I have blogged before about the freedom of blogging as if no one is reading. It is generally how I approach these pages. Of course I realize that people read what I write and I do send links to people sometimes if there is something I am particularly proud of or if I think they might find it interesting (read arousing). Mr Jones is not a big reader and I thought he didn’t read these pages but it seems that he does. So hello Mr Jones.

I was contacted by a Twitter follower who wanted to meet. It turns out that he is a bit shy and it took him a while to work up the courage he needed. In this particular case he does not meet the three rules in particular the one about his partner knowing. I made it very clear that there will be no playing but he still wanted to meet so what the hell.

It was an interesting encounter. We met in Bunnings of all the places. I am not sure why but it was as good a place as any. Relatively cool, no one really taking much notice of two people chilling in the outdoor furniture display for half an hour or so. He turned out to be a genuine nice, if a little nerdy, guy. It was relaxing to have a conversation about just general stuff without the pressure of deciding if I am going to take it further.

Maybe because I wasn’t in “date” mode I kind of defaulted to “teacher / vanilla” mode which is quite a contrast. Whatever the reason, after we had chatted about movies, television shows, family Christmas and our jobs he made a reference to this photo that I had posted on twitter.

For some reason I found him mentioning this really awkward. I don’t know why. It amused him that my reaction to his comments was to blush like a stupid school girl. The more that I think about it the more I am convinced that I was definitely in vanilla mode and this mode is more prudish than it really needs to be.

When I told Mr Jones about this later he laughed a little but was completely understanding of my comments that having stuff you have posted on the net being waved in your face by a real flesh and blood person sitting in front of you. Posting pictures of your butt, no matter how attractive, is not something that to be done lightly. Pressing that tweet button must be done with care. Things I tend to be careful about are background clutter and any identifying features, including my face. And I absolutely will NOT post a photo that has anyone else in it without their consent.

Clutter in the background of a photo looks messy but also can unwittingly contain things that give away identity and location. I like to give myself the illusion at least that I am in control of who pops into my actual life from my internet life. In all likelihood I am probably FAR from in control of this but I have not had too many problems so far.

In any case the comments from  my new friend left me in no doubt that he wasn’t looking at me in a vanilla way AT ALL which is perfectly fine. I just need to get my head around what is going on with this interaction. I have no intention of breaking my own cardinal rules so I have to maintain a certain level of decorum but on the other hand I can be a bit more relaxed about sex stuff than I am with normal platonic friends.

For me this is an unusual experience. I do have some friends who know about Gemma but are not sex partners but they are few and far between. Maybe walking this different path will help me to be more comfortable in my own sexy skin more of the time.

Big Hands I know Your the One

Before I start today I want to share one of my all time favourite songs with you

This song is symbolic of rebellion against the rules of the Catholic Boarding school I spent my teenage years in and also of drunk times in pubs as a uni student. It also sports one of the lines that has become a slight obsession of late.

“Big hands I know your’e the one”


Does hand size have anything to do with penis size? I have no idea. But lately, when I am forced to endure meetings it has become a guilty pleasure to observe hand size of the men around me and speculate. Is it workplace appropriate. Probably not. Will I ever act on it? definitely not. Will I ever share my thinking outside the confessional booth that is this blog. Nope. So you lot and I get to smirk secretly to our heart’s content.

And so the idea of big hands = big cock has led to some interesting ideas and endless entertainment both at work and in other places. Of course I have absolutely no intention of embarking on an actual research project about this. Even though as a scientist I instinctively want to prove a theory. The problem I have is that when I am in a position to observe penis size I don’t really think too much about hand size. When I am observing hand size there is usually NO FUCKING WAY I am going to ask the subject of my observations about his penis size.

Case in point. My current principal has big meaty hands. When we shake hands they swallow mine. He is a big man. Tall, broad and an ex football player. Probably attractive in his own way but I have cultivated this filter in my brain that does not allow inappropriate thoughts to get too out of hand when I am at school. We are never going to have a conversation about my lifestyle. EVER. So I am left to speculate when he goes on a bit too much in staff meetings.

Sometimes amusing yourself with your own twisted mind is enough.


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TMI Tuesday – Pet Names and Body Parts

I haven’t participated in TMI Tuesday for a couple of weeks because it is the end of the term and I have been drowning in marking. In spite of this I really liked this week’s questions and so I have put together a “better late than never” post.


1. Do you give pet names to anything? (e.g. Significant other. Car. Breasts. Penis. Vagina.)
Actually I seem to give pet names to many things in my life;
Mr Jones is Babe
My teenage son is Baby Boy
My tweenage daughter is Sausage Girl
One of our cats is Sir Furry Butt (among other things)
However I never really got into naming my body parts. The only time I did was when a lover called my Pussy Mrs P. P, by the way did not stand for the obvious.

2. Is there a pet name that you can’t stand being called?
Not one that is in common use now. There were a few names that people used for me when I was a teenager in high school that I didn’t really like but I don’t think they were being used in the pet sense.

3. Has your body ever done something that you didn’t understand? Even if it was a ‘first time’ something happened?
At the moment my body is doing a lot of stuff that I don’t understand. Unfortunately for me doctors also don’t understand what is going on and I feel like I am constantly being sent for tests. None of which give results that doctors look at and say “OK this is what is happening and we can help that by doing that” usually they say “Well we didn’t find what we were expecting so we are going to have to do some more tests”.ut,d

4. Which body part do you spend the most time on? (grooming, applying, etc.)
I am a relatively low maintenance woman and spend very little time on morning beauty routines. The thing I would spend the most time on is actually my nails both my toenails and my fingernails. I don’t go to the nail technician and I have never had acrylic nails applied nor a professional “paint job” but I do like to paint my own toenails and also to file and buff my fingernails for a natural shine. It is probably the most extensive beauty routine I have ever indulged in.

5. The name of the best lover you’ve ever had.
I was told by a winemaker once that the best wine you have ever had is the wine you are enjoying right now with the people you are with right now”
I think that the same applies when it comes to sex. Of course there are duds and experiences that make you quite determined to never go there again but I think honestly once you haven’t been with a person for a while the memory fades a little and you kind of forget how awesome they were. Especially if another really awesome person comes into your life to fill that slot.

6. Have you ever taken an ex back?
This kind of question always seems like it doesn’t apply to me. I am married and have been married for sixteen years to the first and only person I ever married. So I have never taken an ex – husband back obviously. Given that I have been married for so long it has been a while since I have had what most people refer to as a boyfriend. Once when I was about 18 I did take back a boy I had broken up with but to be perfectly honest that whole time in my life and the relationships I was having with those people then seem so childish now that they don’t really count.

Bonus: What’s your biggest concern in the world today?
I teach Biology and so I am tuned in to a lot of environmental concerns that you see passionate people discussing on the news. But to put my concerns into one basket I would have to say that humankind is so obsessed with improving their standard of living that they are becoming more and more disconnected with the earth that they live on. I often find myself wishing for a simpler life where everyone knows the farmer that grew their meat and potatoes and people actually make themselves some of the items they wear or use everyday.