Fantasy vs Reality; Part 1

Many couples fantasise about swinging for a long time before they take the first step. Often the road is rocky and the first encounter is like losing your virginity. In your mind everything seems perfect and amazing. The reality is often very different. I found this story on Erotic Adventures. It shows the start contrast between fantasy and reality.

Part 1 – The Fantasy:

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The fantasy was so familiar that it had become like a habit. It slipped into Daniel’s mind without him even realising it. His hand slid downwards to grip his shaft as he lay back on the pillows of the hotel bed.

Nicole’s breasts looked even more alluring than usual as the red-haired woman pushed down her bra straps and cupped her hands under their round fullness. Eagerly the woman bent down and licked the tip of one of Nicole’s nipples. Her pink tongue circled the hardening bud before the woman took the entire nipple into her mouth. The woman’s husband stood behind Nicole and put his arms around her waist. Slowly his hands slid down over her belly before he reached between her legs.

“Oh yes that’s it,” Nicole encouraged the man as his fingers slid into her hot wetness. The woman bent down and pressed her face between Nicole’s legs making her writhe and scream in pleasure. Daniel moved to stand behind the other woman placing his hands on her butt, parting her cheeks so that he could see her glistening wet opening. As she moved back and forth lapping at Nicole’s pussy her legs parted slightly opening her further, inviting him in. Daniel could no longer resist, he bent down and slid his tongue along her pussy lips, exploring her folds and tasting her sweet saltiness. Wetness streamed out of her as he licked and stroked her moving down towards her hard node. She bucked against his face in pleasure. He could hear her moans muffled against his own wife’s pussy. It was the most erotic thing that he had ever done.

He never wanted to stop licking her, but his cock was throbbing almost painfully. Reluctantly Daniel lifted himself onto his knees placing himself behind her hips. For a moment she stopped lapping at Nicole and turned to look at him. He stroked her with the tip of his cock, teasing her relishing the pleasure as she bucked her hips against him demanding with her body that he impale her on his cock.

In front of him the woman’s husband pulled Nicole down onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. Daniel watched as the man they had just met lifted his wife’s hips up to allow him to press his cock against her wet opening. She groaned in pleasure as his cock sank into her. Her breasts bounced in time with his thrusts.

He felt a hand wrapped around his cock drawing his attention back to the other woman. looking down he saw her lying on the bed, moving her hand up and down on his shaft as she looked up at him, watching for his reaction. He positioned himself above her and pressed his cock between her legs, sliding it into her, watching her face until he was buried deep inside her. The sound of Nicole’s cries as the other man pounded her egged him on. Soon the room was filled with the sound of two women’s pleasure.

Daniel’s hand was a blur as he worked his cock faster and faster. He felt the familiar pressure building up against his strokes. He threw his head back as the first pulse went through him. Jizz shot out of his cock and covered his belly in a thick white stream. He groaned in pleasure as the second jet covered his hand. Relaxing in the afterglow Daniel thought about his fantasy. In a hotel, far away from home and without his wife the fantasy was even sharper. He resolved to talk about it with Nicole at home. Like they had many times. Perhaps they would take a step closer this time.  

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Friday Flashback – The Last Shot

A bottle of vodka sat on the table between Lexie and Maud, beside it two empty shot glasses stood waiting. Lexie slopped vodka into the glasses. She handed one to Maud and raised the other to her lips looking over the rim of the tiny glass at her friend.

“What is the one sexual fantasy that you have always had but have always been too afraid to ask someone to fulfil?” Her brown eyes challenged Maud’s blue ones. Maud held her friend’s gas for as long as she could.

“To have sex with a girl.” Her voice was almost inaudible in the tiny kitchen.

In unison two women threw back the shot. Maud wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as Lexie studied her. She noticed every tiny detail about her friend, the way the top button of her blouse had come undone, the way her lips pouted. As Maud poured the next shot her tongue touched the back of her teeth. Her brow furrowed in concentration. Maud passed the small glass to Lexie and sat holding her glass as she contemplated her next question.

“Cock or cunt?” The last word was said with a twist of her lips. She knew that Lexie didn’t really like people using the word but she wanted to shock her friend. That was the point of the game wasn’t it? Lexie’s brow puckered as she considered the question.

“I have to choose?” she asked for clarification. Maud responded with an emphatic nod. She was enjoying this game. The drunker they got the more personal and sexual the questions became but also the less she cared about her responses.

