The Beginning of Something

Mr Jones has always been interested in boats. He follows sailing blogs, we have owned several boats throughout our time. We started with an old Young 26 (sailing people will know what I mean) which is a yacht that fits on a trailer. There were many things about that boat I didn’t like. It was old, it didn’t have plumbing and it leaned when we were sailing. Having said that we did have some great times aboard her.

She was however, as I said, old. Dry rot was an ongoing feature of her existence. And so we patched her up as best we could and then she became somebody else’s problem.

She was followed a couple of years later by a brand new McGregor. Also a yacht on a trailer. A little bigger, some rudimentary plumbing but still leaning when sailing. Again we had some good times but Mr Jones spent a lot more time on her than me. Both of our children have an appreciation for the freedom of being on the water and it is a great experience for them to spend time sailing like that.

While we were still owners of the Young Mr Jones had a friend who owned a Seawind catamaran. From my first experience of the Seawind I was convinced catamarans were the way to go. Mr Jones took several more years of convincing. His arguments related to speed and cost. Both a bit hard to refute. I informed him that I was not sailing anywhere out of Moreton Bay on a monohull.

By chance Mr Jones came across a company that manages large sailing vessels for syndicates. Here was a chance to own a part of a relatively luxurious boat without some of the risks and hassles of being a sole owner. And, the best part, there were shares in a catamaran available. We leaped from our McGregor into a Lagoon 39. Indoor plumbing, comfortable beds, a full kitchen, self furling sails. Dreams come true stuff.

The Lagoon was the backdrop for many adventures and some amazing family holidays. I found myself being drawn in to sailing. I got a boat license and I did basic sailing training. I won’t say I am a competent sailor but I understand how it works and in a pinch I could dock, anchor and get us places. My ‘blue water’ experience is limited but I have seen some strong winds and chop.

Being part of a syndicate has its pros and cons but eventually we felt the value for money was not there and we sadly said goodbye to the Lagoon. My children joked that “Dad definitely get another boat” but as time went by it seemed this was not to be. There were pie in the sky conversations about sailing to certain places but it seemed it was not to be.

The weird thing was that I missed it. I missed the weekends of being in the sun on the water. Of exploring little beaches where the general public didn’t go (and some that every person on a boat ever seemed to be at!!). Earlier in the year we spent a few days with some friends on their forty foot catamaran. It was a boat similar to the Lagoon. I resolved that the pie in the sky dreams needed to happen.

And so I nudged at the reluctant Mr Jones. I began to strongly encourage him to pursue this dream. Something that 2010 Gemma would never have done. The twists and turns are not important but what is important is that we are now the sole owners of a forty foot Lipari catamaran. Excited is one word to describe how we are feeling. Shit scared is another. Buyers remorse keeps getting chucked around but I am avoiding that label.

What are we going to do with our new beauty?

Watch this space….

TMI Tuesday – Back to School Week 

OK I will admit that the questions this week are not about back to school. However in Australia the summer holidays finished this week and the school year has started. For me it signals the end of sleep ins, daytime naps and not having a timetable to follow; at least until December rolls around again. That will happen in 45 weeks or so. But who is counting. And so on with the questions. 

1. At work, what sets you apart from others?

This morning when I read thes questions I was feeling very positive but I received some very negative and unfair feedback today from a collegue. I like to think that I am a positive person but the thing that probably sets me apart from others is a refusal to play office politics and get caught up in he said she said games. 

2. When it comes to sex appeal, what sets you apart from others?

This question kind of stumped me a little but I asked The Fireman and he said this 

Ok … your confidence, imagination, willingness to be adventurous, and enthusiasm for the dick 🙂

Until I read this comment I had forgotten about that. But it is true. If I am in a play situation I can become insatiable for cock. Hence my last post about being taken by multiple men. It is a state of mind that gives incredible freedom. 

3. What are the big imbalances in your life?

Given the events of today I am thinking that I take a lot of things way too personally and need to stop over analysing. 

4. What is it that your family and close friends cannot do that only you can do?

When I was growing up my mother prided herself on being a good cook. She had a certain amount of talent for a certain type of cooking, namely CWA (never heard of it? Look here ) style baking etc. she thought that she was the best person to make birthday cakes. However I have surpassed her skill. As she ages her ability seems to have diminished slightly and I was more than a little chuffed when recently she declared that I was now the “go to” person in the family for celebratory cakes.  

5. Are you flexible enough? 

To do the splits? Not quite. For the record I have never been able to do the splits and so getting my body to that point is a painful challenge that I am not committed to enough. 

To be able to deal with unexpected situations as they crop up in every day life? Absolutely I would go so far as to say that it is one of the essential skills that all teachers must have and I am pleased to announce that I have it in spades. 

Bonus: What was the best news you received in 2016?

At this point I would have to say my timetable for this year. It is awesome!!! For the first time ever I am not the person in the staff room with the least planning time. That is great because it means I have time to plan sexy adventures and write about them here (I hope!).

Despite my best efforts I am not superwoman and a lurking black dog meant that I did not get this posted on time. However make sure Yu enjoy more TMI goodness at the official TMI Tuesday site.