Lily’s Awakening

For those who have been following Howard’s story this week sees a change of perspective.

It had been a day, and it was only lunchtime. Lily climbed the stairs and opened the door to the rooftop courtyard. The sun warmed her face as she made her way over to stand by the railing. Twenty floors below her traffic beetled along the street. People scurried along the footpath driven by urgent need to be somewhere, doing something. Others walked more slowly, taking their time to reach their destination somehow resisting the pulse of the city driving them to rush. Gradually Lily felt the anxiety and stress of the morning drain out of her. Watching the activity far below had a strangely soothing effect.

She turned her gaze to the buildings around her. Sometimes she could glimpse activity in other offices, other people driven by other bosses to perform ridiculous amounts of work. Or was that just her bosses. It seemed that the deeper into the city and further up the high rise a man worked, the more important he felt, and consequently the more he felt the need to be an ass to his staff.

A footstep on the concrete behind her intruded on Lily’s brooding. Reluctantly she lifted her head. Almost no-one ever came out here. That was one of the attractions of climbing the stairs. She did not recognise the woman who was invading her refuge. That was not entirely unusual but Lily prided herself on being friendly and at least on smiling terms with everyone in her building. But she honestly felt that she had never seen this woman before.

There was something about her, apart from the fact she was wearing a man’s suit. The way she held herself caused a twinge of something to pass through Lily. She didn’t recognise the emotion but she did recognise the feeling of heat in her cheeks.

“I’m sorry if I am intruding,” the stranger smiled.

Lily felt herself being drawn in, “It is OK,” she found herself smiling back, “It is not as if this is my own private garden.”

“I know,” the other woman replied, “but it is freaking annoying when someone comes into a space you are used to having to yourself.”

Lily nodded, “Yes, you are right, but I was just going anyway.” Reluctantly she pulled herself away from the railing and made her way to the door.

Back at her desk she rapidly became immersed in emails and demands from the two men she worked with. Sometimes she felt her job title should be changed from “Personal Assistant” to “Personal Slave”. She honestly wondered how these men behaved at home. It would not have surprised her if they were the kind of men who never cooked a meal or cleaned anything.

“Have you seen the new researcher?” Her friend Maddie, interrupted her fuming. Maddie was definitely this office’s equivalent of “Chatty Kathy”.

Lily looked craned her neck over the partitions separating the desks of all the admin, finance and other staff whose jobs were to deal with the mechanics of the law firm. At the opposite end of the room she spied her friend from the rooftop.

“Yes, I met her when I went out for some air just before,” she looked back at her screen. It was never a good idea to let Maddie feel she had your full attention.

“Really?” There was a slight squeak on Maddie’s voice. “What was she like? I heard she is a pole dancer.”

“I don’t know,” Lily was intrigued by the last piece of information but absolutely didn’t want to fully engage Maddie. You had to be very careful what information you let slip, Maddie’s superpower was turning innocent titbits into raging rumours. “We said like six words to each other, I had to come back inside.”

“Oh,” Maddie sounded a little deflated. “Well I thought I would just point her out to you. She is doing some research for Rod about that new case he just took on.” Rod was one of The men who filled Lily’s day with incessant demands for anything and every thing. This news caused the same feeling she had noticed on the rooftop to twist through Lily’s belly. It was the same feeling she remembered from being a teenager with a crush on a boy in an older grade. The giggly, breathless feeling that took over when he looked her way.

“What do you think it is with the male suit?” Maddie’ voice penetrated Lily’s thoughts.

Lily was a little annoyed. Her to do list was growing by the second and she didn’t want to get into gossipy speculation about someone she may have to work with, especially when they made her feel all breathless and silly. “I need to work now Maddie.” Her tone was a little firmer than she intended.

“OK then,” Maddie sounded huffy, “I will leave you to it.” For a millisecond Lily worried she had offended her friend but her work drew her attention back. Until she was interrupted again.

“So apparently you are Rob’s PA.” it was her. Lily felt the heat in her cheeks. Damn it she was going to have to get that under control. She was certain this woman didn’t tolerate fools. Lily arranged her face into a business like smile.

“The one and only. I don’t believe we were introduced properly, I am Lily,” she stood and extended her hand.

The other woman took Lily’s hand and grasped it firmly. Lily could feel the power of self assurance emanating from her. There was something sexual about this woman, even here in an office fully clothed something about her made Lily’s insides melt.

“I am Jenna,” the other woman smiled as she looked straight into Lily’s eyes, “it is nice to meet you.”

“It is good to see you two have become acquainted, ” Rob appeared beside Lily’s desk. “Jenna, Lily is one of the best PA’s in the company. There is noting she can’t find, arrange or photocopy.” The smile on Lily’s face betrayed her seething at the patronising tone.

“It’s O.K Rob, ” Jenna’s face was unreadable, “I am more than capable of operating a photocopier. I am sure that Lily has much better things to do with her time than menial stuff like photocopying.” Jenna winked at Lily. The weird fluttery feeling increased.

“Well it seems that you have everything sorted,” Rob seemed flustered by Jenna’s self assurance. “I will leave you to it,” he turned and walked away.

“Some men really are dicks,” Jenna commented towards Rob’s retreating back. She turned and grinned at Lily. “I admire how you keep your cool with him. The way he speaks to you makes me want to tie him down and show him who is boss.”

As she spoke Jenna’s eyes lit with a strange light that resonated through Lily. Warmth spread through her groin. Lily was certain that Jenna was not talking about merely giving him a stern talking to.

