Baggage Free Sex

I read a post recently by Andee that re-ignited a few thoughts that have been percolating in my mind for a while. In her post Andee raises the question “What do men get out of watching their wife have sex with another man?”

It is an interesting question one that many different people have many different answers for. In the comments following her post the question of why would a woman want to have sex with a man other than the one she is connected to is raised. Along with the material from Andee’s post this question crystallised a few thoughts in my mind.

In my own experience Mr Jones and I have addressed this question several times. Every now and then I encounter a man who I have a deep sexual connection with. These men get me, we share kinks, ideas, fantasies and for some unexplained reason sex with them can be mind boggling. These relationships always push boundaries and sometimes they threaten to spill over into fully blown romantic love but at the end of the day the men I have this connection with are not men I could form a life partnership with.

So why do I have such a deep and satisfying sexual connection with them? Why do I see fireworks when we are together?

The answer is complex but mainly it is to do with the lack of baggage. Mr Jones and I are married. We deal with children, money, mortgages, illness, irritating relatives and a whole plethora of unpleasant issues every day. I see him naked every morning. Which is sometimes sexy but a lot of times not. If you don’t believe me watch the Sienfeld episode that deals with just this.

So when it comes time to have ‘special cuddles’ sometimes these things affect how we interact and see each other. I don’t have these interactions with other lovers. Our whole relationship is based on sizzling hot sex. And when the sex becomes not so sizzlingly hot then I am free to move on no hurt feelings, no financial issues to settle and no custody battles to fight. It is no strings attached sex, sex in its purest form.

The idea that we should meet one person and form a life long relationship with that one person that will satisfy every need that we could have emotionally and sexually is just plain ridiculous. Thinking about it objectively how could that even be possible? We don’t choose one friend to satisfy all our social needs so why should we choose one spouse to satisfy all our sexual needs? We are human and our nature dictates that we form all kinds of connections with all kinds of people including sexual ones.

Of course every person is different and so for some there is one person who can satisfy their every romantic and sexual need but for the majority of us I don’t believe this is the case. As well as that our sexual desires change over time. So we may meet a partner who does all the right things in all the right places but once we have scratched that itch we find that it is no longer that itchy and move on. This also doesn’t sit well with the whole ‘one partner for eternity’ idea.

And so getting back to the question why would a woman want to have sex with someone other than her husband? Well I think the answer is pretty obvious; because she can, because it is fun and because it enables us to become well rounded,fulfilled sexual beings. To be honest, people who spend a lot of time espousing the idea that lifelong monogamy is a good thing probably need to get a life.


TMI Tuesday – Talkin’ About the Weather

This week’s TMI questions focus on winter as it is the current season in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Australia it is the middle of summer. In addition our winters never equal those of most Norther Hemisphere countries so I have decided to change the questions to suit my local climate.


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1. Where you live what is the current season? As I said above it is Summer here in Australia which means long hot days. Brisbane, where I live is in the sub tropics so we have relatively high humidity and a lot of rain at this time of the year as well. The rain often comes in the form of thunderstorms but sometimes we have monsoonal type downpours.

2. Do you measure/report the weather temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Definitely Celsius. I have a rudimentary understanding of the conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius but I every time I have to convert between the two I have to look up how to do it.

3. Describe your ideal day of weather? I was born in the sub tropics and so I have lived in a relatively warm climate all my life. I simply cannot go for days and days without sunshine and I really don’t like winter. It isn’t that I feel the cold particularly but I just hate having to wear extra clothing to keep warm. For me a perfect day is nice and sunny with a maximum or around 25 Celsius a slight breeze and a night time temperature of around 18 degrees.

4. When it is hot outside I want to:

  • a. Lie naked on the tile floor.
  • b. Slap on sunscreen and hit the beach.
  • c. Lie around under the air conditioning drinking cold drinks and complaining about how hot it is,
  • d. I do not pay attention to the weather.

I would answer with a combination of a. And b. Although I would prefer the pool in my backyard to the beach. Although I am considerate of my teenage children’s sensibilities and don’t parade naked around the house I do like to wear as little as possible when it is hot.

5. Do you go “commando” in cold weather or in winter or in summer when it is hot? I would say that for men commando in the summer is probably something some of them prefer but for me personally I don’t especially like commando any time. Even though Mr Jones prefers women not wearing underwear It is something I don’t normally do. I am not sure why but I just prefer to have my underwear on.

6. For 10,000 USD Would you rather mow the lawn in 37 degrees C heat or sit your bare ass on the vinyl seat of a car that has been parked in the sun for three hours? I would rather mow the lawn. We live on 1.5 acres and so we own a ride on mower which makes life much easier but I have been known to mow sections of this lawn in the heat with a push along mower. Have you ever sat your butt on the seat of a car parked in the sun? It hurts like hell!

