Friday Flashback – The Last Shot

A bottle of vodka sat on the table between Lexie and Maud, beside it two empty shot glasses stood waiting. Lexie slopped vodka into the glasses. She handed one to Maud and raised the other to her lips looking over the rim of the tiny glass at her friend.

“What is the one sexual fantasy that you have always had but have always been too afraid to ask someone to fulfil?” Her brown eyes challenged Maud’s blue ones. Maud held her friend’s gas for as long as she could.

“To have sex with a girl.” Her voice was almost inaudible in the tiny kitchen.

In unison two women threw back the shot. Maud wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as Lexie studied her. She noticed every tiny detail about her friend, the way the top button of her blouse had come undone, the way her lips pouted. As Maud poured the next shot her tongue touched the back of her teeth. Her brow furrowed in concentration. Maud passed the small glass to Lexie and sat holding her glass as she contemplated her next question.

“Cock or cunt?” The last word was said with a twist of her lips. She knew that Lexie didn’t really like people using the word but she wanted to shock her friend. That was the point of the game wasn’t it? Lexie’s brow puckered as she considered the question.

“I have to choose?” she asked for clarification. Maud responded with an emphatic nod. She was enjoying this game. The drunker they got the more personal and sexual the questions became but also the less she cared about her responses.

“If I have to choose then it is cunt,” Lexie’s lip curled as she made her response.

“Any particular cunt?” Maud could not resist the follow up question.

“That is a separate question and is against the rules.” Lexie responded almost instantly, “You will have to wait your turn. In fact, I think you deserve to miss your turn for breaking the rules which means I get two questions now.” Lexie poured the vodka, filling Maud’s glass almost to the brim before handing it over. Maud pouted at the reprimand at the same time as noticing colour creeping over Lexie’s cleavage.

Lexie sat back against her chair thinking for long moments. Maud noticed the way her lips puckered slightly as she thought and how red the lipstick her friend was wearing was.

“What is your favourite style of vibrator?” Lexie’s eyes twinkled as she leaned back and threw back her shot. Maud flushed,

“How many different types are there?” Her voice was concerned. Lexie chuckled,

“More than I know about I am sure.” She replied. She poured another shot for both of them .”Has anyone ever fucked you with your own vibrator?” Maud squirmed on her chair as Lexie threw back her drink and sat looking over at her. She noticed how Lexie’s lips were parted slightly and her chest was heaving as if she had just run a race. Glancing downwards Maud noticed Lexie’s nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tank top.

“No,” Maud threw back her shot and reached for the bottle. “One more turn each,” she observed as she placed the bottle back in the centre of the table. “Is there anyone who you are friends with that you would fuck?” The question came out quickly.

Lexie looked down at the table and contemplated her answer for a long time before she answered.


Lexie reached for the bottle and poured the last of the vodka into the two glasses. “Last question,” she commented. “Better make it count,” She looked across the table at Maud as she considered her last question. She noticed how some of Maud’s hair had escaped from her ponytail and was framing her pretty face. As always she noticed those full lips. Usually they were pink but tonight they were red, like ripe strawberries. Juicy and plump.

“Can I kiss those lips,” Lexie licked the taste of apple flavoured vodka off her own lips as she watched her friend across the table.

Maud drank down her last shot before she answered, “Yes,” her eyes glittered with excitement and desire. Lexie stood up and took the few steps around the table to where Maud was sitting. She took her time, looking at Maud’s face and into her eyes before she bent down and kissed those full pouting lips softly. The silence in the room like an elastic band stretched tight as Lexie pulled away from Maud, studying her. In response Maud reached up and pulled her friend back down towards her. They kissed again, harder. Their lips mashed together. Bravely Maud slid her tongue into Lexie’s mouth tasting, vodka and the unique musky taste of her friend. Lexie’s hand slid down Maud’s neckline and into her shirt tentatively cupping her breast through the fabric of her bra. The two women pulled apart slowly looking at each other, entranced.

“We should have played this game a long time ago,” Lexie murmured. She straightened up and took Maud’s hand. Without speaking Maud stood up and followed her friend down the hallway to the bedroom. Once inside Lexie reached behind her and shut the door.

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

Friday Flashback – Shine

Time for another story from the back catalog of Erotic Adventures. This story was inspired by the Vanessa Amorosi song Shine.

