The traveller is somewhere in North Queensland working. We have not spoken much but the other night he sent me an image which touched something.

His member wasn’t exceptionally large. But there was something about it. Something that drew her in. The sold shaft the way it curved and the way the veins twisted around the base. Reverently she held her face close to him smelling the clean salty scent with an undertone of musk. She ran her nose along the velvet covering the hard rod. A drop of clear fluid formed at the tip. She smeared it over the head of his cock with her thumb watching his reaction as she teased his sensitive spots. 

Without speaking she looked into his eyes before bowing her head to slide her lips over his cock taking the entire length into her mouth. He felt himself connect with the back of her throat as her nose nudged against his belly. For long moments she held him before pulling back letting his cock slip wetly between her lips. He exhaled a long breath. Tension released from his body. It had been too long. 

She began to move her head up and down in long smooth strokes. Her tongue swirled over his frenulum at the top of each stroke. A deep warmth spread into his belly and he felt the familiar pressure building at the base of his cock. It had been too long. It seemed she was perfectly in tune with him. Before long she stopped and pushed him down onto the bed. 

She straddled him and placed her opening over his cock. The scent of her own arousal filled his nose as she guided him inside her. 

“It has been too long.” 

Her voice echoed his thoughts as she impaled herself on him. Taking his entire length inside her hungry cunt. She began to move slowly at first adjusting herself and using him like a sex toy. Taking her pleasure. For short moments he was absorbed by the sway of her breasts but urgency came quickly for both of them. Before either could realise the speed of her rocking increased. He breasts bounced wildly as her finger worked frantically at the centre of her pleasure. 

The pressure built and he knew he couldn’t hold back for much longer. His fingers gripped her hips as he tried to hold back. The wave broke, sending spasms of pleasure through his cock. A loud groan from the woman above him spurred him on. He felt his jizz leaving him, filling her hungry cunt in strong hot waves. 

When they were spent she collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily her pussy still clamped around him. 

“Fuck I love your cock.” 


TMI Tuesday – The Very Late Edition

A little while ago I had this inspiration to write SOMETHING every day. As I typed the words telling you all about this idea I knew it would fail. And it did. But like a habit that I just can’t kick here I am again.

Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash

1. Select a kink. You’re a first-time visitor to a dungeon, and you are ‘center stage’ because a sizeable crowd has gathered to watch you:
a. Writhing from bare-hand spanking
b. Restrained on an X-cross receiving a whipping
c. Dangling in air wrapped in an ornate web of rope
d. Naked on a floor mat with 3 people pleasuring you

Staying true to form I am going with d. Probably done a version of that before. Actually the three people but not with a crowd watching although that does sound awfully fun. Dangling in the air with three people pleasuring. Now that sounds like something to add to the bucket list!

2. If you selected #4 in the last question, tell us how you are pleasured?

Person A would have his face buried in my cunt. Person B would have his cock in my throat and Person C would be holding me and tantalising my nipples. Perhaps with some nibbling and a little pinching.

3. Bind, blind, tease. Write a 50-word story and include those 3 words.

Ropes on my wrists, holding me against the mattress. Fabric on my face obscuring my view. The feeling of your fingers stroking me causing me to arch against the mattress. Your lips nibble my breast as your fingers slide downwards. I moan as your fingers slide inside me. I feel your breath on my face but I cannot feel your body. My senses search for you, but I am restrained. My need is like an ache.


4. Sex Doll play: The ‘doll’ is the human version of an inflatable sex doll.
The ‘doll’ must lie completely still on a bed and let their partner have at it. The partner is free to control the doll’s body and movements, and do what they please. Which will you be–the doll or the doll-master? Why?

Another item for the fucket list! A longer standing fantasy is to find a strong capable man to act out the sex doll fantasy with. Of course I am the doll. To be played by a person with skill and confidence…



At first there is a gentle touch

My skin responds

Gooseflesh raising the hairs on my arms

Your breath is warm on my neck

You give a gentle nibble

Strong fingers penetrate me

You bend me over the stairs and pull down my panties

There is no waiting just penetration

The thrill of feeling you inside me never gets old

Fucking me slowly

Hands gripping my hips

Fucking me faster, harder

Until you release

It is satisfying

But I want more

Wicked Wednesday

Into the Woods

Photo by Jim Carroll on Unsplash

f you go down to the woods today

You’re in for a big surprise

The nursery rhyme sprang into Carrie’s mind as she wound through the trees. All around her were sounds of the bush, chattering of birds and buzzing of cicadas

There’s lots of marvellous things to eat

And wonderful games to play

She came upon a small clearing and there he was, sitting quietly on a rug. He was watching the  fairy wrens flitting about. She took a few moments to spy on him, smiling to herself as her eyes travelled over the familiar body. Before long he noticed her and gracefully got to his feet. Standing in the bush completely naked he took her breath away. Immediately she noticed the glint of silver around his cock pushing his balls forward to frame his semi erect member. Quickly she followed his unspoken instruction and shed her clothing, shivering a little as the cool air caressed her skin.