7. What is your favorite piece of summer clothing? My bikini top and my short shorts or a sarong. Comfortable, loose and sexy all in one.

8. Have you ever worn Long Johns aka long underwear or thermal underwear? Yes, the one and only time I went skiing. Like all things related to cold weather, including ice skating, skiing and I did not get along that well. It isn’t something I have on my list of must dos any time in my future.

Bonus: Do you have more or less sex in the Summer months vs. other times of year? Queenslanders as a rule tend to hibernate a bit during the winter. We do most of our socialising in the summer, partly because that is when Christmas and the party season happens and partly because we all like warmth much more than cold. When it comes to having sex I would probably say my sex life in the warmer months tends to be a bit more exciting. Even on really sweaty days. When it is warm there are things like swimming pools, beaches and other outdoor locations that can get very sexed up and you don’t have to hide under the blankets to keep from freezing.


This is the third instalment of this series and follows on from Spank, which I posted a couple of weeks ago.

If you have missed the two lead up posts to this story you can catch up on them at these links; Shave and Spank

Still with his ass tingling from her hand, Howard was flipped onto his back. He looked up at his Miss kneeling on the bed beside his face. The aroma of her wet cunt filled his nostrils making his cock harden and his tongue ache for the taste of her.

“Please Miss,” he asked in his sweetest voice, “May I taste you?”

Her eyes darkened slightly as she smiled at him sending the familiar ache to the pit of his stomach, “Of course,” she moved so that she was kneeling over his chest. Her folds were open just out of reach of his mouth sending her delicious aroma wafting over his face. He tilted his chin trying to taste her but she moved out of his reach, teasing him. Her eyes bored into his, dark and hot with desire and that strange intensity that hit him the first time he had met her. Her cunt was spread out in front of his face like a glistening feast but, frustratingly, it was just out of his reach. Her hand descended over her mound and her fingers spread her lips open a little further sending another wave of moist musk smell over his face. She dipped her finger into her opening and brought it out covered with her juice. With a playful smile she placed it on his lips. Like a starving man he licked it away but it just made his hunger stronger.

She watched him for a while the way a cat considers its prey. He waited, hoping, aching. He considered begging but he was afraid that begging would make her take his feast away so he waited. His patience was rewarded, she tilted her hips forward and lowered herself down onto his mouth, the smell of her almost suffocating him in the most divine way. He opened his lips and ran his tongue around her focussing all of his attention on that first taste. It filled his mouth and his nostrils more than anything he had fantasised about in the weeks of anticipation. The hunger for her hit him like a physical blow and it took all of his concentration to stop himself from devouring her like a starving man.

Above his face she rotated her hips, inviting him to explore her. He obliged, sliding his tongue around her silken wet cunt, tasting, enjoying more than any meal he had ever had. He slipped his tongue into her opening, exploring, feeling the different skin textures and noting her gasps of pleasure as he dipped and probed. Finally he allowed himself to loop his tongue around her hard, swollen node teasing gently as he remembered how extraordinarily sensitive she was.

He was rewarded with a jet of liquid shooting down over his face. Excitedly he opened his mouth further, trying to catch it all so that he could drink the sweet, salty taste of her. Nothing he had ever tasted satisfied him like this and yet he still craved more. She could saturate his whole body with her juice, squirting it out until she was shrivelled up like a prune and it would still not be enough.

Before he felt ready she pulled herself away from him, returning to her spot, kneeling beside him on the bed. Like a puppy, denied his mother’s teat he wanted to whimper but he restrained himself instead lying on his side taking in the glory of her naked body. Her curves and softness fascinated him drawing his eyes upwards to her full breasts capped by dark pink, hardened nipples.

“Roll over,” she commanded.

He obeyed quickly, his ass quivering in anticipation and curiosity.

“What are you going to do to me Miss?” He asked not sure what he was hoping for but excited by the possibilities.

She smiled enigmatically. He could see her mind working behind her eyes but as always she refrained from sharing her thoughts with him.

“What would you like?” She asked

His mind flooded with possibilities but he wasn’t able to focus on just one. “I am your plaything Miss,” he replied. A tingle of anticipation went through him as she moved downwards towards his ass. Tentatively her fingers touched his arse and for a moment he tensed thinking she would spank him again but she seemed more intent on exploring. She pushed his thighs apart, exposing his balls clearly to her view. It surprised him how much he was stimulated by being so exposed. In this position she could cause him great pain, or on the opposite side of the coin, great pleasure. For a moment his mind spun off on a tangent, considering the connection between pain and pleasure.