“Everyone you see,
Everyone you know,
Is going to SHINE””

Four voices screamed out the lyrics of our favourite song, the volume of the music inside my tiny car was ear splitting. The Awesome Foursome was on their way to a girls weekend at the coast. Our plan for the next three days was to dance and meet hot surfy guys at night and work on our tans by day. 

We arrived at our apartment and dragged our luggage up the stairs. Jenna and I grabbed the room with the balcony. Once inside, Jenna flopped down on the bed,

“Man I am tired,” she spoke to the ceiling.

I started hanging clothes in my side of the closet, “Big week at work?” I asked over my shoulder.

“Fuck yeah,” Jenna didn’t mince words. “I have the boss from hell.” 

Jenna had worked at a total of six different jobs since she left school a year ago. Even as one of her best friends  I had trouble keeping up with her. I bent over my suitcase arranging clothes.

“You have the hottest arse,” Jenna’s voice was so soft I wasn’t sure that I had heard her right. I took the few steps to stand next to her bed with my back to the door.

Jenna lay as she had fallen. The straps of her dress had slipped off her shoulders making the neckline even lower. My eyes were drawn to the swell of her breasts pushing out of the top of her dress. As I glanced down her body I noted that the skirt of her dress was scrunched up revealing her bright boyleg knickers.

Our eyes met, I felt a small trickle of wetness between my legs. We never spoke about our attraction but every now and then she would stroke my thigh or breast with a look of longing. 

“You two want to come check out the pool?” Alison called from the doorway. 

Both Jenna and myself answered almost immediately,

“Nah I think I might just rest here in the aircon.”

“Suit yourself,” Alison gave a little toss of her head. “All the more men for me.”

I stood rooted to the spot listening to Alison and Kate getting changed into their togs and hunting around for towels, sunscreen and books.Sneakily Jenna stroked the inside of my thigh. My skin tightened and goose pimples raised on my arms and legs. Without thinking.I touched my breast rubbing my palm against the nipple that was pressing through the fabric of my dress. 

When I heard the front door of the apartment close behind Alison and Kate I sat on the bed beside Jenna. My hands pushed their way into the top of her dress seeking out her hard nipples and the roundness of her breasts. 

Jenna’s hands crept up my thighs stroking my warm wet pussy through the fabric of my knickers. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I leaned down to kiss her soft full mouth. God she tasted good, like strawberry lip balm, mixed with salt. 

Her hands reached up and slipped the straps of my dress down over my shoulders. Then she unbuttoned the front of my dress so that the top fell away displaying my naked breasts. 

“It looks like you have hot boobs as well.” Jenna whispered tracing the outline of each nipple as she spoke. A jolt ran through me from my nipple straight to my pussy and a small gush of wetness stained my knickers. As if I was in a dream I stood up and shimmied out of my dress.

Jenna arched her back and eased her dress down over her hips. I lay down on the bed beside her. Our arms wrapped around each other and our legs twined together. My knee was pressed between hers and hers between mine. Together we rode each other’s legs, pleasuring ourselves the way little girls do against the table. 

It felt like we lay like that for hours wrapped around each other rubbing our clits against each other for hours. I drowned in the softness of her the taste of her lips, the feel of her nipples, against mine and in my mouth. When I couldn’t stand it any more I slipped my hand inside her knickers.

Gasping Jenna showed me where to put my hand and fingers. She guided me to the entrance of her pussy and pressed my fingers against her G-spot. The spasm of her pussy against my hand as she climaxed sent waves of pleasure through me as well. 

With a sly smile Jenna slipped her hand inside the leg of my knickers. Two of her fingers slipped inside me fucking me slowly at first but faster and faster as my moans increased. Skilfully she coaxed me to orgasm by teasing and stroking me. 

Afterwards we lay, still wrapped around each other kissing and fondling. We were startled by a gasp in the doorway. I turned my head and saw Alison in the doorway. She was leaning against the frame of the door with her sarong pushed to one side and her hand inside her bikini. Her head was thrown back and her breasts heaved, she was so absorbed she didn’t notice us looking at her. 

Without realising Jenna and I started fingering each other again as we watched Alison’s hand working frantically inside her knickers. My fingers fucked Jenna’s cunt as Alison started to moan. The sound of her cumming was so beautiful. She stayed like that for a few moments before she turned her head and smiled at us. 

