Ryan and Mrs B.

Carmen Beresford is a single mother. For many years she has raised her son Josh by herself. He is now a young man with his own job, relationships and friends. In a chance encounter Carmen meets Ryan, one of her son’s workmates. The attraction between them is electric and Carmen finds herself in an encounter that leaves her breathless.

But how does she tell her son?

Carmen and Ryan Part 5 – The Evening Continues

Carmen slid down from the bench and moved back to the fridge, “You said you wanted a beer?” As she bent slightly to look into the fridge, she felt his hands on her arse. Does he ever stop? She wondered. Her body stiffened slightly and he pulled his hands away. “I am so sorry,” the…

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Carmen and Ryan Part 4 – The Evening After

We left Carmen waiting for Ryan in the evening of a long day. The day after their first encounter I will be there in thirty minutes The reply sent a jolt of energy through her. She stepped into the shower, unable to focus properly. She looked down at her pussy. Should she shave? What would…

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Carmen and Ryan Part 3 – The Morning After

Alarm screams penetrated Carmen’s dreams. Sleepily she fumbled to find the button. For a few moments she lay, pushing back the curtains of sleep. Slowly the events of the night before came back to her. Unconsciously she reached down and touched the space between her legs, she was pleasantly tender. A small smile played around…

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Carmen and Ryan Part 2 – What Happened in the Kitchen

The meal finished and plates were cleared away. Carmen began the task of stacking the dishwasher while Josh ferried dishes into the kitchen. Josh’s remaining friends finished their beers and left thanking Carmen for the meal as they left. Ryan, Chloe and Josh sat by the pool chatting and laughing. The methodical task of stacking…

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Carmen and Ryan Part 1 – Who is That?

“Hey Mum!” “Hello there,” Carmen stood in the doorway surveying the trail of destruction surrounding her swimming pool. “Hey Mrs B,” Her son, Josh’s, girlfriend Chloe disentangled herself from Ryan’s lap and walked towards Carmen. Behind her Ryan jumped into the pool sending water flooding around the pool before he began wrestling with his friends.…

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