Sunset Reflection

Like all women who date in the twenty-first century I have been sent my share of dick pics. A very small proportion of them actually make the appendage look good. Some would argue that no dick is attractive. But I have always been a firm believer that it is all about the angle and the lighting. With this shot taken during our voyage last year I think I nailed it.

Sinful Sunday

The Effect of Greedy Lucy

Last week for MMMMonday I wrote a story about a very naughty girl who had an excellent time with a group of friends on a boys weekend. The scenario came from the mind of Mr Jones so he was very happy when I put it into words. I am happy that I was around to record his response…

So many things about this situation are yummy.

  1. Being connected enough to be able to enhance on his fantasy
  2. Knowing he enjoyed reading my work
  3. Watching his response
  4. Sharing his response with you all

I hope wherever you are there is something in your day that makes you say MMM.

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Wicked Wednesday

I Love a Pretty Cock

About a week ago I was bored in a long car trip so I occupied myself by scrolling through profiles on the dating app I am a member of. I came across a profile that displayed some images of a very nice looking penis. I composed the following tweet

I do love a man with a pretty cock”

The ensuing conversation was thick and fast. Of course every male who read it suddenly wanted to know if his cock was pretty and or what exactly was the criteria I was using to assess prettiness. I responded

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but my personal preference is for one that fills my fist and hits the back of my throats nicely. Clean, can have a slight bend, in proportion, length that relates to width and proud.

Conversation ensued and I was a little concerned I would be showered with unsolicited dick pics but my fears were unfounded. My followers seemed to be restrained. Maybe they were afraid that their cock would not be up to scratch. I am grateful that my fears were unfounded.

I have blogged before about my appreciation of cock. I love it. I truly do. Not just in the sense of being fucked but in the sense of I truly find them beautiful. I do like looking at them in real life and in photos.

That doesn’t mean I like every photo of a cock. There is an art to creating a good image of a penis. Angle is important and a certain level of erection sometimes helps. The classic angle most men seem to go for is looking down from their point of view onto a fully erect member. 

This is not always the best angle, lighting can be bad, proportion is almost impossible to assess and it doesn’t reflect what I, the person that should be impressed, is going to see if I ever encounter the member in real life. 

I am not sure if a lot of men put much thought into what their images will look like when viewed by another person. Going by some of what I have seen I don’t think they do. Either that or their mind is so fogged by fantasies of what women are going to do with their member that they aren’t thinking clearly. 

A classic example of this is something that happened with a group of friends after a shopping expedition and lunch with a couple of wines. One of the group pulled out an image she had been sent by a man who she chatted with occasionally. The image had been taken while the sender was masturbating. Some trick of angle, light and poor timing meant the the thing that hit the viewer when opening the message was a huge gaping hole at the end of the glans. Yes there is supposed to be a hole there but this one looked big enough to put a finger in!!!! The recipient was repulsed by the image, I don’t really blame her if we are being honest. I am also pretty certain that the sender did NOT intend to be the butt of a group of women’s jokes. 

So what makes a good photo of a cock? As I said, angle and lighting are important. Background clutter or glare from a flash are distracting. I like to be able to see and get some idea of what it will feel like to hold. Something like this;

This just makes me want to kneel down and worship that baby. 

I am not by any means a skilled photographer and penises are notoriously hard to photograph. But I know what I like. 

This post is part of this week’s Wicked Wednesday and Kilted Wookie’s The Penis Project. 

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It has been quite a while since I have participated in Wicked Wednesday. Over the last couple of years whenever I have sat down to write other things seem to grab my attention. I have been making more of an effort of late. So let’s see if I can sustain it.

The expression “Curiosity killed the cat” had never really made much sense to Jen. She had always seen life as a journey of discovery. No question was too silly to be asked, nothing was too dangerous to be explored. Which is why, when her colleague gave her his phone so she could look at the photos he had taken of his new car she swiped one too far.

You can tell a lot about people by the junk photos on their phone….

Suddenly she had learned something about Mac that was completely unexpected and at the same time compelling. Without missing a beat she flicked back to car photos and passed his phone back. “Impressive,” she raised her eyebrows at him. He seemed slightly confused but the moment was broken by an interruption from a co-worker.

Later in the toilet Jen allowed herself to remember what she had seen. The image seemed etched permanently on her mind. Sitting in her cubicle in a little bubble of privacy she pushed her panties around her ankles and spread her knees. Her fingers slid gently over her naked pussy. Leaning back slightly Jen closed her eyes and remembered what she had seen, the proud erect cock, arching back slightly towards it’s owner’s taught muscular stomach. His fingers were curled around the shaft pulling the skin back to expose the delicate pink helmet slick with pre cum.

Jen slid her fingers downwards, pressing around her clit, teasing herself as she imagined him above her on a bed teasing her with his gorgeous cock. As she slid her fingers inside her slick wet cunt she imagined him pressing the head of his cock against her opening. She slid her fingers out covered in slippery wetness. The cubicle seemed filled with the scent of her arousal.

In her fantasy he slid his cock slowly inside her pressing her folds apart, penetrating her as he looked into her eyes. Her fingers, covered in her arousal slid upwards to stroke her swollen clit. Oblivious to everything except the fantasy filling her mind and the sensation in her clit Jen slid two fingers from her other hand inside her slick, wet cunt. She pressed against the rough skin just inside her opening sending a jolt of arousal through her. There was just enough consciousness left to remind her to clamp her lips shut to keep the sound of her pleasure inside her throat.

Her fingers moved frantically over her clit and she thrust her other hand inside herself, three fingers now, she wanted to stretch her cunt the way she knew that beautiful cock would. She could feel herself teetering on the brink of her orgasm and she pushed herself towards it. Her pussy jerked and pulsed as the heat spread from her fingers throughout her whole body. A small amount of liquid spilled over her hand and she smiled blissfully as she leaned her head against the wall of the cubicle keeping her breathing as quiet as she could.

The sound of footsteps entering brought her back to reality. She wondered how long she had been away from her desk. A slight feeling of panic fluttered to the bottom of her stomach as she pulled her panties back into place and straightened her skirt.

Returning to her desk she allowed herself a quick glance in Mac’s direction. His head was bent over his desk and he was oblivious to everyone around him. Still warm in the afterglow of her orgasm Jen took her seat and returned to her work.

Five minutes later her phone pinged. Still mostly focussed on the figures in front of her she puzzled at the text ‘new picture message’. Curious she opened the image. One tiny glance was enough to send a new jolt of wetness through her already damp panties.

I saw you looking. 😉

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