“You two are sneaky.” She walked over to the bed and snuggled in beside me. 

“All three of you are sneaky,” Kate entered the room as well, stripping off her bathers as she walked towards the bed. 

For the rest of the afternoon we feasted on each other’s bodies. We sucked nipples, stroked clits, finger fucked each other and experimented with licking each other out. When it got late we ordered pizza and sat around naked scoffing if down. 

When we were all full to the top Kate looked at the rest of us and asked,

“So who wants to hit the clubs?”

“Nahh, ” Alison spoke for the three of us. “I would rather have a girls night in.

My Wife Likes Cock

My wife loves cock. Maybe it is because we are British and sausage is kind of our national dish. I don’t know. She just loves it. When I met her she drooled over my cock and for twenty years she has sucked, fucked and wanked my cock any way I could ask for and quite a few I didn’t.

Recently we have been talking about her experimenting with other cocks. At first I was afraid. What if she was tired of mine? What if she found one bigger, better or nicer than mine?

I needn’t have worried. Our first encounter with another cock was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. The look on her face when he entered her. Something wild came alive in her. She fucked him hard while I watched. The whole time my hand was on my own throbbing cock. As I stroked myself our eyes met. Even though it was another man’s cock inside her I could feel all of her attention on me. She was just using this man as a sex toy, I could see her desire for me building up. When he was spent she discarded him like the toy he was to her and moved over to straddle me.

Entering her was like coming home, her smell, the feel of her curves under my hands was everything I remembered but inside she was slightly different. Someone had come into my house and moved the furniture a little. I liked it. I liked how wet she was and how wild she looked sitting astride me. Those fantastic breasts moving in time with the undulation of her body. I will never forget it.

The second time we visited the swing club we met another man. I was expecting something similar. I was hoping it would be similar.

We got chatting to another couple. The woman was amazing. So confident which made her so sexy. I could tell my wife was intrigued by her. The way she sat and the way that the man she had been so interested in a few moments earlier suddenly seemed irrelevant. As they chatted I noticed her take her hand off his cock. My mind wandered a little and then suddenly they were sitting beside each other.

Then something happened that I never expected. Never. The two women kissed. The whole time my wife protested,

“I just like cock.”

But she was the one wrapping her arms around the other woman. She was the one putting her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. She was the one who seemed to take forever before coming up for breath.

“But I just like cock.” She continued to protest even as she went for a second and third deep, passionate kiss. A small crowd of men formed around these two women, watching in fascination as they kissed and fondled each other’s breasts. The other woman’s breasts were a sight to behold. Fantastic, natural, smooth skinned and topped with beautiful nipples.

Then we were in a private room. Four people naked on a bed. The men bookended the two women who lay facing each other. They kissed and stroked each other before the other woman started to move downwards over my wife’s nipples and her soft belly.

“But I like cock.”

Why did she keep saying that? I don’t care if she likes pussy as well as cock. The woman who currently had her mouth over my wife’s cunt clearly didn’t care if she liked pussy. The only one in the room who felt the need to keep attached to cock was my wife.

The woman slipped her tongue into my wife’s slit. Her body arched in pleasure. I have licked that cunt thousands of times. I have heard those noises of pleasure. I had never watched her respond. It was like watching her be fucked. She became that wild free being again. All of the restraint and daily junk left her and she was that wild free sex goddess again.

She lifted herself off the bed and sat with her knees spread as the woman fucked her pussy with two fingers. My wife’s head fell back as sounds of her pleasure filled the room. Everything about her deserved worship. The curve of her back, the round fullness of her breasts, her smooth skin and the unrestrained pleasure noises coming from her mouth. I wanted to fuck her so much but at the same time I felt removed. I felt like a peasant in the room with a goddess.

Then she did something I NEVER expected. NEVER.

She pushed the woman down on the bed and spread her legs. Softly and reverently she began to eat her pussy. The woman lay back, being cradled by her husband. She responded the same way my wife did. Her back arched in pleasure pushing forward those amazing breasts. Our eyes locked as she twisted her fingers into my wife’s hair.

“She might like cock but she seems to like pussy as well,”

Finally she pushed my wife away.


My wife moved over to me and kissed me on the lips. She tasted like cunt. Sweet, salty beautiful cunt. It was the first time in almost twenty years I had tasted another woman’s cunt. And it was from my wife’s lips.