“It is so good to see you.” His voice was soft in her ear as he stepped forward and placed a blindfold around her eyes. Only when the fabric was secure did he take a moment to kiss her hello. She stood still, waiting as he moved away. Then he was back, she could hear his breath and smell his aftershave. He pressed a strawberry against her lips. Opening her mouth she let him feed her the sweet treat. 

Beneath the trees where nobody sees

He led her to the side of the clearing. Her arms were lifted and she felt the coarse rope binding her hands around the trunk of the tree. Bark scratched her naked breasts as he spread her legs. Cool air whispered around her twitching wet cunt. The sound of bird calls seemed to fade into the background as the clamour of her desire rang loud in her mind. 

His body pressed against her back, she could feel his hard cock against her arse and his heavy breathing in her ear. His fingers slid into her slick opening. Unconsciously her knees bent apart inviting him to pleasure her deeply. Her own breathing came harder and faster ending in small moans. She ached to be filled with the hot hard cock that seemed to be throbbing against her arse. 

The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today.

“Do you want this cock?” His voice was hot and gruff in her ear

“Yes,” She whispered against the bark of the tree.

“I can’t hear you,” His fingers pressed against her g-spot making her knees buckle.

“YES!” Her voice rang through the clearing.

Watch them, catch them unawares

His body left hers and for long moments there was silence. Emotions tumbled through her mind  Fear that he had left her tied and vulnerable began to creep in.

And then he was back. Except he wasn’t. This man smelled different.

A hot hard cock filled her. Despite herself she groaned in pleasure. 

Who it was no longer mattered. 


The Effect of Greedy Lucy

Last week for MMMMonday I wrote a story about a very naughty girl who had an excellent time with a group of friends on a boys weekend. The scenario came from the mind of Mr Jones so he was very happy when I put it into words. I am happy that I was around to record his response…

So many things about this situation are yummy.

  1. Being connected enough to be able to enhance on his fantasy
  2. Knowing he enjoyed reading my work
  3. Watching his response
  4. Sharing his response with you all

I hope wherever you are there is something in your day that makes you say MMM.

I missed the deadline for MMMonday Link party but absolutely click on the button and find some other MMM


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Wicked Wednesday


Your body fits around me as we spoon

Like I was made to be surrounded by you

Your arms reaching around me so your hands can cup my breasts.

Fingers pinch my nipples

Your lips are on my neck

Your magnificent cock is pressed against my arse

I feel you thrusting against me

Your hands slide down

Fingers slipping inside my slit searching

You enter me, fucking me with your hand

My juice spurts

I feel like I am wrapped up by you

I arch my back, inviting your cock to slide inside me.  

This post is part of MMMMonday Week 3. Click on the image below to see who else is playing along.

Late for Work

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday was Timekeeping. A short while ago I took some early morning images of Mr Jones before he had woken up properly. It seemed to be a fitting image to go with this story. 

The first beams of the morning sun spilled through the window onto Rita’s face. Sleepily she turned away pulling the blanket over her shoulders. Just a few more minutes. The alarm had other ideas, Rita’s stolen slumber was pierced by insistent sound demanding that she rouse herself. Sleepily she surveyed the man beside her still sleeping oblivious to the alarm that had so rudely interrupted Rita’s doze. The sheet wrapped loosely over his hips did little to hide the firmly erect cock underneath. IMG_1484


A smirk played across Rita’s lips as she slid her hand under the warmth of the sheets to encircle the erection. Warm velvety skin slid against her palm as she stroked him slowly. Her man stirred sleepily as his cock hardened more against her palm. A tiny drop of wetness formed at the tip.

With her cunt starting to throb Rita bent down and licked away the pre-cum that was building there. Heat rushed through Rita starting at her groin and finding it’s way to her nipples causing them to stiffen and poke against the fabric of her t-shirt. She opened her mouth and let her wet lips slide down his shaft. Inhaling his scent as his cock hit the back of her throat. Her man let out a muffled groan. Wetness started to gather at the opening of Rita’s cunt. She moved her head up and down, sliding her lips over his cock taking time at the top of each stroke to circle the head before sliding down. His breathing was coming harder and faster. Each breath was ending with a small moan.