“I will leave you to it.” Jenna broke into Lily’s fantasy

“Thanks for putting Rob in his place,” Lily was beginning to feel that she was going to enjoy working with Jenna.

“No problems,” Jenna turned and walked away. Lily watched the spectacular arse moving inside perfectly fitting trousers. She wondered what Jenna would look like naked. Underneath her desk, between a pair of white smooth thighs, Lily’s panties were wet.

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Howard’s Downfall

Custom Office signs hotel door motel elevator sign door numbers ...

The hotel looked exactly the same as it always had. Butterflies danced through Howard’s belly as he found himself at the bottom of the familiar staircase. He paused thinking back over the events that led him here.

The whole chain had started one night in camp lying in the narrow bed of his room. Through the paper thin walls of the next room he heard the familiar rhythmic sound of wanking. Under his blanket his own cock stirred. Desire that always lurked in the corners of his mind pushed forward. Normally he could control it but this time he had been away from his girl for too long. He could not push back the dark desires with her sweet warmth.

His hand wrapped around his cock moving slowly up and down. His arse twitched with desire. Memories of a time when he pleasured himself with all manner of things came flooding back. He stroked harder and unbidden came a memory of her. The last woman who pleasured his arse. Her remembered the feeling of Jenna’s hands gripping him as she pushed her strap on deep inside of him. His hand tightened around is cock. The pace of his stroke increased. Subconsciously he pressed his arse against the mattress craving stimulation. In the room next door the pace increased, without realising he moved in sync with the unknown wanker next to him. It had been too long, the orgasm was on him before he even realised cum jetted out of his cock, covering his hand. The heat of his desire subsided, but the memory of her and the aching in his arse remained.

It remained with him through the next day at work. He tried to focus but he found his mind wandering at every moment. Flashes of a life he had walked away from kept coming back. He remembered a bed full of naked people fucking, sucking and stroking. Every where he looked was skin, breasts, cocks, bums, cocks. It had been too long since he had seen a naked cock. He found himself craving the taste of a man’s cum and always, ever present the ache in his arse for stimulation.

That night in his room he watched TV. Trying to distract himself, but almost before he realised his phone was in his hand, he found himself punching in the password to Twitter. The timeline filled his screen. Images of women being fucked, men stroking their cocks and licking each other’s arses. Every dirty secret that he used to worship. And then, there she was.

Beautiful, full round breasts, just as he remembered. A hint of those full lips that wrapped around his cock so well. Things they had done together filled his mind. Dirty, sexy things. From simple fucking, to other taboo things like wearing her underwear and feeling her hand in his arse. In his pants his cock stiffened, and his hand slipped under his waistband.

Then, his phone pinged, bringing him back from the brink. His girl’s photo flashed on to the screen. Lily, sweet, safe, vanilla Lily. Her gentle words soothed his tortured soul. The memories and aching desire ebbed away. He remembered how much he loved her and his promise to leave that life behind.

The next day his boss came to see him. Unexpectedly he was going home! Home to Lily! It had been four weeks but now he would be back with her sweetness. The week of her soft gentle love was too short. Then he found himself back in camp. Back in the tiny room with the narrow bed and the neighbour who couldn’t keep his hand off himself.

Somehow he found himself talking with Jenna. The woman he had run away from. Despite the guilt he felt at betraying Lily the temptation of the Pandora’s box he had enjoyed was too much. At first it was awkward but they soon found their rhythm. This stint at camp seemed to fly by, even though it was longer than normal again. His days were filled with work. At night he would chat with Lily before meeting with the woman who knew every dark secret fantasy. One night she sent him a video of her masturbating with a plug in her ass.

The need to have his arse filled was too much. He took a bottle of Coke from his bedside table and slid the top inside his arse. It had been so long but the feeling was as good as he remembered. He came instantly. After that he couldn’t stop. He found himself making plans to meet with her when he was home next. They would meet in the hotel they had always used.

And now here he was. He had felt awkward lying to Lily about where he was going. She seemed strangely agreeable about it. When he told her he had made plans for a boy’s night she smiled and encouraged him before telling him she too had made plans to meet with some of the girls from her work. They left the house together. Each going their own way, he on his bike, she in her car.

And now here he was standing outside the door of a hotel room. As they always had, Jenna had left the door open. He strode up to the door but as he reached for the handle a feeling trepidation washed over him. In a moment of clarity his mind filled with a memory of Lily, last night when he had reached home. She had greeted him dressed in the t-shirt she had stolen from him the first night the slept together, they had made sweet gentle love. The memory was enough to fill him with guilt. He turned away from the hotel room where he had spent so many filthy nights of unbridled pleasure.

“Are you whimping out on me,” a voice from his past taunted him. He froze, not sure what to do. His resolve to walk away crumbled and he turned slowly, all the while clenching his arse in anticipation.

She stood in the doorway, silhouetted by the light. Her dangerous curves beckoning him. The guilt that had washed over him faded away, his cock began to harden in his jeans betraying him completely. As he stepped towards her he could see the way the black silky fabric of her robe clung to her curves. Her nipples poked against the fabric announcing her arousal like a foghorn.

They embraced and he buried his face in her hair inhaling her scent. His hand reached down and cupped her arse. His cock throbbed almost painfully in his jeans. Without speaking Jenna took his hand and led him through the doorway. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was to find there.