A warm wet sensation on his balls jerked his mind back to what was happening to his body as she slid her tongue slid upwards over his balls and the base of his cock towards his arse, for a moment he wondered if she would but she stopped short of his twitching hole. He willed her onwards despite his knowledge of how she felt about that particular pleasure. Her fingers pulled his arse cheeks apart so that she could inspect his butt hole. Hardly daring to breathe, he waited for her pleasure.

Tentatively she stroked the skin around the opening with the tip of her fingernail. Tingles of pleasure and anticipation shot through his belly pushing the breath out of his mouth. The tip of her finger entered his eager hole raising his hopes even more. He resisted the urge to push back against her exploring fingers too eagerly, he wanted her inspection but he knew that making his wants too obvious would make her withdraw.

She continued to explore his butt for a few minutes every now and then dipping her finger into his hole as if she was testing him. Each time she dipped a little deeper and he felt himself being opened a little more. He dared a look back at her. She looked straight back at him taking in every detail of his face watching as she explored.

Cool wet lube dripped down over his arse signalling that things were getting more serious. He wanted to be filled to the point where it was a physical ache deep in the pit of his stomach, sitting right beside the pleasure that built as she slid her fingers deeper into him. She pressed her thumb against the skin between his balls and his arsehole making him moan in pleasure. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face, and she slid her finger deeper inside him so that she could press her finger and thumb together causing him to moan louder and move uncontrollably.

A second finger slid in beside the first stretching him slightly. He wondered for a moment at her intent but reminded himself of her firm denial of being interested in that act. Only a very few people had stretched and filled him in the way he had been able to explore by himself with his collection of toys and implements. He was quite skilled at pleasuring himself but feeling that pleasure at the hands of another person took everything to another level.

This time when he looked back at her their eyes locked together. He could see how she drew pleasure from his pleasure. His moan as she slid a third finger into him sent a shiver of pleasure through her. Her face changed slightly as he easily accommodated a fourth finger? Curiosity replaced desire as he opened to easily accommodate her hand. There was a pause as she considered her next move.

Still rested at the opening of his arse her hand changed shape slightly as she folded her thumb against her palm and pressed Asher knuckles against him stretching him even further. This time he helped her a little giving in to the urge to push back against her hand. The whole scene took on a surreal feeling as she committed to doing something that she had assured him not 30 minutes earlier that she would never do.

Her knuckles buried into his arse slowly opening him before her hand slipped inside him, filling him exactly as he had ached for. For a few minutes she allowed her hand to rest there, flexing her fist getting used to the feeling. The tiny movements of her hand sent shivers of pleasure through him. Gradually she increased the movement of her hand twisting her fist inside his arse, hitting pleasure spots and sending lots of pleasure sizzling through him. The room filled with groans of pleasure from both of them. Looking back over his shoulder he watched the pleasure passing over her face in waves in response to his own moans and shudders.
He could feel himself close to climax. It would have been easy to give in to the temptation right then and there and allow the shudder of orgasm wash over him but he wasn’t ready for that yet. He needed to repay Miss in kindness and in full.

TMI Tuesday – Starting the Year off Sexy

One of the discussions in my first Pole Dancing class for 2015 was identifying a mantra for 2015 such as “2015 the year to be green” my personal favourite and the mantra that I plan to adopt is “2015 the year to be obscene”. In light of this the TMI questions for this week are definitely right up my alley. As always make sure you check out the TMI Tuesday page for other racy confessions.

1) What book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on?
I am going to admit that most of the material that I read these days is online magazine articles. A lot of them are not really all that erotic but I did stumble accross something that fuelled my imagination on a science website of all things. I won’t give any details here but make sure you check out the attached picture. I really would like a night with this man!

2) What sort of porn do you watch to get aroused?
I am not a huge fan of porn but in the last couple of years I have become very interested in watching men masturbate in chat rooms like Chaturbate. I don’t really visit these rooms to talk to the participants it is just a voyeristic activity for me.

3) What is the sexiest song?
There are a lot of sexy songs around. I don’t have one that I think is particularly a stand out because it really depends on the situation and on what is happening at the time. But a few tracks that spring to mind are;
Gett Off by Prince
Another Way to Die by Jack Whyte and Alicia Keys
Russian Roulette by Rihana

4) What music do you like to have on while having sex?
I don’t actually have music playing most of the time when I am having sex. It isn’t something that I ever really think about. I generally have other things on my mind,

5) When masturbating do you prefer
A) reading smut
B) imagination
C) watching porn
D) I don’t masturbate

A mixture between C and B. Although as I said earlier i don’t really watch mainstream porn. The images that get me going are men masturbating and strangely some gay pornographic images. Although generally imagining situations that I have discussed with partners or reliving situations that were particularly sexy is something that I prefer.