Rita let the swollen cock slide from her lips. A dribble of saliva mixed with his pre-cum formed at the corner of her mouth. The heat and throbbing in her cunt could no longer be ignored. She lifted her body and straddled him, guiding his cock into her slick wetness. As slowly as she could she impaled herself on him, taking time to feel the thickness filling and stretching her.

When she was filled she sat astride him looking down at the smooth skin of his chest and studying the expression on his face. Sleep still made his eyelids heavy but his mouth smiled, showing his pleasure. She began to rock on his cock, responding to the primal desire inside her.

“Don’t you have that thing you have to be at work early for?” His voice penetrated her pleasure in the same insistent way the alarm had penetrated her sleep.

For a moment Rita was confused, her mind, focused on the pleasure between her thighs resisted the transition to daily tasks but the change in his demeanor forced her to focus on the question. A blinding flash of reality hit her. She looked at the clock on the bedside table;

7:43 was spelled out in neat red LED display.

“Fuckity, fuck, fuck,” Rita bolted upright and slid off the cock that had filled her so pleasurably just seconds ago. “I am going to be so fucking late!!!”

She dashed into the bathroom. She didn’t have time to wait for the water to warm. Instead she shivered her way through the coldest, shortest shower in history before dashing to the wardrobe to hurriedly choose and pull on some clothing,

“Can you book me an Uber!” she called in a panicky voice as she yanked at buttons on her blouse. Her breasts seemed to have developed a life of their own and resisted being encased in a bra and sensible blouse. “I can’t find my fucking shoes

Rushing into the bedroom she bent over Michael to kiss him goodbye. He smiled at her and thrust his pelvis so that his semi hard cock could stroke her thigh. Rita’s cunt twitched and she felt a trickle of wetness between her legs, “Stop it,” she snapped firmly suppressing the urge to strip down and finish what she started.

“Your Uber is out the front,” He grinned, his hand moving slowly up and down his shaft. “Good luck with your meeting, I am going to stay here and finish what you started,”

Rita made a face at him knowing that once she stepped inside her office she would have scant opportunity to deal with the desire burning inside her. Michael’s free hand slid up her skirt and under the elastic of her panties.

“Your Uber is out the front waiting,” he slid his finger inside her as he stroked himself with his other hand.

“Fuck you!!” She stepped away from the bed forcing him to withdraw his hand.

“Have a great day,” His voice followed her out the front door to her waiting Uber. “I will send you some pics,”

Rita’s Uber pulled up at the front of her offices at 8:23am. Traffic had been a nightmare. In seven minutes she was expected to be in front of a group of clients with her ideas and thoughts calmly bound together to present.

“Where have you been?” Lucy greeted her colleague at her desk.

“Fucking traffic,” Rita dashed around her workspace collecting figures and reports, “Where are the printouts I organised yesterday?” Papers flew around. Rita was completely out of her depth. Normally she would arrive at work at least 45 minutes before a meeting with a client. Giving herself less than five minutes was almost more than she could bear.

“Your meeting is here,” Sharon the receptionist announced cheerily, “Should I show them into the meeting room?”

Rita took a moment to breathe, “Yes please,” she smiled at Sharon digging deep to find a well of calmness inside herself. “We are in room 2”

The meeting went well. Rita managed to impress without her usual over preparedness. As she farewelled the client she noticed one of his assistants looking surreptitiously at her chest. The assistant was dressed impeccably in a well cut suit. Underneath the perfectly ironed shirt appeared to be a lithe well toned body. For a nanosecond Rita found herself fantasising about unbuttoning that shirt and running her hands over the smooth skin underneath.

The final handshake was made, the client left followed by his assistant who gave one last quizzical glance at Rita’s chest. It was definitely not a sexy look. Rita glanced down, her shirt was buttoned incorrectly!!! She was mortified, why hadn’t anyone told her?

After a detour to the bathroom to fix her blouse Rita went back to her desk.

“How did it go?” Lucy poked her head around the partition. “Oh, I hope you don’t mind, I flipped your phone onto silent. It kept pinging and it was driving me nuts,”

Rita wondered if anything else could happen to unnerve her today. ” I am going to get some coffee. I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning.”