“Baby I need you to fill me,” she begged.

I was only too happy to oblige.


One of the songs that I would have loved to do some choreography to in a pole dance class is Flaunt it by TV Rock. Sadly, due to circumstances out of my control, I probably never will. In case you don’t know the song I am speaking of here is a refresher.

This is the backdrop to my Wicked Wednesday for this week. As always, read, enjoy, leave a comment if you are inspired but more importantly click the image at the end of the story to read more contributions. 

The opening lines of the song throbbed through the club;

“Go on and flaunt it…”

Veronica jumped out of her seat and made her way to the dance floor. As she walked she subconsciously moved her hips in time to the music. The tiny pleated skirt swished enticingly above her perfect round ass.

“I see your walking through the club. Making moves getting love,”

The metal of the pole was cool beneath her hand as she undulated her body against it. Keeping the rhythm of the music Veronica strutted and twisted around the pole flaunting her shiny black platforms lifting as she stepped. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a woman sitting in the corner. The woman was dressed in a short black dress with black vinyl knee high boots. The front of her dress plunged down showing her full cleavage encased by black lace.

“Walking through the disco noise. Kissing girls kissing, boys.”

For a moment Veronica rested her shoulder blades against the pole as she locked eyes with the mystery woman. She slid her hands down her body, emphasizing the swell of her breasts and her tiny waist before she turned neatly and bent down to stroke her leg neatly pointing her full round ass upwards and in the direction of her watcher.

“Your making love to the music, I’m your DJ make you lose it.”

Veronica undulated her body against the pole rippling in time to the music. She flipped her hair over her shoulder to take a peek at her admirer. The woman sat on the couch with her legs parted slightly. Veronica wondered if she was wearing underwear. As she twisted around the pole flaunting her ass and displaying her body to anyone who wanted to watch she fantasised about sliding her hand up those milky white thighs. Her pussy began to throb with arousal. She felt like a cat on heat.

“Go on and flaunt it ha, What your Mumma gave you, ha”

The last lines of the song played and the DJ started to mix in the next track. The mystery woman stood and made her way to a dark corner at the back. For a fleeting second she glanced over her shoulder and Veronica took this as an invitation to follow. In a haze of lust mixed with the euphoria of dancing in such a slutty way she followed. She found the woman sitting on a couch at the back of the club. Beside her a young man sat straddled by an attractive woman whose short black dress was hiked up to reveal her ass the man’s hands gripped the round globes of her butt pushing her down onto his lap. Veronica couldn’t be sure but she thought they were fucking. The couple were lost in their own little world, completely oblivious to the people around them. Like Veronica they were caught up in the lust and heat of the night.

The mystery woman beckoned to Veronica enticing her to come closer. Veronica walked over to stand between the woman’s legs completely mesmerised by the shape of the woman’s breasts encased loosely by the fabric of her dress. Her nipples strained against the fabric, advertising her arousal. Veronica ached to slide her hands into the dress and rub their firmness against her palms. As she stepped forward the woman put her hands on Veronica’s hips drawing her closer. The woman pressed her face against Veronica’s crotch.

A jolt shot through Veronica as the heat from the woman’s breath seeped through her panties. A slick wetness started to form as the woman looked up into Veronica’s eyes. Their eyes remained locked as the woman slid a finger under the lace and satin. The finger worked it’s way deeper and stroked Veronica’s swelling, aching labia before sliding through the slick wetness to graze her swollen clit. A gasp of breath escaped Veronica’s lips

The music of the club and the press of people around them faded into the background as the woman deftly slid Veronica’s panties down around her knees and pressed her face against the smooth skin of Veronica’s pussy. For a fleeting moment Veronica sent a prayer of thanks to whatever deity inspired her to shave before heading out that evening. The prayer flew out of Veronica’s mind as a tongue slid into her slit.

Heat radiated through Veronica’s body. A groan escaped from her lips but the sound was lost in the music of the club. The woman’s face pressed harder against Veronica’s smooth freshly shaven mound. Her tongue reached deeper, inserting itself into Veronica’s hot wet opening. She felt her knees buckle underneath her but the grip of the mystery woman’s hands on her hips held her upright.

