Travelling Boob Returns

During the last two weeks I have been back on board our yacht and travelling albeit in a much more restricted capacity. Initially I had imagined there would be many travelling boob photo opportunities but winter weather conspired. We did manage to snap a few though including this one in an inlet on the Western side of K’gari (Fraser) Island.

Boob Day

Snatching Sunshine

Last year Mr Jones and I spent six months living on our yacht cruising the coast of Queensland. We had many adventures and shared our story in both our Vanilla and our Spicy world. #travellingboob was a feature of our journey and appeared on Twitter and also in Sinful Sunday. Since then we have had several short stays on board around Moreton Bay which is close to our home but we were looking forward to the two weeks of the June / July school holidays hoping to travel a little way north to warmer climes and sunshine to work on my fading tan.

Sadly things did not go to plan. It has been chilly and the sunshine was intermittent for the first couple of days before disappearing completely. I was lucky enough to grab a few moments of sunshine so I will share it with you.

Boob Day

You Never Walk Alone

Regular Twitter followers are familiar with #commutecleavage. Sneaky shots taken while sitting at traffic lights on my morning commute. My tween last Friday featured my brand new Trademutt shirt.

Trademutt is an Australian workwear company established by two guys who met working on a building site, two tradies. One of them lost his best mate, another tradie, to suicide. It is a great tragedy that men who work in traditional “masculine” environments frequently suffer mental health problems in silence and spiral silently to a place where the only way out is to take their lives.

The founders of Trademutt took it upon themselves to build a company that gave tradies and other blue collar workers the opportunity to start conversations about mental health. The bright colours of the shirts draw attention. Each shirt has the words “This is a conversation starter” clearly visible across the back. A prompt for anyone to come up and start a conversation with the wearer. Each shirt has the letters YNWA on the breast pocket. A reminder to co-workers that they are not alone. That their mates at work have their back.

A portion of the profits of Trademutt go to support charities that provide mental health support and counselling to people who may not normally have the finances to access professional services. So I wear my shirts proudly and I use it as a way to show my students, tradies of the future, that their mental health matters.

Boob Day
Every Damn Day in June

In the Dark

A few months ago, when it was warmer, I was sunbathing on the front deck as we sailed to Moreton Island. A friend, we shall call him the Party Boat Man, went past with a raging party happening on deck. Most of the party people were young men. I covered up because I didn’t really want THAT much attention but as they went past I saw Party Boat Man on deck and I flashed him.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was that much of a big deal. But apparently it was. He didn’t believe that these boobs are completely natural and surgically unaltered. It has become a bit of a thing. Yesterday we saw him in the distance and there was a flurry of text messages with a few moments of him trying to chase us down to get another flash.

Then at 1.30am I get a message; “Titties??” In the dark I took this shot.

I was surprised at how well it came out given I had no idea what the camera was seeing.

Of course he was not happy with just one but that is a story for another day.

Boob Day
Every Damn Day in June

Just a Peek

We had the opportunity on the weekend just gone to spend some time with a couple we have just met. The weather was amazing for the first time in a while and we took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine with minimal clothing. The lady of the other couple is not as confident with being nude around other boats as myself and so she started out with just a little peek.

Boob Day
Sinful Sunday

Sunsets Are Like Snowflakes

During my school holidays Mr Jones and I took some time to head out on the yacht for a few days of relaxing and reminiscing about our time aboard last year. We took and posted on Twitter several #travellingboob photos. Mr Jones commented that sunset boob shot is very much like another and people would be starting to get bored of them. My twitter followers disagreed. One told me that each shot was like a snowflake, different and special in it’s own way.

What do you think?

Boob Day

The Word for Today – Sand

I have a table that was built for me by my father from brigalow that was milled on his property. The building of the table was a long term project. Selection of wood, ageing of said timber, shaping and assembly. Brigalow is an extremely dense and hard wood that makes very heavy furniture. We transported the table disassembled as a top and legs for six hours on the back of the ute and assembled it in our outdoor eating space where it has remained for six or seven years. I did not varnish or paint it because I wanted to celebrate the timber and display the grain of the wood. It was necessary to put oil on it from time to time to keep it from cracking and buckling.

What I kind of knew but kind of ignored is that before periodic oiling it is a good idea to give the furniture a good scrub and sand it back a little to remove grime, old oil and such stuff. Consequently I now have a much more intense scrubbing and sanding job on my hands. How do you think it is looking?