Out in the street she took the time to check her messages. Of course a string of explicit photos from Michael. Her hungry cunt throbbed. He had the day off and was clearly spending it well. She wished she had time to go home and join him but her desk and the follow up from her meeting was calling. Reluctantly she collected her coffee and made her way back to the office,

Back at her desk she immediately became immersed in emails. The coffee she had bought sat half consumed on her desk. Time seemed to blur and Rita was oblivious to her surroundings until she was interrupted by Sharon.

“”Michael is here,” The expression on Sharon’s face was a little hard to read. Rita’s colleagues seemed to have a fascination with Michael.

“Really?” Rita was surprised that he had managed to get himself out of bed and put clothes on. She stood up from her desk and made her way to the reception area.

When she saw Michael sitting there all of the morning desire came flooding back. Heat radiated from her groin and the tell tale wetness started collecting in Her panties. The photos from earlier popped into her mind as she inadvertently dropped her gaze to his crotch, the jeans he was wearing hid what was underneath but it didn’t matter she knew well the fun that could be had with what was underneath.

“I came to take you for lunch,” he grinned.

“I am really busy,” Rita began making excuses acutely aware of Sharon sitting behind her tall reception desk judging this interruption to smooth office operations at the same time as she was wishing that she had someone like Michael to visit her inappropriately at work.

“We won’t be long,” Michael cajoled. ” Besides I bet you haven’t eaten today at all.”

He was of course right. Suddenly Rita felt ravenous.

Within a short time they were sitting on the bench in a nearby park eating sandwiches from Rita’s favourite cafe. She forced herself to take the time to appreciate the good food and take in some fresh air. Beside her Michael wolfed his food and then turned his attention to her skirt.

With a sly smile he slid his hand up her leg to slip his finger into her panties.

“Now we can also deal with a little unfinished business,” his finger worked its way past her labia and wormed down into her crotch.

Rita’s legs spread open, inviting him in. As she finished the last of her sandwich Michael reached over and pulled her onto his lap. She made weak protesting sounds but the intense look in his eye told her that he was having none of it. Deftly he unzipped his jeans to reveal his hard cock. Equally as deftly he hoisted her skirt and pulled aside her panties to guide her wet aching cunt onto him. A small moan of pleasure escaped her lips as his hands pushed her hips down onto him.

Rita’s fingers worked her clit as Michael used her hips to grind her against his cock. Neither of them needed much to reach the release they had both been denied the orgasm gripped her Rita was pleased to hear a muffled grunt of pleasure from Michael and to feel the warmth of his cum filling her cunt. She slumped forward against his chest.

“I needed that,” she gasped as the warm afterglow filled her.

“So did I,” he stroked her hair

“I need to go back to work now,” she pulled herself away reluctantly.

“We can have the main course later when there is more time.” Michael zipped his jeans as she straightened her skirt. “I will be hungry all afternoon thinking of that beautiful pussy I just smashed.”

Rita squirmed in pleasure noting the slight scent of sex emanating from her. She wished she didn’t have to work, but she did. There would be time enough later.

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This week’s prompt was “Motivation”. I had ideas for a story but I didn’t seem to gel. I think this one was getting in the way.

Please let me know what you think but more importantly visit some other writers and enjoy their content. You can do this by clicking on the image above or visiting here.

It starts when you lift up my dress to reveal a pair of satin panties. For a moment you admire the colour and shimmer of the fabric before pushing the dress up further to reveal my breasts threatening to spill out of a bra that matches the panties. You pull the dress over my head and then lay me down on the bed. You seem to be mesmerised by my cleavage as you fumble with the clasp of my bra. Driven by desire I arch up towards you pushing my satin covered crotch against your leg.

Finally you remove my bra letting my breasts spill out into your hands. My nipples slip into the spaces between your fingers and you pinch them gently before rolling both nipples between your fingers. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath as I exhale. My crotch pushes harder against your leg as we look intently into each other’s eyes. Your head bends to take my nipple into your mouth. I moan in response and arch harder against you. A small trickle of wetness stains the satin of my panties.

The scent of my arousal fills the room, causing you to grip my breast harder. You move your attention to my other nipple as I pant and moan in pleasure under neath you. My cunt is hungry and demanding as spasms of pleasure shudder through me. Finally you release me and again we look intently at each other as your hand strays to the place you are really wanting. I know you are hungry. All day I have been teasing you with images of those panties and suggestions of what they cover. I know you crave the taste of me. I am just as hungry as you but the exquisite anticipation is almost as pleasurable as the meal we are moving towards.

