Guest Post – Derriere

I was sent a little gem from Mr Aus. It was so good I asked if I could share it with you all .

I see you lying there on the bed. Beautiful derriere exposed for all to see. A desperate urgency to have you came over me. I waste no time pulling aside the scrap of fabric that is your thong aside. Your head spins and you gasp as my tongue devours you from behind, probing and teasing your most delicate secret places.

You try to squirm away from the first flick of my tongue. Electric shocks course through your body, but I hold you firmly against the bed. You are mine to control. My free hand spreads those cheeks wide to expose the beauty of your tight little hole. My fingers circle around before slowly probing into you, stretching you. You are tense, sensing what may be coming,

“Relax baby girl, you are going to enjoy this,”

Your breath leaves your body, and you relax enough for me to slide my finger home. You groan with the pleasure. The sensation changes as I spread lube around, cold and wet, preparing your secret place. The butt plug presses against your secret place. I am in awe of your beauty. There is pure pleasure in seeing the plug inching slowly into you, stretching your tight bud. Your moans of pleasure are music to my ears, exciting me more.

As the plug pushes past the final bit of resistance you scream into the pillow. For a moment you rest feeling the fullness of the plug against your pussy wall causing delicate sensations. Your juice drip down over your thigh. Never have you felt excitement like this, sexy but very dirty at the same time. Lying there with your cute little derriere parted by the sparkly jewel, nestled between those cheeks. I kiss them gently before sliding your panties back into place.

“Good girl,”

Photo is courtesy of @Joyobex

Later that evening I catch a glimpse of your beautiful panty clad derriere standing at the kitchen bench. My mind plays over the events of the morning. There is only one thing I want now. I stroke those delicious cheeks, feeling the lace and the warmth of your skin. It feels so good.

You feel my breath on your neck, goosebumps prickle over your as I nuzzle your neck. You moan and gasp as kisses trail down your spine. My thumbs hook into the waistband of your panties and you spread your legs in readiness for me to wiggle them down. There is a ripping sound and air caresses your warm delightful cheeks. Your panties are in tatters on the floor and your delicious derriere is totally exposed.

I bend to drink your sweet aroma and fuel the fire burning inside me. My tongue dances across the lips of your pussy before probing deeper into your clit, teasing, tasting the sweet honey. I devour you and send waves of pleasure and desire crashing through you. Your moans fill the room as I spread your cheeks and plunge my tongue into your puckered hole. Your body bucks and jerks as you grip the bench and your moan echoes around the room. Heat and wetness splash onto your feel.

You turn your head and mash your lips against mine, kissing me deeply, madly, passionately. Our tongues are entwined, and you moan into my mouth as you feel my hard, throbbing shaft pressed against those delightful cheeks showing you how turned on I am right now.

Both of us are breathless as we break the embrace. I star deeply into your eyes and growl,

“Time to claim what is mine,”

Your breath catches in your throat as anticipation rises. I pull those cheeks wide, holding them there for a moment. There is a pause, you squirm as I tease you,


My fingers spread lube, circling around your puckered rosebud. You squirm even more,

“Patience,” I laugh gently before pulling you back onto my erect cock. Your little rosebud is stretched as I slide in deeply. You cry in ecstasy.

For long moments I hold still, trying to regain my composure, enjoying the incredible sensations. Your head rests on the bench top as you mumble,

“Give it to me baby. Let me feel that sweet, sticky load.”

New Year New Experiences

Neal arrived at their meeting place at the arranged time. This was not the first time he had met Elysia at the secret play room tucked away in an office of an industrial building she owned with her husband. At first it seemed a little weird meeting like this but he learned that this arrangement was not regular in any way. An unusual meeting place seemed to fit with the unusual arrangement. To be honest he was loving the way his encounters with Elysia were pushing his boundaries.

“2020 is the year of trying new things.” Neal reassured himself as he stepped in to the room. To the side of the bed that dominated the room was an unusual piece of furniture that he didn’t really understand. Neatly arranged on the red vinyl platform on top of it was an array of small floggers topped by a riding crop. Those he did understand. His buttocks twitched involuntarily as he allowed his eyes to wander over them. toys laid out

Grinning in anticipation he began to remove his clothes. In front of him, seated on the bed, Elysia watched him remove his clothes. Her legs were spread apart, inviting him in. When he was naked he kneeled in front of her and pushed his face against the white satin of her panties. He could smell her aroma through the fabric and as he rested his lips against her mound he felt dampness seeping through. His cock throbbed almost painfully and he pulled the fabric aside to allow his tongue to slip into her folds.