Time seemed to stop, everything seemed to stop. The only thing Veronica was aware of was the tongue stroking her pussy, inserting itself inside her. Pleasure coursed through her, each wave building on top of the other. Veronica slumped forward over the woman, supporting herself with her hands propped on the back of the couch. Her breath came in short, hard bursts. The woman slid a finger inside her as her tongue continued to lap her swollen, aching clit. A familiar pressure started building inside her. But this time it had a different more intense edge. For a while Veronica tried to hold it back, not wanting this moment to end.

Her resistance was futile. The woman’s finger hooked against the sensitive skin at the entrance to Veronica’s pussy. The orgasm was overwhelming. Wetness rushed out of Veronica’s pussy and a long scream escaped from her lips. Gently the woman guided her down to sit on the couch beside her. Veronica lay back as the woman gently eased her panties downwards and slipped them over her feet. Pushing Veronica’s knees apart the woman kneeled between Veronica’s feet.

The woman looked into Veronica’s eyes.

“You taste as good as you look.” With a sly smile she cupped her hand over Veronica’s dripping pussy.

“I hope you enjoyed the first course,” the woman’s voice was hot in Veronica’s ear. “Because I am famished and I could eat all night.”

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Swing clubs can be very daunting places. So many uncertainties. It is a completely different world where the normal rules you are used to don’t always apply. The rule about not being able to flirt with and hook up with people who are not single or your partner doesn’t apply. The rules about appropriate clothing do not apply. The rules about fucking in private do not apply. It is a place where alternate is the norm but sometimes, somehow mainstream can worm its way into your thinking and the way you act.

sheldon cooper

One of the things your mother tells you when you are a child learning how to socialise is “just be yourself.” That phrase is something that every child who doesn’t quite fit in learns to hate over time. Like Sheldon they go out into the world being loud and proud about themselves and they get beaten down. By those that are considered beautiful and ‘normal’ and ‘cool’. Just being yourself is not just about wearing what you like and doing the things you like. It is actually about being happy to be yourself and being confident that there are people who appreciate you, even if they are not in front of you at that moment. It takes a long time for some people to learn that being cool is not about wearing the right clothes, saying the right things or even about the people you hang out with. Truly cool people don’t care about being cool. They know what they are on about and they are happy with it. They aren’t overly concerned about people’s opinion of themselves because they are happy to go home with themselves at the end of the night.

These rules apply in triplicate at a swing club. Whatever the reason you are there, whatever you are looking for the number one thing to remember is, you are enough. Maybe not for the people who are there at the time but you are enough for yourself. This is a very hard thing to remember. When you are sitting there watching people who you think are more attractive than you, dressed more sexily than you feel, it is hard not to revert to that kid in the playground who nobody liked or who the other girls laughed at because your clothes were not quite right. Or who other people felt threatened by because you were smarter than them and you didn’t bother to hide it.

Recently I had an experience like that. Without realising I was feeling very negative about myself. I went out wearing the same clothes I normally do, I thought I was doing the same things I normally did but somehow people were not responding the same way. At one point I realised that something wasn’t right but this only made me feel worse about myself. I felt I wasn’t good enough and I had this self destructive need to prove my worth by finding a man to have sex with. Even though it wasn’t the man I was with. I did find someone, you always can it is just a question of standards really, The sex was OK and he was not a bad or even ugly guy but the experience stayed with me for days. It ate at me. I knew it meant that I had to step back.

Flash forward to several weeks later. I am back in the same space with a better outlook. As things are in this world I had a much better night. I met a guy who was very sexy and he, Mr Jones and I enjoyed a good hour and a half of fun together. I was feeling spoiled and frankly quite lucky to be alive. I noticed a couple who I had seen earlier in the night. They were new to the venue and I had noticed they didn’t seem quite at ease. They were older and their appearance was a little unconventional. When I had encountered them earlier it had seemed as if Mr had needed a bit of dutch courage and was under the influence. She was clearly looking for a woman and was a bit hands on. It made me avoid them. That, and the man who I had set my sights on.

Now with that itch scratched I let my good nature take over and I went to speak to them. She was still keen to get naked with me. I could feel her frustration and hurt. I didn’t want to add to it but I also didn’t want to have sex with her. As gently as I could I told her that I wasn’t looking for a girl. She made some comment about how she felt judged and not the right kind of attractive. In all honesty she was right. The people there right then were not the kind of people who would be into her. But how could I explain to her and at the same time reassure her that she was enough?