“Hey honey,” Lily smiled languidly up at him. She was completely naked something he almost never saw. The look of lust on her face was unlike anything he had seen before and Howard found it unsettling. But not as much as what she said next,

“Come join us. I hope you don’t mind, we had a little appetiser before you got here.

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Nothing Happens in Marlborough

The regular Friday night crowd filtered slowly in. Janine knew most of them by sight. Some she knew by name. Most of them were farmers or farm laborers. Some worked in the mine nearby and one or two truckies who worked up and down the highway that passed through the tiny town. Of course there was always at least one ring in. Usually a traveler or two made their way in from the free camp on the other side of the road. At the end of the bar Janice’s friend Katrina sat with her boyfriend Steve.

“What time do you finish?” Katrina pushed Steve’s hand away from her thigh

“Same as usual, around 10,” Janine smiled to herself at Steve’s antics.

“Wanna come and play Wii with us later?” Katrina shrugged Steve away as he tried to kiss the side of her neck.

Janine smirked openly, “And interrupt you two rabbits?”

“Well you could always join us,” Katrina looked at Janine underneath her eyelashes.

It wasn’t an unappealing thought. It wasn’t something she hadn’t done before. The idea caused a slight tingle between Janine’s thighs.

“I will see how the night goes.” She replied, “There is something in the air tonight, this lot might get a bit out of hand.” Friday night in a roadhouse on the side of a highway in a tiny rural town was always a bit unpredictable.

Janine moved away to pull beers for the men standing around the bar. She shared banter with the ones she knew. It was all part of her job. Occasionally one would get out of hand and try to take it further, she would put them in their place pretty quickly. A girl had to know how to handle herself in a place like this and Janine knew better than to go home with a guy from the pub.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed three men come in. Two of them sounded American but they were accompanied by a tall guy that looked vaguely familiar. Irritation welled up in Janine. These guys were probably going to want a room and food, she would have to go make up beds and organise meals for them. Why couldn’t they have stopped in a bigger town and found a hotel that was bigger with more staff.

Pushing her irritation down she put her best customer smile on and made her way to the end of the bar where they were standing, “What can I get you?” she made her way to the end of the bar where they were standing.

The tallest man in the group spoke, “Do you have rooms here?”

Janine hoped her irritation at this question didn’t show as she replied, “We do but I will have to get them made up for you. It may take a while, I am kind of busy here.”

The stranger smiled, the feeling she should know who he was grew stronger “It is O.K. Can we please have a beer while we wait?” Despite herself Janine felt some of her irritation dissipate. He was attractive this man who she could not recognise. She poured beers for the three of them. A couple of paces away some patrons stood impatiently waiting for beer. Janine’s irritation re-appeared as she realised her manager had disappeared and left her to fend for herself.

“I will just serve these guys and be back in a moment,” she smiled her best customer service smile.

“Johnno can you get your arse out here!,” she yelled through the door at the back of the bar before turning and pulling five beers for the men waiting.

Like a ghost Johnno appeared. “Keep your pants on, I just had to piss,” There was nothing charming about Johnno.

“Those guys want rooms,” Janine nodded in the direction of the three men standing a little awkwardly at the end of the bar.

“Well you better get them organised,” Johnno never turned down the opportunity to make a buck, “Charge them extra because it is Friday and they didn’t make a reservation,” he grinned. Janine was not happy with his reply, she didn’t want to make up three rooms, nor organise meals.

“So how many rooms was that you wanted?” she smiled sweetly at the tall, oddly familiar man.

“Three if it is not too much trouble,” She could tell he felt a little awkward but right now she didn’t care. She just wished he and his American sounding friends had planned their trip better and landed in a town with a hotel that actually wanted travelers like them. Not in her pub that was really for farmers who wanted a beer on Friday night.

“If it isn’t too much trouble could we get some food as well?” His look was unfathomable and Janine struggled to hide her irritation.

“Sure! Our meals are on the board there, I will let you decide and Johnno will get you another drink while I go sort your rooms. When you decide on your meals let him know what you want and he will organise it.” She smiled and left them to order their drinks and food.

Upstairs she busied herself with sheets and towels. At least having these three guys around tonight would mean some extra hours for her tomorrow cleaning their rooms and doing their laundry. She could do with some cash. Efficiently she made up the first room, checking that everything was straight and tidy before making her way down the hallway to the second. She was halfway through the second bed when she was startled by the tall stranger.

“I thought I would come and help,” he spoke awkwardly, “I felt like we were imposing a little..” his voice trailed away.

Janine relaxed a little, the attraction she felt earlier returned, “It’s OK. I am sorry I made you feel that way.”

He pulled the sheet towards the end of the bed tucking it into perfect hospital corners. Janine was impressed despite herself. He grinned,

“Army parents,” was the only explanation needed. He reached for the blanket and dealt with it in the same perfect neatness.

“Would you like a job?” Janine found herself drawn to him. Something about the way he could do domestic tasks like making a bed with ease, despite his size and gender.

“Maybe,” he stood up and took a step closer to her. Heat flowed through her body and she was lost for words. Her mind was filled with a need to have him wrapped around her. Then, somehow, they were on the bed, clawing at each other’s clothes, the urgency of need overwhelming both of them.

His body did not disappoint. She was enveloped by the smoothness of his chest. He filled her with hot urgency. The sounds of her pleasure filled the room and were joined by his own groans. The neatly tucked sheets twisted around their feet. As they became dampened by the sweat of their bodies and the juice of Janine’s pussy.

