Look at My Butt

This week is prompt week at Sinful Sunday and the prompt is L. I had the opportunity this week to get naked in front of the camera of a friend of mine. He was excited because he had a new camera and wanted to try out some portrait work. I am sure there will be more images from this session appearing on these pages in the next few weeks but this one was just a silly pose that turned out really well.

Sinful Sunday

The Land of No Pants

Just before we left on our voyage I started chatting with a gentleman. One of the first images of myself that I shared with him was me enjoying the sunshine with just my knickers on. Since that moment “Pants off” has been a thing and we sometimes refer to the yacht as “The Land of No Pants”! As I was flicking through some images I came across this one of Mr Jones enjoying a no pants moment with views of the Whitsunday Passage.

Sinful Sunday

Guest Post – Derriere

I was sent a little gem from Mr Aus. It was so good I asked if I could share it with you all .

I see you lying there on the bed. Beautiful derriere exposed for all to see. A desperate urgency to have you came over me. I waste no time pulling aside the scrap of fabric that is your thong aside. Your head spins and you gasp as my tongue devours you from behind, probing and teasing your most delicate secret places.

You try to squirm away from the first flick of my tongue. Electric shocks course through your body, but I hold you firmly against the bed. You are mine to control. My free hand spreads those cheeks wide to expose the beauty of your tight little hole. My fingers circle around before slowly probing into you, stretching you. You are tense, sensing what may be coming,

“Relax baby girl, you are going to enjoy this,”

Your breath leaves your body, and you relax enough for me to slide my finger home. You groan with the pleasure. The sensation changes as I spread lube around, cold and wet, preparing your secret place. The butt plug presses against your secret place. I am in awe of your beauty. There is pure pleasure in seeing the plug inching slowly into you, stretching your tight bud. Your moans of pleasure are music to my ears, exciting me more.

As the plug pushes past the final bit of resistance you scream into the pillow. For a moment you rest feeling the fullness of the plug against your pussy wall causing delicate sensations. Your juice drip down over your thigh. Never have you felt excitement like this, sexy but very dirty at the same time. Lying there with your cute little derriere parted by the sparkly jewel, nestled between those cheeks. I kiss them gently before sliding your panties back into place.

“Good girl,”

Photo is courtesy of @Joyobex

Later that evening I catch a glimpse of your beautiful panty clad derriere standing at the kitchen bench. My mind plays over the events of the morning. There is only one thing I want now. I stroke those delicious cheeks, feeling the lace and the warmth of your skin. It feels so good.

You feel my breath on your neck, goosebumps prickle over your as I nuzzle your neck. You moan and gasp as kisses trail down your spine. My thumbs hook into the waistband of your panties and you spread your legs in readiness for me to wiggle them down. There is a ripping sound and air caresses your warm delightful cheeks. Your panties are in tatters on the floor and your delicious derriere is totally exposed.

I bend to drink your sweet aroma and fuel the fire burning inside me. My tongue dances across the lips of your pussy before probing deeper into your clit, teasing, tasting the sweet honey. I devour you and send waves of pleasure and desire crashing through you. Your moans fill the room as I spread your cheeks and plunge my tongue into your puckered hole. Your body bucks and jerks as you grip the bench and your moan echoes around the room. Heat and wetness splash onto your feel.

You turn your head and mash your lips against mine, kissing me deeply, madly, passionately. Our tongues are entwined, and you moan into my mouth as you feel my hard, throbbing shaft pressed against those delightful cheeks showing you how turned on I am right now.

Both of us are breathless as we break the embrace. I star deeply into your eyes and growl,

“Time to claim what is mine,”

Your breath catches in your throat as anticipation rises. I pull those cheeks wide, holding them there for a moment. There is a pause, you squirm as I tease you,


My fingers spread lube, circling around your puckered rosebud. You squirm even more,

“Patience,” I laugh gently before pulling you back onto my erect cock. Your little rosebud is stretched as I slide in deeply. You cry in ecstasy.

For long moments I hold still, trying to regain my composure, enjoying the incredible sensations. Your head rests on the bench top as you mumble,

“Give it to me baby. Let me feel that sweet, sticky load.”