You slip your hand inside my panties. Your finger finds its way into the hot slit that is quickly becoming saturated with my juice. A gentle stroke over my swollen sensitive lips rewards you with a spasm of my body and a jet of liquid over your palm. You remove your hand and lick my pleasure from your fingers. A small moan of appreciation escapes you at that first taste. You slide down the bed so that you are kneeling between my knees. My heart skips a little beat, I know you mean business now. I arch my back helping you remove my panties and willingly let you spread my legs so that you can admire my slick wet pussy.

Time seems to stretch as you look at me. A small breeze from the fan caresses me. I can see your face, the pleasure of anticipation. Finally you bend to taste me fully. The first lick is an agony. Your warm tongue touches me but the touch is so gentle and teasing, close to the centre of my arousal but not quite, I place my hands on the back of your head. Like you I am resisting the temptation to push hard into the aching centre of my desire. Instead I am forcing myself to anticipate.

Your tongue delves deeper into my folds, stroking against my swollen clit, circling and teasing before dipping down into my pussy. I cannot resist any more. My fingers curl into your hair and as I writhe in pleasure I push your head against my crotch. Your slide fingers inside me to tease the sensitive spot just inside my opening. The room fills with my grunts of pleasure as I squirt jets of liquid into your mouth and over your face. I watch your face between my legs. I could watch the look of total enjoyment as you lick and such and drink me for hours.

You bury your face in me, gripping my hips to push me harder against you. My hands mash your face into my cunt. My body thrashes around and I lose control. Spasm after spasm rips through me. The moans of pleasure become loud crazy animal noises. The sheets beneath my arse are saturated but I cannot stop cumming. With each spasm another jet of liquid covers your face,

Finally I can’t take any more. I pull away and you raise your face for air. You move so that you a lying beside me. The smile on your face tells me your hunger has been satisfied if only momentarily. My desire is like a slow burn in my belly. The fire has been fed but it is relentless as it builds I flip you onto your back and straddle you.

The first course is done and compliments to the chef but now It is time for the second course.

New Year New Experiences

Neal arrived at their meeting place at the arranged time. This was not the first time he had met Elysia at the secret play room tucked away in an office of an industrial building she owned with her husband. At first it seemed a little weird meeting like this but he learned that this arrangement was not regular in any way. An unusual meeting place seemed to fit with the unusual arrangement. To be honest he was loving the way his encounters with Elysia were pushing his boundaries.

“2020 is the year of trying new things.” Neal reassured himself as he stepped in to the room. To the side of the bed that dominated the room was an unusual piece of furniture that he didn’t really understand. Neatly arranged on the red vinyl platform on top of it was an array of small floggers topped by a riding crop. Those he did understand. His buttocks twitched involuntarily as he allowed his eyes to wander over them. toys laid out

Grinning in anticipation he began to remove his clothes. In front of him, seated on the bed, Elysia watched him remove his clothes. Her legs were spread apart, inviting him in. When he was naked he kneeled in front of her and pushed his face against the white satin of her panties. He could smell her aroma through the fabric and as he rested his lips against her mound he felt dampness seeping through. His cock throbbed almost painfully and he pulled the fabric aside to allow his tongue to slip into her folds.

He was rewarded with a trickle of her sweet juice. Her fingers curled into his hair pushing his face against her as his tongue delved deeper, seeking out more. The room filled with the sound of her breath building to small moans.

Then suddenly she pulled his head away and stood up in front of him. Pussy juice dribbled down his chin as she pushed him down on to the bed. It was then that he noticed the shiny metal object on the pillow. The round bulb, slightly pointed at one end narrowed to a slender neck and then flared out to encase a small purple jewel. For a moment he wondered about it and then his attention was taken away by her lips sliding down his cock.

A groan escaped his lips as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. Two things in this world that he would never tire of, the taste of her juice and the feeling of her lips around his shaft. Her loose, wet lips worked their way up and down his shaft pausing every now and then for her tongue to tease his head. Her other hand cupped his balls gently at first and then pinching and pulling at the skin. This woman knew exactly how to please him. Her lips left his shaft and he felt her teeth clamp down on the skin around his balls. She pulled back stretching the skin. Pain / pleasure shot through his body and he forced himself to endure the overwhelming sensation.

“That’s enough,” he grunted when he could take no more. She released him, looking him in the eye with a coy smile before sliding her lips over his hard cock. He felt her hand sliding down below his balls and his butt hole twitched. He knew what was coming and previous pleasure had not fully removed his hesitation.

