Gemma’s Fucket List 

A few days ago I wrote a post making a joke about becoming celibate. That part of the post was a joke. Mostly the post was a gripe about how hard my sex life is but really as I keep telling my students; effort equals results. So what I need to do is put in a little more effort. Something I am working on.

I have often been asked both in real life and on line about my “Fucket List” and I have always said that I didn’t really have one. I always think of myself as being a spur of the moment kind of person. I said as much in my post but upon reflection I have realised that I do actually have a Fucket list. It just doesn’t spring to mind all the time. So to keep a record of it I decided to set up this page. As time an opportunity permits I will link the items on the lists to posts that describe either the checking off of the item or fantasies about it. So without further ado here is my list;

  1. Sex on a boardroom table (spoiler alert; there will be a story about this one at some time)
  2. Being tied and perhaps blindfolded while a number of men have their way with me; under the supervision of Mr Jones
  3. Spending some time at a glory hole
  4. A very sensual spanking at the hands of an experienced “operator” 

Update 26 December 2017

  • Double penetration (Anal and vaginal) 
  • Tying The Englishman and then teasing his senses before using him as my personal sex toy. 

This list is not definitive. There will be things I will add from time to time I am sure. 

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