The scent of their sex still hung in the air the next morning when Janine changed the sheets, she smiled with the memory of them twisting together in the bed. She had returned to him when her shift finished and they had spent the night fucking like rabbits. Her thighs were tender from being wrapped around his body, movement reminded her cunt of his pounding.

Months later Janine made her way to Katrina’s after her regular Friday night shift.

“Guess what!” Katrina greeted her in excitement.

Janine was startled but her friend’s excitement was infectious. “What!”

Katrina waved a clipping from the local newspaper in her friend’s face.

Janine grabbed the clipping and scanned the headline.

“Liam Hemsworth is making a movie in Marlborough! Who would have thought, nothing ever happens in Marlborough!”

Underneath the headline was a photograph of the man Janine had spent the night with. Until right then she had not been able to place him. How could she have been so dumb!

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USB Flashback – Naughty but Nice

Naughty but nice

The big yellow building swung into view through Brent’s windscreen. For a moment he sat in the car park looking at the rain and hoping for it to ease. Around him the car park was almost empty. Of course rain like this would deter most people from visiting the adult store but Brent didn’t care. At least it would mean that he would not have to share that awkward moment standing next to a guy while you are trying to decide between Squirting Babes and Pegging Ladies. Brent’s butt cheeks twitched. Maybe he might look for a butt plug to go with his DVD. The evening yawned ahead of him. No-one was home and all his friends were busy with their girlfriends. There was only so much footy you can watch on your own.

The heavy pelt of the rain eased a little and he took the chance to race into the store. He stepped through the door and stood for a moment wiping the water from his face and shaking his head. Looking around he confirmed his suspicions, he had the store all to himself. Behind the counter a middle aged woman sorted through boxes of condoms. She looked up briefly to nod hello before turning back to her work. Brent made his way to the DVD section at the back of the store where he spent a few moments scanning the shelves. A cover depicting a busty woman wearing a massive strapon and kneeling behind a man on all fours caught his eye. His anus twitched and he felt his butt clench in tingling anticipation. He didn’t even bother looking for squirting videos. He spent a few moments perusing covers, each image increasing his desire to feel that pressure against his ass, opening him and penetrating him. He made his choice and then trying to look casual strolled past the racks of Hens Night games to the more serious toy section.

This part was harder, he had never bought anything like this before. He looked at the array of choices before him, long and slender, short and squat, vibrating, silicone, latex, some looking extremely phallic, some looking like weird doctors tools. His mind spun with choice but after reading a few packs he narrowed it down to a choice between two. The first was a slender solid silicone piece that promised mind blowing prostate orgasms. The second was a series of beads with a small vibrator.

For long moments he stood considering his purchase before a movement beside him caught his attention. He looked sideways and noticed a young woman standing in front of the vibrators. She seemed oblivious to him as she slid different items off the rack and tried to examine them through the packaging. Brent watched her for a moment; an image of her sitting on her bed fucking herself with the dong she had in her hand filled his mind. He forgot about his decision as he watched her brow furrow in concentration. Suddenly she looked up straight into his eyes,

“Don’t you wish that they had a demo model for these things,” she held up the package.

Brent was nonplussed, “I guess,” he replied hesitantly.

“I mean you can’t even tell what the surface feels like or what the vibrations are like,” she continued. “And once you have opened them and tested them you can’t exactly bring it back and swap it for another model.”

Brent was intrigued. He had never had a conversation like this with anyone before. “Well I can’t say I can help you out,” he ventured. “It isn’t like I have the opportunity to test a wide range of women’s vibrators.”

The woman threw back her head and laughed, “I guess not. What are you doing here then?” She looked him up and down, “I thought you were buying a present for your girl.”

Brent hesitated for a moment. Suddenly the idea that had brought him in here seemed weird. But his mind reasoned, so was talking to a complete stranger about try before you buy vibrators was pretty weird so why not go with it?

“Well,” he began and found himself showing the cover of the DVD he had selected. “I was kinda looking for a toy that I could use while watching this.” He looked away feeling sheepish.

The girl stepped forward and took the DVD from his hand. She whistled softly,

“Lucky girlfriend that gets to do that to you,” she looked at him slightly differently.

“If I had a girlfriend who would do that to me I wouldn’t be buying a DVD to watch.” Brent smiled ruefully. “Lucky boyfriend who gets to watch you use that thing,” he pointed at the package in her hand.

“You are not the only lonely single in here looking for something to spice up the self-loving,” the girl held out her hand, “I am Sonia,”

Brent took her hand, “Nice to meet you Sonia.” He replied. “By the way, when I did have a girlfriend she used to swear by the rabbit vibe, hers looked pretty much like that one there.”

Sonia slipped the package back on the rack and selected the one Brent had indicated. “That is as good a referral as I am going to get. I don’t have a prostate but my last fuck buddy swore by them.” She ventured.

Brent turned back to the rack to make the correct selection. When he looked back Sonia was standing at the counter paying for her purchase. By the time Brent reached the counter she was heading for the door. Impatiently he paid for his purchases, glancing over his shoulder towards the doorway. The door buzzer sounded as the cashier gave him his change.

Outside the store he almost bowled her over as she sheltered in the doorway. The rain was belting down harder than before. Brent looked longingly at his car parked only about twenty metres away but he recoiled from the idea of running through this rain.

“Don’t you hate it when you are horny and you have to walk home in the rain before you can use your new sex toy?” Sonia asked in the same matter of fact way she had discussed the vibrator in the store. “Looking at that pic on your DVD has got me even more wound up than I was before.”