As she sucked him she slid a finger into his arse. Pleasure spread through his body as she hooked gently inside him finding secret pleasure spots. Warm pleasure spread through his entire body and he forced himself to relax into her attentions. He tasted her juice on his lips and he wondered if she would sit on his face.

“Come up here and sit on my face,” He could never get enough of her that way.

The finger slid out of his arse and he felt a small pang of regret as she stood over him.

“No,” she smiled teasing him. “Roll over,”

His mind shot immediately to the implements sitting on the red vinyl and, with a pang of regret about having to wait longer for her juice he obeyed. The feeling of being exposed this way was as delightful as it was terrifying. He knew she had the strength to deliver some stinging blows with her crop and he knew it gave her a deep pleasure to control him this way but he also trusted that her intent was pleasing him as well as herself.

His expectations were met with some sharp stinging blows from her palm and then the crop but as his butt tingled from her attentions he felt warm oil dripping down. Slowly and seductively she massaged his ass gently pulling his cheeks apart to expose his small hole. He waited, expecting to be penetrated by her finger again but something told him that something different was in store for him.

He felt her body lean over him as she reached for the shiny implement on the pillow. A brief flutter of fear rested in his heart. The cool metal touched his ass and then slowly pushed inside him. It was similar to her finger but also different.

“Are you OK?” Her voice sounded a little foreign in the dimness of the room. Her fingers rested on the sensitive skin between his balls and his arse. He clenched around the unyelding metal. The plug moved slightly teasing the same spots she had been working on earlier. He felt her hand leave him and then suddenly reconnect with a stinging slap.

His butt clenched around the pug sending twitches of unfamiliar pleasure through him as she landed two more stinging slaps. His mind whirled, lost in the pleasure of her attentions. He loved the pain and the new sensation of the butt pug stimulated him more than he ever imagined. The pace and strength of her blows increased as he clenched harder on the shiny metal implement in his arse. He pushed himself to tolerate the pain, knowing he would enjoy the feeling tomorrow but eventually he could take no more.

“Enough!” he grunted. The blows stopped and he felt her warmth covering his body. Her mound rested against his stinging arse and her erect nipples pressed against his back.

“You looked so sexy like that,” her breath was hot in his ear, “Such a turn on, looking at your red arse.”

“It’s my turn now.” He rolled under her until she was sitting astride him.

“You need to put your pussy here,” he pointed at his lips.

This time she didn’t refuse. Without speaking she stood and removed her panties before kneeling over his eager face. He lifted his head to taste her folds but she couldn’t resist one last tease. With a wicked smile she lifted herself out of reach.

“Please,” there was a note of desperation in his voice.

“Just because you used such nice manners,” She lowered herself onto his face.

Her familiar scent filled his nostrils and her juice surged into his mouth. He reached up and gripped her round ass to pull her down onto him more firmly. The warmth and stinging of his butt cheeks began to fade but the unfamiliar unyielding object remained. The blending of the old and the new was, as always with this woman, mind blowing, and deeply enticing.

This post is part of Wicked Wednesday Prompt #396. It is always a pleasure to be included in this meme and even more pleasure is to be had from reading some of the other entries. So join in the fun, read, comment and enjoy

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Holiday Wri Mo

Many years ago when Erotic Adventures was in full swing I thought about completing NaNoWriMo. I never quite managed it as my first attempt happened the year I was completing my teaching qualifications. Right when I had my last block of practical experience. Since then I have had a very off and on relationship with writing altogether partly due to my new career and I think also due to struggles with medication.

Several years on, my career is not so new. I wouldn’t say I have more time but work is not as all consuming as it was. More importantly I seem to have addressed the medication/ libido issues which means I think more about stuff to entertain you all with.

However, for a teacher in Australia November is the WORST month to embark on a project that requires sustained creative output. For us it is the end of the school year; we are tired, the kids are tired, everyone except us and the kids wants to see some assessment and data and so personal projects get out on hold. I am proud of the small amount of blogging I managed to sustain through all this but a part of me wanted to do MORE.

Now that I am on holidays until the end of January I have some time. I have used the last couple of weeks to relax, recharge and deal with Christmas so now I plan to write something every day. I don’t have a novel planned, this is more of a spontaneous thing but there will be some fiction. Not just rambling blog posts like this one. I am thinking of entering the Smut Marathon for 2020 but of course I am lacking confidence. So please some feedback on the posts would be great!

So now I guess it is time to put my money where my mouth is and write something!

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