Bonus: What is the sweetest sexy song?
Well I struggled with this one a little. I am not one of these people who has extensively well organised play lists on my iPod and generally I just listen to the radio. A quick flick through my unorganised play list reminded me of Waving my Dick in the Wind which I am sure that a lot of you haven’t heard before. It isn’t particularly sexy but I really like the lyrics and it is funny. As Pet says if you can’t laugh when you are having sex then you aren’t having very good sex.


Let’s Swing

When I talk to vanilla people about my relationship with Mr Jones one of the most common reactions is “I respect your right to choose how you live your life but I couldn’t possibly be like that with my wife / partner” Which is a completely understandable reaction. I guess the thing that most people don’t consider is that we didn’t wake up one day and decide that we were going to have an open marriage. The decision itself to open the door was one that took a long time (like years) to happen.

I remember very clearly when Mr Jones and I made our relationship permanent telling him that I was not going to hold a physical infidelity against him because I knew that he loved me and no matter how many women he fucked outside of our marriage he wasn’t going to leave me. There were a few factors that led to that feeling of confidence; Firstly I was confident of myself in those days in a way that I am not so much now. Secondly he had been in several very serious relationships before I came along and I was the first woman he seriously considered having children with.

I knew that he considered having children a very serious thing. It wasn’t an endeavour that you entered into with just anyone unlike getting engaged. Which seems to be the opposite of most people’s ideas. Maybe that is the reason there are so many mixed families out there and so many children who don’t have a good idea of family or security. But we digress.

Another thing that I remember very clearly and I am not sure if I ever voiced this fear, I know I certainly didn’t at the time. Was that I was deflated by the idea that I would never have sex with another person except Mr Jones. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sex with him, it was some of the best sex I had ever experienced. But rather that I feared becoming old and stale and that I would be missing out on something.

So there we were, almost drowning in the emotional sea of having young children and dealing with life in general. I was struggling with the effect of children on the quantity of my sleep, on my career and on the way the world viewed me. He was struggling with an unexpected sense of responsibility, a sudden change in the amount of my attention he was receiving and more specifically a lack of physical contact between us.

As time wore on the conflict between what I wanted and what I thought I should do became stronger and stronger. I have realised only recently the massive amount of guilt I automatically heap upon myself at every opportunity. Given this you can imagine how much guilt I was carrying around. Mother guilt, wife guilt, daughter guilt and, just in case it wasn’t enough, guilt for not having enough guilt. All of this negativity had a serious impact on my confidence in myself as well as my general outlook. I withdrew from everything including my marriage. But instead of recognising what was happening I took the view that the problem was the marriage, it wasn’t supporting me in the way I needed.

I was very passive / aggressive at that time. I didn’t stand up for myself I just held on to my negative feelings and tried to hide them because, you guessed it, I felt guilty that I wasn’t the perfect modern superwoman.

Things came to a head when a work colleague took advantage of my unhappiness and insecurity and after much coercion on his part and a quantity of alcohol on my part I ended up naked with him. It would be much cooler if there was swinging from the rafters sex but the reality of things is that we had both drunk too much, I was consumed by guilt and fear and he couldn’t even get an erection. So was there sex? Technically no but I definitely cheated.

This series of events became a turning point in my marriage for a lot of reasons. Firstly I bought to a head some of the issues that had led to the infidelity in the first place. Despite my conviction that he was oblivious to my feelings and issues Mr Jones knew something was amiss and so he had preempted my infidelity a little. In an intense discussion he made me promise that I was going to be honest about everything that happened. He had worked out that my work colleague was cutting his grass so to speak and he knew it was probably only a matter of time.

Because of all of this I fessed up almost immediately. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. What followed was an intense few months of late night deep and meaningful conversations, painful and frustrating revelations of feelings, long buried and hidden from each other and of course, guilt. On the plus side issues that both of us had were voiced, and actions were taken to deal with them. Both of us learned a lot about communication and honesty. But more importantly we both learned that the only factor that was going to end our marriage was ourselves. The actions of other people didn’t have any effect as long as we kept communicating with each other.

It wasn’t immediately after this series of events, both of us needed some time to heal, but because of the things we learned about each other that Mr Jones suggested that we open the door of our bedroom and enter into the mysterious world of swinging.


Wicked Wednesday

Good Morning and Happy Christmas to you all! As a little gift to you I have posted a continuation from Last week’s entry “Shave”. It is only short but I know you will enjoy it.