Brent looked at her, his fantasy returned, but he struggled to think of a response that wouldn’t weird her out.

“I have a car over there,” he offered lamely.

Sonia’s face lit up, “Perfect,” she threw over her shoulder as she sprinted for the car.

By the time Brent slid into the driver’s seat and closed the door against the pouring rain she had her jeans pulled down and her hand between her legs. Brent sat watching her, mesmerised. She slid down the seat so that she could pull her jeans down a little further and open her legs. With shaking fingers she ripped at the plastic packaging pulling out the vibe and tinkering with the controls. Brent felt for a moment that she had forgotten that he was there.

“Oh my fucking god I am so horny,” she muttered. Her hand slipped between her thighs and Brent could see her fingers moving around. She picked up the vibe and began to stroke herself with it. A shudder went through her as she slid it into herself. “That is good,” a long sigh passed through her lips. She began to move the vibe in and out of herself slowly, turning her wrist experimenting with pressure points. Her other hand gripped the side of the seat.

A low groan came out of her lips and she threw her head backwards, “That is it,” she increased the speed of her thrusts, “Right there, Oh fuck,” The vibe glistened with her wetness and she was almost pounding herself with it. “That’s it,” she whispered to herself. The pounding continued and Brent noticed the little furrow in her brow.

“I am gonna cum,” she announced to the car in general. Brent was sure that she wasn’t aware of him at all. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! FUUUUUCCCK!” she screamed. Brent looked nervously out of the window but of course no one was hanging around in the rain looking at this woman fucking herself in the front seat of his car.

When he looked back she was slumped in the seat with the vibe resting on her thigh. Her face glowed as she panted in pleasure. “You have no idea how much I wanted that,” she grinned at him.

Brent nodded in agreement. For a moment he considered pulling down his zip and rubbing a quick one out himself. Without thinking he looked down at his crotch. The bulge was hard to miss.

Sonia followed his gaze, “Hmmmm it seems I am not the only one with an itch to scratch.” She grinned mischievously.

Brent wriggled uncomfortably.

“You know that was just a warm up for me,” she looked suggestively at him. “I really have an itch to fuck a boy’s ass right now. Would you like me to give you a hand breaking in your new toy?” she rested her hand on his thigh, next to his bulging cock that was starting to leak precum onto his boxers.

Brent turned the key in the ignition, “Your place or mine?”

sex toys


Jenna didn’t know why she agreed to this meeting. Normally her husband met with agents, read contracts and thought about boring investment management stuff. That after all was his job. Since he retired from his other job that was his focus. He was good at it. She was not. Which was why she never bothered with meeting agents and thrashing out details of rent, agreements with tenants, body corporate fees and all the rest of it. If there was a document to be signed she signed it. She was ashamed that as an educated woman she often didn’t fully read the documents she signed she trusted her husband to do that. It was his job.

For some reason on this day she succumbed to his subtle jibes about not taking an interest in their money. She gave in to the guilt she felt that she should be more involved in what mattered to him. So here she was, standing in an empty showroom, discussing square meterage, prices, outgoings, GST and what potential tenants are looking for. For the most part it was OK. There was not too much jargon, the conversation did not go over the same points too many times. Things seemed to be going OK. But her thoughts,as always, wandered.

She noticed the agent’s hands. There was something about a man’s hands. Often she was attracted to big, capable hands. Ones that often belonged to workmen, mechanics and engineers. There was something about a man who built or fixed things for a living. Recently she had met someone who had very capable hands. Hands that had transported her to heights of pleasure that she had stopped even fantasising about. These hands were like hers. Small for a man, but capable, so capable.

The hands on the agent standing in front of her were like that. Relatively small but something about them was attractive. His fingernails were fastidiously manicured, his fingers were slender as they gripped his phone to subtly check messages and take notes about their property. She could imagine them cupping her breast and twisting in her hair to pull her face close to him.

Her eyes roved over the rest of his body. He wasn’t tall or burly like her typical go to, but a sense of confidence radiated from him. Instinctively she knew he was a take control kind of guy. She knew that in the right situation he would twist those fingers around her hair and push her down on her knees in front of him. She imagined kneeling in front of him. In her fantasy she imagined him dressed in tight black pants that hugged his tight ass and cupped his cock.

“Suck me,” the voice in her thoughts commanded. Her cunt pulsed but something made her concentration return sharply to the present. Three pairs of eyes were looking at her. Feeling slightly awkward she tried a non-committal response,

“Sounds good to me.”

It worked, the two agents and her husband smiled and nodded.

“I will just get some photos then.” The younger more awkward agent, took up the junior role.

“Sure thing,” her husband moved to walk with him, “I will just get those lights for you,” The two of them left the room. The older, more confident agent locked eyes with her for a moment. Jenna shifted uncomfortably, she felt as if he could read her thoughts. What if he could? In her examination of his hands she had noticed a wedding band. What if he knew what she was thinking but didn’t care? What if he realised that hers was an unconventional marriage? What if his was as well? What if …..?

Too many what ifs. Then she realised he was looking at her for a different reason. Her spiraling thoughts had distracted her and she had not heard his question. Instinctively she knew a banal comment wasn’t going to cut it this time.

“Sorry,” she hoped she didn’t look like too much of an airhead.

His brows knitted together ever so slightly, showing his irritation, “The ceiling tiles, are those stains recent?”