“If I have to choose then it is cunt,” Lexie’s lip curled as she made her response.

“Any particular cunt?” Maud could not resist the follow up question.

“That is a separate question and is against the rules.” Lexie responded almost instantly, “You will have to wait your turn. In fact, I think you deserve to miss your turn for breaking the rules which means I get two questions now.” Lexie poured the vodka, filling Maud’s glass almost to the brim before handing it over. Maud pouted at the reprimand at the same time as noticing colour creeping over Lexie’s cleavage.

Lexie sat back against her chair thinking for long moments. Maud noticed the way her lips puckered slightly as she thought and how red the lipstick her friend was wearing was.

“What is your favourite style of vibrator?” Lexie’s eyes twinkled as she leaned back and threw back her shot. Maud flushed,

“How many different types are there?” Her voice was concerned. Lexie chuckled,

“More than I know about I am sure.” She replied. She poured another shot for both of them .”Has anyone ever fucked you with your own vibrator?” Maud squirmed on her chair as Lexie threw back her drink and sat looking over at her. She noticed how Lexie’s lips were parted slightly and her chest was heaving as if she had just run a race. Glancing downwards Maud noticed Lexie’s nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tank top.

“No,” Maud threw back her shot and reached for the bottle. “One more turn each,” she observed as she placed the bottle back in the centre of the table. “Is there anyone who you are friends with that you would fuck?” The question came out quickly.

Lexie looked down at the table and contemplated her answer for a long time before she answered.


Lexie reached for the bottle and poured the last of the vodka into the two glasses. “Last question,” she commented. “Better make it count,” She looked across the table at Maud as she considered her last question. She noticed how some of Maud’s hair had escaped from her ponytail and was framing her pretty face. As always she noticed those full lips. Usually they were pink but tonight they were red, like ripe strawberries. Juicy and plump.

“Can I kiss those lips,” Lexie licked the taste of apple flavoured vodka off her own lips as she watched her friend across the table.

Maud drank down her last shot before she answered, “Yes,” her eyes glittered with excitement and desire. Lexie stood up and took the few steps around the table to where Maud was sitting. She took her time, looking at Maud’s face and into her eyes before she bent down and kissed those full pouting lips softly. The silence in the room like an elastic band stretched tight as Lexie pulled away from Maud, studying her. In response Maud reached up and pulled her friend back down towards her. They kissed again, harder. Their lips mashed together. Bravely Maud slid her tongue into Lexie’s mouth tasting, vodka and the unique musky taste of her friend. Lexie’s hand slid down Maud’s neckline and into her shirt tentatively cupping her breast through the fabric of her bra. The two women pulled apart slowly looking at each other, entranced.

“We should have played this game a long time ago,” Lexie murmured. She straightened up and took Maud’s hand. Without speaking Maud stood up and followed her friend down the hallway to the bedroom. Once inside Lexie reached behind her and shut the door.

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

Lily’s Awakening Part 4 – Unveiling

Lily checked the address for the third time. Yes, she was in the right place. It all seemed so surreal. The address Jenna had given her was in an industrial estate. The only thing that confirmed she was in the right place was a small sign in the window of one of the buildings. A classic silhouette of a woman striking a pose on a pole and the name “Scoundrels Dance Studio” A line of cars were parked in the surrounding area filling the carparking spaces of Motor Mechanics, Air-conditioning sales and other assorted businesses who, like most places, were closed on Saturday night.

The sliding door to the building opened and some women came out with robes over what Lily had to assume were their performance costumes. They seemed unconcerned about their unusual dress and stood around the entrance vaping. Other people arrived and made their way through the sliding door. Some of them seemed hesitant and unsure, the way Lily felt. It gave her comfort to know she was not the only one feeling awkward. Taking a deep breath she sent a quick text to Jenna before making her way across the street.

Jenna greeted her at the door, dressed in tiny shorts and a large t-shirt. Her make up was unlike anything Lily had ever seen. She seemed so exotic it was almost impossible to recognise her.

“Come in!” Jenna hugged Lily. Her eyes were glittering with excitement. Lily’s fears were slowly being replaced by awe at the environment she found herself in. It was like a strange mix of strip club combined with dance school recital. Student performers, like Jenna, made up and dressed in robes or oversized shirts like Jenna escorted their supporters to seats. Lily was surprised at the variety of supporters, boyfriends, mothers, sisters, friends young and old, it was an eclectic mix.