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Howard waited, face down on the bed, his nylon covered ass in the air, quivering with anticipation. Every nerve in his body was on edge, every sensation amplified. The touch of her fingers against his nylon clad buttocks was like a jolt of electricity straight to his cock. Slowly and tentatively she began her exploration of him beginning with tracing the edges of the panties with her fingers. Her nails grazed his skin ever so slightly and triggered a memory of those same nails dragging over his back as he fucked her. Sneakily her finger slipped under the elastic wriggling between the fabric and the skin. Her hot breath and the sound of her breathing made him aware of how closely she was studying him, he wanted desperately to see her cunt again so that he could watch it swell with her arousal and study the moisture collecting.

Pink nylon tightened around his balls as she slid the elastic of the panties back to display his bare butt cheek, jolting him back to what was happening. Her fingers almost tickled him as they gently played over his ass, touching, exploring and kneading his butt cheeks before pulling them open to display his hole covered by the fabric of her panties. Inside his belly he quivered, not knowing what was coming but wanting it all, totally trusting and receptive to whatever she did, impatient for whatever she had in mind but mostly, more aroused that he ever remembered being.

The first sting of her hand against his butt cheek startled him. A gasp of surprise and pleasure / pain jolted through him followed by a shudder as her fingers stroked the area she had just slapped teasing the tingling flesh with kindness and a graze of fingernails. Unbelievably the attention heightened his senses before she slapped him again sending an even more intense sting of pleasure / pain through him. This time she followed it up with several more slaps in quick succession setting his ass momentarily on fire. He groaned into the pillow hungry for more but dreading the sharp sting her hand made as it made contact with his flesh.

Her fingernails dragging across the burning red marks her hand had just made were intense. His body convulsed in sensation he didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure or an insane mix of both, all he knew was he wanted more. She moved her attention to the other side of his ass, sliding the elastic across his butt cheek into his ass crack as she had with the first side. This time her exploration was more cursory. Like him she was more interested in the sharp connection of her palm with his bare flesh.

Sounds of bare palm connecting with bare flesh filled the room as she delivered several more slaps sending the temperature of his ass soaring. Gasps of surprise decreased into moans of feeling as the burning descended into pleasant tingling. He waited, bracing himself wondering what might be coming next. He knew she had more implements resting on the bed beside him, some of them she had used before but like him this was all new to her she was still feeling her way.

As always she surprised him. She ignored the implements she had laid out and continued with her exploration. Gently she pulled aside the knickers and spread his legs apart further. His cock was pushed into the mattress momentarily taking his attention away from her exploring fingers, tentatively she touched his butt hole. Her fingernails traced around the outline before she dipped into it slightly, testing his resistance. Every ounce of his concentration was focussed on her attention. He was aware of every detail of sensation from the slight scrape of her fingernails to the warm waft of her breath against his skin. She continued to explore further down his crack, pressing gently against the sensitive skin behind his balls.

Involuntarily he gave a little groan as she pressed against his prostate. Impossibly his cock grew harder and the pleasure shuddered through him sending a muffled groan out of his mouth. Every fibre of his body was straining towards his butt hole waiting, wanting, aching for her to enter him to stretch him open and fill him in a way that no woman ever had.

TMI Tuesday – Blankety Blanks

I love TMI Tuesday Blanks Questions! In the past I have not really got the point of the challenge but I am aiming to make this set as sexy and corny as possible. Let me know what you think of my efforts!


1. My best friend is Mr Jones of course. I believe very strongly that the substance that makes up a marriage is very different from the romantic images that are promoted in popular culture. I can’t imagine being in a situation with a person that requires you to manage mortgages, child raising and careers and NOT be friends with them..

2. A whole posse of kinky, dirty, affectionate lovers is all I need to satisfy my deepest, darkest fantasy

3. If you only know one thing about me it should be that once I start squirting it is very difficult for me to stop. For most guys that is a massive turn on and trust me it feels amazing but it gets very, very, very messy. If you are going to keep on pressing that button make sure you have a stack of towels on hand or a set of rubber sheets.__ .

4. Being naked on the deck of a sailing ship and basking in the sun is the best feeling in the world.

5. A man and his wife walk into a bar and start chatting with the barman. While they are chatting a fit young man comes up and starts flirting with the wife. The barman and the husband are deep in conversation and they don’t even turn a hair while the young man bends the wife over the bar lifts up her dress. The wife starts to moan as the man spreads her legs and buries his face between her legs. When the wife’s moans become too loud the husband and the barman turn to watch. After a while the barman says to the husband, “do you mind?”