Thank fuck this was a question she could answer, “No they are old, the roof did have some issues but it was repaired several years ago. We just hadn’t replaced all of the ceiling tiles.”

He nodded, satisfied with her response as her husband came back into the room. She was relieved that he was back and she could revert to her quiet observation. she wasn’t sure but she thought she detected a glimmer of something in the agent’s eyes. Lust? An inkling of what she had been thinking? Her cunt responded threatening to railroad all reasonable and appropriate thoughts.

Somehow she managed to get through the last ten minutes of the meeting without allowing her mind to wander. All parties agreed on everything that was needed to list the property, photos were taken and forms were signed. As both agents left the building she allowed herself one last look at the tight ass covered neatly in the perfectly fitting tailored trousers. Sometimes the thoughts in her head were better than any conversation she could imagine in the real world.

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Round Two

The first part of the story of Josie and Chad was published here.

This instalment sees the tension and pleasure shared increase as the two lovers dance a dance orchestrated by Chad’s wife.

Chad would like to see you again ….

It was the text that Josie had been waiting for. It had killed her to walk away from him last time without allowing him to touch her. Teasing him had been one of the most arousing things she had ever done. Using him as her personal sex toy to get off had given her one of the most intense orgasms that she had ever experienced. But she missed allowing him to reciprocate.

I was hoping he would… Will there be any special requests?

Josie couldn’t stop herself from asking. As much as she wanted to follow her own agenda she was very aware that Chad belonged to someone else. As delicious as he was he was only on loan. Her access to him was at the whim and with the conditions of the woman he was married to. The mother of his children.

Not really, the reply lifted a weight from Josie, he would like to have dinner with you first though.

I can do that! The reply almost typed itself.

I think it would be fun if you dress sexy. I love the idea of you both being in a public place and him having to behave. 

Josie had the perfect dress! Times and places to meet were arranged. Never once did it seem odd to Josie that these arrangements were made by Chad’s wife and not by Chad himself. Feeling like they were both puppets being played by a third party added another level to the game and Josie liked it.

The restaurant was busy but Josie easily spotted him as she entered. He was dressed the way she thought he would be, as if had just finished work in his conservative inner city office. His crisp business shirt was unbuttoned st the neck and his sleeves were rolled up but he still had that awkward shy look about him. As if he would rather be hiding behind his desk.

His eyes lit up as she walked towards him. His whole body seemed to relax a little but in his eyes she could see desire burning as he took in her dress, the way it hugged her body but allowed a glimpse of her cleavage. It sowed her body without being obvious. Her curves were on display but her skin was not.

The look on his face told her that he was remembering when he had seen what was under there. It was as if she was walking naked between the tables. She held her head high and looked him in the eye challenging him.

Like the true gentleman he was he stood and held her chair. Graciously she allowed him to attend to her, noting the way he lingered for a moment standing slightly behind her as she sat. His glance down the cleavage of her dress was like a physical caress. Josie felt her nipples stiffen in response. A small drop of wetness formed between her legs.

Without speaking he chose his char, not opposite but to her side.

“I want to be able to touch you,” his voice seemed alien before Josie remembered they hadn’t spoken when she met him. This was the first time they had actually spoken.

Under the table his hand travelled up her thigh, finding its way under the fabric of her dress. His fingers grazed her naked, freshly shaved pussy. Their eyes met, his wide with surprise and hers daring him. The desire in his eyes caused the wetness in her cunt to flow.

“You know I am not really that hungry,” he said causally. Meanwhile his hand under the table stroked the smooth soft skin of her mound. It was as if it had a life of its own.

Desperately trying to stay cool Josie picked up the menu herself. The words on the page made no sense at all.

“I am not sure,” she replied, remembering her instructions to tease.

He inserted his finger into the top of her slit. A tiny fraction of the tip of his finger was in contact with her swelling clit. He looked st the menu for a few more moments before he placed it firmly on the table.

“Nothing there is really grabbing me,” he looked intently at her as he slid his finger deeper into her slit. It felt as if her clit was straining towards him.

“Maybe the linguine,” she was desperately fighting herself and trying to be true to the woman who had engineered this.

Chad took the menu from her hands and looked intently into her eyes as he slowly and deliberately rand his finger over her clit and down into her now dripping cunt,

“I know my wife told you that we would have dinner and that you were to tease me the whole time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she also told you not to wear panties.”

Josie could not reply. Her whole attention was taken up by the hand that was skilfully working her cunt under the table. It was all she could do to stop herself from moaning out loud.

Just when she thought she could bear no more he removed his hand away. A sharp pang of loss jolted through her. He smiled seductively as he placed his fingers on her lips. The smell of her cunt was strong. Her tongue flicked out and tasted the juice there,

“I want you to lick that juice off my cock,” he spoke quietly, so that no one else could hear. He took her hand and placed it on his crotch. His cock was straining against the zip of his pants. For a split second Josie considered sliding under the table to suck his cock but she couldn’t bring herself to be so daring. She remembered the last time they were together, what it felt like to straddle him while he was inside her. The feel of his hardness grinding inside her and the sound of him cumming. Suddenly the determination to follow her instructions seemed to melt away.


TMI – Fantasy

1. To spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be? (select one)

a. I have never role-played before and will need a lot of instruction.

b. I have tested the waters, but never acted out anything scripted.

c. I have got my feet wet and want more!

d. Dive in head first – nothing is too deep.

