes himself and the water pours down his spine to trickle over his neat rounded butt. When I look at things like that my hands itch to reach out and cup those perfect globes.

Johnno loves watching me perv at his mates. Sometimes I walk around the room touching firm backs and round butts and enjoying them caressing me. Watching this gives Johnno a massive hard on.

He knows what I like in a guy and occasionally he nods quietly at a nice specimen that I have been eying off. The chosen one will stroll casually over to our little corner to join us. Usually they can’t take their eyes off me as they walk over. Watching their cock grow, I can feel my nipples tighten and stand up and the juices flow between my legs.

Usually the Chosen One will lift me up and hold me against the cold tiles on the wall as he thrusts his throbbing cock into me. I wrap my legs around his waist and dig my nails into his shoulders as I moan in pleasure. Over his shoulder I can see Johnno watching us, his cock is huge but his hands are clenched by his side as he resists the urge to stroke himself.

Around the room other guys don’t resist. All eyes are on the back of my suitor as he pumps into me. Sometimes I lock eyes with one of the watchers staring at him as he wanks and I get fucked against the wall.

It is always over quickly. The Chosen One moves away quickly. Johnno is desperate for me now. We throw our clothes on and race out to the car park. Sometimes he is so horny he fucks me on the bonnet of his car. Sometimes we make it half way home and end up screwing in the back of the car while it is parked on the side of the road.

The best times are when we do make it all the way home and he makes me scream all night.

And people wonder why I like going to practice.

Friday Flashback – Slutwalk

Digging through Erotic Adventures posts I found this post written at the time of the first Slutwalk. This pre-dated the “me too” movement and some of the actions that fell out of this. Below are the words from my original post.

All around the world women and men are joining the movement that is Slutwalk. At first glance it looks like this movement is ‘one of those feminist things’. A protest by women about the treatment of women by our society but an article written by Hugo Schwyzer shows that men have a place in this movement.

Schwyzer talks about a truth that we are spoon fed as babies; men are at the mercy of their libidos. If a woman tantalizes a man’s libido then he will be forced to act in a way that shows no respect for her.

The truth many men know is that they can in fact have enormous respect and love for a woman who gives them an erection every time they walk into the room. However, being men, they don’t want to risk being bagged out by other men. So they keep the truth to themselves and don’t discuss it ever.

This lie has led to other stupid ideas being perpetrated as truths. Most of these revolve around the worth of a woman who society brands as a ‘slut’. In other words if a woman is open about her sexual wants and desires or dresses in a way that makes her appealing to men then she is less worthy than one who doesn’t.

What is truly sad is that many women believe these lies and pass them on to their sons and daughters as truths. We teach our daughters that being good equals being modest and chaste. We teach them to repress their natural desires and to be ashamed of their bodies. We teach our sons that women who express their sexuality and who are proud of their bodies are not desirable as wives and mothers.

Then we wonder why we live in a world of twisted individuals.

The author, Hugo Schwyzer, expresses his wish for his daughter;

I want her to have the freedom to express her sexuality safely and joyfully in whatever way she chooses, whenever she is ready (not a moment before). And I want her to grow up without shame about her own wanting and her wanting to be wanted.

I have my own wish for my son

May he grow up understanding that he is in control of his sexuality and knowing that he doesn’t have to act like all the other guys to be accepted. I want him to have the pleasure of knowing women who are comfortable with their sexuality and their bodies while taking the time to respect and empower the ones that don’t.

Fast forward about nine years and my son is now 20 years old. He has grown into a fine example of a man and I feel that I have been successful in my efforts to teach him to respect women and allow them to be themselves.

Friday Flashback – Slice

Of late I have been wading through old posts from my first blog and stuff hanging around on my computer that I am not sure has seen the light of day. I came across this piece of flash fiction. I actually really liked this one and thought I would share it again.

“I’ll have this sliced please.” I hefted the piece of rump I had just selected from the cabinet over the counter to Bob.

“Sure thing.” If there ever was a real life example of a stereotypical cheery butcher it was Bob. He was a bear of a man with massive forearms and the biggest smile I have ever seen. Grinning from ear to ear he ran his knife over the steel hanging from his belt with lightning fast strokes.

“How would you like it? Thick or thin.”

“Oh she definitely likes it thick,” his partner Glen, another cheery butcher joined the banter.

“Hmmm, well, yes I do believe she does.” Bob thumped the rump down on his workbench and began slicing. His knife eased through the meat like it was butter. Watching his big, capable hands wielding the knife made me think of those hands handling another kind of meat.

Bob is very much a man’s man. Nothing makes him happier than a few beers and a weekend of fishing with his mates. Glen is his business partner, drinking buddy and fishing accomplice. The two of them are an institution in the small country town of Innes Springs. Their shop in the middle of town is a compulsory stop for any shopping trip and they serve big smiles and good humour along with the best steaks I have ever tasted.