“Go for it,” the husband smiles as the barman unzips his pants and kneels on the bar so the wife can suck his cock.

Sometime around three the barman remembered he had to close. The husband had to carry his wife out of the bar. She had been fucked and eaten out so many times that she couldn’t stand up._____ .

6. I like to eat sausages in fall. In fact I will eat sausages any time. I do like them in all shapes and sizes.

Bonus: I can’t dry my washingif it rains but I can walk around naked in the rain which feels good once you get wet.

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Wicked Wednesday

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was “Body Hair”. I have made a commitment to myself that I would only use the prompt to write erotica and so it took me a while to come up with something that fitted with the prompt. I think I missed the deadline for inclusion in the link list but that doesn’t matter, you all get to enjoy some word porn anyway.

Of course as usual you can always check out the variety of entries by visiting the Wicked Wednesday page.

Gravel crunched under Howard’s feet as he walked up the small pathway to her back door. It can’t have been more than a dozen steps from where he parked his bike to the doorway but it seemed like a journey of a million miles. When he reached the back door he stood silently for a moment. Anticipation of the hours he was about to experience warred with nerves. Possible scenarios of failure crowded into his mind; What if his cock didn’t work? What if he couldn’t pleasure her? What if he tripped and fell through the back door?

He could see her through the glass sliding door, moving around in the kitchen. She was dressed in house clothes, nothing special, but that didn’t matter, she could have been dressed in a flour sack for all he cared, the thing that enticed him the most was her mind, and those eyes.

Nervously he fumbled with the zipper on his jacket slipping it down over his arms. She had instructed him to be undressed when he entered her house. He intended to follow her instructions. As he slipped his t-shirt over his head she turned and looked at him. Instantly his cock hardened almost uncomfortably against his jeans.

“Hello,” he was surprised that his voice sounded almost normal.

“Hello,” she replied quietly, leaning against the door frame. Her eyes travelled over his body, drawing him in. Nothing could make him leave now, no matter how nervous he was. He continued to undress as she watched him, placing his clothing neatly over the chair that was positioned near the back door. When he was fully naked she moved away from the doorway, gesturing for him to enter.

She moved over to the jug in the corner and busied herself making coffee. They made small talk as the jug boiled. He was acutely conscious of his nudity and her being fully clothed but somehow he didn’t feel uncomfortable. As she poured as she poured boiling water into his cup and added the right amount of sugar and milk it It was strange her serving him in this way, even though they were in her house, he was here to do her bidding and yet right now she was serving him.

He took the cup from her and sipped it gladly, it had been a long morning. Finally the nerves began to ease away from him and he could feel the sexual tension building in him. Without speaking she began to remove her clothing. Her shorts fell to the floor revealing the garment he always anticipated the most, her knickers. Today they were pink and sheer, showing the hair on her mound underneath. The urge to kneel in front of her and bury his face in her crotch was almost overwhelming but something in her eyes warned him to remain where he was.

“You are not allowed to touch,” she warned.

“OK then,” he responded wondering how he was going to be able to obey her rules. The thought completely left his mind as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slipped them down over her knees.

“You are to wear these,” she instructed, holding them out to him. His heart raced, almost thumping out of his chest as he took the scrap of pink fabric from her. He could not resist pressing them to his face and inhaling her aroma. His cock stiffened between his thighs as he slipped the garment over his legs and up over his ass. He couldn’t stretch the nylon over his hardened cock but it was the most enticing thing he had ever felt, his cock was so hard it was almost painful.

“You can see I haven’t shaved,” she indicated the hair covering her mound. While it wasn’t fully grown he could tell it had been a long time since she had shaved or waxed.

“Ok,” he replied, a little unsure of what she wanted. She turned and walked towards the bathroom without a comment. With a tingle of nerves starting again he followed her.

A yellow razor was set out on the sink of the bathroom. Howard reached forward to pick it up.

“You are to watch,” she instructed.

Unable to resist any more Howard reached out to fondle her mound,

“You may not touch,” she reiterated as she picked up the razor and placed her foot on the sink.

“Do you mind if I sit here so I can get a better view?” He asked respectfully, desperately hoping that she wouldn’t say no.

“For the first time she allowed herself to smile, “of course.”

He sank to the floor so that he could look up at her pink, glistening cunt that was opened like a flower just above his head. The aroma of her arousal drifted down to him, reminding him of the garment that was covering his cock. Above his face the razor moved in long slow strokes over her mound. Gradually the hair fell away leaving behind smooth, freshly shaved skin. He held his breath as the razor passed closely to her clit, for a moment he was afraid she would cut herself but she smiled beguilingly as she moved the blade away from the danger zone.