Role playing is not something that I have ever really done. I always felt very self conscious when I have thought about stuff like that. I am not confident enough in myself so if I had to choose one of the options I would be a)

2. What scenario peaks your interest most? Why?

a. Romantic and sensual

b. Playful and fun

c. Kinky! I want it all.

I am very much into sensual play. I love playing with different sensations tripping over the line between pleasure and pain. Doing this was one of the things I enjoyed most about my time with JB. Exploring that line, giving pleasure and some pain to increase his pleasure gave me no end of pleasure. It takes a great deal of trust and intimacy to achieve this kind of pleasure / pain. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to experience that again.

3. Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy?

a. A brothel

b. A dungeon

c. A bedroom

d. A prison cell

Taking into account my answer to question 2, I would choose a dungeon. It would indeed be the best place because it would contain implements and equipment that would enable me to play with the joys of pleasure – pain.

4. Which of the following toys would be prominently featured in your fantasy? (select one)

a. Feathers and whipped cream

b. Handcuffs, panty hose, and a necktie

c. Whips and chains

d. Ice cubes and a cold beer

Despite being interested in using a small amount of pain to increase pleasure I am not really a sadist. Extreme pain is not really something that interests me. My fantasies are about teasing by restraint so that I can give pleasure at my will. Restraining my partner means that I a also in control of my own pleasure which I can take at my own will. The tools that serve this are definitely hand cuffs and neckties. The pantyhose are part of the teasing.

5. It is time to take your sexy self to fantasy island, which fantasy will you bring to life to rock your lover’s world?

a. The Sassy Sexy Jersey Whore: Gaudy, Flashy, Showy…totally Jersey!

b. Kinky Cook: It’s all about the spice! Heating things up in the kitchen.

c. Naughty Maid: Your feather duster will tickle more than just the dust on the shelves.

d. Doctor Love: Saving lives and breaking hearts but not before you administer a head-to-toe physical examination.

e. Frisky Fireman: A hose so long you can put out several of the hottest fires and leave a smoldering heap as proof of a job well done.

As I have already said my role playing experience is very limited. Looking at the list above a couple of things come to mind.

C. Naughty maid: I have a thing for the Rocky Horror Show. I love the costumes, the music and have seen the stage show a couple of times. Because of this I have always wanted a maid outfit. I guess I have never really had a reason to buy one. I know you don’t need a reason to buy lingerie but Mr Jones really isn’t into the dressing up thing and so I don’t want to buy an outfit that would go to waste so to speak. I am sure sometime in the future an opportunity will present itself.

E. The fireman: I have had a couple of sexy encounters with men who work as firemen. They lived up to the image that is sometimes put out there about men who are strong and very attentive. Sadly for various reasons they didn’t stay in my life for very long. Maybe one day they will rescue me again.

Bonus: Tell us about your craziest or wildest role-playing adventure.

So my experience is limited. The craziest thing that comes to mind was an adventure I embarked on many years ago that involved me visiting a man in a hotel room. His wife had asked me to dress in lingerie with a coat over the top and give her man a lap dance while he was restrained. The restraint lasted as long as the dance and some very sexy fun ensued. The build up for me was intense as walking through a hotel wearing nothing but underwear was tittilating and a little nerve wracking. I quite enjoyed that young man and I believe he very much enjoyed me.

This post was made as part of TMI Tuesday. For more entries and other interesting TMI confessions make sure you read here.

I would also like to give a shout out to some fellow TMIers

The Pink Seam: An amazing mind with some great erotic fiction.

Mr A: A gentle soul, always a gentleman, always well dressed.

Crossing the Line

It has been a long while since I have added to the story I started as part of the Journey to Now page. During our recent cruise I had a fair bit of down time and I worked on some posts to add to the story. Now back in the land of the living I will hopefully be continuing to complete this. For those who are new to the blog please visit the “Journey to Now” page to catch up on the story.

Mr Jones has always been very clear about emotional ties with our play partners. He likes the friendship aspect of things but he is very much a one woman man. He has never been interested in having more than one romantic relationship. I never really gave the topic much thought but as time went on and we continued our relationship with Sheree and Wes I began to consider the idea of polyamory to something more than just a fantasy. Mr Jones described his feelings about Sheree in this way; “My dick likes having sex with her but I am not really in to her as a person that much.” In the beginning we spent a lot of time together as a foursome. Mostly we swapped partners and occasionally Sheree and I would have girl time together. I had visited Ladies night a few times by this stage and my desire to have sex with women was waning a little. Slowly I was coming to the realisation that what I really liked was cock. Nice, dare I say it, thick above average sized cock.

In contrast to Mr Jones’ feelings about Sheree, Wes and myself began realising that some feelings were beginning to develop between us. It was never really defined and Mr Jones and I seemed to talk about it sometimes but never in a really direct way. Certainly WES and I had several conversations about it. Some were vague and about the idea of polyamory in general, some were more direct and related to managing our feelings and relationship so as not to hire the other stakeholders.

Over Mr Jones and I became aware that all was not well in the Wes and Sheree household. Sheree had several mental health issues which they were quite open with us about but looking back I realise how naive I was about just how much Wes contributed to them and possibly used them as an excuse for some very bad behaviour. In any case circumstances led to Mr Jones engaging in his first experience of playing solo. We had never really discussed it but I had always stated that I was OK with him enjoying himself. Unlike him I was confident that he had no intention of running off with someone else and so I was, and still am, comfortable with him getting enjoyment from any experiences that come his way.