The show itself passed by in a blur of sparkly costumes female strength and athleticism. Lily was astounded by the way Jenna seemed to effortlessly hoist herself around and still look sexy at the same time. In between performances on the poles other women displayed their burlesque skills. Lily thought that burlesque was something that belonged in the speakeasies of the wild west or in some exotic bar in Europe. She never expected to encounter it in an industrial building in the inner suburbs of Brisbane.

Another thing she didn’t expect was her fascination with the women performing. They were all regular women. Some were young, some, astoundingly, were well into their 50’s but most were like Lily, somewhere in the middle of their life journey. Their bodies told the stories of their lives, stretch marks from pregnancies, scars from surgeries, curves from enjoying dinner with friends, tattoos, pericings and smiles. Smiles of women who had found their tribe, women who were learning to love themselves exactly how and what they were.

But the thing that filled Lily’s senses was the boobs. So many different sizes and shapes, covered with elaborate bras, crop tops and sometimes pasties. They all jiggled and bounced and enticed. Never in her life had Lily seen so many breasts in the flesh. She suddenly realised that she loved them and a need to explore them took over. She thought back to the lesbian porn she had enjoyed. Was she becoming a lesbian?

Later she found herself in a bar with Jenna drinking shots. Jenna sat opposite her dressed in a tiny black dress. Lily found herself gazing at her friend’s breasts that seemed to be in danger of spilling out. Jenna didn’t seem to care. Lily had the very strong impression that, on one level, Jenna wanted to expose herself. She seemed to enjoy the attention she was attracting.

The same song that Jenna had performed her dance to earlier came on. Jenna grabbed Lily’s hand and led her on to the dance floor.

“I love this song so much,”

The alcohol she had consumed burned in Lily’s veins. Normally she would have shied away from this place, those drinks and dancing with a woman like Jenna, but tonight she couldn’t stop looking at her. Jenna pulled her close and wrapped her arms around Lily.

“Let’s give those boys something to look at,” she spoke into Lily’s ear above the music.

The feeling of Jenna’s body against hers and the scent of her jolted Lily straight in the groin. Hesitantly she wrapped her arms around Jenna pressing herself against the other woman. Jenna was already taller than Lily, but her shoes lifted her another six inches. Lily found herself staring almost straight at the breasts that had fascinated her since the first day they had met. In the dim light of the club she wasn’t sure but it seemed as if she could see Jenna’s nipples through the fabric of her dress. With a jolt she realised that Jenna wasn’t wearing a bra. The only thing between Jenna’s breast and Lily’s face was a thin piece of fabric.

Lily’s cunt throbbed. The music drove her to move rhythmically in time with Jenna. Before she realised Jenna’s hands were on her butt.

“You are so fucking hot,” Jenna’s voice penetrated her thoughts, “I really want to kiss that beautiful mouth,”

Lily didn’t give herself time to think, she simply tilted her head upwards to look into Jenna’s eyes. At that moment there was nothing else in her mind except the desire she could see burning in the other woman’s eyes.

The kiss was everything Lily’ had fantasised about and at the same time nothing like she expected. The softness and the gentle way they met struck a chord deep inside her. Lily tilted her hips harder against Jenna’s leg and she lifted her hands to twist her fingers into Jenna’s hair. She pressed her lips harder against the other woman opening her mouth to let Jenna’s tongue tentatively explore her mouth.

It seemed as if her cunt was on fire. Instead of satisfying her, kissing Jenna had only awakened a deep need for more. Lily desperately wanted to tear the dress away and touch Jenna’s body. She wanted to taste all of her and feel all of her nakedness. With a shock she realised that she wanted more than to explore breasts. She wanted to look at Jenna’s pussy and taste the sweet salt of her. She became aware of Jenna’s hand on her butt gripping her, pushing her against her leg. Like a child riding a pony, Lily ground down enjoying the stimulation. Jenna’s hand slid over Lily’s hips and pulled her dress up. Her fingers slid inside the leg of her panties.

Like a wanton slut Lily moved her leg to allow Jenna’s fingers to slide inside and stroke her pussy. Looking up she saw a strange glint in her friend’s eye.

“Someone is a little excited,” Jenna smiled. Her finger continued to stroke. Lily felt as if her legs were about to give way.