When she was finished she placed the razor on the bench and rubbed her fingers over the smooth skin. Teasingly she dipped her fingers into her glistening cunt and raised them to her lips. Howard craved a taste of her sweet juices but he was afraid to ask. Eventually his desire got the better of him,

“Please Miss,” he asked politely, “May I have a taste?”

Like a benevolent parent she obliged, dipping her fingers deep inside herself and stroking the wetness around her fold before placing them onto his lips. A smile played around her mouth as she traced her juices onto his lips before inserting her finger into his mouth.

The taste did nothing to ease his hunger, instead it made him want her cunt even more.

But she had other ideas. Taking her foot down from the sink she led him over to the bed where she bent him over the edge. The nylon of her panties stretched over his ass as he bent against the mattress exposing his buttocks to her, waiting impatiently.


In The Beginning

I began this blog partly as a way of making some changes to the way I was blogging with Erotic Adventures. The other part of the change was to tell the story of my journey. I was raised in a Catholic, white, middle class family. My parents are very conservative and so my sexual education as I passed through adolescence was almost non-existent.

By contrast my lifestyle today is what many people of my parents’ ilk would call hedonistic. It is not an easy transition. When I was a prudish schoolgirl who planned to be a virgin on her wedding night and was terrified of being caught masturbating I thought everyone else was more sexual than me. These days I am often confronted with the reality that while we all like to TALK about sex, very few people out there are actually having the kind of sex we like to talk about or watch on the Internet.

In some ways the transformation was inevitable. Even when I was very young I was insatiably curious about sex. Maybe it was because I was starved for information by my parent’s refusal or inability to talk about sex with me. Other aspects of my upbringing made me very socially awkward. I didn’t have may friends as a teenager and so I couldn’t ask my questions or talk about normal curiosity with my friends.

And so I resorted to furtively reading the sex advice columns in magazines and exploring my own body as much as I could in the limited privacy that a boarding school allowed. I masturbated frequently to the point where I couldn’t go to sleep without it. I liked to wear short skirts and I was proud of my breasts. I know now that that were pretty nice breasts. I wish that I had been more confident of my breasts when I was younger but I am making up for it now.

Mr Jones was one of the key people who finally helped me to reach a place where I am more or less comfortable with my body and my sexuality at least for a while. Our sexual relationship started out with a huge bang. For the first time ever I felt as if he ‘got’ me and we fucked like rabbits, until life took over. The arrival of children radically changed things in our relationship. I won’t go into all the sordid details but for a long time I couldn’t understand how much emphasis Mr Jones put on sex. For me it was fun but just the icing on the cake. I just didn’t get that sex is an important part of feeling loved especially for him. There was constant friction between us about the need for ‘enough’ sex.

My twisted upbringing had trained me well to repress my body’s natural desires and to this day I find it hard to just be horny. When I realise that I am sometimes it is like a triumph and I want to shout from the rooftops. “I am not broken! I can be horny!” The result of my repression was that I began to resent his desire and like so many women with small children and a job to juggle, sex just became one of the chores to tick off on the list of things to get done this week.

Looking back and talking with some people about this topic I know now that we were definitely having more sex than a lot of people even when he kept making me feel like we weren’t. I also know that it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes though knowing something intellectually does erase the negative impressions and bad associations. I still struggle daily with some things like telling him when I am horny or making sure that I enjoy the experience as well.

This negativity dominated my sexual landscape for a very long time, even now it still rears its ugly head from time to time making me over think and over analyse everything that is going on. These days I am starting to realise that this is part of a bigger problem and I am dealing with it that way. Like everyone with this kind of issue I am very good at hiding it. Being in “Gemma mode” is in a lot of ways a mask. Gemma is Mrs Jones but she is also the person Mrs Jones isn’t able to be. Gemma doesn’t have body hang ups or worries about not being sexy or concerns about wether she is doing the sex right. She knows she is one of the hottest creatures on the planet and that when she walks in the room every guys wants to fuck her. It is very liberating being able to slip into character so to speak but there have been times when Gemma has overdone things a little and then left Mrs Jones to pick up the pieces.

I guess that is part of life really and directing my energy towards focussing on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives is part of my approach to dealing with the issues I mentioned earlier. Like everything it is a journey and I will be on it for the rest of my life. In the spirit of being positive I am looking forward to the ride.

Wicked Wednesday – Skeletons in the Closet.

