Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 6

What are your thoughts on foreplay – favourite types, best experiences, wishes?

There was a time when foreplay was not something I was particularly worried about. The reason? I didn’t know anyone who was good at it. I am sorry to say Mr Jones did fall into that category. These days he has upped his game and he is on a cycle of continuous improvement.

I am a HUGE fan of oral sex. I LOVE to give head, and by most accounts I am pretty good at it. Although if I am not particularly interested or I feel I am not getting gratitude my game might suffer slightly. I also love to give oral to a woman. If the mood takes me. Satisfying a woman orally is more challenging sometimes but the rewards can be great.

When it comes to being on the receiving end I am picky. I have said many times the number of guys who think they are amazing at giving head is much higher than the number who actually are. I don’t know why, maybe it is me. I am a bit of a princess when it comes to my lady bits and if you go at them hammer and tongs you are going to be told to leave them alone. Additionally, good oral sex makes me squirt. It is easy to tell if a man doesn’t like the feeling of my juice in his face or the taste in his mouth. If a guy doesn’t like it then he will generally stop. This will make me feel like I am missing out because he is getting his cock sucked well and I feel like I have missed a large chunk of the pleasures available.  and I will be sad. So a pre-requisite is you have to like it. And there is nothing sexier than a man who cannot get enough. I once had a man grip my thighs and press his face against my cunt to gulp every drop like he was dying of thirst. It was one of the hottest things I had felt in a long while.

Other types of foreplay can be fun. I like kissing and a little bit of teasing. Stroking and playing with different sensations but often I get impatient and want to get to the main course. What can I say? I am a bit greedy.

My current wish is to be tied and teased. Possibly with a blindfold. Hopefully with more than one person present.

Don’t Tell Me to Shhh

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is Fore- and Afterplay. When I think about these words I think of a few different things. In the world of sex foreplay is talked about a lot. Stereotypically a lot of men are bad at it.

Of course some men are better than others. I think it is directly related to how selfish he is. The more focussed he is on his pleasure the less he is going to focus on hers. I have experienced a lot of different versions of this but something recently became clear to me.

I am a squirter. This is not something I hide. It is something I have mixed feelings about though. I am self conscious about the mess. I am also conscious that a bed that has been covered with vaginal ejaculate can smell a bit ordinary the next day. I am also conscious that some people don’t like it. Having your face covered in vaginal ejaculate is not some people’s idea of fun.

For the majority of men however it is a dream come true. Whilst I have had the occasional lover recoil and politely move to another activity which doesn’t involve their face being covered a more frequent happening is true enthusiasm for the experience. Both Johnny and JB LOVED the feeling of being covered in my juice. They could never get enough.

After being told “I don’t mind it because it means you are enjoying yourself,” while being fingered in a mediocre way. I realised that trying to hold back that bodily function to suit someone else’s ideas of what is fun is not how I roll. After sucking several men to climax and being complimented the whole time about my skill but without reciprocation I have decided that is also not how I roll.

Most men like the way I suck them. I deserve for the pleasure to be reciprocated. I will squirt, at least a small amount, that is how I am built. If that is not your thing then you are not the one for me.

Sorry, not sorry.

The other thing about me is that I can be noisy. Actually if I am not making noise I am probably not enjoying myself. I was shushed recently. For no good reason. We were in a hotel room in a city where neither of us worked or frequented. There was absolutely NO reason for me to be quiet. I told my partner to get over himself.

In the washup (afterplay?) he tried to explain why he did that. It didn’t change my feelings. In fact his explanation and process of pressuring me to state explicitly what I was unhappy about so that he could rebut and justify and explain himself was the exact opposite of good afterplay.

The only thing that was good about it was that it cemented some things in my mind.

  1. If you don’t like me squirting on your face then I am not interested. I don’t judge you but I am not prepared to compromise.
  2. If you are going to shush me I will put my pants on and go home… I won’t be coming back.

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TMI Tuesday – Really Late Edition

This week was the first week of term 3 for me. I have a new timetable, I don’t like it, I am struggling to be positive. I don’t know why it is affecting me so much but for the first time in a long time my depression is getting physical with me. However in the spirit of fake it until you make it I am determined not to let everything go to hell in a handbasket, even if it means posting a little bit later than I would like.

1. Money or Fame? Why?

In this world of Tick Tick, Youtubers and social media influencers fame has become everyday and cheap. It has lost its influence and its power. Anyone with a phone can become famous. It sometimes comes without any real effort. 

Money still has power. With money a person can effect great change in the world. Sure they can be like Jeffery Epstein and use their money to cause great pain and sadness in some people’s lives but there are many in the world who use their money to really influence the world around them. 

2. Fish or Chicken?

I don’t feel particularly strongly about either of these choices. If I had to take one out of my life completely it would be fish. Chickens are a huge part of my life at the moment. We currently have about 20 chickens living with us and by the end of the year that number will be higher. We use these birds to create eggs and also for meat. The rule of thumb is “don’t name the ones we are going to eat.” It has worked pretty well.

3. Sleeping at night–too warm or too cold?

I am a child of the sun. I was born and have lived my entire life in a sub-tropical climate. Consequently I don’t like being cold. Like most Queenslanders I get twitchy when the daytime temperature is below 20oC and downright panicky when the nighttime temperature drops below 10oC. So I like to be warm. I pull the blanket around my neck to make sure I get a good seal. Unfortunately the onset of menopause has meant that I frequently wake up feeling like I am roasting so my nights at the moment (during our winter) have been a long dance of “blanket off, get cold, blanket on, get warm, sleep a little, wake up hot, blanket off” repeat.

I can’t wait until summer.

4. Beard or Moustache? Why?

I am not a fan of facial hair. Mr Jones has never had a beard. Although recently he has had a couple of attempts at letting his whiskers grow out. I tolerate it, in the spirit of being a supportive wife but eventually it annoys even him and he shaves it off.

I wonder what will happen next year when we are living in a caravan for an extended period? Perhaps I should pack a beard trimmer when we leave for our odyssey.

5. Cars–classic or modern?

I have long been a fan of the muscle car. Toranas to be exact.

Holden Torana - A9X Hatchback - Pink 2 by morecars | Holden torana ...

My current drive car varies, depending on the day, who is in the car with me and what is convenient in the driveway. Having two adult children, a set of grandparents and another adult tenant all living on our property has resulted in a LOT of cars to house and shuffle around. So I can find myself behind the wheel of a Mazda 3, An Isuzu Ute or a 2005 Commodore. Or, in a frightening twist, in the passenger seat supervising a learner driver.

6. Which holds more beauty–smile or eyes?

Normally I would say eyes. One of my classes is a bunch of 12 – 13 year olds. It is about a 60/40 split of boys to girls. During a class this week I made a quip about wanting to see their beautiful smiles in an attempt to get their eyes away from their laptop screens. I was rewarded with some very special little boy smiles. So now I am conflicted. Although I will say that a smile is not genuine if the eyes don’t match it.

7. Soothing the soul–hiking or shopping?

Absolutely 100% hiking. What is not soothing about hiking and seeing stuff like this?

As an aside my daughter looked over my shoulder as I was answering this and said that shopping was DEFINITELY not soothing to my soul. In her honest and unfiltered opinion it was the opposite of soothing for me.

She knows me well.

Bonus: What is your favorite type of foreplay?

Absolutely 100% having Johnny’s face between my legs.

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