TMI Tuesday Snooping


If I were to come to your home…1. And look in your refrigerator what would I see?

Nothing terribly exciting really. About four dozen eggs – I have about 20 chickens so pre birds accumulate really quickly in our house; milk, sauces, condiments, cat meat, salad vegetables and a couple of cans of Coke. If you look really hard you might find a block of chocolate. 

2. And open your front room closet or hall closet, what would I see?

That is something to be done at your own peril. The holder for the ducted vacuum hose has fallen off the wall so opening the door could result in being attacked by an 11m ducted vacuum hose! 

3. And open the top left drawer of your dresser, what would I see?

Again a whole bunch of boring stuff, prescriptions, costume jewellery, matches and a few knick knacks. If you are interested, the sex toys are in the second drawer. 

4. And go to your bedroom and look under the bed, what would I see?

I spent the weekend rearranging my bedroom so under the bed is relatively clean right now. There is a plastic storage box containing my boots and another with most of my sexy dress up clothes in it including my corset collection. 

5. And look under your basement stairs, what would I find?

Australian houses don typically have basements. I live in a single level house that doesn’t have an attic or a basement. In our back pergola / entertaining area we have a kind of trapdoor that covers the grease trap for the kitchen sink. This door causes a few comments from people not used to living in houses that are not connected to sewerage and the standard joke that we tell unsuspecting guests is that we bury the bodies of our enemies there. 
Bonus: When visiting other people’s homes and using the bathroom–friends, relatives, parties–do you look in their medicine chest?

As a rule no. I am fairly respectful of other people’s privacy. In the vague hope that they will return the favour. Unfortunately most people don’t feel the same way and are more than happy to pry into everyone else’s private life. 

In our house the toilet is separate from the bathroom and the builder of the house very thoughtfully put a hand washing sink in the toilet, removing the temptation for people to pry.