Don’t Tell Me to Shhh

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is Fore- and Afterplay. When I think about these words I think of a few different things. In the world of sex foreplay is talked about a lot. Stereotypically a lot of men are bad at it.

Of course some men are better than others. I think it is directly related to how selfish he is. The more focussed he is on his pleasure the less he is going to focus on hers. I have experienced a lot of different versions of this but something recently became clear to me.

I am a squirter. This is not something I hide. It is something I have mixed feelings about though. I am self conscious about the mess. I am also conscious that a bed that has been covered with vaginal ejaculate can smell a bit ordinary the next day. I am also conscious that some people don’t like it. Having your face covered in vaginal ejaculate is not some people’s idea of fun.

For the majority of men however it is a dream come true. Whilst I have had the occasional lover recoil and politely move to another activity which doesn’t involve their face being covered a more frequent happening is true enthusiasm for the experience. Both Johnny and JB LOVED the feeling of being covered in my juice. They could never get enough.

After being told “I don’t mind it because it means you are enjoying yourself,” while being fingered in a mediocre way. I realised that trying to hold back that bodily function to suit someone else’s ideas of what is fun is not how I roll. After sucking several men to climax and being complimented the whole time about my skill but without reciprocation I have decided that is also not how I roll.

Most men like the way I suck them. I deserve for the pleasure to be reciprocated. I will squirt, at least a small amount, that is how I am built. If that is not your thing then you are not the one for me.

Sorry, not sorry.

The other thing about me is that I can be noisy. Actually if I am not making noise I am probably not enjoying myself. I was shushed recently. For no good reason. We were in a hotel room in a city where neither of us worked or frequented. There was absolutely NO reason for me to be quiet. I told my partner to get over himself.

In the washup (afterplay?) he tried to explain why he did that. It didn’t change my feelings. In fact his explanation and process of pressuring me to state explicitly what I was unhappy about so that he could rebut and justify and explain himself was the exact opposite of good afterplay.

The only thing that was good about it was that it cemented some things in my mind.

  1. If you don’t like me squirting on your face then I am not interested. I don’t judge you but I am not prepared to compromise.
  2. If you are going to shush me I will put my pants on and go home… I won’t be coming back.

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