My blogging life began as writing short stories describing my experiences and fantasies. I had dreams of making a career out of writing erotica. As it turns out so do a lot of other people, especially since the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey. I have participated in Wicked Wednesday regularly as Gemma Jones from Erotic Adventures but this is my first as Mrs Jones. If you like it please leave a comment and make sure you check out the other entries at the Wicked Wednesday Page.

Wicked Wednesday

“Mr Portman will be with you shortly” the immaculately groomed receptionist, smiled at Natalie, “Would you like to take a seat?” She gestured at the small couches lining the wall of the reception area.

“Thank you,” Natalie returned the smile before she turned to perch nervously on one of the couches. Carefully she flicked through the contents of her portfolio checking that her documents were in order. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, she had a lot of hopes and dreams pinned on this meeting. For over a year she had wanted to work for this company, now she was one interview away from realising. The butterflies in her stomach hit panic mode and her fingers started to tremble at this rate she would be unable to give an intelligent answer to anyone, she had to get control of herself.

“Mr Portman will see you now,” the receptionist opened the door to the side of her desk, gesturing towards the hallway.

“Thank you,” Natalie took a deep breath to calm herself as she stood up and smoothed down her skirt. As she passed the doorway She fought the urge to check her reflection in the glass of the door.

“It is the first door on the left,” the receptionist indicated as Natalie stepped past her.

“Thank you,” Natalie replied. The hallway seemed infinitely long as she made her way to the door on the left. The butterflies in her stocks fluttered in panic as she reached out for the door handle. She gave herself a hard mental shove, it was just an interview. The door handle clicked before the door swung silently open to reveal a spartan office dominated by a large wooden desk and the powerful figure of a man sitting behind it. All of the breath left Natalie’s body as she realised who he was. The memory of the last time she had seen him slammed into her mind completely taking away her ability to speak.

“Hello Natalie,” Mr Portman stood up and stepped out from behind his desk to hold his hand out to her. His presence filled the room and completely engulfed Natalie in exactly the same way as it had when she had met him before, “please call me Brian.” He took Natalie’s hand and grasped it firmly. For a split second she thought he was going to kiss her hand but he didn’t. Instead he guided her to a seat in the corner of his office. Natalie sank into the chair, grateful that she didn’t have to will her legs to hold her up any longer. Valiantly she struggled to focus on the situation and banish the images that were flooding her mind.

“Would you like a coffee or something before we get started?” His voice caressed over her in the way that she remembered making her cunt throb and a warm wetness dampened the gusset of her panties.

“Just a glass of water,” she replied with a smile. She forced herself to look up into his eyes, his whole manner and expression were completely professional, there wasn’t a single hint that he had remembered anything about her. Disappointment stabbed through her gut twisting like a knife inside her. That single encounter with him had fuelled her fantasies many times over the last two weeks. More than once she had thought about him tracing her lips with his cock as she fingered herself in the darkness of her bedroom. Automatically she took the glass he offered her, daring another glance into his eyes but again she was disappointed there was nothing there but steely blue professionalism.

Settling his tall frame in the chair across from her Brian began the interview. Everything about him was formal and businesslike, there was no hint of the man she remembered, the one with with the leather jeans and a bare chest that she had met at Fetish Empire two weeks ago. The one that had tied her hands behind her back and made her worship his cock before he spread her legs and worshipped her in a way she hadn’t believed was possible. Natalie followed his lead and kept her mind focussed on where she was. She reminded herself of what was at stake, she didn’t want to throw away her long held dream just because of a man she had fucked at a club. No matter how good the fucking had been.

As the interview drew to a close Natalie allowed herself to relax a little. She admired the way his body filled his suit and also the way he approached his work. She could see that Brian Portman was more than a man in a pair of leather trousers with a talent for mixing pleasure and pain. He was very good at his job. It confirmed the reason why she had come here in the first place, Bradman and Street had a reputation for employing exceptional business people and she wanted more than anything to be part of that. Her resolve was firm, no skeletons in hers or anyone else’s closet were going to jeopardise her chances.

Brian gathered together his papers signalling the end of the interview. Natalie followed his lead and stood to leave. As she passed him in the doorway she inhaled his scent, it was the same as she remembered, her body responded automatically. Looking up her eyes were locked by the fire in his. The business only manner had left him. Heat flushed through Natalie and a fresh patch of wetness formed on her panties.

“I am sure we will be seeing much more of each other in the future,” Brian’s voice caressed Natalie like smooth silk fanning the heat in her cheeks. “We always have room here for talented young people like yourself.” His hand rested on the small of her back, guiding her through the doorway.

“I hope so,” she replied, “in whatever capacity you are able to use my talents.”

As she walked down the hallway Natalie could feel his eyes on her ass. It confirmed what she had always thought, she was definitely going to like working here.