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a quiet Friday night drink at the local when these two parked themselves on the bar stools on either side of me. This wasn’t all that unusual. We occasionally whiled away a Friday night drinking, playing pool and swapping fishing yarns. The three of us were single and so it seemed a natural thing for us all to hang out together. I never was that interested in the crap women carry on with and so spending the evening with two blokes suited me fine.

That night started out normal but it didn’t take long to change course. Maybe it was the moon, which was full. Or maybe Mavis, the bartender, put something in our drinks. Whatever it was the conversation over our first game of pool took on a decidedly racy turn.

We only got one game in that night. By the end racy, comments and a couple of not so subtle strokes across my arse by Bob had me feeling decidedly horny. I love the feel of a big strong man next to me and Bob fitted the bill very nicely. So when Bob suggested a visit to his house I didn’t say no.

Glen is not too shabby either, so when Bob suggested he tag along I didn’t say no again. The three of us covered the three blocks from the pub to Bob’s house in no time flat. I was pressed between the two men and each one covered one of my butt cheeks with one of their huge hands.

We stumbled through the front door together, clawing at each other’s clothes; me kissing each guy in turn while the other pressed against my back, cupping my breasts and nuzzling my neck. We all fell onto the bed in a pile of arms, legs and hands stroking and pawing at each other.

I wormed my way up the bed, still pressed between the guys. Glen followed me kissing my lips hard and passionately. For a few moments his hands were all over my body and then they seemed to disappear. It took a few moments to register and then I opened my eyes to one of the hottest sights I have ever seen.

Both brawny guys were pressed against me, nuzzling my neck and breasts but each guy was stroking the other guy’s cock. I paused for a moment adjusting my thinking to this new facet of Bob and Glen.

“Is this cool?” Bob looked very concerned.

“Fuck! It is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” There was a tangible feeling of relief in the room. “I just hope I don’t get left out because I DON’T have a penis.”

“Oh baby,” Glen stroked my face. “I love Bob’s cock and I love watching him cum but the thing that gets me really going is watching him fuck a pussy and putting his sweet cum in there.”

My eyes flicked down to Bob who was kneeling beside me on the bed wanking himself. Glen whispered in my ear,

“Doesn’t he have such a nice thick cock? Don’t you want to feel it fucking you and filling you with cum?”

My eyes were glued to Bob’s hand moving up and down his shaft. He did indeed have a beautiful thick member and I did indeed want him to fuck me. Glen kneeled on the other side of me. His own cock stood out in front of him and Bob reached over and took it in his hand stroking both of them now.

Glen reciprocated, leaning down and taking Bob’s cock into his mouth for several hard, fast sucks before he broke away and pressed Bob towards me.

“Fuck her hard mate.” He whispered.

TMI Tuesday – Love and Robots

1. Should we be worried about sex robots?

Recently I had a conversation in the lunch room at work about sex dolls. It always amuses me how vanilla-ish people think about sexual topics. A woman who I thought was a little un-vanilla seemed completely rattled by an up close and personal encounter she had at a sex shop with some realistic looking sex dolls.

In terms of actual fully functioning robots. I think there is a way to go before we are overrun by sex robots. Although I think it says a lot that we put so much time, effort and money into developing this technology and there are still many people in the world who don’t have the ability to feed and clothe their family properly.

2. A humanoid (a life-like robot) that looks like your biggest crush, and acts exactly the way you hoped your crush would act has been created. This humanoid initiates sex, with you. Would you have sex with the humanoid?

Interesting question. I am not entirely sure how I would react to that. It has been a long time since I had a serious crush that I couldn’t act on. Most of the people I have an interest in that are not accessible are people I work with. If I had a chance to fuck a robot that looked and acted like them it would be extremely weird to then have to interact with them at work the next day!

3. What’s your typical sleep attire?


I recently spent a long weekend with some vanilla girlfriends in a unit at the Gold Coast. They are quite prudish and I was sharing a room with one of them. Naked sleeping was not on the agenda, at all. It made an already uncomfortable bed more uncomfortable. I was very glad to get home and sleep naked in my own very comfy bed!

4. What is the most cringe-worthy thing you have experienced in the bedroom?

In a bedroom? Pet sleeping areas. Yes my cat sleeps on my bed sometimes but not all the time and hey he is a cat. He knows it is time to find somewhere else to go when things get intimate. But having your dog bed or worse their crate in your bedroom routinely that is just wrong. It shouts, “I don’t have sex EVER!”

When having sex? Well once I met a guy to suss out his “Potential” he invited me back to his house and he had a cat roaming around that was on heat. The whole situation was weird.

5. Are you satisfied with the amount of after-sex affection (e.g., spooning, cuddling, intimate conversation) you receive? yes or no . If no, how could it be better?

That is something Mr Jones is awesome at. I am happy about that. It is always a bit disappointing when meeting FWB to play and they have to leave after some fairly intense sex. Of course the situation does not demand after sex affection. It is not a relationship and engaging in too much snuggling could result in things heading down the relationship path and that is definitely not where I want to be.

Bonus: What is your most useless skill?

I am actually pretty good at taking selfies of my butt!! Something a lot of people appreciate but something that is never going to make me famous or rich.

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