“I think we need to take this somewhere else,”

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My Wife Likes Cock

My wife loves cock. Maybe it is because we are British and sausage is kind of our national dish. I don’t know. She just loves it. When I met her she drooled over my cock and for twenty years she has sucked, fucked and wanked my cock any way I could ask for and quite a few I didn’t.

Recently we have been talking about her experimenting with other cocks. At first I was afraid. What if she was tired of mine? What if she found one bigger, better or nicer than mine?

I needn’t have worried. Our first encounter with another cock was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. The look on her face when he entered her. Something wild came alive in her. She fucked him hard while I watched. The whole time my hand was on my own throbbing cock. As I stroked myself our eyes met. Even though it was another man’s cock inside her I could feel all of her attention on me. She was just using this man as a sex toy, I could see her desire for me building up. When he was spent she discarded him like the toy he was to her and moved over to straddle me.

Entering her was like coming home, her smell, the feel of her curves under my hands was everything I remembered but inside she was slightly different. Someone had come into my house and moved the furniture a little. I liked it. I liked how wet she was and how wild she looked sitting astride me. Those fantastic breasts moving in time with the undulation of her body. I will never forget it.

The second time we visited the swing club we met another man. I was expecting something similar. I was hoping it would be similar.

We got chatting to another couple. The woman was amazing. So confident which made her so sexy. I could tell my wife was intrigued by her. The way she sat and the way that the man she had been so interested in a few moments earlier suddenly seemed irrelevant. As they chatted I noticed her take her hand off his cock. My mind wandered a little and then suddenly they were sitting beside each other.

Then something happened that I never expected. Never. The two women kissed. The whole time my wife protested,

“I just like cock.”

But she was the one wrapping her arms around the other woman. She was the one putting her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. She was the one who seemed to take forever before coming up for breath.

“But I just like cock.” She continued to protest even as she went for a second and third deep, passionate kiss. A small crowd of men formed around these two women, watching in fascination as they kissed and fondled each other’s breasts. The other woman’s breasts were a sight to behold. Fantastic, natural, smooth skinned and topped with beautiful nipples.

Then we were in a private room. Four people naked on a bed. The men bookended the two women who lay facing each other. They kissed and stroked each other before the other woman started to move downwards over my wife’s nipples and her soft belly.

“But I like cock.”

Why did she keep saying that? I don’t care if she likes pussy as well as cock. The woman who currently had her mouth over my wife’s cunt clearly didn’t care if she liked pussy. The only one in the room who felt the need to keep attached to cock was my wife.

The woman slipped her tongue into my wife’s slit. Her body arched in pleasure. I have licked that cunt thousands of times. I have heard those noises of pleasure. I had never watched her respond. It was like watching her be fucked. She became that wild free being again. All of the restraint and daily junk left her and she was that wild free sex goddess again.

She lifted herself off the bed and sat with her knees spread as the woman fucked her pussy with two fingers. My wife’s head fell back as sounds of her pleasure filled the room. Everything about her deserved worship. The curve of her back, the round fullness of her breasts, her smooth skin and the unrestrained pleasure noises coming from her mouth. I wanted to fuck her so much but at the same time I felt removed. I felt like a peasant in the room with a goddess.

Then she did something I NEVER expected. NEVER.

She pushed the woman down on the bed and spread her legs. Softly and reverently she began to eat her pussy. The woman lay back, being cradled by her husband. She responded the same way my wife did. Her back arched in pleasure pushing forward those amazing breasts. Our eyes locked as she twisted her fingers into my wife’s hair.

“She might like cock but she seems to like pussy as well,”

Finally she pushed my wife away.


My wife moved over to me and kissed me on the lips. She tasted like cunt. Sweet, salty beautiful cunt. It was the first time in almost twenty years I had tasted another woman’s cunt. And it was from my wife’s lips.

“Baby I need you to fill me,” she begged.

I was only too happy to oblige.

The Big Red Door Part One

This post covers the next step the wonderful Journey that Mr Jones and I find ourself on. If you are a new visitor to these pages you can catch up with the previous posts on the page, The Journey to Now. I will return to this story periodically as I write posts dealing with it.

