Sunday Sunshine

I sent a good part of my weekend sharing a beautiful part of my world with some visitors from Canada. The weather gods were very kind to us. Mr Jones was kind to me and bought me a perfect dress that hid everything and nothing at the same time. It also matched the landscape perfectly.

Sinful Sunday

Almost but Not Quite

The weekend dawned full of promise. The forecast was good. Perfect boating weather. We rose early to get a good start on things. Picked up our friends and made our way to the harbour. I wore my new dress purchased by Mr Jones. He does have good taste.

The sun was shining and we enjoyed a leisurely sail to beautiful Moreton Island. As we dropped anchor we were treated to an excellent close up view of two sea turtles courting. It is always amazing how these creatures that seem so ungainly can move so nimbly and even gracefully in the water. Our friends were surprised at how quickly they could move when they chose to.

As we were travelling I chatted with a friend and organised a play date. I was excited. it was the first time I had planned a solo session for a while. It felt like time. As we prepared to launch kayaks to spend time paddling over the shallow sand flats in the hope of encountering sting rays and more turtles I picked up a stray broom and placed it in the front locker. The locker lid is heavy and has a relatively narrow lip. I didn’t place my toe properly, the gas strut was corroded and now the nail on my right big toe is split in half.

Yes it hurt. No I did not get to go kayaking. Or walking on the beach. Lots of sitting with my foot elevated. I took the opportunity to colour. Which apparently is great for your mental health.

When we returned to dry land I visited the local medical centre for a proper dressing a tetanus vaccination and an X-ray order. More visits to medical professionals. Not entirely happy about this. Not to worry I began preparing for my date.

Then texts took a worrying turn. My friend was being “pussy blocked” by a relative. Time ticked by, We had dinner and I could feel my mental health slipping. I called it at 8pm. I wasn’t ready to head out for a 40 minute drive and then return after midnight. As frustrating and disappointing as it was I finished the night with one of the most faithful of my friends and some last minute marking.

There is something about the love of a cat. They don’t make promises. They just love you when they are ready to fully commit. And then it is soft, purring, and transfixing.

Maybe next weekend will be better.

Tan Lines

While I was living at sea last year I never sunbathed in a bikini. By August I had an excellent tan, especially considering how fair my skin is. I was particularly proud of having no tan lines. Coming out of the Southern Hemisphere winter I am lamenting the loss of colour on the parts of my body that are normally covered. I am also struggling to get enough time in the sun to rejuvenate my tan. Over this weekend there was ample opportunity for sunbathing but the presence of families with children required a certain level of modesty. And now I have tan lines.

Sinful Sunday

Perfect Sunset

Over the last twelve months #boatlife has been a struggle. La Niña has not been kind to those who live on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Summer was very wet. Winter has been wet, windy and cold. And now we have been informed that we will have a third consecutive year of La Niña.

But sometimes the sun shines and the days are perfect. I was lucky enough to have one of those. I was even luckier to have good friends to share it with. After a day of paddle boarding, unexpected discovery of coral in Moreton Bay, climbing sand dunes and spectacular blue water we had a gorgeous sunset to go with our drinks.

Thank you to Mr Jones for taking the perfect shot.

Suddenly all of those cold wet days seem insignificant.

Sinful Sunday

Sunset Reflection

Like all women who date in the twenty-first century I have been sent my share of dick pics. A very small proportion of them actually make the appendage look good. Some would argue that no dick is attractive. But I have always been a firm believer that it is all about the angle and the lighting. With this shot taken during our voyage last year I think I nailed it.

Sinful Sunday

If These Walls Could Speak

As we finished our recent short break I took some time to do some cleaning. Mould, ever present on a boat and doubly so because we live in Queensland where it just doesn’t stop raining, had started to appear. As I wiped ceilings and walls in the back cabin I reflected on the action this room has seen. Typically it is the room we use when we have naughty guests aboard. In the eighteen months we have owned this yacht some notable visitors to this room have included, The Second Mate, The Italian and The Traveller.

And so I share a snap of an unassuming cabin, freshly cleaned that carries many memories of hot sweaty fucking.

Sinful Sunday

Travelling Boob Returns

During the last two weeks I have been back on board our yacht and travelling albeit in a much more restricted capacity. Initially I had imagined there would be many travelling boob photo opportunities but winter weather conspired. We did manage to snap a few though including this one in an inlet on the Western side of K’gari (Fraser) Island.

Boob Day

TMI Tuesday – Where is My Vibrator

It is TMI Tuesday time. That day of the week when you just don’t know what you are going to get.

1. What is the most ambitious work you’ve done in the past five years?

Teaching teenagers. One of the most frustrating, thankless tasks in the world. It is very difficult to teach a human who knows so much!!!

2. What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your life?

Investing the same amount of money it takes to buy a house, in a yacht, taking unpaid leave from my job and sailing away with Mr Jones for six months.

3. What do you do when no one is watching?

Masturbate. There is something about having an empty house that just makes self pleasure so much better.

Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash

4. How do you get attention?

As a wife: Say “You aren’t listening” Mr Jones has learned that the unspoken meaning of that is “Your opinion isn’t the only one here and you need to stop listening to your own voice”

As a mother say: “I’m starting to get annoyed,” I am a tolerant and reserved person but when I have had enough I have had enough. Often there is no outward sign of

5. Who do you stalk on the internet?

Occasionally people from my past but no one really. I just don’t see the point.

Bonus: What did you watch last night?

I watched Mr Jones wash the dishes and condensation form on the ceiling. Life on a yacht when it is cold and rainy is very exciting.

Photo by Nithya Ramanujam on Unsplash

It’s Not Raining

This week is prompt week for Sinful Sunday. I don’t really consider myself a fantastic photographer but one of the things Mr Jones and I enjoy when we are on the yacht is creating images for memes like this one. In my #boobday post this week I was lamenting the lack of good weather we have experienced for this trip. But today is a day with No rain!! so my take on the theme is N is for No rain!!.

For the record it is winter in Australia. We do live in the subtropics but when sailing and standing on the windward side of the yacht it is a bit chilly. So the shoot was short and to the point! I hope you enjoy the result

Mr Jones does love being on his boat and loves it when he gets a good sail in even more. So this display and the events that followed just served to make it and even better day for him.

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Sinful Sunday