A Brave New World

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about frustrations with people’s (mostly my student’s) reactions to Covid-19. You can read about them here and here. Two weeks it seems is s long time in a world inhabited by Covid-19. Since then speculations about schools closing and lockdown have become somewhat of a reality.

Pubs and clubs are closed, gyms are closed, restaurants are closed, theatres are closed. Airports both domestic and international are running at about 20% of their capacity.. Schools are closed.

Yes schools are closed.

The teaching fraternity is currently scrambling around getting ready to deliver lessons online. After the Easter holidays finish in about two and a half weeks everyone in Australia will be effectively learning by distance education.

Some teachers are truly embracing this approach and are all over the technology we are using. For my school it is Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft products such as Power Point and One Note. Some teachers are learning this week for the first time what these platforms look like.

Students were sent home last Friday, a week earlier than scheduled to give us time time do this learning. I feel like I have re-learned how to teach in the space of about a week. No small feat. For anyone.

Consequently my blogging brain is closed for business. The capacity is taken up by working out how to do what I do every day in person as Mrs Jones in a virtual environment. It is hard. I was end of term tired before this happened.

So I apologise for the very un-sexy post. But I hope that sexy content you are used to seeing and reading will be back very soon.

In the meantime here is a quick selfie I took yesterday.