I am a child of the eighties. I started high school in 1985 at a school that boasted a very modern computer room. The machines that were housed in this miracle of modern technology probably had less processing power than a pocket calculator of 2014. I remember when the Internet was invented and I remember when Windows was considered a pretty nifty invention. What does this have to do with swinging? Well not a whole lot really except that it is very hard to imagine modern swinging without the internet. When Mr Jones and I decided to embark on the epic journey of opening our marriage we were blissfully unaware of this fact. The idea of using a dating website to meet people for sex was beyond the scope of our imagination. And so we found ourselves facing the big red front door of a swingers club that Mr Jones had located and researched, ironically on the Internet.

Getting from the point of discussing swinging as a very real possibility and not just a fantasy and actually standing at the door of the club took time, lots and lots of it. When Mr Jones had told me about the club my reaction was one of complete terror. A million questions plagued me like; what will the people be like? And what will they expect of me? I was terrified, I am not sure what of. Even now I can’t explain exactly what I was afraid of. It could have been a fear of the unknown or perhaps instinctively I understood that taking that step was like opening the life of Pandora’s box,  just of what I hadn’t experienced before and didn’t understand. Most likely my opinions were still being formed by the stereotypes that permeate our pop culture; that swinging is somehow sleazy and dirty and that the kind of people who would go to swing clubs are not ‘nice people’.

In the weeks and months after he had made the suggestion and told me of his discovery I allowed myself to get used to the idea and even read up on the information contained in the website in question. Thinking back now I can’t really understand how my mindset moved from the conservative values I was raised with and that formed the basis of most of my fears and the acceptance of the possibilities enough to take the first step of agreeing to visit the club. I didn’t watch porn, I didn’t read a lot of erotica and the idea of group sex was for me a little bit foreign. But move my perceptions I did.

One Saturday night we found ourselves standing at the reception counter of the much discussed club. It was located in an inner city industrial area tucked around the corner one block back from a main roadway. Convenient but not obvious, discreet even. The owner of the club was a very tall outspoken woman. She was not conventionally beautiful but she was very sexually appealing. More importantly she was welcoming, friendly and very matter of fact. She explained the rules of the club, took our money and arranged a tour for us. It was like stepping into another planet full of strange alien customs.

The private rooms where people went to have sex either with an open or closed door were fairly easy to deal with but the bondage play area where things got a little more kinky was slightly more out of the box. This particular club featured a room with a one way window where people could be observed without being able to see the people looking through the window. This room also featured a live internet stream. It was a little early and the club was filling slowly. After our tour Mr Jones and I sat in the bondage area which was on a mezzanine above the main bar area. He was very excited already by what he had seen and the possibilities that were opening up to us.

We had agreed that this evening was about window shopping. We didn’t know what to expect so we didn’t want to commit to doing anything in particular. A couple came up to us and introduced themselves. They were a little older than us and he explained that his wife liked to be tied up and pleasured by another woman. If there was a moment in that whole evening when I was going to run out of the door that was it. I was interested in exploring my bisexuality and these days a proposition like that would have been all kinds of interesting. But on that night, when I was taking the first tentative steps into exploring a lifestyle that went against most of what I had been taught for my entire life, it was terrifying. Thankfully I wasnt that easily deterred. I politely explained that we were very new and were “just looking” tonight. The couple were very understanding and left us to our own devices.

This understanding was something which I hadn’t really expected but it is something that I have become very accustomed to in the clubs that Mr Jones and I frequent. As we became more experienced we have learned that a lack of tolerance and understanding of where people are at is a sign of people who aren’t secure in their primary relationship and need to be avoided at all costs. Trying to remember the night now is difficult.

The whole night of course proved to be one of those experiences that changed our lives completely forever. We knew then that we had discovered something exceptional, we found ourselves not wanting to leave, reluctant to let go of our discovery, perhaps afraid that it would dissappear forever if we did, but the time came when we had to make a move. As we were leaving we said our goodbyes to a couple we had been speaking to. Like us they were relatively new to the whole scene and still working out what they were looking for. As we said goodbye she reached up and kissed me.

It was unlike any other kiss that I had ever experienced. The thing that remained with me to this day is the softness of a woman’s kiss. It is the thing that I keep going back to now when my curiosity is satisfied and I am no longer particularly interested in sex with women. That and breasts. I really really like beautiful natural breasts. Afterwards for weeks Mr Jones was completely buzzed by this happening. He kept singing to me the lyrics from the Katey Perry song, “I Kissed a Girl” which was on the charts at the time. Travelling home and for the next weeks afterwards we talked many times about what we had seen and done. Our sex took on another dimension. The thing that was absolutely, unequivocally going to happen next was another visit.