When he came home one day and told me that he and Sheree had taken advantage of a situation and engaged in a hot and heavy tryst in a park I was excited for him. I felt I was a much needed boost to his confidence. For myself I wasn’t particularly interested in solo play with Wes despite my growing feelings for him.

What did grow out of that first foray into playing without their partner in the room for Wes and Sheree was my first MMF. I requested this with some nervousness. I knew that Mr Jones was aware of how I felt about Wes and I had an inkling that he wasn’t entirely happy about what was happening. I guess looking back now he didn’t know how to stop what he may have seen as a runaway train. His confidence in my devotion to him was not as strong as mine in his and to be completely honest I was not as settled in my relationship as I could have been. Some of the issues that plagued our marriage earlier still lingered. At this time I had been forced to resign from my job and ultimately had to turn my back on a career I loved as a result of circumstances that stemmed largely from the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life with children. I felt strongly that this turn of events was due to some failings on Mr Jones’ part and even though I was working towards it I had by no means forgiven him.

In any case I found myself in a bed sandwiched for the first time between two men. Both Mr Jones and Wes had what I regarded as particularly nice cocks. I loved both of them, in my hand, in my mouth and in my pussy. At this time anal sex and I were still not really friends. Neither of my lovers really minded. The evening was an amazing experience for me. A lot of first times for many things happened; first spit roast, first time watching a man suck another’s cock and most importantly first time of double vaginal penetration.

This feat was not planned and was a result of some patience and a lot of communication between Mr Jones and Wes. I doubt very much if it would have been as successful if both me had not been so comfortable with themselves and each other as it required two penises to get into some very close quarters together. As I recall I lay on my side and Mr Jones entered me from behind. Dan had the trickier task of inserting himself into an already full pussy while facing me. It took some adjusting of legs, arms and hips but we achieved the goal. It was one of the most amazing, intimate experiences of my life. My pussy was stretched in the most pleasurable way and my body was pressed between both of the men I desired most in the world. It is something that I will never forget even now after so many different experiences and different men. It would be a very long time before I would experience that level of intimacy again.

TMI Tuesday – Redux

This week’s questions are a flashback from September 2013. Back then I was a TMI regular at my old blog, Erotic Adventures. You can check out my original responses to these questions here.

As usual you can check out other TMI goodness at the TMI Tuesday website. Including some other people who also posted in 2013. Enjoy!

From :

1. What strange areas of your body are ticklish?

I am not really ticklish which is very frustrating for Mr Jones as he is quite ticklish in the regular places. When I tickle him he laughs like a girl which I find endlessly entertaining.

From :

2. What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on.

I have a bit of a fascination with awkward virginal young men. But given my line of work it is not something I can ever really allow myself to pursue.

From :

3. If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it?

Nope. I don’t need to have the best sex in human history. The second best sex in human history will do.

From :

4. What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it a great, good, bad or horrific experience?

Probably in line with my answer to question 2. Given my profession engaging in sex with virginal young men is really not a good idea. Even if they were not my students it is a rabbit hole I am not prepared to venture down.

From :

5. What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated?

I love having my hair pulled and my scalp stimulated. It is not entirely sexual stimulation but when a man holds my hair and pulls it just the right amount as I suck his cock… That takes things to the next level.


From :

If you could make a porn film/video with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

My original answer to this question was Travis Fimmel, I am going to stay with that response because he is one sexy guy.


The Colombian is very keen on having ‘adventures’ as he puts it. Most of what he intends is having sex in risky public places like parks, shopping centre change rooms, beaches etc. On the day we first met we found ourselves inside the fire escape stairs of a shopping centre. I was looking for a way to find my car but he was very keen to engage in other activities. To his disappointment I wasn’t up for that kind of thing. Which, upon reflection, is very unlike Gemma.

Since then we have visited a department store change room, and kind of gotten busted by the shop assistant. So I guess there are flashes of Gemma. A couple of weeks ago I was watching rubbish television with my family and we watched this ‘caught on camera’ kind of show featuring the things people do in a multi-story car park. Of course there wS a lot of version of people damaging boom gates in an attempt to avoid paying but also there were a quite a few snippets of people getting sexy in semi secluded corners of the building.

This particular show also featured a dramatisation of the control room where the cameras in the building are monitored showing the reactions of the people watching the action. Of course these people are tasked with making sure equipment such as boom gates and automatic payment machines are not damaged but they also monitor the behaviour of clientele and call the police if things get out of hand. The reactions portrayed to people having sex in stairs and corners were not positive. Instead of “how sexy” and “how daring” their standard response was more ” how gross” and “get a room!”

I felt a bit deflated watching it. I thought back to the recent change room shenanigans and I realised how pissed the sales assistant probably was and how disgusted she was. I felt a little ashamed. Which is stupid. We weren’t hurting anyone and we didn’t leave a mess for her to clean up so what is it to her? The same as the car park viewers. What is the problem? Who is the worst here? The people enjoying themselves and living in the moment or the people sitting around criticising as they watch camera footage?

It is an interesting paradigm. Like the picture above the reality depends on your viewpoint I guess, and the way you have been conditioned to think by the people around you. I think for all the value that Westerners put on being sexy, and the way we pride ourselves on being open minded we definitely have some very prudish ideas about sex.

The question remains; will I have stairwell sex with the Columbian if the opportunity arises? The answer is I honestly don’t know. I think I will definitely have to do a check for cameras first.