He was rewarded with a trickle of her sweet juice. Her fingers curled into his hair pushing his face against her as his tongue delved deeper, seeking out more. The room filled with the sound of her breath building to small moans.

Then suddenly she pulled his head away and stood up in front of him. Pussy juice dribbled down his chin as she pushed him down on to the bed. It was then that he noticed the shiny metal object on the pillow. The round bulb, slightly pointed at one end narrowed to a slender neck and then flared out to encase a small purple jewel. For a moment he wondered about it and then his attention was taken away by her lips sliding down his cock.

A groan escaped his lips as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. Two things in this world that he would never tire of, the taste of her juice and the feeling of her lips around his shaft. Her loose, wet lips worked their way up and down his shaft pausing every now and then for her tongue to tease his head. Her other hand cupped his balls gently at first and then pinching and pulling at the skin. This woman knew exactly how to please him. Her lips left his shaft and he felt her teeth clamp down on the skin around his balls. She pulled back stretching the skin. Pain / pleasure shot through his body and he forced himself to endure the overwhelming sensation.

“That’s enough,” he grunted when he could take no more. She released him, looking him in the eye with a coy smile before sliding her lips over his hard cock. He felt her hand sliding down below his balls and his butt hole twitched. He knew what was coming and previous pleasure had not fully removed his hesitation.

As she sucked him she slid a finger into his arse. Pleasure spread through his body as she hooked gently inside him finding secret pleasure spots. Warm pleasure spread through his entire body and he forced himself to relax into her attentions. He tasted her juice on his lips and he wondered if she would sit on his face.

“Come up here and sit on my face,” He could never get enough of her that way.

The finger slid out of his arse and he felt a small pang of regret as she stood over him.

“No,” she smiled teasing him. “Roll over,”

His mind shot immediately to the implements sitting on the red vinyl and, with a pang of regret about having to wait longer for her juice he obeyed. The feeling of being exposed this way was as delightful as it was terrifying. He knew she had the strength to deliver some stinging blows with her crop and he knew it gave her a deep pleasure to control him this way but he also trusted that her intent was pleasing him as well as herself.

His expectations were met with some sharp stinging blows from her palm and then the crop but as his butt tingled from her attentions he felt warm oil dripping down. Slowly and seductively she massaged his ass gently pulling his cheeks apart to expose his small hole. He waited, expecting to be penetrated by her finger again but something told him that something different was in store for him.

He felt her body lean over him as she reached for the shiny implement on the pillow. A brief flutter of fear rested in his heart. The cool metal touched his ass and then slowly pushed inside him. It was similar to her finger but also different.

“Are you OK?” Her voice sounded a little foreign in the dimness of the room. Her fingers rested on the sensitive skin between his balls and his arse. He clenched around the unyelding metal. The plug moved slightly teasing the same spots she had been working on earlier. He felt her hand leave him and then suddenly reconnect with a stinging slap.

His butt clenched around the pug sending twitches of unfamiliar pleasure through him as she landed two more stinging slaps. His mind whirled, lost in the pleasure of her attentions. He loved the pain and the new sensation of the butt pug stimulated him more than he ever imagined. The pace and strength of her blows increased as he clenched harder on the shiny metal implement in his arse. He pushed himself to tolerate the pain, knowing he would enjoy the feeling tomorrow but eventually he could take no more.

“Enough!” he grunted. The blows stopped and he felt her warmth covering his body. Her mound rested against his stinging arse and her erect nipples pressed against his back.

“You looked so sexy like that,” her breath was hot in his ear, “Such a turn on, looking at your red arse.”

“It’s my turn now.” He rolled under her until she was sitting astride him.

“You need to put your pussy here,” he pointed at his lips.

This time she didn’t refuse. Without speaking she stood and removed her panties before kneeling over his eager face. He lifted his head to taste her folds but she couldn’t resist one last tease. With a wicked smile she lifted herself out of reach.

“Please,” there was a note of desperation in his voice.

“Just because you used such nice manners,” She lowered herself onto his face.

Her familiar scent filled his nostrils and her juice surged into his mouth. He reached up and gripped her round ass to pull her down onto him more firmly. The warmth and stinging of his butt cheeks began to fade but the unfamiliar unyielding object remained. The blending of the old and the new was, as always with this woman, mind blowing, and deeply enticing.

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