I tried. Mr Jones told me later that I couldn’t have done any thing else. He re-affirmed that I did everything I could. It wasn’t enough. She wasn’t ready or able to listen. Things went really south when I noticed her husband wearing a cock ring. (We made a stupid childish pact to be naked together in a non-sexual way.) I wanted to ask him about it because of my recent experiences with The I.T. Guy Besides, in my world, penis will almost ALWAYS trump vagina. My new friend(?) reacted badly. Everything became really awkward and I found myself picking up my clothes and retreating to a safe corner. There were angry words coming from a place of hurt and my cock ring wearing friend decided it was time to take his wife home.

I was dissapointed for them. They had gone out on a limb in search of a fantasy and it had ended badly. I know I am the kind of person who will reflect on an event like that and try to take away lessons to apply. I am not sure about these two. I genuinely hope that she finds what she is searching for and that her visit to the small window on the world of alternate sexuality that is a swingers club did not scar her too deeply.

Internet Dating 

This is the next chapter in our journey after meeting Kurt and Renee for a second time we ventured in to the world of internet dating. 

Over time and with a few false starts we eventually located a couple through the Internet who seemed to tick all of our boxes. After a couple of online chats and phone calls we arranged to meet. By this time we had met up with Kurt and Renee again with a similar sex marathon evening, sending us home smiling and on a sex fuelled high. Our positive experiences had given us some confidence that things would work out. 

I hadn’t really taken much time to think about exactly what we were looking for. We were like children, wide eyed in awe at this strange new world that we had stumbled into. Neither of us had any experience with the world of Internet dating. So we were a little un-prepared for the reality of appearance on screen versus appearance in real life. 

The evening we had arranged to meet dawned and we found ourselves on the couch at the house of our new friends. It seemed both surreal and strangely matter of fact at the exact same time. The people were quite different from Kurt and Renee much more salt of the earth. Jenna was much more reserved than Renee and it took a while for things to get started. 

At the time we assumed that everyone we met was going to take the lead because we were such complete newbies. Now, with some experience under out belt we realise that this is not always the case. Another thing that we came to realise with the wisdom of hindsight was that confidence does not always equal experience. Our assumption that everyone we met knew exactly what they were on about was completely unfounded and mostly incorrect. 

Eventually we fumbled our way around and ended up naked together. It wasn’t the highly charged sexual encounter that we had experienced with Kurt and Renee but it was deeply satisfying. These were people we had much more in common with and could have a more interpersonal relationship with. An example of how comfortable I felt was my ability to give instructions once we were naked. Following round one Jenna and I were enjoying some girl on girl exploration. Having satisfied themselves, for the time being at least, Mr Jones and Steve were sitting on the end of the bed. I think they started out watching the show but we must have been a little too run of the mill for them because they started chatting about tractors, of all things. 

I was a little annoyed at their nonchalance and the very unsexy talk and so they were dispatched to the kitchen. I know that there are probably many men reading this right now thinking “What the Fuck??? How can two red blooded men not be transfixed by the sight of two women enjoying each other?” All I can say is not everyone is turned on by the same things and once you have seen something a few times it tends to lose its appeal. Mr Jones and Steve are both men of action. Happy to watch for a while but need to be part of the action at some point. 

These exploration sessions with Jenna satisfied my bisexual curiosities quite deeply. I learned a lot about how to please a woman and developed my appreciation for pleasuring women. It wasn’t always that Mr Jones and Steve in particular had to be banished to the kitchen when Jenna and I were playing. Mr Jones always stayed true to form, he had to be involved in the action at some point, Steve did sometimes enjoy sitting in a chair in the corner of the room masturbating to sight of his live porn. 

I think that this was one of the catalysts for my present day attitude about girl on girl sex and voyeurs in particular. I am an exhibitionist and love people watching but I do not perform tricks on request. My sexual activities are for my pleasure. It you want to watch and this is gives you enjoyment all the better but the essence is always the same, my exploration for my pleasure. If I was to get all hard core feminist I would say that the idea that men have that they can request or demand women to perform for them stems from the habit of being able to choose porn videos to suit them. Other women are obviously more compliant than me. Maybe that was a sign of things to come.